The Lion King First Sunrise

The Lion King First Sunrise

Postby Hatari05 » September 13th, 2018, 4:31 am

Hey everyone how's it going sorry for the long wait been having computer troubles but now I'm finally ready to begin my next stories, First Sunrise and Last Sunset. As already stated I will be posting both stories at the same time allowing you to view both how this world begins and ends. There will be small connections that tie this story together that become quite important later on.

We have began the end of the Lion King saga now so to shall we witnesses it's beginning. The events that led to this tale that has unraveled. Here we see the beginnings of the lion and hyena War and how the hyenas came to be seen as they are, how Ahadi rose to the throne of Pride Rock and what his relationship with Kecila was. This story while tying into later ones can also stand completely on its own. If you have not read any of my prior stories this or Tale of Brothers are perfect starting points. Hope you enjoy this beginning chapter in the great circle of life.

A lone lion painfully moved his way across the lands rain soaking his features he could feel his bones aching and his body screaming in protest each step he took was nothing but agony yet he continued moving the darkness of the night concealing most of his wounds from the rest of the world. He still wasn't sure how things had come to this point or how he ended up where he ended up so much had happened so much that he couldn't fandom the exact events that led here. He felt his body about to give out but forced himself to endure all he could feel was pain the pain all around him and even within him.

Lightning crackled across the raining sky revealing his full form. He was a massive lion his fur shined a golden glow the mane on his head was black his eyes were a ruby red this normally showed strength and determination but for now all it did was match the blood leaking from his wounds which the lightning also revealed. The lion was clearly in bad shape he had deep bite wounds on his shoulders as well as near his neck, he had slash marks all around his body they were very prominent one right on his rib another just above his stomach on his chest his back looked like it had been flogged, it was covered in slash marks some on the top others in the middle and finally others on the bottom his back also had two deep bite wounds one just below his neck the other on the side of his back. He walked with a limp his paw being clearly sprang or even broke. There was a gash on his head and cut below his mouth another just above his eye. He was on the verge of completely collapsing and unless he found some shelter he would probably not being waking up tomorrow. He painfully made his way towards a cave the rain only partially concealing the trail of blood he was leaving behind a trail that the merged with the puddles of water already formed turning them a murky color.

The lion entered the cave and rested himself against the wall ignoring the overwhelming pain his body was in instead he focused on the much greater pain in his heart. He gazed out at the pouring sky and took in the sights of the cave he recognized it it held many memories for him, memories of a over zealous cub, memories of a street rat and finally memories of passion and love. What had happened between them how on Earth did things reach this point it was the only question that the lion known as Ahadi could ask himself. Ahadi gazed at the surroundings in the cave taking in the memories he remembered this cave, what it meant, how much he went through in this cave how much he went through with her, Kecila. The name escaped his mouth it almost sounded like a melody to him. He let the image of her beautiful form fill his mind her gorgeous blue eyes, the sparkle of her smile or rather her smirk she didn't smile very often but that smirk god it took his breath away. He could almost hear her teasing him and almost smiled at the thought but then reality hit him he saw her smirking again this one more cruel and mocking he saw the blood falling from her claws he saw her holding the twitching and barely alive form of his friend how on Earth did she bring herself to do that how did this all happen Ahadi kept wondering it was the question he kept asking himself.

"How did this happen?" Ahadi said in a pained whisper gazing at the drawings on the cave.

He approached one and saw the image it was of a young teenage lion well it was supposed to be in truth it didn't look like anything from any Pride Ahadi had ever seen but the image still mattered he saw the image of himself looking like he was caught in a daze a paw holding his chin up beside him a hyena smirking playfully. All the drawings linked back to something they did, why did he pick this cave why is he here, why did this happen, how did he let it happen?

"How could I not be prepared for this?" Ahadi asked himself letting the memories flood his mind.

"Everything was perfect w why?" he asked.

There was no answer he was lost and what could he do now he knew what everyone else would ask him but how on Earth could he do what they were asking? How could he do any of this? How did any of this come to be?

"I don't understand, I don't understand how, how" Ahadi said in pain he then collapsed to the ground finding himself on the verge of passing out the same question haunting him

"How did I get here?" he said in a whisper.

He saw his vision blur and felt a darkness washing over him as it claimed him.

"Ho w d id I g et" he tried to desperately say before the darkness claimed him.

As he drifted off he could not help but think of better times a life before all this a time where he still had hope a time where he still had her.

So that gives you your first glimpse of the opening chapter of this saga, while not giving too much away this story will tie into Last Sunset eventually though the exact nature of how is very difficult to see until it is revealed. As already said both of these stories will be posted at the same time to give you a double experience. Next you will get your second glimpse of last sunset. Have you enjoyed this telling of the Lion King Saga up to this point, let me know in the review sections below.

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Re: The Lion King First Sunrise

Postby Hatari05 » September 13th, 2018, 4:33 am

: Chapter 1:


Over a decade ago, Ahadi raced through the pride lands a small kill in his mouth he felt a sense of pride from it not the kill but rather the fact that he stole it from a bunch of worthless royal noses. He found it funny they thought they were high and mighty and he was just a street urchin well that street urchin was going to eat tonight they weren't things were funny that way weren't they? Of course they didn't find it very funny in fact they seemed rather angry they usually were, Ahadi loved it.

"You worthless street rat come back here!" a lion called out to him.

"Uh no I don't think I'm going to do that" Ahadi told them before making a face at them.

"When we get our hands on you thief!" another lion said.

"Ha ha that's the problem you're not going to" Ahadi retorted before spitting at them.

Ahadi maneuvered his way through the lands racing past the antelope and moving towards the water hole. The two lions continued pursuing him they found themselves blocked by the herd of antelope.

"Move!" The lion commanded before pushing an antelope out of the way before racing after the cub. They were closing in on the water hole

"Aw what's a matter can't a bunch of royal losers catch a kid?" Ahadi taunted.

You'll regret every word street rat!" The first Lion told him.

Ahadi doubted that he made his way across the water hole and towards the borders of the kingdom his pursuers were closing in but it wouldn't matter soon. Ahadi crossed the borders leading into the divide of the kings a land and kingdom that acted as a sort of a bridge between the pride lands and many other surrounding kingdoms it was forbidden for Pride Landers to enter it unfortunately for his pursuers Ahadi didn't really care about the law, he raced past it and as expected his pursuers stopped.

"Don't you ever come back street rat!" they called out to him.

"No of course not!" Ahadi said to them mockingly, "I'll be back before dinner" he said quietly before moving on.

Ahadi made his way across the entire area before circling back to another border of the Pride Lands he snuck past the security and arrived at a cave entering it where his friend was waiting for him, Kilbali.

"Took your sweet time didn't you, I was beginning to think they caught you." Kilbali told him.

"Come on those guys could never catch me" Ahadi said with a bit of pride.

"Careful of that arrogance Ahadi it's not uncommon for our strongest traits to eventually turn on us." Kilbali told him.

"Sorry dad" Ahadi said jokingly.

"I'm not your dad or at least I hope I'm not or I might be dealing with some more severe problems than hunger." Kilbali replied.

"Yeah I suppose" Ahadi said while laying out the kill, "will that be enough? Ahadi asked.

"Yeah it should be fine thanks" Kilbali told him.

"Hey don't thank me you kept a lot of royalty off my back I owe you buddy" Ahadi told his friend.

"Right no problem" Kilbali replied.

"So everything go alright, you seem" Kilbali began to say.

"I'm fine" Ahadi said remembering the words the lions called him.

"Do you see a different life for yourself?" Ahadi asked.

"I don't know what do you mean?" Kilbali asked

"I don't know just something to make you feel worthwhile a life worth living where you don't have to steal for scraps" Ahadi stated.

"I try not to dream about anything it doesn't usually help, a fantasy is a fantasy even if it is what you want." Kilbali said sadly.

Ahadi could tell something was on his friends mind that didn't surprise him in the slightest he was always thinking about that particular subject it was probably best to ask him no good in keeping it bottled up.

"What's wrong?" Ahadi asked.

"I saw her again, Ahadi" Kilbali stated.

"And what did you do?" Ahadi asked.

Kilbali turned crimson he didn't know what to say he just wanted to get away from this topic as quick as ever why did he even bring it up in the first place.

"You know if you don't say anything it's kind of difficult for anything to happen." Ahadi told him in a rather witty voice.

Kilbali was becoming even more nervous he didn't have a response to that he didn't really have a response to anything revolving around her.

"Um I'm going to go get some air we're also low on water I'll go fetch more" Kilbali said though his blush and stuttering suggesting something else.

Ahadi watched Kilbali leave the cave he wondered where he was going though he actually didn't it was obvious where he was going he wondered if he would have the courage to actually say anything this time well perhaps Ahadi could give his friend a push.

Kilbali made his way towards Pride Rock there was a small pond bellow it and as usual there she was as always he wasn't certain what she was doing here every night but it was clear she enjoyed it. He tried to keep himself hidden not knowing what to say what could he say, he was a street urchin and she, well she was a princess. She was a beautiful princess at that her fur was brown her eyes an emerald green she always seemed so stern like she couldn't afford to have fun yet she caught Kilbali's eye since the beginning how couldn't she? Alright he needed to approach her just say something he considered it before retreating back to the bushes gazing at her.

"You know the girls aren't exactly attracted to stalking Kilbali in fact they tend to respond to it with a capital Ahhh and running away." Ahadi told him having appeared beside him.

"Well what do I say?" Kilbali asked flustered.

"Um let's start with hi I'm Kilbali and move on from there in truth any form of words would be an improvement." Ahadi said the last part having a hint of sarcasm.

"Um uh yeah I can't do this" Kilbali said nervously.

"Hm okay wait here" Ahadi said with a bit of a mischievous smile on his face.

