Someone Like(s) You

Someone Like(s) You

Postby serra20 » April 23rd, 2009, 5:32 pm

This is a story of a female wolf pup,Ayuni,who met an adult female wolf named Siari.Siari was famous wolf female in the forest.Ayuni started to like her really much and soon Siari became her all-time-top,most liked wolf,almost like her love.
Ayuni always wanted to talk with her or be her friend,but,as being teased by others and being so shy,she always stops herself.
Will they ever meet or even friends?Or even more than a friends?

So,let's start.I am going to post more and more from time to time,it's just a start of a fanfic:


I am Ayuni,1 year old female wolf already,and I want to tell you my story.So,sit down and listen.


I am Ayuni,a 6,7 months or...I did not know how old I am yet,pup.I live with my dad,mum and few other wolves in our small pack.My parents are just a normal pack members of our,Winter,pack.I am a pack member too,but it looks like I am something like Omega here.My life was good,but,the only thing I hate is that everyone teases me for some reason that I don't know.Of course,I try to not pay attention to them,cause they're teenagers,probably only 10-11 months or 1 year wolves,but it still hurts me deeply.My father and mother tries to comfort and help me,but to no avail.

I have only a couple of good friends,because almost all of the pups are children of our pack Alpha's,and they're always feeling and acting like they're better than me.There are some of them that I hate so much because of them being so gloryhounds like.One is Risa,female pup of Alpha's,and another is yet female,Tuwi,another pup of Alpha's,just adopted.Tuwi isn't that bad,after all,but Risa...she's just plain devil and [censored]!I hate her!They're always acting like gloryhounds,like they're rulers here.I hate them.Male pups in our pack are okay,but I do not keep any good relationship with them.I mostly play with pups of Omega's or pack member's of our pack.They're more friendly and not that glory.

I'm trying to be good,wise and strong,but it all flews away when I need to do something.I'm just too shy.Probably that's why everyone hates me.Or,another thing is that I'm ugly.Yes,I'm ugly even to myself.No...I hate myself.I wish I could've been prettier...


One day,when I was away from my parents,walking and enjoying the day,I saw my friends,other pups from the pack,standing around the strange creature.Risa and Tuwi were there too.I quietly snarrled at them and walked closer to see what that thing is.

I was just shocked of what I saw.I saw a wolf.About 1 year old or older female wolfess,talking with my friends.She had a beautiful pure white fur and really beautiful green eyes.

I kept looking at her for about a hour,still shocked by her prettyness.Suddenly she looked at me and smiled.I wasn't ready for that,so I just shyly smiled too and went away.I hided behind the tree and kept looking.She turned her head away and kept on talking with my friends again.Later she and my friends went somewhere,away from us.

After that,I came back to the cave and layed down,still thinking about her.She wasn't like any other wolf of her age.She was definetly good,that's for sure.But...who is she,that beauty?What is she doing with my friends?To which pack she belongs?What's her name?Is she a loner?A pack member?An Alpha?All those questions were in my mind that time.I still could not forget those eyes,and especially that smile,what she showed when she was looking at me.I promised myself to ask my friends about her when they will come back.

Later,when they came back,I did not even needed to ask them.While listening them from the distance,I heard this:

-Siari promised to give us another tour tomorrow...She's so cool!

I did not needed to listen more.I was more than sure that they were talking about her,the white wolfess.Siari...That name fited her more than anything,in my opinion.

It was an evening,so I went away and layed down to have a sleep.When I closed my eyes,Siari appeared in front of me.I started to sleep,with a big smile on my face.
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