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Re: Ultimus (Private for Shadowfax and KingKivuli)

PostPosted: September 2nd, 2014, 6:09 pm
by UncoordinatedPisces
"Evidently" Kade replied slowly with his eyebrows raised, still smiling quite dryly at Ash as he took a gulp of a drink he had picked up. He was called away by a few guys who wanted to talk before the meeting ended and Miles sighed. "Don't mind Kade too much. He's worried that we'll be disbanded before we've even begun to make a difference. He's just...passionate about his cause" Miles said with a sincere, but more genuine smile than Kade's.

"That's the Irish for you. All brazen passion, radical ideas and plenty of drink" Cassie said to Ash, louder than she was meant to with a laugh. Kade turned his head. "Ey, it's not very often I get plastered" he said with a grin, forgetting about Ash for a moment. "I like how the drink is the only thing you find offensive out of that statement" she replied. He smiled, shrugged and went back to talking.

"Hey, um, Ash" Miles said, getting used to her name. "What shift are you on tomorrow?" he asked, knowing the police normally did shifts as there were quite a number of them and not all were needed all the time. "You could visit Farm Island and take coffee with me in my office in the building, get to know some of our ideas for the future. It's safe to talk there". Cassie thought this was quite bold, even for friendly, affectionate Miles - but they hadn't had a force member join them so she understood why he'd probably want to get to know her.

Re: Ultimus (Private for Shadowfax and KingKivuli)

PostPosted: September 3rd, 2014, 9:52 pm
by Shadowfax
Ashelin's eyes followed Kade as he left. He was headstrong, but seemed to know what he was doing and Miles' words after made her feel that little bit more confident in him. She looked around the room for a moment and noticed a few were giving her odd looks. She didn't know why, she had never raised her hand to a one of them unless they had attacked her. She turned her head again to the others when Miles voice caught her attention.

She thought for a moment. She was off tomorrow thankfully.

"I am not working tomorrow. It will look less suspicious too if I visit out of my shift. Plus I won't have Matt hanging over my shoulder like he always seems to do." She said rolling her eyes. "What time do you suggest?"