"Wait" Kilbali called whispered back to him.

Ahadi approached the girl he didn't recognize her though she was clearly from Pride Rock which didn't exactly raise his enthusiasm to speak to her but hey bros stick together and help each other. Ahadi approached her only for her to turn to him.

"Rather late to see another cub" she told him.

"If you have a gift I'm sorry I'm not interested in it though I appreciate your gesture." She stated.

"What oh right um I'm not here for you I'm here on account of my friend he's kind of a wuss at times" Ahadi said.

"Being afraid isn't a wuss especially of being hurt tell your friend he doesn't have to hide." She responded.

"What no I'm his buddy but come on he needs to man up and choose to do that himself" Ahadi told her.

"What a cold statement he's afraid that's all that doesn't mean anything." She said.

"Come out! I would like to see you!" She said.

Kilbali was uncertain but decided to listen to her, "a thousand apologies your majesty I didn't mean" Kilbali began to say.

"Calm down, you owe no apology, who are you?" She asked him.

"I'm Kilbali it's a pleasure to meet you princess" Kilbali told her trying to hide his blush it didn't work.

"Call me Uru, and the honors mine" Uru told Kilbali giving him a gentle smile.

"What are you doing out here all the time?" Kilbali asked.

"I enjoy the night I find it comforting it allows me a little peace to enjoy myself." Uru told him.

Ahadi heard her statement and didn't really care the night was better but only because it provided better cover. What was so comforting about any of this a brisk wind may feel good if you live in a warm den but a brisk wind is just cold and unfeeling if you live alone of course he wouldn't expect royalty to know that.

"What's so comforting about it I don't see anything so different" Ahadi said trying to hide his spite.

Uru looked at him and could see the anger in his eyes she wondered what made him feel so.

"It's just comforting to enjoy oneself without any of the burdens that come from my heritage." Uru said.

"Burdens, like what sleeping in a comfortable bed eating to your heart's consent being having a home I'm sorry what burdens do you suffer you're majesty." Ahadi said in anger, burdens how dare she think for even a moment her life is difficult.

"Ahadi what are you doing why would you say that?" Kilbali said.

Ahadi ignored his friend turning away from all this Kilbali could deal with things from here he didn't want to be here anymore except, he gazed at Pride Rock and knew there was no where else he wanted to be.

"It's alright I did not mean to offend you" Uru apologized.

Ahadi ignored her he didn't care what she had to say and besides she didn't offend him.

"You! How dare you show your face here street rat!" A lion called out to him from the den.

Ahadi immediately fled from them but this wasn't a planned chase this was unexpected and they were full grown lions they would catch him soon in fact they caught him instantly pouncing on him and pinning him down.

"What did you think you were doing returning here?" The lion asked him.

"Release him" Uru demanded.

"Princess he is a thief he has stolen from the royal family many times" The lion told her.

"Do as I say" Uru commanded.

Another voice shook the area this one was deep and commanding oh no Ahadi had no desire to meeting him, King Mohatu

"What is this concern with a simple street urchin forget about him and focusing your attention on whatever intruders invade my kingdom." King Mohatu commanded.

The lion released Ahadi and stepped away Ahadi bowed respectfully though he hated bowing to someone like this.

"Thank you your majesty your kindness is appreciated" Ahadi told him.

King Mohatu turned to him as if some maggot was talking to him, "Don't talk to me or my daughter" he said.

Kilbali stepped away from Uru and bowed to the king as well though he didn't like it, "Sorry for the disturbance Sir" Kilbali said.

The King paid him no heed and turned away entering the den, "Uru come." He commanded Uru complied looking back at Kilbali and Ahadi.

Ahadi watched the King depart looking at Pride Rock once more he wanted to call out to him but knew he wouldn't listen why would he why would anyone, what did he matter, "I'm just trying to survive like anyone else how am I different from any other cub?" Ahadi asked.

The king turned him one final time, "You're a useless waste you were not born to my pride don't think to compare your riff rat blood to mine, you are nothing and when you die no one will remember you" Mohatu told him.

Ahadi felt a rage growing in him how dare he judge him like this he didn't even know him who was he to decide his worth.

"I can be every lion your pride is!" Ahadi roared. Kilbali looked at him in shock.

"Shut up while you're still breathing" Kilbali whispered to him.

King Mohatu looked at Ahadi as if he told some joke, "You could never be even half the lion my pride is you'll never matter even as the antelope eat the grass that was you." Mohatu stated before entering the den.

Kilbali sighed in relief he thought for certain Ahadi's words were going to get them killed he turned to Ahadi to see he was trembling and there were tears in his eyes.

"You alright" Kilbali asked concerned.

"I'm not a waste" Ahadi sobbed, "I'm not!" He said in tears.

"Let's go Ahadi there's nothing more to do" Kilbali told him.

Ahadi turned away from him he wasn't worthless he could do everything those lions in that den could do he could do more.

"you go, you go back" Ahadi told him

"Ahadi" Kilbali tried to say but was cut off.

"I'll be back later I promise" Ahadi said.

"Ahadi you look awful let me help you right now" Kilbali said.

"I don't need your help I don't need anyone's help, I'm not worthless!" Ahadi screamed before running off.

He heard Kilbali call after him but ignored it he didn't care they thought he was useless that he couldn't be half of what they were he'd prove them wrong they can't catch invading hyenas fine then he would he would succeed where they failed he would prove they were worthless ones not him.

"I'll show you, I'll show you all." Ahadi growled.

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Re: The Lion King First Sunrise

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: Chapter 2:

Fateful Meeting

Ahadi ran through the Pride Lands sniffing the area looking for any sign of an intruder nothing, blast come on there were almost always invaders everyone was trying to get into the Pride Lands now the one time where Ahadi actually needed one was the one time things were peaceful. What a mockery to him the thought filled him with rage. He continued looking around but still couldn't smell anything come on someone had to be close.

"There's no way things are completely peaceful so come on hyena, rogue just somebody show themselves." Ahadi growled.

He caught a scent then a hyena, perfect he should've known it would be a hyena they never did know when to stay away but that was all the better for him finally time to prove that smug king wrong. Ahadi moved toward the scent it was in the tall grass, aw yes camouflage but Ahadi was pretty good at that as well time to see which one was better.

Ahadi crept into the grass moving slowly through it while taking in his surroundings he heard something moving around him but couldn't tell the exact direction it was coming from he needed to lure the intruder out he moved the grass causing it shake and emit a small sound that would no doubt lure the intruder towards him he had his claws if he was quick enough he could bring the intruder down. He moved slowly forward his plan had worked the sounds were heading his way he closed in on his soon to be prey, they were only a few feet away now was the time to strike. Ahadi jumped from the grass and pounced the intruder however he was shocked to see nothing there but how he was certain they were there, he then felt a paw grab him and place a claw to his neck.

"Hm well look what I caught today a lion cub, how interesting never caught one of those before" A smooth and almost teasing voice said a voice that was clearly female.

Ahadi watched as the intruder circled him before stopping right in front of him. It was a hyena she had blue eyes and was well built especially for a hyena pup but the most definitive expression was the smirk on her face.

"Hm quite the catch lucky me" She said her voice still teasing.

"Hey don't count me down yet hyena" Ahadi said.

"Really never would even consider the thought so I guess it's your move" the hyena told him almost playfully.

Ahadi felt the claws on his neck he knew his next move needed to be timed perfectly or he would see how much blood he had in him.

"You're right you got me" Ahadi said.

The hyena looked at him amused her claw moved just a bit as she did so, "Is that a surrender?" she asked.

"Yeah" Ahadi said he then grabbed her paw pulling it away from his neck slicing the side of it just a bit he then pulled her in only for her to throw herself at him knocking him down before she could do anything he threw her off pulling himself up and staring intensely at her she on the other hand just continued to smirk.

"Nice moves, got any more" She asked still teasing him.

What was wrong with this hyena here they were fighting to the death and she was teasing him about it, did she not realize her life was likely at stake?

Ahadi jumped at her and she moved aside Ahadi swung his paw at her which she deflected before swinging hers at his he caught it only for the hyena to grab his other. They held each other in place each pushing against the others.

"You're pretty good or maybe you're just persistent" the hyena told him.

"There's no way I'm going to let you beat me!" Ahadi declared.

"You hate losing so do I" the hyena told him before flipping him to the ground and placing her claws to his throat.

"But I don't lose" she said.

"You sure?" Ahadi told her.

She then noticed Ahadi's claws were placed on her neck.

"I'll settle for a draw" she told him removing her claws, "why you after me anyway?" she asked him.

"You're an intruder" Ahadi told her.

"And you care because?" She asked him.

Ahadi took a moment to answer that question in truth he didn't care he was just trying to prove himself to the pride to the kingdom prove he could be every bit the lion they were.

"You don't care do you?" the hyena asked him.

Ahadi couldn't help but smile at her response she was right he didn't care and from what he could tell she didn't care either.

"No not really bunch of self righteous jerks think their royal heritage means something." Ahadi told her.

"Aw so that was what you were trying to prove well word of advice kid don't pick a fight unless you're certain you can win, you're lucky the intruder was me a full grown hyena would've just eaten you. She stated.

In that moment it hit Ahadi what on Earth was he thinking he was a cub what did he think he was going to do somehow kill a rogue now that he thought about it it was suicidal who knew he was so stupid.

"I suppose you're right so what brings you here?" Ahadi asked.

"Bored just taking a stroll if you will enjoying a good hunt" She told him.

"You a good hunter" Ahadi asked her.

"Well I baited you didn't I?" She responded.

"True but I got out of your trap" Ahadi replied.

"Should've expected that you would bring that up" she said.

"Well duh I'm not going to admit I was beaten which I wasn't" Ahadi stated.

