Pumbaas beginning

Pumbaas beginning

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a Prequel from the perspective of Pumbaa

Pumbaa came from a simple but happy family. His mother Tamboo and father Ilrich had four little warthog babies. Pumbaa was the oldest, he had triplet brothers Shank, Beewoo and Nupidy who were younger than him. Their uncle Shaneewo lived with them too, and Pumbaa loved spending time with him.

The warthogs lived in a bushy area and didn't know much trouble. There was plenty food and all of them were happy together. Tamboo was loved for beeing a caretaker and Tamboo was a tough and brave warthog, known for making the best jokes and sometimes beeing a bit loud. Shank, Beewoo and Nupidy were model triplets, they were the obedient model youngsters every parent would sign up for. But Pumbaa felt out of place within his family. His uncle Shaneewo was the one he was closest with, he was always there and a bit different, like Pumbaa himself.

One day little Pumbaa visited his dear uncle Shaneewo. "Uncle, I finally found some food that I actually enjoy!" Pumbaa yelled. "You, the picky eater?" Shaneewo answered surprised. "I don't like to eat trophies, you know that right?" Pumbaa asked. "I know but I don't understand. You are smaller than the triplets, Pumbaa. Eat! Why not? What was it you wanna tell me?"
Shaneewo was once attacked by a leopard and had a minor memory problem. He hid it by beeing talkative.
"I like to eat vermin" Pumbaa told his uncle.
Shaneewo grinned. "Vermin is food for smaller animals! You wanna grow up or not? Eat fruits or cadavers!"
Pumbaa shook his head. "I stick to vermin! Now move aside, I gotta fart!"
Shaneewo moved. His nephew had bad bowels and was hated for that. Shaneewo loved little Pumbaa, but when he farted, the old warthog was glad he had no kids of his own.
"bye uncle, gotta go now!" little Pumbaa ran off, leaving his uncle in a giant green smelly fart cloud.

Now Pumbaa told his uncle about his new food find, he decided it was time to tell his own parents too. Ilrich awaited his son in joy. "Hey champ! come in for the eating!" he smiled. Pumbaa got with his family. Tamboo sat in the center next to the triplets. "you guys! I finally have a favorite food!" Pumbaa told them. "what is it son?" Tamboo asks. "Vermin! Flies..bugs..and worms!"
Suddenly all of them stare at Pumbaa in silence.
"That...is disgusting.." Beewoo stambled.
"Unacceptable!" Ilrich screamed. "you are eating normal from now on!"

Pumbaa got mad. Really mad.
He farted. Really hard...
The smell was horrible and the sound was deafening.

Then he looked what he did.
"mom? ...dad?"
His parents didn't reply.
The triplets didn't move.
Pumbaa felt cold, what he did was wrong.
"oh no.. where should I go? Of anyone finds out.."
Pumbaa ran off. 8-)
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