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PostPosted: August 12th, 2014, 10:56 pm
by nalasimba83
Naruto felt a little chilly in his hospital bedroom. He looked up to see what it was and found the window open. "Is it?"Naruto thought with a little excitement. Sure enough it was. Outside the window was a giant toad with an old, but well built 50 year old pervert that Naruto was waiting so eagerly to see. "Pervy Sage!!"Naruto said, sitting straight up with bandages covering every inch of his body except his eyes, nose and mouth.

"I prefer the term Toad Sage: The Great Master Jiraiya!!!"he said. He had white hair and two thin red lines starting from his eyes to his cheek. He wore a scroll on his back and weird clothes. "Dang, you got beat up pretty badly Naruto."

"Yeah, I'll be okay in a day or so, then we can continue my training,"Naruto replied. Even if it pained him to admit it, Pervy Sage was actually a very powerful ninja even though all he does all day is peeping at women. If he trained under him, he would be sure to bring back Sasuke. "Yeah thats it,"Naruto thought,"I couldn't bring back Sasuke because I was too weak."

Jiraiya gave out a tired sigh, sitting on the edge of the hospital window. If he looked down below, his legs were dangling about a 3 stories high from the hospital ground. His giant toad that could almost touch the sky suddenly disappeared on Jiraiya's account. "That's what I meant idiot!"

"What? That we can continue training as soon as possible,"Naruto asked a little hopeful.

Jiraiya nodded. "For you its essential." He spoke with a flat tone which meant he was dead serious.

Naruto grinned in his immature way,"Great! Now we can actually start looking for Sasuke! Hey Pervy Sage, you're old time best friends with the hokage-Granny Tsunade, right? Then that means that you cou-"

"Naruto,"he said again with that deadly serious tone. "We're going to stop looking for Sasuke."

Naruto's eyes just stood there, not sure how to react. He's been told to stop looking for Sasuke, his rival and teammate who he had a shaky friendship with, by so many people. And now his own master? "Wha?" He shook his head,"No we have to! What do you mean we can't look for Sasuke! Then whats the point of training anyway! He's been lured to the dark side by Orochimaru and your telling me that I can't save him!"

"Stop being so immature,"Jiraiya said. "Orochimaru was also my rival and former teammate. He was also Tsunade's friend and teammate, we were put together in a team like you were with Sasuke and Sakura.We didn't have the best friendship, but I didn't want to lose him."

"Then whats the problem!"Naruto was about to say, but Jiraiya kept talking.

"Until I became a jounin ranked ninja, I kept looking for him and I always fought with him to make him surrender and return to the village. Then I stopped. Nothing could make Orochimaru change his mind. Then I stopped looking at him as a lost friend, but as an enemy and a threat to the village I swore to protect my life with. So has Tsunade, up til now he never changed his mind. He's still working on his experiments and just a few months ago he tried destroying this village."

"What are you trying to say?"Naruto asked.

"Sasuke is a rogue ninja,"Jiraiya said. "The village was almost completely destroyed. Our previous hokage, my master, had died because of Orochimaru. And things are a little shaky politically in our village. Like Tsunade said earlier, she can't risk losing anymore ninjas due to the state Orochimaru's attack left out village in-"

"If we bring Sasuke back, that can change!"Naruto said.

"Idiot you need to listen more carefully to what I'm saying. This whole thing happened because of Sasuke. And thats not the only reason, Im sure you understand."

"You mean-"

"Yeah, I mean the Akatsuki. The group Sasuke's older brother Itachi is in. That guy's pretty powerful, he even rivals my power."

Naruto looked kind of shocked. "Even rivaling Pervy Sage's power?"Naruto thought.

"You know their after you, or more specifically whats inside you-the nine-tailed fox, the demon sealed inside you since you were a baby. You need to train to protect yourself, we can't have them getting the tailed beasts. We still don't know why their after them. So stop being a baby and get your head inside reality, stop with Sasuke once and for all. You can either drop him and I'll train you to survive and catch up with Sasuke, or you can keep chasing him and remain a fool for your entire life."

Naruto replied with a simple answer,"If thats what it takes to bring back Sasuke, then I guess I'll remain a fool my entire life!"

Jiraiya laughed, driven by Naruto's determination and enthusiasm,"You really are a knucklehead ninja. Two weeks, you have two weeks until we leave the village-to come train with me. Now get your lazy but up and start recovering."

"Geez, your harsh Pervy Sage,"Naruto said.

"Stop calling me that!"And with that, the Perverted Hermit left leaving Naruto with some enthusiasm.

"I better go say bye to Sakura chan,"Naruto said. "I bet she'll be happy to know im going back to save Sasuke." But the old man already left.
Meanwhile Tsunade was supervising Sakura's training and was surprised with the results. "To master this much in so little time? Is she even a greater medic than Shizune?"
Neji left the house outside to go train with Hinata's father. Hinata's father looked down on Hinata even uptil now for being weak, and usually praised her little sister, Hanabi over her. But his favorite was his nephew Neji, who was supposed to be the most talented Hyuuga yet, even without being in the main royal branch of the family. Hinata watched from the pillars in her house as Neji and her father, Hiashi trained relentlessly.

