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To Be A Pokemon Master (Julie and AmyMarie)

PostPosted: June 11th, 2012, 8:10 pm
by Carl
Sungmin woke up, the familiar warmth against his side letting him know that Hangeng, his Flareon, was laying beside him. That was the only thing familiar about this room. He looked around the strange room, wishing that he could be back home in Lavender Town, with his family, and his beloved Duskull. It was too late for that now, though, and he was very glad that Mr. and Mrs. Orange had taken him in. There were no hotels or inns of any kind here in Violet City, and he would've had to sleep on the ground somewhere.

He sighed, reaching a hand down to scratch his Flareon's head. The Pokemon yawned, waking up and stretching out its body, but continued to lay beside him. He patted Hangeng's side and got out of bed. On the nightstand beside the little bed was his newly washed clothes. He gathered them up and got dressed quickly. As he fastened his silver belt around his waist, the Pokeballs rattled against each other, and Hangeng looked up, watching its trainer curiously.

Sungmin grinned at the Flareon and picked up his backpack, "Come on, Hangeng, we gotta get going." At his words, the Pokemon rose to its feet, stretched again, and hopped off of the bed. The teenager left the room, his Flareon following him, and stopped as he stepped into the old couple's kitchen. Mrs. Orange was pulling some biscuits out of the oven, and her husband was sitting at the table with a mug of hot tea.

"Would you like some biscuits, dear?" the elderly woman asked with a smile. Feeling as though it would be rude of him to refuse (and uncertain when he'd taste homemade food again) Sungmin nodded.

"Yes, please," he said quietly. Hangeng yipped, its stomach growling. Mrs. Orange laughed.

"It sounds like your Flareon wants some, too," she chuckled. The teenager just grinned at her. She picked up a few biscuits and put them into a brown paper bag, handing the bag to Sungmin. "These you can take with you when you go, dearie," she said, giving him two biscuits loose. He gave one to Hangeng and ate the other himself, thanking Mrs. Orange. Then he turned and made his way to the door.

"Are you leaving already?" asked Mr. Orange, "Well, good luck challenging the Gym Leaders, son, and remember, you're always welcome to stay here with us, anytime you want to or need to."

"Thanks. To both of you. I really appreciate it," he told the old couple, opening the door and stepping outside. It was bright and sunny today, and the occasional Pidgey fluttered overhead as the young trainer and his Pokemon made their way towards the city's Pokemon Gym. He stopped outside it, staring up at the imposing building. He was very nervous, so he crouched down beside his Pokemon.

"Hangeng, do you think we can do it? I don't know if I can beat a Gym Leader... I'm just a rookie trainer after all..." he said to the Flareon. His Pokemon smiled at him and barked encouragingly. Sungmin turned his eyes up to the Gym again, still feeling like he was making a mistake, like he should've stayed home.

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PostPosted: June 11th, 2012, 8:33 pm
by UncoordinatedPisces
A rather high wave crashed against the ship, and the small bedroom compartment jerked violently, awaking the 14 year old Pokemon Trainer inside. Amy Marie opened her eyes tiredly, she noticed her male Luxio was on the lying on the floor, alert and awake, protecting her. The teenage girl giggled,
"Calm down Luxio, nothings gonna get me in here". Luxio gave a happy cry at hearing her voice, jumping up onto the bed and nuzzling her face excitedly.

Amy pushed him off playfully, "Ger'off Lux". The Pokemon jumped back down and Amy got up out of the bed. She left her room, Luxio trailing behind just for a moment to go and check how far away she was from Johto. She bumped into one of the staff, who had an Eevee beside her.
"Good morning, how may I help you?", she asked kindly. Amy smiled brightly at her,
"Morning...I was just wondering how long left there is of the journey?".

The older girl checked her watch,
"We've been traveling since the early hours of this morning, so another hour probably". Amy thanked her and made her way back to her compartment, making sure Luxio had stopped curiously circling the Eevee, which he had been doing since she approached the member of staff. Once back in her small room, she summoned all her Pokemon out, just to check how they were.

She proudly looked at the all, they were all either looking at her happily or playing with each other. Her female Staravia had recently evolved, as did her Luxio. Her first caught Pokemon, a male Growlithe was doing well and her female Buizel was getting used to it all. However, her male Turtwig had been given to her by a mysterious stranger. Just saying the words,
"Take care of it. You will see me again".

