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Meaning Mirage
Species Lion
Close Relations Mate of Mufasa, Mother of Simba, Grandmother of Kiara
Appearances The Lion King
Voice Actor(s) Madge Sinclair

Sarabi is Mufasa's mate, and Simba's mother.


Sarabi's character is one of a motherly nature. Her sweet voice and understanding ways are a guidance throughout Simba's life. Despite her charming and beautiful personality, she has a fierce loyalty to Mufasa and her kingdom. A very responsible queen.

Physical Attributes

Sarabi has a dark tan pelt with soft, cream colored paws and muzzle. She has beautiful brown eyes and dark brown in the inside of her ear. And, as the custom of every Disney lion, she has a dark pink nose.


Sarabi first appears in The Lion King, as the queen of the Pride Lands. She is Mufasa's mate, and Simba's mother. She is shown to be cool, calm, and collective in most situations, and is also shown as a proud, and loving mother.

Sarabi and Mufasa

Sarabi is devastated after Mufasa's death, and is seen being comforted by Zazu and the pride when the news is broken. Later, she tells her brother-in-law, Scar, the new king, that there's no prey left, and that they have to leave in order to survive, in which Scar replies "You're just not looking hard enough!". Sarabi says there is no other choice but to leave Pride Rock, otherwise they will die from starvation. Scar remarks "Then so be it", and that he is the king and can do whatever he wants, Sarabi angrily replies "If you were half the king Mufasa was--" but she is cut short by Scar slapping her with his paw, causing the lioness to fall onto her side. Seeing this, Simba (who was watching closely from a high-up rock) jumps down to defend his mother. She originally mistakes him for Mufasa, but soon realizes it's her apparently-dead son.

Simba (Left) And Sarabi (Right)

When the lions begin rising up against Scar and the hyenas, two lionesses are shown helping Sarabi up. When Scar pressures Simba into admitting it is his fault his father is dead, Sarabi says in a quiet voice "It's not true, tell me it's not true". But after Scar admits that he killed Mufasa, Sarabi embraces her son, and proudly watches him take the Pride Lands back.

Voice Actors

  • Madge Sinclair - Provided voice for Sarabi