The hyena chuckled, "I like you kid got pride and you also got some skill" She told him.

Ahadi smiled at the response he had to admit he liked her as well she seemed like his kind of person.

"Yeah, name's Ahadi you got one" he said with a smirk.

The hyena smirked right back, "Kecila, I think mine has a better ring to it" she joked.

Ahadi smiled again she was arrogant, had a sarcastic sense of humor and had a strong sense of pride this really was his kind of person indeed.

Kecila approached him looking him up and down his build wasn't bad for a cub, "So where you from?" Kecila asked.

"I'm from the pride lands but I don't know where I was born or who my parents were and I'm not a part of a pride." Ahadi told her trying to sound strong despite the fact that he hated stated this.

"Aw a street rat a life of freedom and stealing sounds fun" Kecila stated.

"It's got it's perks what about you where you from?" Ahadi asked.

"A simple hyena pack nowhere special really, I come here every now and again to enjoy a good hunt." Kecila told him

"I can relate with that" Ahadi replied.

"I didn't expect my hunt to be a lion cub" Kecila said back.

"Hey you didn't hunt me and certainly not successfully" Ahadi defended.

Kecila was amused by his defense he was so in denial she absolutely had him after all no one so far could actually challenge her though this one was good she couldn't help but wonder if he could.

"Is that a challenge?" Kecila asked him.

"What well no I don't want to have to kill you" Ahadi responded.

"Oh of course you wouldn't well what about a non lethal one whomever traps the other wins." Kecila declared.

"Now that sounds like a challenge I can get behind are you tough enough to accept?" Ahadi asked.

"Oh yes I long for a good hunt go ahead and run it makes the chase more thrilling." Kecila told him.

Ahadi smiled back and took off running he wasn't certain why he was doing this but the idea appealed to him she seemed fun in fact she seemed really fun. He was looking forward to this. Ahadi looked at the grass to see any sign of movement though he now knew that might be a diversion he looked around at all directions waiting for her. Then before he could react she jumped from grass narrowly pinning him down Ahadi dodged it and took off running. Wow that was a close one but not close enough. He then looked back and saw Kecila hot on his trail whoa she caught up fast! Ahadi ran through the grass maneuvering his way through it but Kecila kept on his trail he wasn't losing her any time soon. Ahadi turned around and instead charged right at her wondering if she would back down she didn't instead they came right at each other and jumped at the other they collided in mid air and toppled over on the ground rolling all across the grass on top of each other before rolling to a stop. Ahadi burst out laughing which Kecila joined him he then grabbed her and tried to pin her which she resisted trying to push him down as well but neither budged they pushed on each other as hard as they could and were sent rolling down a hill both laughing playfully as they hit the ground. Ahadi smiled at her which she returned with a smirk.

"You didn't catch me" Ahadi told her.

"Give it time" Kecila responded.

"You sure I'll give you more time" Ahadi asked her smirking.

"I'm usually here during the nights when you're up for a rematch I'll be waiting" Kecila told him.

"I don't know I've got a lot to do during the nights" Ahadi told her.

"Oh you mistake me for asking" Kecila said with pride.

Wow who was this girl such strength such confidence Ahadi had never seen anything like it before lion or hyena. Just wow a hyena giving a lion an order who was she.

"Sorry I'm not one to take orders" Ahadi said though he couldn't hide his smile.

"Then I guess I'll have to hunt you down because one way or another there will be a hunt" Kecila told him with certainty she then gave him a playful smile.

What certainty she was something Ahadi didn't know what she was the only thing he knew was this encounter intrigued him and he needed to experience more of it she was fascinating and he knew there was more he wanted to know. He smiled and nodded at her she gave him a brief wave before turning away not even a real goodbye gesture like she knew he was coming back. Ahadi's stomach felt like it was doing summersaults he didn't know what he was feeling all he knew was this he was coming back he had to come back.

Ahadi returned to his cave where Kilbali was waiting for him.

"Ahadi where have you been all night?!" Kilbali asked.

"I'm fine Kilbali you have nothing to worry about." Ahadi told him, "nice job finally talking to the princess" Ahadi told his friend.

"Yeah she was really nice I don't know I, I want to see her again" Kilbali replied.

"Then go ahead her dad doesn't know anything about you I'm the one he disregards you're in the clear you had a family" Ahadi told him not even caring that he was referencing his lack of a family.

"Yeah I came here they sent me here actually" Kilbali said.

"Why?" Ahadi asked.

"I don't know I was never told" Kilbali replied.

Ahadi brushed it off he really didn't care about any of this stuff right now all he cared about was getting the night over so he could get to the next one, so he could get to his next meeting with her.

"Don't worry about it but don't let that girl go buddy" Ahadi told him.

"I don't plan to" Kilbali replied he then rested his head down.

Ahadi closed his eyes as well his mind filling with thoughts of Kecila just who was this hyena and what was it about her that he found so intriguing.

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Re: The Lion King First Sunrise

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: Chapter 3:

An Unexpected turn

Kecila returned to her home near the divide of the king no one seemed to notice her which wasn't too surprising since she was an expert at sneaking though she wondered where her mother was she could hide many things from others but very little from her. Kecila entered her cave and waited she knew she would be showing up any moment now.

"Nice of you return my daughter" her mother told her.

Kecila turned and faced her mother the hyena queen, Kamara.

"Mother what a truly fortunate end to this night" Kecila replied.

Kamara almost sighed in annoyance why was her daughter like this such a trouble maker and now was not the best time for any hyena to making trouble.

"Where were you, Kecila?' Kamara asked.

"Just out for a late night walk maybe a hunt." Kecila answered as usual her tone was very uncaring, typical youth.

"And where would that be I know you weren't anywhere near here?" Kamara told her though she already knew where she was it was obvious.

"Nowhere special" Kecila answered in a bored manner.

Kamara had enough time to end this back and forth between them.

"Don't lie to me Kecila I know you snuck into the Pride Lands." Kamara said angered.

"Well if you knew why are we wasting our time with this discussion?" Kecila responded.

"I was hoping you would've been honest and told me." Kamara said saddened.

"Why would I do that I knew that you already knew the answer, why would I tell you something that you already knew?" Kecila asked in confusion.

"To be honest to let us be honest with each other my daughter." Kamara told her.

"I didn't lie I just withheld information" Kecila said completely uncaring.

Kamara was shocked how could her daughter be so uncaring to the potential danger.

"How can you take this so lightly if the lions see you they will kill you Kecila that's why I'm worried because every time you run off there's the possibility that you won't come back!" Kamara said her tone clearly worried.

Kecila listened to her mother's words she didn't need to explain any of this Kecila knew why she was worried it was obvious, though if she wanted this to end it was best to just listen for now.

"I know but you trained me to defend myself I can handle myself and I also know how to stay hidden." Kecila reasoned.

"Why do you keep going there Kecila there's no reason to risk it." Kamara responded.

"It's an easy hunting ground true there are others but the Pride Lands are the best it's also the only way to truly train myself to hunt at least on my own that's what I'm doing mother. Kecila explained.

Kamara didn't know what to say her daughter wasn't wrong and in truth was just better preparing herself something Kamara didn't have time to do while she was dealing with the situation with the lions.

"I understand but I don't want you risking yourselves the tension between the hyenas and lions are very high one slip up could cause a full on war, and that's not the life I want for you." Kamara reasoned.

"It's the one you prepared me for." Kecila stated.

"Yes because I'm not sure how much longer I can maintain all this I need you to be ready I'm sorry. Kamara said.

"I understand perfectly mother" Kecila replied.

"I love you Kecila everything I do is because I love you." Kamara told her

"I know, I do" Kecila replied softly.

Kamara briefly embraced her daughter before leaving her in her part of the cave. Finally Kecila was tired of dealing with all these the same conversation every time she was worried well no duh she was her mother. She did what she did because she loved her really why else do parents do what they do for the kids. Kecila knew all this why did her mother feel the need to state it all the time she was her mother she gave birth to her naturally she loved her it got so repetitive.

"Why do you feel the need to tell me the same thing over and over I know you're worried I know you do all this because you love me." Kecila told herself in annoyance.

"I don't need it spelled out I'm not an idiot." Kecila said to herself.

She rested herself down and her mind filled with thoughts of Ahadi. She was fascinated by the lion she looked forward to their next meeting and if he didn't show up Kecila wasn't joking she would hunt him down he seemed rather excited at the prospect of either it was an emotion she shared. She was looking forward to tomorrow night that she was certain.

Mohatu was sitting in Pride Rock alongside his mate Asha he was deep in thought the day had not turned out as he expected not at all.

"Mohatu come to bed you've been pacing all night" Asha told him.

"I can't tonight's encounter was different you saw it too didn't you?" He asked her though there was a hint in his voice that made it clear it wasn't a question, Asha recognized it.

"I suppose but what is it that you saw that one lion has been attempting to see our daughter for weeks now" She reasoned.

"No not him!" Mohatu stated.

"Is he not the one we chose you know as well as I do the purpose he will serve." Asha responded.

"No he was pathetic I'm referring to the other one" Mohatu said.

"You mean the street rat?" Asha asked though there was a hint of fear in her voice.

"Yes he stood up to me I could've killed him for what he said he knew this yet he still stood up to me, that's no ordinary street rat" Mohatu said with pride.

"Where are you going with this?" Asha asked.

"He is the one I seek the one the shaman told me of" Mohatu told her.

"Are you certain you know as well as I do the shaman often speaks in riddles who knows what he meant." Asha stated though immediately realized she shouldn't of.

Mohatu growled in anger and jumping at her and roaring in rage she stumbled back in fear and cowered on the ground.

"He is the one the Shaman referred to I can see it, you can see it" Mohatu said in anger.

Asha continued to cower on the floor as he towered over her, "Do you see it?!" Mohatu thundered.

