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Nickname(s) Ou
Meaning 'Lion King'
Species WereLion
Close Relations Does my dog count?
Appearances YouTube, Twitter, MLK, That One Random TV Show
Voice Actor(s) (Lion Form) OuRaion
(Human Form) Josh

OuRaion is that guy/werelion that everyone seems to know for some reason, on MLK and in real life.

Biography (Kinda)


I'm Ou, but feel free to call me Rai or Josh.

Yes, Josh is my real life name.

So, I am a member of this here TLK forum, and I found it after looking for some German TLK comics. I looked on this site one day, the next I was a member. I love this place, with its friendly people. So you came here to learn about me? I'm a werelion, but I don't bite, so don't be afraid to give me a belly rub now and again. I suffer from low self-esteem (so if you see me beating myself up, a few nice words about me would help) and anxiety attacks. Don't be afraid to send me a friendly PM, I'm always open to meet new people and make new friends. I currently run the On-Topic Graphic Artist of the Week contest, but know nothing about graphics, so don't ask me for advice. Although, I have been told many times by many people (family, friends, etc) that I am a software nerd. That means that I will mostly always 99% of the time know of software to do a thing on any platform, Windows, Mac and Linux, and will generally know how an application works, so don't be afraind to ask me for advice on application/software related things!

If you want to know more, you can ask me a question on my Q&A topic (Ask OuRaion Questionz) which is located here: Ask OuRaion Questionz

Contact Info

Skype: Gogglebut00
PSN: Ou-Raion
Xbox Live: Coming Soon!
Steam: OuRaion
DeviantArt: TheOuRaion
YouTube 1: OuRaion
YouTube 2: OuRaionGames
Email 1:
Email 2:
Email 3:
Twitter: @OuRaion
Twitch: OuRaion