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Re: [Closed to Amanda and Kivuli]

Postby Panda-chan » April 16th, 2010, 10:11 pm

OOC: Long time no ro. :omg3:

Tess nodded in agreement at Matthias's words. "Your father's right, Mattimeo." she chided. "None of us know what Beleos's life was like before Redwall, so it's not fair to pick on him for behaving differently. I remember him telling me yesterday that he lived under the shadow of a tyrant. Imagine that! And apparently he too was captured and made a prisoner in Slagar the Cruel's slave army. That's a lot to go through for an adolescent mouse."
Tess next diverted her attention to Aislin. Although she had had plenty of rest, the young mousemaid still looked a little shaky from her fall, and her face was slightly pale. Tess put a sympathetic paw on her friend's shoulder. "Are you sure you're feeling okay, Aislin? Maybe we should take you to the kitchens. Cornflower could fix you up a nice cup of tea to calm your nerves."

"Sardy Longtail, eh? Hmm..."
The badger scratched her head and gazed thoughtfully at the old mouse maiden below her for a few moments longer. She didn't seem to be concealing weapons, she thought. In fact, the old creature didn't look dangerous at all. She was, after all, just a weak, aging fieldmouse in need of assistance. Exactly the type of traveling visitor that was accepted at Redwall Abbey.
Constance grunted and said, more to herself than to the figure far below, "Wait there, I'm opening the gates!" Constance climbed down the parapet swiftly and began issuing orders to the two mice standing guard by the entrance. Within minutes, the ancient gates were creaked open, revealing a narrow gap for the aged female mouse to slip through. Up above, guardsmice were positioned atop the parapet where Constance had been standing earlier, on the lookout for anything suspicious that might take place in the forest below.
"You may come in now!" Constance called through the small opening. "But be warned! We have mice here with lances and swords aimed at your throat, so don't try anything funny! We're in no mood for games."

Blackfur hooted and cheered along with the others in Grimclaw's horde, but internally he was feeling his own selfish kind of joy. He'd heard from various accounts that Redwall Abbey was awash in valuables, gold, and ancient treasures. No doubt he could sell such priceless items and make a huge profit. Blackfur decided he must prove himself particularly useful during this raid so that Grimclaw might decide to give him a large fraction of the goods. And of course, when no one was looking, he would filch a silver ring or two, for his own sake.
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Re: [Closed to Amanda and Kivuli]

Postby Baya » April 17th, 2010, 4:42 am

Aislin chuckled as she clasped her hands together. "I am fine Tessy. Really I am. Just need to take it easy for now. Though I'm sure Lady Cornflower could find me something easier to do today." Aislin murmured as she made her way slowly towards the kitchen. Her thoughts lingered back to her dream, and what had happened. Everything had been destroyed and the only light in the entire abbey was emitting from a single creature. Could it have some meaning, or did Aislin really hit her head that hard? Only time would tell really.

Aislin entered the busy kitchen and chuckled as she saw a pair of dibbuns chasing one another around" Alright now you little scraps, you get out there! out out out!" Aislin said as she led the two dibbuns outside. The dibbuns continued to play in the tapestry room.

Out of curiosity Matthias stopped the dibbuns. "What are you two playing? Another game of Martin?" Matthias asked. The dibbuns giggled.

"No Matty! We be playin' Amadeus the White! He be a mouse hero from far aways! He took down a badger lord!" One of the dibbuns exclaimed. Matthias chuckled. A mouse against a badger lord? That wouldn't be a very long battle indeed. Then again, it only took a few moments for Matthias to take down Asmodeus and he was far more dangerous then any badger lord.

"Who's Amadeus the white? I mean who told you about him? I don't think there are any records of him in the library." Mattimeo murmured.

"The Captain will tell you! Yes he will! He said Amadeus hid his sword near Redwall, he did!" The dibbun murmured. Matthias got serious now and hid his paws beneath his robes. He would definitely need to talk to Festus later about what he was telling the children. He didn't want them getting themselves hurt looking for a fairy tale sword. Matthias just found it hard to believe that there would be a sword of a legendary hero hidden near Redwall, while they never heard of Amadeus or had any record of him at the Abby. Also, if this hero was so important, why was he not part of the tapestry alongside Martin?

"Alright Matti, go on with your business. I expect you'll be at dinner." Matthias said in a sort of absent minded way. He began to make his way towards the quarters of the Abbot to see if he knew anything of this Amadeus the White.


Sardy smiled as she slowly walked through the gates slowly and greeted the creatures within with a kind nod. "I thank you dear badger mother." Sardy said bowing her head courtly. "I assure you that I am no threat and violence will not be necessary even if I am. A frail old thing like me could do no harm to anything." Sardy said with a light chuckle. She then began to wander around the Abby for a bit, looking for something or someone. It was when she spotted Festus and a young Squirrel did she stop looking any further.

"Festus you old fool! Why are you pushing the child so hard?" Sardy asked sternly as she walked up to the two. Festus's eyes widened and he turned quickly.

"Sardy! You are alive! I thought we lost you when they raided the village!" Festus exclaimed happily.

"Nay boy. Though I am curious as to why you brought Beleos here of all places?"
Sardy asked with a raised eyebrow.

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