"Per perhaps you are right this could be what the shaman foretold." Asha said in fear.

Mohatu turned away satisfied that they had come to an arrangement allowing her to stand again.

"But what does this mean for the arrangements we already agreed to isn't the betrothal necessary?" She asked.

Mohatu turned to her, "unless of course you feel it isn't" she corrected herself.

"No you're right we need this arrangement however that street rat is what I have sought though perhaps he can serve me regardless. Mohatu said.

"Of course whatever you wish I will support you" Asha told him.

Mohatu smiled satisfied everything was falling into place the hyenas were getting more rebellious and soon he would deal with them his alliance with the other prides were already secured through his daughter and now he had found the very thing he had been looking for the key to building a powerful dynasty. Soon Mohatu would be ready to claim what was his and seize his place in history but first the street rat would have to join him and he would one way or another that street rat would serve him.

Uru overheard her parents discussion she was disgusted with her fathers actions he was often cruel to her mother though his actions were just to deal with the threat at hand. Uru didn't agree with that threat the hyenas were not the enemy they didn't need to be enemies. Uru gazed out at the stars she knew her fate had already been decided and she had accepted it but she still wondered if there was a better path than the one they were on.

She gazed out at the night, "I understand my purpose but there must be more I can do to help this world." Uru said to the stars.

She thought back to the street rat she met he seemed so in pain his anger at her statement yet she also saw his determination to prove he was every bit the lion any member of her pride was. It was an admirable trait to see someone for who they were rather how they were born. She couldn't help but wonder who he was? His strength his resolve he was indeed strong. She also remembered how he approached her just to help his friend. A willingness to help others a trait so few truly appreciate these days, he was a different lion different than all the others who tried to woo her who was he?

Uru stared down at the pond the same pond she often sat by during the night, "Why did you do it why do you feel the need to prove yourself are you unhappy with who you are?" Uru asked him even though he wasn't there.

She thought back to his friend as well unlike the others he truly seemed attracted to her and it seemed to go beyond her natural beauty as many had called it. He seemed so nervous it was sweet though somewhat cowardly. Though she understood why it was still disappointing that she had to convince him to reveal himself she had hoped he would be willing to do that himself he was sweet though and quite kind another trait the world took for granted. Why had she met them she gazed at the stars and thought about what the beings up there had to do to achieve greatness was this the start of hers were they a part of it. Uru had no way of knowing but she knew they were unique they could bring true change, change Uru longed to see happen.

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Re: The Lion King First Sunrise

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:Chapter 4:

Beliefs of the mind and the heart

Ahadi was telling Kilbali of his meeting with the hyena known as Kecila which his friend seemed to be rather surprised by.

"A hyena you befriended a hyena?" Kilbali said surprised.

"Yeah she was great kind of entertaining and man the confidence she showed I mean wow I've never seen that kind of confidence." Ahadi told him.

"Except every time you look at your reflection" Kilbali joked.

"Well maybe, but she was so strong and certain and the way she took everything in stride I mean she all but told me to meet her again a hyena gave a lion an order." Ahadi said in excitement as well as something else something he was too young to notice, something he would later recognize as arousal.

"That's bold I mean really bold so does this hyena have a name?" Kilbali asked.

"Kecila" Ahadi answered he took his time saying her name as if he wanted to savor it once again he didn't fully notice this.

"Wait Kecila you mean the princess of the hyena clan?" Kilbali said surprised though his reaction shocked Ahadi more.

"Princess wait Kecila is royalty she didn't seem to like it very much and happily joined me in mocking them." Ahadi stated.

"Hm well some princesses don't like their heritage Uru didn't" Kilbali explained.

"So what's the difference between a hyena princess and a lion princess?" Ahadi asked.

"I don't know I don't really get any of this whole royalty stuff it doesn't exist back in my pride I know that much." Kilbali answered.

"Yeah who needs kings and queens right." Ahadi replied.

Kilbali wasn't so sure true he didn't see the point but he didn't really pay attention to the going ons in the pride lands either perhaps they were very necessary he wondered all the same.

"Who knows Ahadi maybe it's necessary" Kilbali stated.

"Aw come on all you do is give other people orders and live the good life anyone could be a king what's there to complain about you wouldn't want to live a life of luxury and be free to eat whatever you want maybe even do whatever you want, it's a farce anyone could do it but it's handed to others because they're blood, why?" Ahadi asked angered.

Kilbali didn't have the answer to that neither he nor Ahadi knew what being royalty meant was it really just a life of luxury that anyone could do Kilbali wasn't sure.

"I don't know why don't you ask Kecila about it." Kilbali told him.

"Sure why don't you ask Uru, of course you should probably ask her out on a date first." Ahadi teased.

"Um I don't know about that" Kilbali said stuttering.

Ahadi smirked at his friend he noticed it was getting dark Kecila would be in the Pride Lands soon.

"I gotta go she'll be back soon!" Ahadi said practically bouncing.

Kilbali was surprised Ahadi had never been this excited for anything this hyena girl really affected him.

"Alright good luck buddy" Kilbali told him they then bumped their paws against each other.

Uru was approaching the water hole where she saw the nervous lion and the street rat talking though the street rat seemed rather energetic. She approached them slowly as she did many other cubs took notice of her and were attempting to talk with her Uru politely told them to leave her alone for now.

Uru approached the two lions, "I didn't expect to see you here" she said.

"It's a good place to just relax at" Kilbali replied trying not to sound nervous.

"I never got your friends name" Uru said.

"Oh uh right this is Ahadi" Kilbali said.

"It was an honor to meet you" Uru said politely.

Ahadi noticed Uru had arrived but he wasn't interested in another conversation he had put this off long enough.

"Yeah it was nice to meet you sorry but I have somewhere else I really want to be!" Ahadi said in pure excitement as he bolted off and ran for the tall grass he hoped she was there he really really hoped she was there.

Uru was puzzled by Ahadi's abrupt departure, "Uh nice to meet you" she said.

Kilbali was a little embarrassed by Ahadi's sudden exit, "he is more respectful, usually maybe, I'm not sure" Kilbali said pausing after each statement Ahadi was his friend but respect wasn't exactly his strong suit.

"What's he so excited about?" Uru asked.

"Not sure he likes to keep to himself." Kilbali replied it was partially a lie but not entirely aside from Kilbali Ahadi did keep to himself and it wasn't his place to tell Uru.

"I understand that, so do you live here I haven't seen you in Pride Rock?" Uru asked him.

"Um no Ahadi and myself are not part of Pride Rock we live elsewhere." Kilbali told her.

"Oh where did you come from unless of course you don't want to talk about it I wouldn't ask you to have a conversation you are uncomfortable with." Uru said.

"I'm from a Pride pretty far away we don't have kings and queens like you do things are ran pretty different." Kilbali explained.

"Hm then being here is probably a little confusing." Uru stated.

"Yeah it is actually I don't really see the point for all this" Kilbali said trying his best not to sound offensive.

"I can't explain it all to you I don't know the how of it all but I do know that the Lion's have maintained order in the Pride Lands for centuries."

"How is the leader chosen what results in a lion becoming king or queen?" Kilbali asked.

"It's already decided we are descended from whomever the first king or queen was we just continue that dynasty" Uru explained.

That sounded in truth rather absurd they rule because they were related to the first leader what if they weren't up to job of course assuming there was a job.

"What if the one chosen isn't up to you shouldn't there be a better way to determine a leader than blood?" Kilbali asked then placed his paw over his mouth why did he say that?

Uru smiled at Kilbali gently removing his paw Kilbali felt like a surge of energy rushed through him the moment Uru's paw made contact with his.

"You don't need to feel regret you don't understand it's natural to think what you do, to answer your question we are trained by our parents and taught the ways of a king or queen so that we can be ready as our parents were taught as well as we will one day teach our own cubs." Uru explained.

Kilbali wasn't certain it sounded like their life was almost predetermined a cycle that repeated again and again it didn't sound like the right way to live.

"That's that's different do you ever question it?" Kilbali asked.

"Of course but I accept it." Uru told him.

"What if your teachings fail what if the king or queen abuses their power, no I shouldn't be asking that!" Kilbali said trying to take back what he said he turned around and placed his paw on his head.

Uru smiled again and placed her paw on his shoulder Kilbali felt the same surge of energy and for a moment felt like his legs were jelly how did she do this a mere touch made him feel like his body was tingling.

"I don't know it's happened but I know very little about it, your concern is touching." Uru told him her voice like a melody.

Kilbali was struggling to stay focused but he found himself gazing at Uru's green eyes and found himself lost in them. They were like emeralds the glow in them sparkling so brightly he forgot about the moon and stars. He gazed deeper and found himself lost in her tropical rainforest. He gazed deeper and could've sworn he saw a light brighter and more beautiful than the great circle itself. Kilbali felt his heart rate accelerating he couldn't explain any of this all he could do was allow himself to journey deeper into her beauty deeper into her perfection.

"Kilbali can you hear me?" she asked.

Kilbali regained control of himself, "yeah sorry" he said trying not to become lost in her gaze again.

"Did I answer your question?" Uru asked.

"Uh yeah mostly I don't get it all and I'm not certain if it all works but you clarified some things for me." Kilbali stated.

Kilbali in truth wasn't sure about that she answered it but it raised more questions did this whole monarchy thing actually work. He didn't understand any of this the right to rule being trained your whole childhood it almost seemed to go against freedom itself though Uru seemed perfectly fine maybe it worked. In fact the only thing this conversation truly made him absolutely certain about was this, Uru was a goddess she was true perfection, her beauty, her voice, her eyes, the kindness and compassion she showed. Kilbali was confused and even almost against a lot of what he heard however he just might accept it if it meant being beside Uru.

