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Re: Prisoner of Oblivion (Shadowfax and MrTitans)

PostPosted: May 7th, 2015, 2:16 pm
by Shadowfax
(I've decided to use another of my Elder Scrolls characters as I miss playing her and I think she would fit into this story well ;))

Aneira knew that she would not be able to sleep tonight, not with all that had happened. She sighed and looked down at the floor for a long while, lost in thought and wishing she had something other than an amulet that was familiar. She wanted nothing more than to disappear from this place and back to her home.. But if 200 years had passed then she had nothing back in Cyrodil. Grabbing the amulet in her hand she stood up and wandered over to the bed where she lie on her back staring up at the ceiling.

An hour or so later, the whole building shook and there was a loud bang. She knew that sound too well and her eyes near on popped out their sockets.

"No.. not here!!" She yelled, leaping to her feet and quickly donning her armor.

Across town up in Jorvaskar the companions of Skyrim too had roused to the sound and were all by the Skyforge looking down onto the outskirts of their city.

"What the hell is that thing?!" A man asked noticing an orange gate glowing in the distance whilst monsters spilled out the gate and into their world.

"Gods... could it be an.. O.. Oblivion gate?" A young woman said a little shakily.

Re: Prisoner of Oblivion (Shadowfax and MrTitans)

PostPosted: May 7th, 2015, 6:01 pm
by MrTitans
Hearing the commotion Rallus put on his armor and grabbed some potions and other weapons he might need, he had to be careful because of the armor he was wearing is a part of the thieves guild so he put an illusion spell on the markings to make them just go into a blur. He ran outside and just stared at what was going on. He read what an oblivion gate is, but he didn't think that it was this big so he got ready for what ever was going to happen next. He put throwing knifes in slots and readied himself for a fight.

Re: Prisoner of Oblivion (Shadowfax and MrTitans)

PostPosted: May 7th, 2015, 7:09 pm
by Shadowfax
Aneira ran through the city and pushed past the guards. They called her to come back, thinking she was just a weak little girl, but she ignored their calls and ran onwards thinking only of what would happen if those monsters strayed too far from the gate.

Down by the gate, some horrible looking imps came crawling out towards Rallus. They snarled and giggled as they rushed towards him intent on killing. An ice spike suddenly embedded itself in one of the imps who was about to take a bite out of the Imperials leg and the caster looked over to him.

"The Imps are nothing compared to what might come out of there" She said with alarm as a few more scrambled through and leapt towards Aneira and Rallus.

Back in Whiterun, the Companions were making their way down towards the plains where the gate had been sighted. All were clad in armor and people made way for them as they rushed through the streets. Just seeing the Companions there made some of the villagers feel more at ease and less worried about the horrors beyond their wall.

Among them was a blond, silver eyed nord clad in dragonscale armor who was at the front of the group.

"Astrid, you keep far back.. I don't want you on the front line" She told a girl of about twelve.

"Fine.. But i'll be sending them back through that gate with my bow" She told her.

"Heh. Definately my daughter" The Nord said with a hint of pride in her voice.

Re: Prisoner of Oblivion (Shadowfax and MrTitans)

PostPosted: May 7th, 2015, 11:53 pm
by MrTitans
He started to shock the imps as well as using his trusty sword to have and slash the imps. When he saw some one being double teamed he threw one of his knifes at them to stop the unfair numbers. He did not know what could come out so he kept on his toes as each one began to fall. He noticed the Companions helping out because Aela shot an imp who was trying to sneak up behind him. Farkas was going crazy just mowing them down with his two handed sword. The companions reminded him of the fighters guild so he was confident.

Re: Prisoner of Oblivion (Shadowfax and MrTitans)

PostPosted: May 8th, 2015, 2:57 pm
by Shadowfax
Aneira was suddenly filled with a slight boost of confidence when she saw that the guild know as the 'Companions' rushed to their aid. She looked behind her for a moment to see that the imps were all being killed off easier now. When she turned back around there was an Imp about to jump right at her face, but an arrow whistled over her shoulder and hit the beast in the head causing an instant death.

Shocked, Aneira span back around to see a young girl holding a daedric bow looking pleased with herself. She had silvery eyes and brown hair.

The imps were soon no longer coming out of the gates and relieved for now atleast, the Breton turned to the group around her, including the Imperial who had also come out to fight.

