MLP Evil Queens Together Fanfic

MLP Evil Queens Together Fanfic

Postby InsaneSeagull » January 8th, 2016, 1:27 am

It's actually a little present I made for our noble friend - Killjoy Dixon. I was joking with her a bit, and came to idea to write this fanfic. This might not be much, but I bet it'll be fun.

WARNING: If you are My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic or Equestria Girls hater, don't read this, it's not for you x) . If you are fan, but want something way too serious, it's not for you, either.

Spoiler: show
The sun was shining that day, and everything seemed just fine. The birds were singing and the cats were mewing. Everything seemed so... normal. In the Crystal Prep, the noble school of the Human World, famous for its great pride and reputation, Mrs Abacus Cinch was sitting in her office, still a bit angry after all that happened during the Friendship Games. Ever since she could remember, no one beat Crystal Prep even once. It was so obvious, that she felt awful. Not only had CHS made their school look as equals, but she also lost a lot of her pride, simply because her students accused her of being responsible for Twilight's tranformation. She was facing being fired from her job, and all because of that stupid little Twilight! She blamed herself a bit too. Hadn't she forced Twilight to compete, nothing of this would have happened. Or, maybe CHS would have won!? That would be even worse! She was also frustrated because she couldn't put everything that happened on the school board. But, Principal Celestia, Vice-Principal Luna and Dean Cadance were right - no one would have believed her. And worst of all - she lost Twilight, her best student, to that damn school.

She felt awful, but she didn't cry. She rarely cried. That was for weak persons, and she wasn't weak. At least, she didn't want to be seen as weak by all her students, even by herself. She had pride, and this school still had pride too. And the fact that her students befriended... those students made her explode.

She looked at the books she owned on her shelf. Most of the books were rather dark, as she really didn't like light stuff, like butterflies or rainbows. That just wasn't her thing. She couldn't understand how that girl from CHS Rainbow Crash, or whatever her name was, could have rainbow hair. That made no sense! Cinch knew one thing - she'll never dye her hair in rainbow color. Or in anything that's lighter than dark purple.

She sighed. Not much could be done now. She read about all what happened, and all she discovered was that there was some land named Equestria where ponies resigned, and that the CHS girls who competed in the Friendship Games, were the counterparts of the important ponies from that world.

"Nonsense," she thought. "Ponies don't have human intelligence. Plus, the ponies don't even have wings! Unless they are pegasi, but that's even less possible! All of us know that pegasi and unicorns don't exist!"

She laughed to herself, and felt a bit better. It's not the first time the school faced crisis. It'll be fine.

Right then, a mailman came to her office.

"What do you want?" she asked. Not often did mailmen come to her office, and she hated them, as they usually didn't bring good news.

"I have this unusual letter, Ms," he said, in a rather scared manner. "I don't know how it even ended up here, but it says it's for you."

Principal Cinch looked at him doubtingly but just nodded, and told him to go. She was anxious to open the letter, but no one ever wrote letters to her before. Making sure she was alone in the office, she went to the corner, and opened it.

Dear Mrs Cinch,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the tea party that holds place near the Ponyville school in Equestria, tomorrow at 6PM. You can use the portal to get here. Ask Principal Celestia if you are not sure where that portal is. We promise, it'll be fun. And we'll let you taste our freshly made Crystal Empire Tea. It's very delicious, and we are sure that you are going to love it.

Hoping to see you,
Starlight Glimmer

Spoiler: show
She read the letter three times, and all the three times she couldn't believe what she was reading. And who in the world was this Starlight Glimmer!? The letter was talking about Ponyville, and Equestria... so, it was real? Or was someone joking with her!? Hadn't she known that she's way too powerful to be joked with, she would have considered that possibility. And why in the whole wide world would anyone ever invite her to tea party? She hated all kinds of those... goody-goody stuff. And that part about contacting Principal Celestia was awful too. She hated her deeply, and she still hadn't forgiven her for what happened at the Friendship Games.

But, after some time, she realized that she was very curious. What if this person, or a pony, was actually likeable and nice to those who love to manipulate with others? Maybe she's a manipulator and blackmailer too? And will someone else be there as well? She didn't write anything about that.

So, even though she hated that idea, she decided to give Principal Celestia a call. That couldn't be that bad, and perhaps that one will be ready to apologize. Then, her school will be best again.

Celestia replied to her call, but wasn't very happy about talking with Cinch. They just disliked each other, for known reasons. Anyhow, she showed her the portal, but explained her that she'd become a pony when she comes there. Cinch knew that, but that's not something she was really fond of.

After she said goodbye to Celestia, she looked at her body once again. She couldn't believe that she'd be a pony tomorow. How is that even possible!? However, she went back to Crystal Prep, so that she could get some sleep, and prepare herself for her great "adventure".

She woke up at 12 that morning. She was free from all the duties, so all she needed to do was go to that damn tea party. She was really hoping that this Starlight Glimmer was worth it. She had things to do.

She came to the portal, put her hand in, and out, just to make sure it works. She sighed, and went in. She was told that she'd come from the mirror in the Crystal Empire (what ever that is). So, that was exactly what happened. She was in Equestria, very much pony-like. She realized that she had wings. She realized that she had horn too. So, both pegasi and unicorns are real? She really didn't see that one coming.

Princess Cadance approached her, as she was the ruler of this domain, and she knew that Cinch was coming.

"Welcome to our noble little world, Mrs Cinch," she said.

Spoiler: show
Abacus Cinch wasn't that pleased with what she saw in front of her. This pony reminded her way too much of Dean Cadance, her former ally. And that was too ridiculous! This world seemed even more upside-down than she imagined it to be. Plus, she couldn't imagine walking on four legs could be that disturbing.