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Re: The Lion King First Sunrise

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: Chapter 5:

Feelings beyond understanding

Kilbali continued to sit beside Uru thinking about what he just heard as well wrestling with his own thoughts. Uru was intrigued by the conversation they had as well she then caught an unexpected scent, a hyena in the pride lands.

"I have to go Kilbali" Uru told him.

"What's going on?" Kilbali asked.

"There's a hyena in the Pride Lands if I don't go find it my father will and I won't let that poor creature die." Uru told him.

Kilbali almost jumped up at her response hyena wait Ahadi left to see a hyena.

"Did you say hyena?!" Kilbali said concerned.

"Yeah why?" Uru asked.

"Nothing let me help you I don't want to see any innocent creature suffer either." Kilbali told her.

Uru knew he was hiding something but for now she wouldn't mind the help and allowed him to follow her she hoped she would find the hyena first if her father found it things could get a lot worse.

Ahadi raced to the tall grass looking around for her where was she? He continued looking through the grass she had to be near by she had to be? He found himself grabbed from behind before being flipped over on his back.

"You drop your guard easily" Kecila told him while smirking.

Ahadi smiled at her pleased that she was here, "Guess I'll have to be more prepared in the future" he said.

"I suppose, nice to see I didn't have to hunt you down" Kecila told him.

"Hunt me down, I was prepared to hunt you down" Ahadi replied.

"Hm do you really think you could?" Kecila asked him.

"I'm confident" Ahadi told her.

"We'll see, this is a nice place but there was somewhere else I wanted to go you up for a little trip kid." Kecila asked.

"Sure but don't call me kid you don't look any older than I am" Ahadi responded.

Kecila smirked and turned away not even bothering to say anything. Ahadi raced after her she didn't even bother to see if he was following her she already knew. Ahadi's blood was racing this hyena girl was something else something he just couldn't even put into proper words, how could he not go with her?

Ahadi and Kecila crossed the boarders of the Pride Lands and entered the divide of the kings a lush and green kingdom filled with animals rivers and much more, Ahadi had never been here before.

"Whoa this place is great I heard things about it but the words don't do it justice." Ahadi said.

"Yeah it is quite majestic, I come here to hunt every now and again." Kecila said.

"You really like to hunt don't you?" Ahadi asked her.

"I take great delight and joy in the thrill of it, I find it truly exhilarating" Kecila answered.

"Yeah you mean the build up and the thrill of the chase." Ahadi said smiling at her.

Kecila looked at Ahadi and turned away her mind thinking about the most thrilling part, "Yeah the chase" She said pausing briefly after each word.

Ahadi just continued to smile at her, "so what do you want to do?" he asked her.

"Hm up for a swim?" She asked though in truth the way she asked it he almost expected her to say of course you are right after, wow just wow.

Ahadi and Kecila arrived at the lake Ahadi was getting ready to give her a bit of a push in however before he could Kecila moved and threw him in instead. Ahadi came up dumbfounded and stared at her, Kecila just gave him a shrug that all but stated gotta try harder. Ahadi felt like his heart stopped she was every bit his equal no she was beyond him in nearly every way, he had to fix that. Ahadi swam around through the lake where Kecila was standing every time he got near her she just stepped away. Ahadi dunked himself under water and swam to her ledge he then sprung out and pulled Kecila in.

The emerged from water Kecila soaked.

"I got you" Ahadi said.

"Yep now I'm going to have to make you pay" Kecila said she then smirked before disappearing under the water.

Ahadi looked around for her only to feel her underneath him she grabbed him and pulled him under Ahadi struggled against her pushing her off of him. He continued to swim around not noticing Kecila approaching him like a shark or at least she thought he didn't notice her when she reached him Ahadi dunked himself in the water and swam under her lifting her up he let out a mighty grunt before throwing into the water. Ahadi didn't enjoy his victory long as Kecila jumped on him wrapping herself around him and holding him still.

"You're pretty strong for a cub" Kecila said to add to her statement she then touched his arm and squeezed what would be his bicep, "Nice, very nice" she whispered into his ear.

Ahadi felt his heart jump was she really flirting with him while they were soaked in the lake or was she just teasing him well he wasn't going to let her have the last laugh.

"Well what are waiting for you going to try to take the upper hand or are you going to admire muscles more?" Ahadi asked with an arrogant smirk.

Kecila returned it before pulling him underwater. The two of them struggled and wrestled with each other as they moved all throughout the lake. Ahadi grabbed her dunking her only to find himself spun around and dunked in retaliation. Kecila jumped on him pushing him into a rock he struggled against her resulting in her falling off of him and nearly hitting her head on the rock without even thinking Ahadi caught her in between his arms and the world for a moment froze. Ahadi stared at her which she returned he felt her in his arms and it felt weird he couldn't really explain it but it felt good Kecila reached up to him and gave him a brief smile before rolling off and pulling him under the water. Ahadi emerged and Kecila not long after did the same they were panting hard as the made their way out of the lake. Ahadi and Kecila rested themselves on the ground panting while staring at each other.

"Wow that was intense" Ahadi said.

"You're pretty good I don't struggle very often" Kecila responded.

"Sorry about what happened before I just didn't want you get hurt I guess I just reacted." Ahadi tried to explain.

"Hm doesn't matter though I think you turned to crimson when you caught me" Kecila teased him.

Ahadi couldn't deny that he was visibly flustered when he caught her he thought back to her in his arms it felt good, which was kind of weird since he should think the idea of that was disgusting but he wasn't feeling that at all right now, he was loving every second of this. Ahadi looked at Kecila who was dripping from head to paw, he grabbed a leaf and began brushing it between her.

"Here let me help" Ahadi told her, Kecila took the leaf from him.

"Thanks but I don't need your help besides walking with this extra weight will be a good work out." Kecila told him. He then followed her she seemed to be slowing her walk to make certain he could keep up seems like she was enjoying his company just as much.

They walked through the kingdom together they didn't struggle or fight against each other this time they just talked.

"So is it difficult being on the street" Kecila asked.

"At times though I do take pride in running circles around royalty, though it does get a little lonely." Ahadi told her.

"I live with my mom she's nice though she worries too much and has a habit of saying the same thing over and over it get's a little annoying."

"Yeah I bet it would, so any other hobbies besides hunting?" Ahadi asked.

"Yeah I like to collect a few things here and there sometimes keep trophies of my hunts you know my achievements" Kecila told him.

"I could understand that anything else?" Ahadi asked.

"I'm a fighter always have been and pride myself on it I actually study martial arts" Kecila told him.

"That sounds awesome" Ahadi said even more stunned by her.

"I enjoy the night I find the wind the moon and many other things to be inviting" Kecila stated.

"I like the rain it feels welcoming and it's so soft yet unmoving I really like those kind of things" Ahadi said.

"I can enjoy a raining day but I'm probably the only one you would see standing in the middle of a lightning storm let me guess you found that weird" Kecila said.

Not at all it's different but it's cool you're really something Kecila" Ahadi told her softly while gazing at her what was happening what was this feeling in his chest?

"You're pretty cool too Ahadi" Kecila said, Ahadi felt his heart race even faster when Kecila said his name, what was this what was feeling he couldn't describe it.

Ahadi moved a little closer to her which she allowed the looked up at the stars.

"This didn't go how I thought it would" Kecila said

"What?" Ahadi asked.

"I didn't expect to have such great time with you" Kecila told him

"Neither did I, can we do this again?" Ahadi asked, he couldn't think of the possibility of not doing this again.

"Sounds great it wasn't how I thought things would go but it's win/win regardless" Kecila told him.

The two of them stared at each other he caught sight of her eyes which were blue like the ocean and just as strong he smiled at her feeling his heart rate accelerate the whole world had vanished it was just them now nothing could ruin this moment.

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Re: The Lion King First Sunrise

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:Chapter 6:

Between two worlds

A sound rustled him from his thoughts what was that he turned and saw Kilbali emerging from the grass and Uru was with him, what were they doing here?

"Kilbali what are you doing here?" Ahadi asked him.

Kilbali didn't know what to say what on earth had he just witnessed between those two that was not friendship that was blossoming romance. How he was a lion she was a hyena he didn't know what to say this was, this was impossible.

"Kilbali why are you here?" Ahadi demanded, Uru answered his question.

"It's best you leave my father detected your hyena friends scent in the Pride Lands and likely followed it here." Uru explained.

"You're father well you must be princess Uru" Kecila said intrigued before turning to Kilbali, "And you well I'm not familiar with you perhaps introductions are in order" she said.

"and you are?" Kilbali asked.

"Kecila and you're I'm guessing Kilbali since I don't think Ahadi would mistake you for a girl or the princess" Kecila said her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"I see you have a sense of a humor" Kilbali said.

"Enough we need to go now before my father arrives!" Uru cried.

A roar shook the ground as a lion with dark brown almost red in fact fur and a brown mane revealed himself along with many lionesses.

"Father" Uru said.

"Uru what are you doing?!" Mohatu demanded before Uru could respond he pushed her aside away from the others.

"What are you doing here hyena?!" Mohatu demanded while closing in on her. Kecila seemed unafraid standing her crowd but it was Ahadi who stepped forward.

"Back off!" Ahadi shouted.

Mohatu was stunned he would stand his ground against him again how courageous this cub was time to push it forward.

"Move aside Street rat before I tear you to shreds!" Mohatu threatened.

"You're not touching her!" Ahadi declared.

"Ahadi what are you doing?!" Kilbali shouted.

"Enough kill the hyena and teach this riff rat a lesson he won't forget." Mohatu commanded.

Before the pride could attack another sound emerged this one was that of hyenas. Kamara revealed herself leading a group with her.

"King Mohatu step away from my daughter" she demanded.

"Or you'll do what filth?" Mohatu taunted.