Amy tried to run after him, but he disappeared in a flash of black smoke. It was odd, and the Turtwig seemed to be a little distant at times. But she loved having a Sinnoh starter, and the Pokemon had taken a shine to her.
"So guys, ready for our Johto journey?". The Pokemon all danced around excitedly, Staravia flying up to perch on her shoulder. Amy gave an 'ooof'. "Your getting too heavy to do that now Staravia, it was ok when you were just a Starly!". Staravia just playfully nipped at her ear.

Amy sat down on the small bed and opened a draw. She collected her things and put them in her bag. She been sent money for her journey by her mother, something she was grateful for.
"I'll get Staravia to send a message soon, Mum would love to know how I'm doing in Johto", Amy thought to herself.

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PostPosted: June 12th, 2012, 12:29 am
by Carl
Sighing, Sungmin stood. He was as ready as he'd ever be. He stepped up to the door and opened it, stepping inside. As he was entering, a blue haired man was making his way towards the doors to leave. The man stopped, seeing the Flareon at Sungmin's side, and smiled.

"My name is Sungmin, and I''m here to... I'm here to..." he stuttered.

"You're here to challenge the Gym Leader, right?" the man asked. The teen nodded.

"Y-yes, sir," he said tentatively.

"Well, you're in luck. I'm the Gym Leader, Falkner. I was about to run an errand, but I've got time to accept your challenge first. I'm a master of the Flying-type, the most elegant of all Pokemon types. Some people say you can clip a bird's wings with a jolt of electricity, but bird Pokemon are tougher than they look," the blue-haired man explained, reaching for a Pokeball, "Are you going to battle with your Flareon?"

Sungmin looked down at Hangeng and his Pokemon smiled up at him. Then he nodded. "Yeah, Hangeng, I think you can do it."

The Flareon stepped forward even as the Gym Leader sent out a Pidgeot. At the sight of the massive, fully evolved Pokemon, Sungmin felt a little bit worried. Hangeng hadn't been a Flareon for long, and only knew one Fire-type move. Was his Pokemon really ready to battle this Gym Leader?

"Pidgeot, Wing Attack!" Falkner commanded while Sungmin was silent. The bird cawed in response and dove at his Flareon, bashing it with it's wings.

"Hangeng, use Ember!"

The Flareon darted out from beneath the Pidgeot's onslaught and spat a burst of flames at the bird. The Gym Leader's Pokemon cried out as the fire struck it, singing its feathers.

"Peck, now Pidgeot!"

"Hangeng, dodge, and then do a Body Slam!"

The bird obeyed it's trainer, pecking the fox-like Pokemon between the ears even as it tried to dodge. After failing to avoid the strike, Hangeng slammed the bird, knocking it to the ground. For a few more minutes, minutes that felt like hours, the two Pokemon battled, each struggling to emerge victorious. At last, sure that he was going to lose, Sungmin could take no more.

"Hangeng, I think it's weak! Finish this with Quick Attack!" he shouted to his Pokemon, hoping that this would do it. If that Pidgeot was still putting up a fight after this, he was going to withdraw. He was tired of watching his Pokemon get hurt. The determined Flareon charged at the bird, hitting it hard enough to bring it to the ground again. This time, the Pidgeot didn't get back up. It lay on the ground, breathing heavily and staring, defeated, up at Falkner.

"Pidgeot, return!" he said, holding up its Pokeball. Sungmin recalled his own Pokemon, thinking that he'd have to go to the Pokemon Center as soon as he'd received his badge. "You fought well. I'm surprised. Here, let me confer upon you the Zephyr Badge."

Sungmin took the badge, smiling a little, and pinned it to his backpack.

"You know, I'd like you to come with me on my errand to Olivine Port. I'd like you to meet my colleague and friend, Jasmine. Whattaya say?" asked the Gym Leader, placing a hand on Sungmin's shoulder. The teen looked at him, wondering why the Gym Leader wanted him to meet this Jasmine.

"I'd love to, but I have to go to the Pokemon Center and heal my Flareon..." he mumbled. Falkner laughed.

"But of course. I've got to heal Pidgeot, too, you know," he said, steering Sungmin out of the Gym.

"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to come with you," the boy said. The blue-haired Gym Leader smiled and led the sixteen-year-old towards the Pokemon Center. When they were coming out of the Pokemon Center a few minutes later, the Gym Leader sent out his Pidgeot and a Pidgeotto. He climbed on the back of the Pidgeot.

"Alright, birds, we're going to Olivine City. Pidgeotto, carry Sungmin, let's go," he said. Nervously, the young trainer climbed onto the Pidgeotto's back, and they were off in a flutter of feathers.

