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TLK NextGen

PostPosted: August 5th, 2019, 11:08 am
by zerodix
Welcome to the future! Simba enjoys his retired days, Kiara is queen now with Kovu by her side. Kion and Rani returned to the Pride Lands, ready to give the leadership of the Guard over to the next generation: their cubs!

Chapter 1: changes

Simba sits on the very top of Pride Rock.
He looks down on the Kingdom that is his families for as long as known. His daughter has been queen for a few months and Simba is proud of her.
Kiara visits him daily for advise, and Simba is happy to share his wisdom. Kovu, Vitani and the other Outlanders are part of their pride and a great addition to the hunting team.
Kovu has been acting strange though, the last few days.
Simba smiles. All will turn out fine, is his experience. He trusts his family and Kovu's.

"You are easy to find, ha! Every day, at sunset, you sit here and talk to yourself. Is that wat old lions do?"
"Old? Me? Don't underestimate your old dad, heh?"

Kiara sits down next to her father.
Simba has aged, but still isn't fragile or stiff. He still makes long walks in the Pride Lands with Nala.
"Kovu and I have an announcement to make, can you come with me to the royal den?"
Simba nodds and follows his daughter. This might explain why Kovu was acting odd last few days.

Kiara sits down next to Kovu, and Nala sits behind them, smiling secretely.
"What is this big announcement?" Simba asks.
"We are preggers!" Kovu cheers. "Kiara and I will become parents, and you will become grandparents!"
Simba cheers and Nala noodles him.
Then Simba walks towards Kovu and Kiara and nuggles them.
"that is great, I am so proud!"
"thanks dad.." Kiara smiles.
"thanks, eh.. dad" Kovu grins. Simba giggles.

Weeks pass and Kiara gives birth to 2 cubs, Kion and Zuri visit them with their two sons. Kiara has a son and a daughter.
They are filled with joy.
That evening Kovu and Simba take a stroll trough the Pridelands.
"Simba, I am worried about my sister, Vitani" Kovu talks.
"Why?" Simba asks.
"She isolates herself. She leads the hunting party and is very respected, the lionesses look up to her courage and skills, but after every hunt, she goes to her own den. She never joins the other lionesses for a gathering or other things. She excludes herself."
"Isn't that the way she prefers it? She was close to her brother and mother, they passed. You have Kiara and your little cubs.. she has something to think about."

"You mean, she means her own little family?" Kovu asks.
" She needs a mate to start with. She likes the hunts and she leads the lionesses in a great way, but she will never see them as her friends. She trusts you, her brother. Talk to her" Simba answers.

Kovu nodds and the two lions say goodbye. Kovu decides to visit his sister Vitani later that day.

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PostPosted: December 11th, 2019, 12:57 am
by KingEzra123
may i be in this story i have a right as Kiara's uncle please :D

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PostPosted: March 4th, 2020, 9:24 pm
by zerodix
ok in a new chapter do you have character description?