"I'll tear you to shreds" Kamara threatened him.

"You are a pathetic hyena you are no threat to me or my Pride" Mohatu said.

"Don't test me you tyrant you're pride has already oppressed my kind and I would like nothing more to make you all pay for it!"

"You can't you hyenas are nothing and I will not have you so close to my domain." Mohatu declared.

"Release my daughter now!" Kamara commanded.

"I take orders from no one put these vermin in their place!" Mohatu commanded.

The lionesses roared and charged at the hyenas who met them in combat. The two forces tore into each other biting and clawing at one another. One lionesses threw a hyena into a tree while a hyena bashed another lionesses head into the ground. A pride lander bit into a hyenas shoulder while a hyena tackled another Pride Lander to the ground. The rolled across the ground biting and clawing at each other. Kamara tore her way through the lions in front of her making her way to Mohatu who stood back and watched the battle.

"Will you not fight your own battle tyrant?!" She demanded.

"I will not dirty my paws on hyena vermin like you, you're not even worth my time!" Mohatu declared gesturing more lions to attack her.

Kilbali and Ahadi watched as the two sides tore into each other in complete shock while Kecila seemed intrigued by the chaos. Uru was rushing into the chaos.

"Stop what are you doing this is not the way stop!" Uru cried out but her cries were ignored.

The two forces continued battering each other the battle spilled into the lake resulting in several combatants trying to drown each other. Uru continued trying to desperately appeal to them it didn't work instead a lion knocked her against a rock and a hyena came right at her. Kilbali without thinking jumped right in front of her taking the blow before grabbing Uru and rolling to the side. Ahadi turned to Kecila who was still watching it all unfold. Mohatu noticed the attack on his daughter and roared signaling his forces to stop. He walked over and picked up his daughter before gazing at the wounded Kilbali he then turned his attention to the hyenas.

"You would dare hurt my daughter." He growled.

"You would kill mine!" Kamara spat.

"You're daughter entered my kingdom a direct violation of our terms" Mohatu stated.

"We were once welcomed there" Kamara roared.

"That time is over" Mohatu declared.

Kamara growled at him before turning to her daughter she scooped her up and turned to Mohatu.

"One day everything you've done will be paid in full" she declared.

"I do not fear you, you cannot touch me!" Mohatu said arrogantly.

Kamara ignored and ordered her forces to depart she would deal with this another time.

Mohatu turned to the remaining lions before turning back to his pride.

"You two get Uru back to Pride Rock, you return the wounded one to his home." he ordered.

He then turned to a massive lion, "you bring take the street rat and when we return to Pride Rock bring him to me." Mohatu ordered he then left.

Ahadi was confused when he saw the lion approaching he picked him up.

"Hey let me go you royal jerk, let me go!" Ahadi demanded.

The lion growled before smacking him into the ground knocking him unconscious.

Kamara returned to her home and placed Kecila down she then turned to the rest of her pack.

"Leave us, now!" she said screaming the last part, the pack complied.

Kecila was surprised she hadn't seen her mother this angry in a while. Kamara looked at Kecila with complete rage.

"Do you have any idea what you nearly did today?" Kamara seethed.

"I went out and had some fun and ticked off the king in the process big whoop" Kecila declared.

Enough Kamara tried to be reasonable she would not tolerate this she backhanded Kecila as hard as she could. Kecila got up and looked at her mother surprised though she didn't seem scared, this worried Kamara she should've reacted to that.

"I'm sorry my dear but you left me no choice, you're actions very nearly erupted us into all out war." Kamara tried to explain.

"What's it matter the tension isn't going away even before I started problems" Kecila stated.

Kamara wanted to strike her again but decided against it she was right neither side was interested in peace it didn't help that she wanted Mohatu's head. She wanted to kill that brutal tyrant who exiled them out of his own sense of self importance. Kamara felt her rage grow she really did want to go to war but no she had others to worry about and couldn't throw them all into a bloody war for her own selfish reasons. Still Kecila was right the war was going to happen but she couldn't be the one who started it.

"That's true you are right however we cannot be the ones to start it if we are to ever regain our place in the Pride Lands in the world we cannot start this war we must be the peacemakers." Kamara explained.

"Why delay it everyone knows we hate each other why not just get it over with?" Kecila asked.

"Get it over with Kecila if this war starts countless will die!" Kamara shouted at her.

"I know but you yourself said it's going to happen anyway we can at least be ready for it" Kecila stated.

Kamara took in her daughters words and they were true again, "I suppose, Kecila what was going on between you and that lion?" Kamara asked.

"Nothing we were just hanging out" Kecila stated.

"Again you lie" Kamara said disappointed.

"And again you know the answer why do you always ask me questions you already know the answer to, stop wasting my time mom!" Kecila shouted.

Kamara backhanded her again knocking her to the ground she immediately regretted it reaching down to help her daughter up and what she saw made her blood run cold. Kecila was smiling wiping the blood away from her mouth she looked up at her and grinned. Dear god Kecila actually enjoyed that what on Earth was wrong with her daughter. Kamara reached down and hugged Kecila who pushed her away she then brushed herself off as if the hug made her feel sick.

"Thanks for the family bonding but I've got other things I want to think of" Kecila said.

"Kecila whatever relationship you and that lion are in will not end well think about it how will that not make things worse!" Kamara pleaded.

"Things are bad there going to get worse anyway so once again mom what's the point?" Kecila asked and even worse her confusion was real she could not see why this was bad. She then left her mother returning to her bed.

Kamara was terrified she had no idea her daughter was so detached she didn't care about the potential consequences to others because she didn't think about them and even worse Kamara was beginning to think that Kecila was incapable of thinking of them. How could she ask her the questions she asked her what happened when did her daughter change or was she always like this.

"Kecila my beautiful daughter what is wrong with you?" Kamara whimpered in sadness.

Kecila rested herself down again happy to be done with another lecture she thought of Ahadi he really did intrigue her she had to admit she did want to see him again. She began thinking of that last moment between them she remembered the feeling in her chest it was overwhelming she could still feel it this was not what she expected now she needed more. Kecila got up and sneaked away making her way back towards the Pride Lands following Ahadi's scent which only made her blood race faster.

Ahadi woke up to find himself in Pride Rock what on Earth was going on.

"It's alright you have nothing to fear." A lioness told him she had gold fur and green eyes, he recognized her queen Asha.

"what's going on?" Ahadi asked.

"You've been brought back per the kings orders he is expecting you." Asha told him.

"I don't care what he has to say to me" Ahadi stated,

"Don't be arrogant you are but a street rat you should be honored he has even considered speaking to you" Asha told him

"Because you're all so above me because you just happened to born into a royal family! Ahadi spat.

"Accept things the way the way they are Mohatu is king anything he wants goes." Asha said before leaving the cub.

Ahadi was alone in the cave when Mohatu approached him he didn't back away instead Ahadi glared at him.

"You are a foolish cub or courageous you stare death in the face and you do not flinch do you know what that is?" Mohatu asked.

Ahadi considered the answer before he could answer Mohatu continued.

"That is strength, pride, power" Mohatu answered.

Ahadi listened to his words what was this about? "What do you want from me?" Ahadi asked.

Mohatu ignored his question, "Those are the virtues and defining qualities of the very lion reign." Mohatu explained.

Ahadi wasn't certain what he meant by all this was he seriously complimenting him was the king complimenting a street rat?

"You lack the blood of a king but within there is the spirit of a leader regardless, however you have defied me and challenged me this would punishable by death." Mohatu told him.

"Then quit dancing around and get to the point you want to kill me fine but I'm not gonna grovel at your feet!" Ahadi declared.

Mohatu smiled at his response yes he was the one the shaman foretold, "yet again you mock death you feel no sense of inferiority no I'm not going to kill you I have something else in my mind I want you to join my pride" Mohatu stated.

"I want you to one day become the general of my army" Mohatu told him.

Ahadi was dumbfounded what did he just say? General of his army he was a street rat a maggot and the king wanted him what was so special that it made him choose him of all people.

"What, you want me to lead your army" Ahadi stated, "Why me?" Ahadi asked.

"Long ago a shaman in a tree far from here told me that a new golden age of the lions would come this age would dawn when the burdens of leadership would be taken on not by one of blood or even a lion born into a pride but rather an outsider a lion not from this pride a lion without a true mother or father, that lion would bring about a golden age unlike any other" Mohatu told him.

"Me there are several lions you think the shaman was talking about me" Ahadi asked.

"I know the shaman was referring to you I see it in your eyes you are the one Ahadi you will shape this world" Mohatu told him.

Ahadi didn't know what to say, "why would I agree to this?" Ahadi asked.

"I see who you long to be to live a life free of always running to no longer sleep in some barren hole to eat whatever you wish to do whatever you wish. I see the life you desire and you could have it all what will you gain in the life you have now. You will continue to hunt endlessly steal every day eventually you will be caught and you will die do you not see this isn't only the key to the life you dream of but it is the key to your very salvation." Mohatu told him.

Ahadi was seriously considering accepting this but then he thought of Kecila and in that moment his answer was clear.

"No I don't know what I truly want but I know it's not to be your lapdog" Ahadi stated.

"You do not realize what I am offering you don't be a fool" Mohatu stated.

"I'm going home now" Ahadi said firmly.

Mohatu growled in anger and jumped at Ahadi roaring Ahadi didn't budge.

"Very well you are free to go" Mohatu said.

Ahadi left the den turning his back on Mohatu.

"I'm sorry dear I know you wanted this" Asha said.

Mohatu backhanded her to the ground, "Do not believe me defeated he will join me he has no choice in that regard!" Mohatu stated. He looked at his mate cowering on the floor and paid her no need.

"Be certain you are up by the time I get back I have business to attend to" Mohatu told her.