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PostPosted: June 12th, 2012, 6:21 pm
by UncoordinatedPisces
Amy emerged on the deck of the boat, the sea wind almost knocking her back at first. After a couple of minutes, she embraced it and joined the dozens of passengers who were waiting to arrive in Olivine City. Luxio was at her side like usual. He never stayed in his Pokeball when they were traveling, it had always been that way even when he was a Shinx.

She was greeted by a male salior, who shook her hand vigorously,
"Good day young Trainer. What brings you to Olivine then?". Amy smiled and replied poiletly, shaking the man's hand in return,
"I've beaten all the Gym Leaders in Sinnoh and have decided to come to Johto to do the Gym Challenge here!".

The salior nodded,
"Aye, and will you traveling to Violet City from here?". She nodded back,
"Yes, my Staravia is strong enough to carry me". The salior continued talking to her, showing her his Pokemon. He had an Vaporeon and a Sealeo. Soon, the boat arrived and the passengers climbed off and ventured into the city. Amy enjoyed the bright sunlight and sea air, the salior also climbed off the boat.

"Battle?", the sailor asked. Amy couldn't see why not, it would be great to start battling in Johto, and the salior had strong Pokemon. The teenage girl nodded,
"Yeah ok? 1 on 1?". The sailor happily agreed, which was a good thing because he failed to realize Luxio was going to have the upperhand against his chosen Pokemon, Vaporeon. For Luxio was an Electric Pokemon.

The two got into a large space away from the busy dock. Amy grinned,
"You may have the first move". The salior raised an eyebrow and then shouted,
"Vapereon, Water Gun!". A strong spout of water emereged from the Pokemon's mouth.
"Luxray, dodge it and use Volt Tail!". Volt Tail was a move they have created themselves. Luxio dodged the Water Gun and leapt into the air, the star at the end of his tail began coursing with electricity, doing a front flip his tail hit the Vapereon quickly.

The water Pokemon shrieked and lept back, it had been weaked. The salior growled to himself,
"Vapereon, use Fury Attack!". Without time to counter-attack, the Vapereon flung itself at Luxio twice, causing damage.
"Luxio, Thunder!". A loud rumbling noise arose, like thunder itself and a lightning bolt flung itself down through Luxio and then he charged at Vapereon. It almost managed too move but it had been paralyzed by the previous Electric move, Volt Tail.

It collapsed in a heap, panting heavily. The battle was over surprisingly quickly. Amy gave a victiourous 'Yes!' and petted Luxio happily. "Well done Lux!", the Pokemon looked a little tired, but Luxio happily nuzzled Amy's hand in return. The salior returned his Pokemon to it's Pokeball and strode up to Amy.
"Your Luxio is really strong". They shook hands and then he walked off, waving.

Amy sighed happily, running a hand through her hair.
"Well then Luxio, it's off to Violet City soon, first though, let's go find a Pokemon Center, you looked tired". Luxio seemed to relax at her words and then the two began walking around Olivine, trying to find it.

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PostPosted: June 13th, 2012, 10:52 am
by Carl
It was exhilarating, and simultaneously terrifying, to ride on the back of the Pidgeotto. Sungmin held on for dear life, even though he was enjoying the flight. The bird Pokemon was barely big enough for him to ride it, and he was amazed that it could carry his weight. Below, many things could be seen, and as the young trainer looked down at them, he kept thinking, This is what the world looks like to a Pidgeotto.

All too soon, the birds were landing in front of the Pokemon Gym in Olivine City. Falkner elegantly dismounted his Pokemon and recalled it after stroking its head. Sungmin, trying to imitate Falkner's flawless dismount, clumsily fell off the back of the Pidgeotto, landing hard on his tailbone. Laughing, the Gym Leader recalled this Pokemon, too, before extending a hand to help Sungmin to his feet. The teen took the proffered hand and began dusting himself off as soon as he was upright.

"Come on, Jasmine should be inside the Gym," Falkner said.

"What?" Sungmin asked, a touch confused.

"Well, she is the Gym Leader here," Falkner laughed, "Come on."

The blue-haired Gym Leader led the young trainer up to the Gym, but they stopped at the sight of a piece of paper stuck to the door. Falkner eyed it suspiciously, and then read it aloud, " 'Apologies, trainers wishing to challenge this Gym. I am currently visiting with friends in Saffron City in Kanto, where I am helping to tend a sick Pokemon. I will return soon. Regards, Olivine's Gym Leader, Jasmine.' Huh. Looks like she's not in town. I guess I brought you all the way out here for nothing."

