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Wolf RP (VM and Whistlerfly)

PostPosted: March 3rd, 2015, 11:53 am
by VitanisMate
Craig- VM

Craig's father-Whistlerfly

Bandarick- VM

Bandhura- Whistlerfly

Bandhura's mother- VM

Craig was travelling as quietly as he could through the woods. He really loved hunting with his dad, and really treasured these moments he had with him. He asked his father to separate from him because he told him he needed moments like this to survive on his own later. Of course he would be alright, he knew how to fire his weapon to defend himself and would make sure to do so if any danger arised. He suddenly heard a rustle in the trees and went down on his knees so as not to make any noise. There was a grey wolf standing right there about 33 feet away with her pup. He unslung his .270 rifle and hesitated for a moment before he shot the wolf once. It turned and charged at him, likely protecting her pup. That stupid wolf, if there are animals that dumb they deserve to die...he thought. He shot her again twice, killing the great wolf, as it immediately collapsed on the ground. He yelled his victory cry and laughed at killing the great wolf and thought about taking the wolf as a trophy before deciding against it. That great dumb beast deserved simply to just have its body decompose into the earth and have no one remember it ever again, he thought. He decided to continue walking and to go back to his dad and brag about his kill. He didn't notice he passed by the pup whose mother he shot.

Re: Wolf RP (VM and Whistlerfly)

PostPosted: March 4th, 2015, 4:05 am
by TheWhistlerify
It all started out as a completely ordinary, peaceful and one would say beautiful day in the woods. Bandhura, a young wolf pup, was out with her mother (who else), as always, seemingly in no particular part of the forest to begin with. One day she would look back to that day and wonder just how such a lovely morning had taken a drastic turn for the worse. That is, until she would suddenly recall the human that had taken her mother away from her.

The little wolf knew practically nothing about these two legged creatures aside from what her mother had told her. Being wolves, though, her mother's knowledge was very limited as well. Indeed, to most animals, humans were mostly shrouded in mystery. One thing, though not consistent about them (the unpredictability made it all the more frightening), was that they were extremely dangerous.

But, alas, what meaning did the word danger have in the mind of a pup so young and innocent, let alone one whose attention span was as limited as could be when it came to focusing on one thing for more than just a few seconds? Bandhura respected her mother greatly, even if she did not understand just what did her warnings about these beings mean, and knew that they should just be avoided entirely if possible.

When the first bang was heard, however, Bandhura froze entirely. The noise was so loud, and the fact that it suddenly occurred comoletely out of nowhere did not help at all either. She found herself unable to do the one thing she'd been instructed to do should a human ever be encountered; to run for it. She also didn't know what to think when her mother fell after the next two shots, mindlessly running over to the grown up wolf in her fright as Craig took his leave.

What would one so young possibly know of death? Not much, if at all, surely. "Mom?" she asked quietly, already expecting the scolding for not running to hide. But she didn't care about that as long as the hunter was gone. The little pup stepped closer and called to her mother again, but there was still no response.

Re: Wolf RP (VM and Whistlerfly)

PostPosted: March 9th, 2015, 3:30 am
by VitanisMate
Craig kept walking through the woods, his rifle still held in his small hands, as he continued walking towards his father to brag about his kill. He quickly looked back towards the wolf he shot but didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. He immediately looked back ahead of him and kept walking towards his father. He quickly wiped away the sweat as his 13-year old mind was racing.

As he walked he couldn't help but feel that there was a presence, waiting and watching for the right time to...get Craig. He shivered as he felt it down his spine but tried to ignore it. He quickly wiped his forehead and shook his head as he again felt the presence all around him and got quite spooked as he quickly saw a light of some kind right above him.

He thought to himself he must be going crazy and figured his teenage mind was running wild on him. He frowned at the strange experience and immediately felt as if he didn't want to be in these woods at all anymore. He thought about telling his father how scared he felt just now but immediately decided against it. His father would just call him a sissy. As he kept walking through the woods however he smiled as he quickly approached his father.