Asha struggled to pick herself at up not daring to look him in the eye. Mohatu ignored her and left there was more important business he had to attend to.

Ahadi returned to his cave Kilbali was already asleep his wounds didn't seem to bad either. Ahadi rested himself down only to catch an intoxicating scent wait that was no she couldn't be here. He looked around and stepped outside noticing a stone on the ground Ahadi picked it up and gazed at it there were words on it.

"Hey I had an incredible time with you you haven't been scared off of future times have you, I long for our next encounter see ya then you know you want to.

With great affection Kecila"

Ahadi felt his heart race as he read the words he could almost hear her voice as he read them he felt a tingle in his body he entered the cave and rested himself down he held the stone close to his chest and drifted to sleep whispering her name in a romantic love struck voice.

Uru was sitting in the den watching as her mom whimpered on the floor. She approached her slowly before reaching her paw out to her.

"Mom why do you let him do that to you?" Uru asked her.

"There's nothing I can do Uru a queens place is beside her king." Asha told her.

"A queen should not fear her king" Uru reasoned.

"That's not my place I stepped out of line, I questioned the king and was rightfully punished. Asha stated.

Uru did not believe that at all her mother had valid points she brought up to her father and seemed to be the better ruler of them, "No mom you didn't say anything wrong" Uru said.

"He is the King of he says I am wrong then I was wrong" Asha said quietly.

Uru helped her mother up who proceeded to hug her, "thank you Uru" Asha said.

"Did you see it mom the way Ahadi and that hyena bonded I've never seen anything like it from the two sides."

"what do you mean Uru?" Asha asked.

"I think they could end this conflict there is a passion between them" Uru explained.

"That is very risky Uru imagine how your father will react to a such thing the hyenas are you suggesting we keep them together?" Asha asked

Uru knew how her mother would respond to her answer so for now it was best to leave it to herself, "It was just something else that's all mother." Uru said.

Asha look at her daughter while Uru thought back to something she heard.

"Mom what did Dad mean when he said you have arranged an alliance through me?" Uru asked.

"You are to be married to a lion to insure our alliance" Asha told her.

"Who?" Uru asked.

"That friend of the street rat I believe he was called Kilbali" Asha told her.

"You made this choice without even telling me" Uru said trying not to sound angry.

"You're father wanted it so it was done, I'm sorry Uru I really am but Kilbali is a nice cub he will be a nice lion. Asha reasoned trying not to cry.

"But I don't love him." Uru said.

"Love is not your father's concern and I can't do anything Uru, just be happy you were married to a lion who will actually treat you well." Asha said this time she was crying.

Uru understood, "you were betrothed to my father I'm sorry mom" Uru told her saddened.

"I didn't have anything and if I had refused my pride wouldn't of gotten out of it's depression, I do not regret it also it gave me you." Asha told her while gently touching Uru's chin.

"You are worth every hit every moment of fear and every moment of pain I love you Uru" Asha told her.

"I love you too mom, I know this is necessary so I'll endure it."

"You can Uru you are strong enough too" Asha said.

"When will this be announced?" Uru asked.

"Not for many years just don't say anything you weren't supposed to know either but I promise you Uru you will have a happy life, I promise" Asha told her there was a hint of strength in her voice but it was hollow.

Asha and Uru embraced each other. Uru still didn't like that her life had already been chosen but at least it was someone deserving she never knew that her mother's life had always been so miserable she hoped she could help her one day but for now Uru had a more important purpose Ahadi and Kecila were meant for something and she believed what it was could very well save them all.

Well it seems Ahadi and Kecila are being set up to play the roles of Romeo and Juliet, because those always end well those type of romances have never gone wrong before. All joking aside this chapter is definitely when the story begins to take form with Mohatu's offer. Mohatu was an intriguing idea we've had plenty of kings but never before has the rightful king been a brutal tyrant, showing that maybe choosing a leader by blood isn't always the best choice. Unfortunately I'm afraid I'm going to have to stop here for now, with how much happened in this chapter it seemed like a good stopping point. So what's your opinion of the story so far. What do you think of Kilbali and his growing story with Uru, how do you feel about Asha, or Kamara? Finally what's your opinion on Ahadi and Kecila so far and what do you think will cause it to all go so terribly wrong. Hope you've enjoyed the story so far, see ya later.

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Re: The Lion King First Sunrise

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: Chapter 7:

Just a little tango

Almost a decade later, Ahadi now a growing lion woke up in his cave after stretching he noticed that Kilbali was gone likely seeing Uru. The two of them had become close though in truth Ahadi couldn't deny that he liked her as well she was a great woman and he could definitely see where Kilbali's attraction to her was coming from. She was the perfect lioness though Ahadi wasn't interested in a lioness no his heart belonged to a hyena. Ahadi smiled at the thought of Kecila they had been through so much across the years only a few months after his encounter with Mohatu that they decided to move past friendship and officially enter a romantic relationship. The day still made Ahadi feel like he could fly well as much of it as he remembered he was shocked at how aggressive of a kisser Kecila was especially for her age in truth Ahadi didn't remember a whole lot he remembered sparks going off in his head and the whole world being so bright never mind being so happy that despite the fact that Kilbali lost his dinner he didn't care. There were few things that mattered to Ahadi more than food so the idea that Kecila could make him forget he's hungry yeah that woman was something else. Ahadi left the cave and approached Kilbali and Uru.

"Ahadi nice of you to finally get up" Uru said.

Ahadi brushed off her comment, "You know Kecila is a night person so in truth I probably didn't sleep long enough.

"I'm sure she is though it's not healthy to sleep all day Ahadi." Uru said.

"Leave him be Uru" Kilbali said.

"I know so has everything been going well" Uru asked.

"Things have been incredible I would almost say perfect" Ahadi responded.

"Great, that's good to hear" Uru replied.

Ahadi smiled at her and Kilbali before leaving he was happily ready to see his favorite hyena again.

"It's still going well" Uru said.

"Good to hear I'm happy to see my buddy in such a great relationship." Kilbali stated.

"It seems things may turn out perfect for them this could be good for all of us.

"I don't know Uru the lions and the hyenas are fighting more than ever I'm not certain this will help." Kilbali stated.

Uru understood Kilbali's concern but she still believed Ahadi and Kecila were the key to ending all this and she believed that end could be coming soon. They were more than close now they were both head over heels in love at least that's what it sure seemed like they were always with each other every single night and there were many nights Ahadi didn't come home at all instead staying with her how much longer would it be before Ahadi proposed. Uru felt happiness for them though she also felt a little jealous they were in love and they would spend their lives together. She wasn't being given that option instead having her future already decided for her not that it would matter considering Uru's preferred mate was taken. Across the years Uru had found her bond with Ahadi growing his acceptance of others his pride his equal view of everything but more so his certainty and confidence all of this attracted her to him she was fascinated with him since she met him and it only grew when she saw him stand up to her father for Kecila and even more so in the years. It was completely a dead end but it was true none the less she really had a thing for him not that she would ever consider pursuing it no Ahadi and Kecila were far too important to not just each other but many others and Uru would sacrifice her wants a million times over for the sake of others.

Ahadi arrived in the divide of the kings where he was certain Kecila was waiting no doubt preparing to strike. He looked around making certain not to miss anywhere he then lowered his claws and walked casually before sitting down nothing she wasn't going to fall for that instead he ran at the grass jumping at it and hitting nothing Kecila's claws came behind him only for his to reach her first.

"Got you" Ahadi said.

"Indeed let me reward you" Kecila said smirking like always.

She grabbed Ahadi and gave him an aggressive kiss she didn't seem to do any other ones very often. There was aggressive, there was very aggressive and then there was wild and violent. Ahadi loved them all. Kecila ran her tongue along the inside of his mouth brushing it against his own before letting him go. Ahadi had to take a second to reassemble his brain. Shaking his head a bit and grinning like an idiot.

"Hey don't go into a daze too soon we have a whole day ahead of us" Kecila said her grin only getting bigger.

"I don't know how you do it but you make me more excited with every word you say." Ahadi told her.

"It's a natural talent, come on I brought us dinner." Kecila said while gesturing him to follow her.

Ahadi followed her to a hill where he saw a full grown Antelope.

"Nice catch it looks great I should've brought something" Ahadi said.

"No you caught the dinner the last few times so now it's my turn so sit down before I meld you to the ground." Kecila said with a playful smile.

Ahadi did as he was told and Kecila sat right across him Ahadi was ready when he saw something strange the antelopes chest went up and then down well that had to be a mistake he leaned down again and noticed it happen again.

"Uh Kecila I think you're catch is still alive" Ahadi said kind of disturbed it was right at death's door but not quite.

He never wanted see something like this and felt great pity for the antelope it didn't deserve to experience this.

"What?" Kecila said in confusion she looked down at her catch and saw it's chest rise, "well how did I miss that?" Kecila said her voice was rather calm in fact it almost sounded jokey.

"Don't worry easy fix" Kecila told him, she then grabbed the antelopes neck in her mouth and with a quick jerk snapped it she then let it drop.

"There all better" Kecila said satisfied.

Ahadi wasn't so sure that was kind of disturbing and to see her shrug it off like that was kind of messed up he wasn't feeling as hungry right now.

"I'm not sure I have the same appetite I did before that was kind of you know."

Actually Kecila did not know though judging by Ahadi's reaction it was best she not say that.

"Sorry about that I must of gotten reckless I keep forgetting lion's aren't as vicious at times as hyenas sorry." Kecila said though in truth she didn't really care what was there to apologize for?

"It's alright I forget about the differences between our kind as well what I might find unnerving a hyena might not." Ahadi explained.

"So can still have our meal we can do it later if you're not feeling it, I'm not sure I am right now" Kecila said though she added the last part as she was pretty sure it was what Ahadi wanted to hear.

