a Lion King easter adventure!

a Lion King easter adventure!

Postby zerodix » April 12th, 2020, 1:44 pm

[b]happy easter, have a happy read! bless you all![/b]

On a sunny day, the lions of Pride Rock gathered on top of the majestic rock formation that they called home.
It was an easter meeting.
Ono the egret joined them, he was giggling.
Kion was curious about this happy state Ono was in
Why are you giggling Ono?
Ono laughs. I have an easter surprise!
Now Kiara overheard them, and joined the convo.
Surprise? what surprise?
Shh, Ono shushed the princess.
If I tell you, it wont be a surprise anymore.
Kiara was smart. We call it a secret then!
Ok said Ono. What? said Kion. Ok said Kiara.
Ono shared his secret with Kion and Kiara.
Dont tell the other lions here, but I hid eggs, all around Pride Rock. Ono admits.
Why? the cubs ask.
Because that is the easter tradition. Ono explains.
And now? Kiara wants to know.
Now wait , and watch me! Ono flies up.
Lionesses of Pride Rock and king Simba! Find the easter eggs! Ono screams flying above Pride Rock.
The lionesses look up.
We dont want to, they reply.
Simba grunts. Me neither, sorry.
What a downer for Ono.
Kion has a solution. Ono, what if Kiara and I search the eggs?
Yeah, Kiara replies. You only told us you hid them, but not where they are..
Ono nodds. Good idea cubs! Lets search!
The two young royal lion cubs jump off the rock and go on the egg search.
It doesnt take them long to find the first egg.
Ono isnt the best egg hider! Kion laughs.
Well thats true! Kiara screams.
Stop mocking me, such shame! Ono scatters.
Then they laugh.
Suddenly, Kion freezes at the spot.
What is it, Kion? Kiara and Ono ask.
These...eggs.. Kion starts shaking in horror, his head tuft fluffing up.
What is with them, Kion? Ono asks.
Where...did...you..find them.. Kion stutters.
Before anything can be said, Kion falls down.
Oh no! he has a seizure! Kiara shouts.
Ono panicks. Lets get Simba and Nala!
Kiara runs back to Pride Rock.
Mom, dad, Kion has a seizure again!
The lions look up and run towards Kiara.
Kiara, where is he? Simba asks.
Just follow me, old goon! Ono shouts from the sky.
Simba smiles. Even in a crisis, Ono can bring joy and laughter, what a great guy!
When Nala and Simba reach Kion, he gets up.
I am fine, just joking!
The seizure was fake? Simba asks.
Yep, Kion smiles.
It looked very real Kion! Ono cries.
Yep, very real, Kiara smutters.
But great acting my son! Nala says. I am proud of you!
Lets go home!
Kion nodds. One thing, ...Ono?
Where...did you find ...the eggs?
Ono smirks.
They have a good laugh and eat the found eggs when they regroup at top of the rock.
The sun sets and easter is celebrated in joy at Pride Rock!

Happy easter!
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