How True, Zazu?

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How True, Zazu?
Cover of How True, Zazu?
Cover of How True, Zazu?
Author Leslie McGuire
Illustrators Laureen Burger Brooks, Rachelle Campbell, David Pacheco, and Denise Shimabukuro
Pages 61
Publisher Grolier Books
Published 1994
Producer Mega-Books, Inc.
ISBN-10 0717283496
ISBN-13 978-0717283491
Collection The Lion King: Six New Adventures

How True, Zazu is one of the stories from The Lion King: Six New Adventures.


Zazu, true to his duty, reports everything that happens in the Pride Lands to King Mufasa. Some young animals, fed up of Zazu poking his beak into everyone's business, make up stories so that Zazu will report false information. Mufasa grows angry with Zazu for leading him on wild goose chases. However, a swarm of army ants threatens the Pride Lands, and Mufasa reluctantly believes Zazu. But Mufasa grows complacent and is attacked by the ants. Zazu guides Mufasa to a river and Mufasa jumps in, washing away the biting ants. The Pridelanders form a plan and the ants are defeated. Mufasa never doubts Zazu's word again.


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