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Re: (Private, The Gunner18 & Natalie) HP Role Play [With OC'

PostPosted: December 31st, 2011, 1:50 am
by Eli_Ayase
"I'm sure he will be fine," Ron said, "I hope at least..." he added not knowing will Harry will wake up or not. "But I suggest you to stay in here, if you don't wont to end up like Harry, Hermione," Ron said.

Back in Natalie's cabin. Natalie sat and already had calmed down after the Dementor's attack, but on the other hand, her cat was quite nervous still and ran off away, "Sassy! Come back here!" She said and the prepared to go after her cat.

Drake pulled Natalie back down to her seat, "Stay here, I'll go get her," he said, and went off, still being aware that the Dementors can be around, he did knew how to defend from them, but his fear from the Dementor in his, and his sisters and friends cabin he just froze from fear, didn't take long till he fround Natalie's cat, and picked it up, "Don't you even run off again..." He said to the little blue-eyed Siamese cat, but before he could return back to the cabin, he then took a look in a different cabin, which was open, there he saw the same boy from Diagon Alley. Of course he would leave him, but he wouldn't even dare doing that, no matter if it would be a Slytherin. Drake took his wand out and pointed it at the Dementor, "Expecto Patronum!" he pronounced the Patronus charm, which was the only thing that could make a Dementor flee.

Soon as the bright light out from Drake's wand making the Dementor flee away from the cabin and train. Drake wanted to leave, but then looked down at the boy while holding Natalie's cat, "Hey, you alright there?"

Very soon, it seemed that the Dementor's have gone from the train, the windows started to unfreeze, and the lights appeared again.

Harry woke up right after hearing his friends still trying to wake him up, and soon, he did wake up.

Re: (Private, The Gunner18 & Natalie) HP Role Play [With OC'

PostPosted: December 31st, 2011, 2:26 am
by TheGunner18
In Connor's eyes, this was the worst way to die. He had t even achieved anything significant yet. If he was going to die, it would be in battle, where he would be making a difference. Even though he knew he couldn't hold out forever against the Dementor, he would never just give up. Maybe there was a chance someone would find him. 

It seemed that his wish had been granted as he felt the cold, dead hands that once craved for his death quickly flee from the train. Connor fell to the floor on his knees and took several deep breaths in and glanced up at the figure standing in the entrance to his cabin. He knew straight away who it was. He was one of the Stern family that Lucius, Draco and Damon had tormented at Diagon Alley. 

"Hey, you alright there?"

Connor simply  nodded once at his saviour and hauled himself to his feet. "I'm fine. Thanks for that." he replied. He didn't want to dwell too much on the situation that had unfolded in front of their eyes just a second ago but he instead wanted to apologise. "At Diagon Alley...I'm sorry. I'm nothing like them." Connor stated, crouching down to pick up his wand. "I'm close friends with Hermione Granger. I...don't know if you know her but my father hates muggle-borns like her...I'm different." Connor really didn't want this member of the Stern family to misunderstand him so he was trying his best to explain.


Hermione, who was still kneeling next to Harry just like Ron, was the first to react to seeing him regain consciousness. "Harry! Thank goodness..." Hermione breathed a sigh of relief and leaned back against the seat. "How are you feeling?" 

Re: (Private, The Gunner18 & Natalie) HP Role Play [With OC'

PostPosted: December 31st, 2011, 3:04 am
by Eli_Ayase
"No problem, and it's alright about that what happened back at Diagon Alley, I personally am used to it and I don't really care, but my sister is the one who sometimes can get her feeling harmed from that, besides, that was a while back, no harm done, really," Drake said, "But yea, I know her, but mostly I prefer being around my sister and her friend, but I do sometimes talk with her, and both of her friends Harry and Ron," Drake took a look at the window behind him, "Anyway, I guess the train will be soon at Hogwarts, so I guess see you around then," he said, and went off back with Natalie's cat.

As soon as Natalie saw Drake enter, she got up and took her cat, "Thank-You very much, Drake," she said happily and sat down.

"No problem, sis," Drake replied, and sat down.

"Fine, I guess," Harry said getting back up to his seat.

At the same time Remus Lupin was there as well, "Here, have some chocolate," he said giving a piece of chocolate to Harry, "Now, if you excuse me, I'll go talk a little with the driver," he got up, and went off.