"Hey dad guess what?!" he shouted in excitement but piped down quickly as his father gave him a silencing look. He approached his father quietly but quickly wheeled his head around as he noticed that a frightened deer ran away. Obviously Craig just scared away his father's prey. He immediately grew nervous at his father's anger at getting rid of a prize buck and looked downhill, waiting to hear his father scream at him in anger. He approached him again cautiously.

He immediately piped up and hoped the story he told would quench his father's anger. "I'm sorry dad but you don't know what I've seen! I just shot a wolf and killed her! Her body is right back there! I told you I can hunt by myself dad!"

Re: Wolf RP (VM and Whistlerfly)

PostPosted: March 10th, 2015, 8:58 am
by TheWhistlerify
Craig's father, who was busy waiting for an opportunity to get a good shot at a very good looking male deer, cursed under his breath and put his rifle down when his son's loud, excited voice suddenly reached his ears, causing the deer to notice them and immediately run for it. Just when he was about to pull the trigger, too... Practically glaring at Craig, he impatiently remained silent as he waited for the boy to explain himself. Considering what a buck it was, his excuse for scaring it off like that had to be good.

When Craig finally explained the source of his enthusiasm, though, his father was quite surprised to say the least. His son... managed to hunt on his own? A fully grown wolf, too? He's been giving the boy shooting lessons, but there was a lot of difference between firing at targets to hitting living animals. "Is that so?" he asked, getting an excited nod in response. "Well, about time, too." he said, chuckling as he ruffled his son's hair for a brief moment. He could be a very impatient man at times, but that didn't mean he wasn't happy about Craig's achievement. "Well, let's go and see."

Back where the shooting had occurred, Bandhura was still doing her best to wake her mother up (which, when comparing her size to that of the fully grown female wolf, clearly wasn't much). She remembered stormy nights when she would get scared of all the thunder and lightning and try to wake her up but take a long time to succeed because of how tiny she was. But how could her mother be asleep now? She was awake just a moment ago... And all these loud noises, and that two legged thing... The pup was too confused to think clearly at the moment, and the fact that her mother wasn't responding to her only made things even worse.

"Mom, wake up!" she called, feeling tears form in her eyes as all the worrying, unawareness and loneliness began to really get to her. Being so young, it wasn't that big of a surprise that she had no idea what to do. But, when she suddenly heard footsteps coming in their direction (despite being so distracted), her instincts made her run to the nearest bush and hide.

Re: Wolf RP (VM and Whistlerfly)

PostPosted: March 17th, 2015, 6:18 pm
by VitanisMate
Craig immediately looked down in shame as his father started to glare his way, however when his father perked up and praised him Craig gave a little smile back. He quickly approached his father and started talking as he looked at the rifle in his hands, which suddenly became very interesting. "Father the wolf is back this way," as he started to lead his father back there. His feet kept in step, but they strangely became heavier and heavier as he started walking towards the wolf.

As he excitedly lead his father back to the spot where he shot the wolf both to Craig's and Bandhura's surprise the wolf's body was gone! Craig stared in awe at the surprise for a second before he nervously glanced at his father before saying, "Dad I swear to you I shot a wolf and her body was right here!" Suddenly he noticed something out of place in the bushes.

As he glanced closer he noticed a wolf's tail peeking out from behind the bushes and quickly glanced forward to see a wolf pup trying to hide from the hunters unsuccessfully. He quickly grabbed the pup and yanked her up by the scruff of her neck as he naively tried to talk to her as if she could carry on a conversation with him. "Hey you pup where's the grown wolf I just shot!" He turned around with the pup in his arms as he looked at his father, "Dad I found a wolf pup! I know she must be connected to the wolf I shot!"

As he glanced at his father he noticed a glare in his face and said, "Uh yeah you're right dad, we can't hurt pups." He quickly flung the female pup on the ground and said, "Nice doggy," in sarcasm. He then said, "I know that wolf has to be around here somewhere dad."

Re: Wolf RP (VM and Whistlerfly)

PostPosted: March 31st, 2015, 9:34 am
by TheWhistlerify
Seeing how, being a dead body, the wolf his son was claiming to have shot and taken down was probably at the exact same spot where they boy had left it, the last thing Craig's father was expecting was for there to be absolutely nothing upon arriving at the spot in question. Now, yes, it did seem unlikely that Craig hadn't really hunted anything, but for him to lie about it like this? It would have been completely understandable if he'd failed at catching something (again), but this just turned the entire situation into something completely different.