"Where the hell were you?!" Farkus was demanding as the guards came down towards the gate now that the imps.

"You companions are the ones who like to fight for glory... Not us" One retorted and Aneira noticed it was the two from earlier on. She glanced at Rallus for a moment.

"As it is your duty to protect the city" Farkus replied which caused the other Companions to laugh.

"My husband has a point" The silver eyed nord said wiping the imps blood off her blade.

"Her! It's her fault the gates here. She was harping on about Oblvion gates and Martyn Septim earlier" The guard said pointing at Rallus and Aneira.

Re: Prisoner of Oblivion (Shadowfax and MrTitans)

PostPosted: May 8th, 2015, 7:44 pm
by MrTitans
How is it her fault she knows about them but why is she being attacked by them and from what the history says n human lives in the gate so she can't be the cause of this problem we need to find out why they are coming and attacking skyrim first it was Cyrodil a hundred years ago so stop jumping to conclusions you ignorant fool and blood thirsty idiot. All you want is attention for calling out for immediate glory. So think like a human being and figure it out.

Re: Prisoner of Oblivion (Shadowfax and MrTitans)

PostPosted: May 9th, 2015, 7:34 pm
by Shadowfax
The guard was about to shout back at Rallus, but he decided against it for the Companions too were looking at them with eyes of questioning.

"We'll be taking her in for questioning" The guard said, and before Aneira had a chance to react, two guards appeared behind her and grabbed her arms marching her back into Whiterun.

"Idiots! I need to get back to Cyrodil.. this is where it all started! Let me go!" But the guards merely ignored her protests and before Aneira knew it, she was back in the city being marched off towards the dungeons.

The companions turned to Rallus looking confused and worried at the same time.

"You fight well. Do you know that Breton?" The blond nord asked him.

"SilverEye... We don't want to get mixed up in this" Athis snapped, blatantly showing his fear.

The nord called Silver smirked slightly, but she still awaited Rallus' answer.

Re: Prisoner of Oblivion (Shadowfax and MrTitans)

PostPosted: May 9th, 2015, 8:29 pm
by MrTitans
I just met her yesterday and she said she fought in the Oblivion crisis in Cyrodil but then something dragged her into the portal. Then she came out in a portal near Riften. So I do not really know much. I learned to fight with people that I hang out with in Cyrodil. So the guards wouldn't let her in to find a room at the inn so I told them I would watch over her at the inn since I am staying there. She did nothing out of the ordinary just talked about the fight in Cyrodil and it matched the story in the history book. So I am going to go break her out.

Re: Prisoner of Oblivion (Shadowfax and MrTitans)

PostPosted: May 9th, 2015, 9:00 pm
by Shadowfax
Silver blinked with utter confusion as Rallus relayed this to her.

"But the Oblivion crisis was 200 years ago.. How on earth is she here if Martyn Spetim closed the gates all those years ago?" She asked.

"Maybe time flows differently inside Oblivion. I guess it would make sense and maybe this also means Martyn didnt close the gate properly after all?" Farkus said.

There was silence, then Silver remembered that Rallus was planning on breaking Aneira out of the jails. She was shocked he was going to attempt this, but if enough of them went down to the jails and caused a scene, the guards would more than likely allow her to walk free.

"There was me thinking i'd get a good nights sleep. Alright Imperial, the Companions will help you bail her out. I am interested to hear her story I must admit" Silver said, slipping her sword back in it's sheath.

"Im SilverEye. This is my husband Farkus, Aela, Athis and my daughter Astrid" She said hoping he would give his name.


Aneira had been thrown into one of the cells and now she was enduring the guards talking about how mad she was and that she was going to bring doom upon them all. She had given up arguing the case now and just let them have their jokes, all she cared about was getting back home to where all this began.

Re: Prisoner of Oblivion (Shadowfax and MrTitans)

PostPosted: May 9th, 2015, 10:57 pm
by MrTitans
I am Rallus just a normal person trying to get by. The reason I am here in Skyrim is to meet up with some friends in Riften, but since the portal opened in Riften first I do not know much if they are ok or not. Nice to meet all of you. You guys remind me of the Fighters Guild back home with how great you are at fighting. Oh nice to meet you Aela great shot by the way I have to say thank you. Also may I say looking mighty fine I might add. Sorry if I am coming off to strong it's the personality just cannot control around beautiful ladies such as yourself. Well let's get this show on the road so we can figure this out.