"How can I find my way to that... Ponyville of yours?"

"Oh, that's easy," Cadance said, with a laugh. " Princess Twilight lives there, she's waiting for you. I'm sure she can accomodate you, and lead you to the place where tea party takes place."

"Twilight? Like Twilight Sparkle? She's a princess?" Cinch asked, with obvious disgust. Twilight Sparkle she knew was a clever dormat. She couldn't imagine her as a princess.

"Yes, Twilight is a princess, and her role in Equestria is amazing," Cadance said.

Cinch looked at her, disapprovingly, but allowed Cadance to keep her company on her way to Ponyville. She thought that this princess can't be that bad. At least, she must be better than that Princess Twlight she heard of.

Cadance suggested flying, but Cinch wasn't a good flyer, since she never used her wings before, and she hated not being good in anything, so Cadance agreed for them to use the trains.

She was confused to see that the trains were pulled by ponies there.

"Your technology is really medieval," she told Cadence, who just gave her disapproving stare.

Cadence really didn't want to get in quarrels with this woman, for two reasons. The first reason was the fact that she's her guest, and she was raised to respect guests. The other reason (maybe even more important) is the fact that she heard a lot about her from her sister-in-law, and she really didn't want to mess with her more than she has to.

Cinch didn't want to admit it, but riding in trains surrounded by colorful ponies was actually enjoyable. She wondered if any of them could be her friends, which is pretty weird since she never actually wanted friends. But being friends with intelligent ponies would definitely be fun! Now, she started to become even more curious about the tea party.

"We are almost here," Cadance told her, in sweet manner. "The next stop is Ponyville."

Cinch was a bit confused to be "awaken" from her daydream, especially since she wasn't really used to daydreaming. But she just nodded.

They finally arrived to the Ponyville Train Station. It wasn't much, and Cinch was displeased to realize that Ponyville is just a small town, and not any prestigious city. "Silly me," she thought. "Big cities would never be named that simple. I mean - Ponyville." She laughed to herself.

"Twilight's palace is a bit far from here, but if we walk, we'll be there in about 45 minutes," Cadance told her.

"Twilight Sparkle lives in the palace?" Cinch asked in disgust.

"Well, she is a princess, and princesses usually live in the palaces, you know," Cadance said with laugh. "Her friends have their thrones too, so they can spend a lot of time together. You might meet them too, if we are lucky."

Cinch wasn't that fond of meeting Twilight's friends, but she nodded. I mean, if that Twilight is any like the Twilight she knew... Never mind.

She followed Cadance in silence. She observed the ponies around you, and the town. It seemed way too pleasant for her, but somehow she did like it. For a moment, she thought of asking Cadance about staying there forever, but then she remembered something.

"Do Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna live here too?" she asked, hoping to get a negative answer.

"Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna!?" Cadance couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Princesses Celestia and Luna are our most important and noble rulers. They are the ones who keep the harmony in Equestria too. Well, along with Twilight and her friends."

Cinch felt sorry for even asking such question. The world ruled by Celestia, Luna, Cadance and Twilight!? She couldn't believe that it actually works, and everything seemed so... normal.

"Might I ask, noble friend, are there any more princessed here?" she asked.

"No, it's only us. There are some evil queens, though. One of them is invited to that teaparty."

"Really!?" This was the first good news Cinch heard that day. She couldn't wait to meet that evil queen! She was also curious about Twilight's friends, so part of her hoped that she'd meet them in the palace.

"We are here," said Cadance, pointing to great palace in front of them.

Cinch was staring at the palace with her mouth open. It was entirely different from everything in that town.

"This place... it's really beautiful!" Her voice was trembling now, she didn't talk in the manner she usually does. Obviously - she was fascinated.

Cadance laughed, for the first time with honest laugh since she met Cinch.

"Just wait to see it inside."

They both came into the palace, and yes - all of Twilight's friends were there. And Cinch recognized all of them, since they resembled those stupid CHS students way too much.

"You! So, you are those famous Twilight's friends! I should have known that this world's Twilight couldn't be much smarter than ours."

All the seven ponies (Starlight Glimmer was with them) and Spike looked at her in obvious "can't believe in what I just heared" manner.

"Twilight is a princess! And we are all much more awesome than you!" said Rainbow Dash, obviously offended.

"So, you are this little world's Rainbow Crash? Your hair looks ridiculous," said Cinch.

"Rainbow Dash," said Dashie. She hated being called Rainbow Crash, because it sounded offending, and it reminded her of her old Cloudsdale "buddies".

"And the rest of you look very like those CHS students, therefore I hate you."

Starlight Glimmer smiled.

"I'm Starlight Glimmer, sorry that I didn't introduce myself," she said to Cinch. "It's almost half past five now, though, so we might be going."

Spoiler: show
Principal Cinch nodded. She was glad to escape this palace, and she didn't recognize Starlight Glimmer, which means she's not a CHS student. That was a big plus in her books.

"Is that far?" she asked.

"Nothing is far in Ponyville," responed Starlight with a laugh. "We'll be there in 15 minutes."

Cinch was glad to hear that, all that walking... she never walked that long!

"Here we are! It's the famous Ponyville school!"

"THIS is the school!? You should see Crystal Prep. It's much better, bigger and has reputation!"

"So, that means you invite us to visit your school?" asked Starlight Glimmer with a laugh.

"Well, I... sure," she said in the end. She didn't want that because she wanted someone to enjoy it in any way. She just wanted to once again people start believe that it's the greatest school in all worlds.

Will be continued.<3
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