"Would you like to take a break Neji?"Hiashi said panting.

Neji shook his head,"No sir. I'm not tired yet, maybe after another round."

Hiashi smirked,"He's good. Too good."

Hiashi took about 10 kunai knives in each hand and threw them straight at Neji. "Rotation!"Neji said forming a sphere around himself dodging all the kunai at once.

"40!"Hiashi said taking 20 kunai in each hand.

"Rotation!"All the kunai fell at Neji's feet, with not one inch of his body harmed.









"5-"Hiashi stopped throwing the kunai when Neji raised his hand. "Yes? Would you like to take a break now?" Neji shook his head.

"Sir, sorry if I'm asking too much, but... Can you raise it to a 1000 at once?"Neji said.

Hiashi stood up from his knife throwing stance and tilted his head. He nodded and threw the kunai at once.

"8 trigrams 64 palms!"Neji shouted getting into the hyuuga trigram stance. All 1000 kunai were sliced into tiny pieces. His arms were too fast to follow as he continued slicing the kunai. He panted and a tiny drop of blood fell to the ground. He missed the last kunai and it cut his arm from the elbow to the palm.

"You missed the last one,"Hiashi said harshly, but inside he was too impressed with it to believe it. "So he really is the most gifted, huh?"he thought.

"It was barely a scratch,"Neji said with his usual prideful and arrogant tone that was on par with Hiashi's.

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PostPosted: September 9th, 2014, 2:43 pm
by AnimeFan101
"Congratulations, Neji," Hinata said quietly as her father and cousin walked by her to go in the house for some tea. Why can't I be as good as Neji? she thought as she looked at the sky, remembering how much more he had accomplished than her. "Someday, I will pass Neji! I will!!" she whispered. Then she sighed, and thought about Naruto in the hospital. Maybe he's lonely in his room, I'll go visit! she thought as she ran into the house and grabbed her backpack while yelling, "I'll be back later, Father!" and then running out of the house and on to the hospital. When she came to Naruto's room, she was panting a little, and she opened her backpack to get an envelope from it. "I hope you'll like it, Naruto," Hinata whispered as she knocked on the door three times.

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PostPosted: September 13th, 2014, 5:30 am
by nalasimba83
Naruto looked curiously to see who was outside the door. He had gotten many visitors recently. "Wait,"he said with a slow grin. "It might be Sakura!" He got out of the bed quickly, then went back. "Wait no,"he said to himself. He jumped out of the bed and looked under to find what he was looking for. It was a kunai knife. He looked at himself in the reflection. "Sakura always thought Sasuke was good looking,"he gloated to himself. He stared at his idiotic looking reflection then grunted, throwing the kunai across the room. "Who am I kidding? Even the guys thought Sasuke was good looking!" He whined immaturely for a second, then stopped when he heard the second set of knocks. He opened the door, but he found Hinata. He scratched his head nervously. What if she heard him talking to himself? Then he stopped to wonder what Hinata was doing in his hospital room. He really didn't know her well. "Umm,"Naruto said uncertainly. "Hinata?"

She looked at the ground blushing furiously and stuttering with her barely audible voice. "Not this again,"Naruto silently thought to himself. "You wanna come in?" She slowly looked up, then looked back down. Her stammering became more visible. Naruto decided this would take a while. He took a bowl of unopened ramen noodles and gulfed it down. Then, he ate the next, and then the one after that, and then the other one. After his face was greasy, his eyes widened. "Oh yeah Hinata." He wiped his mouth with his forearm. "Uh, you want to say something or stuff?" He looked at her envelope. "Oh, is that like a get well card or something?"he said kind of casually. "Now that I think about it, I've been getting some gifts. Of course, Neji's gotten more...way mooree." He shrugged. He pointed to a vase with a tulip on it,"That's Sakura's flower. She gave it to me." He laughed. "Can you believe it? I should get hurt more often, whaddya say Hinata?

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PostPosted: September 15th, 2014, 2:28 pm
by AnimeFan101
Hinata nodded, and said, "It's a beautiful flower, Naruto. Here," giving Naruto the envelope. "I hope you like it. It took me awhile to figure out what to put on it." she said, hoping he won't laugh. 'He has been through a lot, I just wish I knew what to do to help.' She thought as she went to the hospital chair beside the bed

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PostPosted: September 17th, 2014, 2:27 am
by nalasimba83
Naruto raised an eye and slowly took it. He didn't know Hinata well enough to receive a get-well card from her. He found it quite awkward, but he took it anyways, eager to see if any gifts were inside of it. Soon enough there was a get well card as expected, but he looked closer to find a small heart doodled on the side as if someone accidentally drew it. Now Naruto was an idiot, but he wasn't so stupid enough not to know what a heart usually means. He opened the card and it just read how great Naruto was. "Um thanks Hinata." He was the most distant from her out of the whole Konoha team 11 so he acted very formal around her. I mean, she was shy as hell and Naruto was very outgoing, so he didn't clash with her much. His hand fumbled against something else. He found a small carefully wrapped package. He took it and messily unwrapped it. He found a rice cake with his face portrayed on it with fishcake, seaweed, and food coloring. He felt his stomach rumble and he scarfed it down. He found it creepy, but he was too hungry. His face widened. "That actually tastes amazing!"he said.

