a new lion cub in the Pride Lands

a new lion cub in the Pride Lands

Postby zerodix » February 17th, 2019, 10:44 pm

Simba is boring, where are Nala and his friends? Simba has too many free times and wants to play with some body. But all are off today and Simba struts the savannah all by himself and lonely.
Now he decides "what if I look for some new friends?" What a good idea, Simba talks to himself, filled with proud feelings.
But then he hears a loud screaming.
What is that sound? Somebody is in troubled situations, Simba rushes to aid the one in need.
First Simba searches the tree branches and the rocks nearby. The screaming gets louder and he approches the noise.
"carefull now!" Simba screams. He jumps over a piece of wood and then stands in eye contact with a stranger and freezes.

"who are you?" Simba asks to this stranger.
I am a white lion cub from the Neighbour Pride!"
"I heard you screaming" Simba asks. "is something wrong?"
The cub looks sad. "I am screaming because I am sad."
"Why are you sad?"
"every body is gone and I am bored and lost"
"I see. Wanna play with me? I am alone and bored too."
"Nice! yes a new friend I like the idea. Tag along!"

They hide and seek and tag along all day. What a fun but.... it is getting late. And dark outside. They find a place to hide for shelter.

Simba panicks. "Sundown means I have to return to Pride Rock!"
"Ok, I go home too. Meet up tomorrow?"
"Ok." Simba replies.
"Did I told you what my name is?"
"Do you want to?"
"Absolutely!!" Simba yells excited.
"Chichi!" What a nice name, Simba is happy with his new friend who is all white because he has less pigment in his fur.

A new bond was formed and they met up the next day again for a nice play where Simba also brings his friends Nala, Malka, Kula and Chumvi. They scream and run and play hide and seek and laughter a lot.

Later Mufasa and Sarabi arrived at the Watering Hole.
"So much fun! Let's call it a party!"
Mufasa runs off and finds Zazu. Mufasa ordered Zazu to inform all Pridelanders to come at the watering Hole. And so they do and have a party, that continues all night and the day after.

Then the Pridelanders leave to rest.
Chichi screams. "Simba, it was amazing to stay with you but I have to get back home.. see you!"
The friends hug and say goodbye.

Sarabi and Mufasa follow Simba home and Zazu flies behind them.
What a great day to be alive!
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