"Oh, don't worry, it's no trouble..." the boy said in response.

"No, no, I'll ferry you back to Violet City as soon as I've finished my errand. Why don't you wait for me at the Pokemon Center? It's right over there," suggested Falkner, indicating the building in question. Sungmin nodded.

"Thank you, I will."

"I'll be back in few minutes. This shouldn't take long."

As soon as Falkner had turned his back, Sungmin sent out Hangeng again, seeking the company of someone he knew well. The Flareon smiled up at his trainer, stretching and wagging his tail. The teen stooped to scratch his Pokemon's head and then rose back up, turning to face the Pokemon Center.

"Come on, Hangeng, we've gotta wait for Falkner at the Pokemon Center. When he gets back, we'll be flying again, so you'll have to return to your Pokeball, but after that, we should be traveling on land for a while... At least, I hope we will be," he said to his Pokemon, approaching the Poemon Center. The two walked inside, and Sungmin took a seat on one of the sofas in the waiting area. Hangeng jumped up on the seat beside him and looked around the room curiously.

"I wonder how long he'll be?" the teen deliberated aloud to his Pokemon. The Flareon merely cocked its head in response.

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PostPosted: June 14th, 2012, 7:45 am
by UncoordinatedPisces
Amy wondered around Olivine for a while, she couldn't find the Pokemon Center. That annoyed the hell out of her, after another five minutes however she decided it would be best to ask someone for directions. Looking around, she saw a young lady and walked up to her,

"Sorry to bother you, but do you know where the Pokemon Center is by any chance?". The lady bent down to pet her Luxio and then looked up,
"Of course, just continue on that way", she said pointing in the opposite direction, "And turn left". Amy smiled,
"Thank you, come on Luxio". The Electric Pokemon reluctantly moved away from the affection he was getting and walked beside his owner.

The teenage girl took her time, taking in her surrounds. Even though she in the city now, she could still smell sea air. Sighing, she came to the left she had to take and saw the Pokemon Center in the distance. She was going to pick up her pace, but she knew Luxio was tired. In 5 minutes or so, they arrived.

Walking inside, Amy made sure Luxio and her other Pokemon were in the safe hands of Nurse Joy before going to sit in the Waiting Area. Luxio looked saddened to leave her, he always did though. The bond between Amy and Luxio was an incredibly strong one, for Amy had rescued him and nursed him to health when he was just a Shinx.

She sat on one of the comfortable sofa's, placing her bag beside her. She glanced around the room, and saw a boy a little older than her sat on the sofa opposite. She smiled gently at him, but Amy felt just a little out of place without Luxio at her side.

However, she couldn't stop herself from grinning at the boy's Flareon. It was cute, and looked like it had the potiential to battle well. She continued looking at it, hoping the boy didn't think she was being odd or something.

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PostPosted: June 16th, 2012, 8:39 pm
by Carl
Sungmin tried not to look at the girl. Why did she keep looking over here? He hoped she wasn't about to get chatty; he'd rather get back to Violet City as soon as possible. What if she started talking to him and Falkner decided to go back to the city without him, or just decided to hang around town and let them jabber? He crossed his arms and leaned back, staring at the floor. He'd found that when you avoid eye contact, people don't engage you in conversation.

But aren't you trying to be more friendly? Aren't you trying to become more sociable and independent? a voice in the back of his head asked. He ignored it, telling himself that he just didn't wanna talk to her because he didn't have the time, not because he wasn't trying to be sociable. He was waiting for someone, and it wasn't her. He had somewhere to be, and he had to wait for Falkner in order to go there. It was as simple as that. Nothing personal.

That's when Hangeng did something the young trainer didn't expect him to. The Flareon hopped off of the sofa and approached the girl. Then the fox-like Pokemon jumped up onto the seat beside her and leaned forward, sniffing her face. Shocked, and a bit embarrassed, Sungmin jumped to his feet and called out to the Pokemon.

"Hangeng!" he said, pulling his Pokemon off of the girl and holding it with his arms around its belly. The Flareon just looked confused and cocked his head to the side. "I'm really sorry about that..." Sungmin mumbled to the girl, wishing his Pokemon wouldn't have done that. As an Eevee, Hangeng had never been so friendly. The teen had no idea why his Pokemon's behavior would have changed so suddenly.