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PostPosted: September 17th, 2014, 2:23 pm
by AnimeFan101
Hinata smiled, and said, "I'm glad you like it, Naruto, I actually made it." 'I can't believe he actually likes it!' she thought to herself.

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PostPosted: September 19th, 2014, 7:12 pm
by Sixshot1988
Meanwhile Tsunade had summoned Kakashi. "I have chosen a replacement for Sasuke." Tsunade said.

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PostPosted: September 20th, 2014, 3:51 am
by nalasimba83
(kitkat, can you portray hinata as shy like in the anime? She's supposed to stammer and she's too kind, plus she's scared of her father. She also isn't brave enough to talk to Naruto.)

Kakashi nodded,"I understand." He was reluctant to have a replacement for the team, but he understood the Hokage's orders. He also understood what this meant. "If a replacement for Sasuke is coming." He sighed. "The team would fall apart."

"Temporarily,"Shizune cut in.

"I understand,"he said taking out a book from his pocket. "It's not a total replacement."

"Right,"Shizune interfered. "Substitute." She nodded vigorously, as if she was supporting Kakashi. "Lady Tsunade, we know... how Naruto takes it. He-well." She stood straighter. "Right, this is temporary. Just a substitute."

Kakashi thought about how the original Team 7 would stick together. He was just worried that the substitute would become an outlier. "Oh Naruto,"he said. "I'm against this, but right now, there is nothing I can do."
Naruto nodded. "Oh, well. Gotta get a good night's rest. I'm leaving the village tomorrow, and I want to say goodbye to a couple of people before I leave in the morning." He checked the moon. "Goodnight Hinata, better go before your dad gets mad." She blushed, and left the room stuttering. He jumped on his bed and opened the hospital window so that he was sitting on the edge where his feet was dangling below. The sky was dark blue, almost pitch-black and the moon was gleaming. He took off his bandages slowly and shook his head. Then, he climbed to the roof and stood there for a couple of minutes. He slowly saw the midnight blue sky transform into Sasuke's hair and his reflected face was staring back. Slowly, he found himself and Sasuke exchanging irritated looks, and then Sakura hitting Naruto in the head. Kakashi was reading his book. "Sasuke,"he said sadly.
Sakura looked out from her window, unable to sleep. She saw Team 7 and laughed. Then, her eyes drifted towards the sky where she saw an image of Sasuke. Then she frowned,"Sasuke...,"she whispered. Her hand touched the window and on his face. "Why?"she asked the sky.
Sasuke was slowly walking towards Orochimaru's hideout, soaking wet in the rain. He looked back at the sky and saw Team 7. He stopped to stare for a moment. His eyes saw Sakura and then drifted to Kakashi for a long time,"Kakashi." Then, it drifted towards Naruto and stayed there. Instead of their regular day, he saw Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi looking back at him sad. He could hear Naruto asking him why, or perhaps it was Sakura. He turned his back, but his face looked to the moon. "Why?"he said harshly. "Because I'm not you, Naruto. I can't be with you guys, Sakura. I'm not your student anymore, Kakashi." He walked further and then stopped. "I'm an avenger."
Sakura and Naruto slowly saw Sasuke efface from the moon. Without, Sasuke, the image fell apart. "So that's it huh?"Naruto said.
Sakura disappointingly went back to her bed.
Kakashi stayed awake thinking about his students. He thought about the replacement. "Naruto is leaving tomorrow,"he thought to himself. "He would want to say goodbye to Sakura."

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by AnimeFan101
(Ok, I'll do that)

Sakura looked at the ceiling, remembering all the great times Team 7 had together. "Sasuke...Why would you betray us?" She asked quietly as she turned to her side and closed her eyes. 'Naruto, please bring him back.' she thought as she went to sleep.

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PostPosted: November 5th, 2014, 6:13 am
by nalasimba83
Naruto woke up and was packing his stuff with the most important things that he had ever possessed: all his packs of ramen. He cleared his house and jumped through the window, landing on his feet. "Ready to go."

"You don't want to say bye?"Jiraiya asked.

"Nope,"Naruto said. He looked back at the hokage monument, especially the fourth hokage. "Be prepared, because I vowed to become a better hokage than you. And I never go back on my word."

"Be careful there. You do realize that I myself trained the fourth hokage. It's gonna be a long time before you beat him at anything, and that includes eating,"Jiraiya said. "Although I can beat him."

"Stop boasting,"Naruto replied.

"Just saying. You know, you remind me a lot of Minato. Same blue eyes and yellow hair, the only difference is that he posessed talent and you don't." Naruto stared at him madly. "Okay, let's get outta here."