Before he could so much as give his kid a piece of his mind about this whole predicament, he was cut short by Bandhura's startled and terrified yelp as she was suddenly yanked from her rather terrible hiding spot in the nearest bush. Oh, yeah, there was also the fact that her mother's body had completely vanished, but she was more busy being concerned about the human holding onto her at the moment. Not that there was much she could do about it, seeing how she was too terrified to even try to move.

To make what was going on even more annoying, Craig had to also start talking to this random puppy as if it could possibly understand what he was saying. And just what made the boy think it could talk, too? Smacking his own forehead with the palm of his hand, his father glared at him as he waited for him to let the tiny wolf go, which he eventually did. The last thing he needed was to get fined because his son was caught doing something that was illegal.

"Bodies don't go anywhere, Craig." he said sarcastically and grumpily, not noticing that Bandhura was still where she'd landed because she was too scared to move. "They're bodies." Now, his son had said that the wolf was dead. If that was the case, where was it? Unfortunately, the man clearly didn't have the patience to look for some possibly not existing wolf. "If you're so sure about this," he continued, "why don't you go find her then?"

This would keep Craig off his back for some time and allow him to hunt properly. Also, if his son was such a mighty hunter as he was claiming himself to be, he shouldn't have any trouble taking down an already injured wolf, seeing how he was absolutely certain that he'd hit her with a bullet or two just a few minutes ago. If it really was real and injured then it shouldn't have gotten far. He'd give his son a word about lying later.

Re: Wolf RP (VM and Whistlerfly)

PostPosted: April 1st, 2015, 9:45 pm
by VitanisMate
Craig immediately looked at his father with a disappointed look, ashamed of himself for not being able to show his father that he could really hunt. He quickly looked down at the ground and simply nodded as his father told him to try and find the wolf he shot. He quickly looked at the bush and noticed the young wolf pup had either gotten away from him or found a different hiding spot. He again looked down at the ground and slowly started walking towards where the wolf's body lay.

He became even more puzzled when he quickly saw the spot where the wolf's body was and found no signs of the wolf actually moving from it. He quickly turned around to tell this fact to his father but was even more disappointed when he realized that his father had already left him. Craig immediately noticed tiny little pawprints and started to follow the little wolf-pup seeing as the adult wolf showed no signs of moving.

As he started to walk, he again became quite startled as he felt something, someone was watching him. He quickly shivered and tried to keep at the task at hand. Suddenly however he felt this red light peer down on him as he felt very strange on the inside. In a matter of moments he started convulsing letting out a loud yell and shriek as he moaned in agony. When he finally got up from his convulsions he immediately peered around and became quite startled when the forest showed no color and he only saw black and white.

Suddenly he saw his father quickly run up to him, obviously noticing the screams he made. To his father however it became very apparent that this new adolescent wolf had just killed his son, as he saw his son's bloody and torn clothing right where the wolf was. Craig immediately started to talk, hoping his father would understand him. "Oh Dad I'm so glad you found me! I feel so strange! Let's get out of here!" However he was again startled upon noticing he couldn't walk on two legs and had to walk on all fours, and even more so when his father cocked his weapon ready to fire at him!

Re: Wolf RP (VM and Whistlerfly)

PostPosted: April 3rd, 2015, 6:19 am
by TheWhistlerify
Craig's father then apathetically turned around and walked away, clearly eager to get back to what he'd come to the forest for in the first place that his son managed to so easily interrupt and distract him from. Hoping that the boy would soon let this whole made up story with the imaginary wolf go, the hunter was just about to settle down into a new hideout and wait for another potential target when Craig's screams reached his ears. Instinctively, he immediately rushed over and headed towards the noise.

What he saw when he got there was probably the last thing he'd expected. His son was practically gone. There was no trace of Craig other than his clothes, which were completely torn, bloody and scattered all around this young, male wolf. Now surely even a pack of wolves wouldn't have been able to just not leave a single trace of him aside from the clothes in such a short matter of time, but that was the last thing on his father's mind at the moment. The evidence was clearly pointing in that direction; that this wolf had just killed his son.

