Simba seems like TERRIBLE King material

Simba seems like TERRIBLE King material

Postby FriendlyHyena » May 18th, 2018, 5:55 am

Cub: He is proud, arrogant, and very cocky. Even Zazu remarks that he'd make a bad king.

Cub - Adult - he spend years under Hakuna Matata and pretends his problems are all gone. When Nala comes and asks for help, he blows her off too and shirks his responsibilities. It's only his own father that got him to go back.

King of Pride Rock - He smothers Kiara and is way too overprotective. Also, he never gave Kovu the benefit of the doubt (despite himself having been falsely accused and knowing how that can feel!) but exiles him, which causes Kiara to run away. If he'd asked Kovu what had gone on and if he'd been plotting with Zria the whole time, he'd have given Kovu a chance to say that yes, but that he'd come to his side due to Kiara and that he hadn't helped Zira attack him in the cave. Simba might have thought that over too and not exiled Kovu.

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Re: Simba seems like TERRIBLE King material

Postby TheLionPrince » May 18th, 2018, 5:52 pm

Simba is a good and well-rounded king. Yes, he has his character flaws, but it helps to make him relatable. He and the lionesses drove out the hyenas, and helped to restore balance to the Pride Lands. He banished Zira and the Outsiders to the Outlands to protect his family, and he was justified by doing so since Zira planned to kill Simba and have Kiara "squealing" in her grasp. He did banish young cubs too, but do you think Zira would have let Simba take her cubs away? Yes, he was wrong about Kovu, but he admitted he was wrong. It's a strength in character to admit you made a bad decision and own up to it. In the end, he reunited the two prides and brought peace to the Pride Lands.
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