Harry sat and wondered what did exactly attack him, but he did hear a female voice scream when the Dementor attacked him.

Re: (Private, The Gunner18 & Natalie) HP Role Play [With OC'

PostPosted: December 31st, 2011, 4:06 pm
by TheGunner18
Connor watched as the older boy walked out of the cabin, a flurry of questions were now flowing through his mind. He didn't have even the slightest of comprehension of what he had just gone through and that he had been only moments away from death. Connor was still standing in the middle of the cabin as the train began moving again, as the shock of recent events had just began to sink in. 

With his wand still in hand, Connor walked towards the door and firmly slid it open. He walked out into the small corridor that ran past all of the cabins and glanced in both directions to check that nobody was going to get in his way or in impede him at all. Satisfied that he would be alone, he stepped out of his cabin and slowly shut the door behind him. 

He swiftly made his way down the train, glancing in each cabin as he passed. He got a few confused looks from some of the individuals inside them but he didn't really care about it. Stopping in his tracks, Connor smirked as he looked in through the window. It was probably best that he went to talk to them. Besides, it looked like that strange man who was sleeping in the corner had gone. 

As Connor pulled open the cabin door and stepped inside, his smile had all but vanished; there were more pressing matters to talk about than to joke around. "The Dementors. Why were they here?" Connor asked seriously as he sat down on one of the seats, leaning forward, ready to listen to anything that Harry, Ron or Hermione had to say about it.


Hermione glanced up at Remus and smiled at him as he left before looking back over to Ron and Harry. "That must be our new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher." she announced, leaning backwards against the cushioned seat. "He seems nice enough, anyway" Hermione shrugged to herself and opened her mouth to say something else only to be interrupted by another voice. A very familiar one at that.

"The Dementors. Why were they here?"

Hermione whipped her head around to find Connor sitting next to her, waiting for an answer from anybody to his question. "Connor! Where on Earth were you?" she inquired, grateful that their friend was still alive after the Dementor attack. Without warning she reached over to Connor and hugged him.

"I...was in a sticky situation with a Dementor. Connor replied, gingerly putting his arms around her in return. He looked to Harry and Ron over her shoulder and mouthed the word 'help!' to them. He hoped that the two of the could lip-read, as he wasn't really comfortable in the position he was now. He was too polite just to push her away...

Re: (Private, The Gunner18 & Natalie) HP Role Play [With OC'

PostPosted: December 31st, 2011, 4:46 pm
by Eli_Ayase
Natalie sat and watched outside of the widow, familiar tree's now started to appear, and she could see the lake already, despite it was dark, her eye sight was pretty sharp. She couldn't wait till they got to Hogwarts, it was the best place ever, but there was one thing she hated, that Draco Malfoy usually bullied her around, in fact, nobody would like to be bullied around even Harry, Ron and Hermione didn't enjoy it very much.


Ron and Harry just watched, they themselves didn't knew how to help Connor, but then Ron spoke, at least something that would maybe make Hermione stop giving Connor a hug, "Eh, Hermione," he started, "Erm, any idea how Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban?" Ron said, hoping it may work by getting her off from Connor.

Re: (Private, The Gunner18 & Natalie) HP Role Play [With OC'

PostPosted: December 31st, 2011, 5:58 pm
by TheGunner18
When Connor heard Ron begin to speak, he gave him a thumbs up behind Hermione's back and waited for her to loosen her grip on him. Of course, it wasn't like he didn't like her, it was just that he wasn't exactly the kind of person to be sentimental or emotional. Hermione was quite different to that. Then again, it was nice to have someone that complimented his own personality...shortcomings, if you wanted to put it that way.

As Hermione turned to Ron to answer the question about Sirius Black, Connor slumped back against the seat and stared straight into nothingness, still quite shocked about what just happened. After a few seconds, he looked over to Harry, Ron and Hermione to listen to the conversation about Sirius. 

"Well, it should have been completely impossible! Azkaban is the most horrible, impenetrable place known to the Wizarding community! Hermione explained, clearly stumped by Sirius Black's escape. "Anyway, we should all be careful. He could be anywhere." she finished, looking out of the window for a moment as Hogwarts came into sight. "But why were the Dementors here, as Connor said? So close to Hogwarts?"

