A Sleepover To Remember

A Sleepover To Remember

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A selection from my KFP AU series. No flames or mean comments.

A Sleepover To Remember

Tigress, who was now 6 years old, walked through the streets of the Valley with her father Shifu. In her arms was a bag containing her blanket and her sleepwear. At the moment, Shifu was taking her to spend a few nights with her best friend, the 7-year old male panda named Po. He was going on a peacekeeping mission, and wanted to be sure that his daughter was safe. He looked at her.

"Honey, I'm sorry that I have to go, but it is my duty. I will be back," he said.

Tigress looked down sadly.

"Ok, Daddy," she said.

They continued on their way. Finally, they arrived. Mr. Ping and Po came out to greet them. Po was overjoyed.

"Tigress, you're here! Want to go play?" he said.

Tigress only looked down. Shifu stepped in.

"Po, please, don't stress her. She's already stressed out about being separated from me. Just give her some time," he said.

He then knew that it was time to go. He hugged Tigress.

"Goodbye, honey. I will be back in a few days. Be good and do everything Mr. Ping says," he said.

"Yes, Daddy," Tigress said, trying to hold back tears.

Shifu nodded and began to walk away. Finally, he vanished from sight and went to accomplish his mission. Mr. Ping looked at Tigress, who was obviously trying to avoid crying in front of her friend and his father, along with the restaurant customers.

"Ok," she said.

And so, Mr. Ping took her to one of the four rooms of his home and gave her a chance to get set up. He looked at Po.

"Come, son, let's let her get comfortable," he said.

Po obeyed and followed his father. Tigress sat on the bed, trying to control her tears, but finally allowing herself to shed some tears. A moment later, she composed herself and left to join Po and Mr. Ping. Time passed and evening settled upon the Valley. It was getting closer to closing time and the last customers were coming and going. Knowing that it was more relaxed now, Mr. Ping decided to spend some time with his son and his friend. The goose smiled.

"Sit down and I will tell you two a story," he said.

Po and Tigress did so eagerly. Mr. Ping looked at them.

"The story I am about to tell you is entitled 'China's Greatest Noodle Maker'," he said excitedly.

What then followed was a long, pointless and unbelievably boring story. Mr. Ping continued on and on as Po and Tigress sat there, bored out of their minds. Po finally spoke up.

"When do we get to the Kung Fu?" he asked, bringing Mr. Ping's story to a halt, much to the delight of Tigress.

Mr. Ping frowned.

"There is no Kung Fu!" he exclaimed.

Suddenly, two elderly male voices joined in.

"Hey Kun, do you know what the best part of that story is?" one asked.

"What, Jun?" Kun asked.

"It's over!" Jun said.

Jun and Kun burst out into mocking laughter. Mr. Ping turned to see them. They were two elderly male goats. They looked at each other again.

"Hey Jun, that story raises a pertinent question," Kun said.

"What is that?" Jun asked.

"Why did he tell it?" Kun replied.

The goats laughed again. When Mr. Ping turned to shout at them, Po and Tigress used the opportunity to run away.

"Come on, Tigress, let's go play with our Kung Fu hero action figures before bedtime," he said as they ran.

Hearing them, Mr. Ping turned.

"But I didn't even get to the best part yet!" he shouted.

However, the cubs did not listen. The several days went by. Before long, Shifu returned. Tigress was overjoyed. She rushed over and hugged her beloved father tightly.

"Oh Daddy, I don't want you to ever leave again!" she said.

Shifu smiled.

"I love you too, honey. Now, let's go home," he said as he set her down.

Tigress nodded and rushed to get her stuff. She then hugged Po goodbye.

"See you at training," she said.

"Same here," he said.

Tigress then left, returning to the Jade Palace. Little did she know what the future held for her and Po.
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