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Going back roleplay discussion

Going back roleplay discussion

Postby Kipekee » December 22nd, 2011, 4:46 am

This is where we can discuss a roleplay I'm doing later about puppies. It's called Going Back. It's about puppies whos mothers killed part of the litter the puppy was born in and left. The puppy/puppies you play go out to find her, but find her scent going back in a U-Turn 35 miles away from home. The puppy had been traveling for weeks and slept without knowing it was sleeping. The puppy had found itself to tired to go back, and only travels half a mile a day now, but then the puppy notices the mother has been moving the den farther and farther each day, which adds more miles to the puppy's map.

Form to join (message me or post here. Remove [[this]] and whatever is inside)

Name: [[The name of your puppy]]
Gender: [[Male/boy or female/girl]]
Puppy's picture: [[A picture of your puppy]]

The roleplay will be made on my Dad's birthday which is Christmas Eve.
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