Re: (Private, The Gunner18 & Natalie) HP Role Play [With OC'

PostPosted: December 31st, 2011, 7:18 pm
by Eli_Ayase
Time passed, and soon the train arrived at the station and everyone began to walk out from the train.

Natalie, as usually, went together with Ian because for them, they had to ride carriages pulled by nothing. It was quite fun for Natalie to at least talk with someone. Despite Ian himself was a Pure-blood, he didn't really care about people blood purity and never dared hurting someone with insults. He himself as well was a Gryffindor though.


Soon as Harry and Ron had left the train as well, they both waited for Connor and Hermione to join as well in their carriage. Both of the were bit worried and looked around, because Sirius Black can be somewhere around as well watching them, Harry quite didn't understand why did Black escape from Azkaban just to kill him. Though really, he wasn't sure.

Re: (Private, The Gunner18 & Natalie) HP Role Play [With OC'

PostPosted: December 31st, 2011, 9:42 pm
by TheGunner18
Connor stepped down off of the train soon after Harry and Ron did so, Hermione following close behind. Connor looked over to Harry and Ron and noticed their expressions but what particularly caught his eye was the way that they were acting. He glanced over his shoulder and shrugged slightly to Hermione; he didn't know why they were acting like Sirius Black was just going to come charging at them like a complete lunatic. "This is Hogwarts. He'd be insane to make himself known here." Connor told both Harry and Ron, hoping they'd stop acting so afraid.

"Sirius Black isn't sane." He glanced over his shoulder at Hermione.

"Not after what he did. If I were you, I'd expect the unexpected from him." Hermione remarked before walking over to the Carriages that were seemingly pulling themselves. Once she reached it, she, climbed up onto it and looked down to the side, seeing Connor walking slowly around the carriage, staring into nothingness. Or, at least, that was what it seemed like to her.

Connor returned her stare for a few seconds before returning his gaze to the...things that were pulling the Carriage. "You don't see them, do you? Connor asked, even though it was more of a statement.

"See what? Hermione questioned Connor as he climbed onto it. She was clearly confused as to what he was talking about.

Sighing, Connor shook his head. "Never mind." he replied, waiting for Harry and Ron to get on.

Re: (Private, The Gunner18 & Natalie) HP Role Play [With OC'

PostPosted: January 2nd, 2012, 12:24 am
by Eli_Ayase
Both Harry and Ron got into the carriage, hearing Connor ask Hermione, 'You don't see them, do you?', Harry said, "Well, I see them too, actually," he said.

Ron took look at Harry, he himself didn't really see the ones who were pulling the carriage, to him, it seemed to have a spell on it, "What then you two can see then? If not really is pulling the carriage," he said.


Natalie and Ian did ride in the carriage still, Natalie herself was silent then usually, she watched the dark forest around, she really loved forests for some reason, they just gave her peace and stay calm, of course not only forests made her calm, but as well a nice fresh air when being alone. That all just made her feel that her mother is still with her, even though she can't see her mother anymore, that was still a deep pain in her.

Re: (Private, The Gunner18 & Natalie) HP Role Play [With OC'

PostPosted: January 2nd, 2012, 2:20 am
by TheGunner18
"Well, I see them too actually."

Connor smiled and leaned on his thighs with his elbows as he glanced at Harry. "Thanks, Harry. At least now I won't be the only one to be considered a nutter around here." he joked, letting out a side to himself that he very rarely showed to anyone that wasn't his close friend. To others he may have seemed cold and distant but he sometimes just really enjoyed to have a laugh. Only when it was appropriate, of course. He wasn't like Fred and George Weasley.

"Please can one of you tell me and Ron what you're seeing?" Hermione complained, clearly getting frustrated that she didn't actually know what was pulling the carriages. She was very annoyed with herself that she hadn't read about this in any of the books she had read.

"Hermione? You...don't know?" Connor, with a rather confused, but at the same time amused, expression his face, turned to his very close friend and smirked. "You'd better get reading up on these things. You don't want Harry knowing more than you about them, do you?." 

Connor quickly brought up an arm and turned away from her to protect himself from a book that connected light-heatedly with his arm, still grinning immensely.

"Connor!" she said his name in a jovially accusative sort of manner and when Connor turned to look at her directly, she was smiling happily, despite it being a very gloomy day. 

"Go on, Harry, tell them about the Thestrals." Connor finally told him.