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{{Infobox Character
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== References ==
== References ==

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Meaning Carry[1]
Species Cheetah
Close Relations Friend of Afua
Appearances A Snake In The Grass (Mentioned Only)
"He runs all over the place."
Timon, talking about Beba

Beba is a cheetah cub.

Physical Attributes

Beba's appearance is unknown.


"Afua thinks Beba is the fastest runner and the best climber and the highest jumper around."
Kopa, quoting Afua

Beba's personality is unknown, but it is hinted by Kopa that he has an amazing athletic ability, and tends to show off about it.


"I think Beba is even stupider than Afua."
—Kopa, talking to Timon and Pumbaa

In A Snake In The Grass, Beba befriends Afua, a lion cub, and the two become fast friends. According to Afua, Beba is "the fastest runner, the best climber, and the highest jumper around". But Kopa, Simba's son, is hurt and bewildered, because Afua was his best friend and he feels as if Beba is stealing Afua from him. But in the end, Kopa decides to forgive Afua and the two become friends again.


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