Loading his rifle, Craig's father took aim and pointed the gun directly between this wolf's eyes, obviously not knowing that this was his son he was looking at. How could he know, though? To Craig's luck, though, the man was still so shocked and almost entirely blinded with rage that his hands and vision were unreliable enough for him to miss the shot, even at such a short distance.

Re: Wolf RP (VM and Whistlerfly)

PostPosted: April 7th, 2015, 5:15 am
by VitanisMate
Craig was immediately shocked to say the least, when his father fired the first round. He was in so much shock he completely did not notice his father missing him by being blinded by rage. He quickly said, "Dad! What are you doing?! I am your son! Please stop!" He quickly noticed however that all of his yelling did nothing but infuriate his father further so he quickly dropped the idea as his father again aimed the gun at him. He quickly ran as fast as his four legs could carry him as the next shot was fired.

He suddenly slipped and tripped into a river, not being very good at running on four legs. He quickly shook himself off and ran faster again, hoping he missed his father. 'Dad I...I can't be out here all alone with you chasing me,' he thought. Tears quickly entered his adolescent eyes as he quickly noticed it and held them back. His father told him again and again that crying was a sign of weakness. He squelched that fact and started to look around some more before he suddenly tripped over a wolf pup, his feet wobbling back and forth until his face planted itself squarely in the dirt. The young adolescent wolf looked at Bandhura in anger and said, "Watch it kid!"

He quickly notoced something was off about her, not knowing that he had just killed her mother and said, "Hey kid can you tell me where I am? I mean I am lost and am trying to find the way home." He quickly eyed Bandhura with disdain and said pridefully, "Why am I even asking a wolf pup? Wolves are stupid and can't even avoid people, let alone find their way around the forest."

Re: Wolf RP (VM and Whistlerfly)

PostPosted: April 7th, 2015, 6:52 am
by TheWhistlerify
It took Craig's father, seeing how he was still completely infuriated, a few seconds to realize that he'd actually missed the shot from such a close range. He was quite taken by surprise by that that it took him another moment or two to load another cartridge in and take aim again. Still blinded by his anger, and with Craig running away this time, he ended up missing the shot once more. Despite his rage, though, he did not pursue the wolf. First he needed to find his son and give him a proper burial. Then he'd take care of that. No matter what, that wolf was going to end up dead for what it did.

Bandhura, having slipped away the moment the numb feeling of shock had gone away from her little legs, was practically forced out of her new hiding spot in fright when she heard another gunshot, and then a 2nd one. She ran as fast as her tiny paws could carry her, occasionally stumbling or tripping over something because of how young she still was. Not paying much attention to her surroundings and as to whether there was any sign of danger nearby, the small pup obviously failed to notice this adolescent wolf she was about to directly cross paths with.

Considering her size, she was lucky that all that happened from their very slight collision was the other wolf tripping over rather than her getting crushed underneath him. Coming to a halt as a result of both shock and fear, at first the very form of another wolf made Bandhura immediately think that this was her mother, but the lack of likelihood in appearance between Craig and her mother was noticed about a second or so later, much to the little one's disappointment.

But at least she'd come across another one of her kind. Perhaps this wolf could help her find her mother? Bandhura suddenly let out a very faint whimper as Craig glared at her and raised his voice, no doubt accusing her of causing him to fall as she took a small step backwards, her ears dropping against her head and her tail between her legs. Not sure of what to think when this stranger then began asking her for direction, the puppy soon remembered that she was completely clueless as to their location. She was young and definitely did not remember the way around the forest like her mother...

Despite having always respected her mother greatly, Bandhura was much like any other kid. There was the occasional sass when her mother was being annoying, so with this stranger saying wolves were stupid? What was with that? He was a wolf too! Not a very smart one, by the way he was talking about his own kind and, as a result, about himself. "You're a wolf too." she said, slightly tilting her head in confusion as a childish frown appeared on her face. "Speak for yourself!" This guy probably couldn't help her. He was mean... And kinda dumb...