"Yeah let's eat a little later we can think of something else to do" Ahadi said which Kecila nodded in agreement.

The two of them began walking through the lands they could hear some animals making music nearby it seemed to be getting louder. Ahadi gazed at Kecila.

"It seems the music is almost talking to us." He said.

"And what is it saying she asked him." Kecila asked smiling slyly.

"Kecila would be up for joining me in a dance" Ahadi asked her.

"A dance I think I just might have to kill you" Kecila responded playfully.

"Come on it's just a little tango" Ahadi told her.

"Not interested" Kecila told him.

"come on don't make this difficult" Ahadi asked her while grabbing his paw.

Kecila flipped Ahadi on his back placing her paw on him while grinning.

"Message clear" Kecila asked.

"Yeah I know what you want" Ahadi told her.

Ahadi then swept Kecila's legs out from under her knocking her down he then jumped up on her pushing her down Kecila caught and used her leg to flip him throwing him to the ground. She was already coming at him only for him to catch in her paws they rolled along the ground each trying to pin the other. Ahadi placed his arm on Kecila's shoulder his other one on behind her neck while she did the same. They began pushing against each other moving in sequence they pushed each other against a wall and began rolling alongside it almost as if they were spinning. Ahadi could feel his blood racing faster as he struggled against her. Kecila moved her paw to the side of his neck while her other was placed near his chin she attempted to push him down only for Ahadi to spin her around but rather than letting her fall down he pulled her back in catching her in his arms and lifting her up Kecila placed her leg gently against him before attempting to push him again. Ahadi allowed her to and she pushed him from side to side while he began slowly spinning his body around he threw her gently before spinning her around and pulling her back in Kecila didn't resist this time she pushed herself up to allowing him to place his other paw on her waste. Kecila and Ahadi were no longer fighting instead they allowed themselves to move to the beat of the music playing their struggle had turned into a passionate dance. Ahadi moved around almost in circles he lowered Kecila near to the floor she allowed herself to go lower before pulling herself back up she then spun Ahadi and gently threw him holding his paw before allowing herself to spin back into his arms. Ahadi then spun and Kecila and threw his arm outward allowing her to go all the way out Kecila lowered her head feeling the rapidly accelerated pace of her own heart Kecila threw herself back at him and allowed him to not only catch her but lift in her air holding her she put her arms around him. Kecila began gently kissing Ahadi's neck before he lowered her swinging her underneath him Kecila allowed herself to slide She briefly let go of his paws and allowed herself to sour into the air Ahadi caught her as she came down Kecila placed her leg in the air while wrapping her arms around the back of his neck they held their position for a moment before they both pulled up landing in each others arms their faces inches apart.

Ahadi gazed into Kecila's blue eyes and found himself completely lost in them one could it was as if the entire ocean lied within them it would take eternity to see it all and it was a journey Ahadi longed to make he could almost see their entire future reflecting in the heaven that was Kecila's eyes. He could see them stand side by side exchanging their vows he could see the child they would have. He could see the family they would raise the image so clear. There he was teaching his child how to pounce while Kecila watched a little bored once he was done Kecila sprang from the bushes and pounced both of them. He saw himself nuzzled up to her his child beneath them resting soundly in both his and Kecila's paws they gaze at each other and kiss good night. Ahadi knew he knew it in his heart Kecila was the one she was the one he longed to spend his entire life with he could not see himself ever loving anyone like he did her.

Kecila too gazed into Ahadi's eyes they were like rubies she found herself lost in them as well. They were incredible they sparkled with life Kecila didn't even know existed she felt something in her chest a warm tingling feeling she could not explain if she tried. She felt happy truly happy though about what? What was it that made her so happy about all this she didn't understand any of it but she couldn't fight it either. Ahadi and Kecila closed the gap between each other allowing their muzzles to connect in the most passionate and romantic kiss they had ever shared.

"I have never felt anything like this before I am unworthy of it." Ahadi thought to himself as Kecila deepened the kiss which Ahadi returned he took her into his arms and rested her gently on the floor before rested himself gently on top of her. Ahadi kissed her deeper running his paw through the fur on her head while other stroked her back. Kecila placed her paws on his neck before placing her tongue in his mouth she did far more gently than she was normally known for she allowed her tongue to join his which Ahadi relished he still wondered how on earth her saliva could be more sweet than any meal. She ran her tongue across his teeth while beginning to lick his muzzle kissing between each lick. Ahadi felt himself becoming overwhelmed by her passion he smelt a beautiful aroma all around her and knew it was her he let the aroma enter his nostrils and felt a bliss wash over him he couldn't do anything anymore all he could do was surrender to the passion that was Kecila a passion he wanted for the rest of his life.

The two of them broke apart gazing at each with passion and love.

"Kecila" Ahadi said softly while staring deep into her eyes.

"Ahadi" Kecila said her voice filled with deep affection and love Kecila's expression then changed what was this feeling what was she saying what did this mean she didn't know but she liked it.

Kecila smiled at Ahadi and placed her paws on his chest.

"Thank you" She told him her voice was soft and almost compassionate he had never heard her sound like that before not that he could remember and this tone in her voice was making him fall in love with her all over again.

Kecila pulled herself up, "I need to get back home before I'm noticed, it was wonderful Ahadi" She told him sweetly.

Ahadi watched as Kecila left no he had to tell her now, "Kecila" He called out to her she turned back to him.

"I love you Kecila" he told her.

Kecila seemed uncertain on how to respond to this she smiled lovingly at him, "I know I do too" She told him before departing.

Ahadi could barely contain himself he had never felt this happy before though he did wonder why she said what she said before deciding that it didn't matter it had been so long since their relationship began he was ready when they next they met Ahadi was going to propose to her. He knew it in his soul they were meant to be and all he could do now was dream about the life that surely awaited them. Unfortunately for Ahadi destiny is never that kind.

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Re: The Lion King First Sunrise

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: Chapter 8:

If it were in our paws

Kilbali was sitting alone at the time waiting for the king and queen to summon him he wasn't sure why but they had requested his presence which he couldn't really deny. He didn't like the idea of it all two people being above all others it didn't seem just but maybe it worked here or maybe it didn't he wasn't sure. He focused his thoughts away from politics and instead allowed his mind to fill with thoughts of Uru he always dreamt of her hearing her voice in his mind a beautiful melody of a sound it took his breath away he still remembered when her paw touched his the feeling of it the sheer joy of it all. Of course holding her paw wasn't all that uncommon anymore and being touched by her even less so though he would still savor it no matter how many times he experienced it each and every one would be a gift a gift beyond anything he could imagine. He would treasure every moment with her despite the fact that the feeling was definitely not mutual she liked him he was her best friend in a lot of ways and she did value him then again Uru valued everyone and everything she was a true saint, despite this she did not feel anything romantic that much was true the thought hurt to think of but he had to accept it no matter how much he didn't want to.

Asha emerged from the cave calling Kilbali in they were ready. Kilbali obeyed and entered the cave he wondered what the purpose of this was. He sat down in front of Mohatu and bowed respectfully though it didn't feel right to him.

"Welcome Kilbali we have much to discuss" Asha said though she turned to Mohatu to be certain she didn't step out of line, he didn't seem angry.

"Thank you what do you wish of me?" Kilbali said respectfully knowing it was best not to anger Mohatu.

"Um I believe it is not my place to say, unless you permit it you're highness." Asha said almost stuttering the last part.

Kilbali was appalled at the idea of Asha being so afraid of her mate how on Earth did he treat her to warrant such a fearful response?

"You have done fine but I will deal with things from here, leave us." Mohatu commanded her.

"Of course as you wish." Asha said bowing she then departed barely being able to even look up at either of them, how could anyone fear the person that was supposed to love them that much?

Kilbali stared up at Mohatu, "Do you know why you're here?" Mohatu said it didn't sound like a question.

"No but I am certain you hold the answer" Kilbali replied.

"Indeed you are here because I have willed it you are in this kingdom because I have willed it." Mohatu answered arrogantly.

What a tyrant was this what the reign of the lions was like was it always like this maybe it was wrong after all, Kilbali kept this to himself.

"Of course your majesty" Kilbali said bowing though the only reason he did this was to hide the look of complete disdain on his face.

"Everything you have done here including you're relationship with my daughter has been through my designs, now it is time for you to fulfill the purpose I brought here for." Mohatu stated.

"What do you wish?" Kilbali asked desperately trying to hide how much he hated this arrogant megalomaniac.

"I brought you here to secure an alliance between another pride to increase the power of our legacy, now you will secure it, how you ask by uniting our families through marriage." Mohatu explained.

Kilbali's jaw dropped was he asking what he thought he was asking to marry Uru, he wanted nothing more but how would Uru feel about this?

"You want me to, to marry Uru" Kilbali asked in shock.

Mohatu stared intensely at him, "No I don't want you to, I command you to" He stated.

"But is this what Uru would want would you expect her to" Kilbali began to say before Mohatu grabbed him around the neck.

"I expect her and you to do whatever I want, I expect you to marry because it is my will" Mohatu growled.

Kilbali was sickened what kind of lion was Mohatu not only did his mate fear him but he would regard his daughter as almost his slave he seemed to view the whole kingdom as little more than his slaves surely his ancestors were better, though he had to obey and really a part of him wanted to.

"As you wish I swear I will treat her as if she were the stars themselves" Kilbali vowed and he meant every word.

"Live as you wish but know this I have given you an honor that no outsider has ever dreamt of so if I give you this gift and you tarnish my legacy I will see you tied to a tree and gutted." Mohatu stated cruelly.

Kilbali couldn't believe this he didn't even care if he treated his daughter right all he cared about was his legacy at least some good would come from this marriage at least it guaranteed that Mohatu's successor would certainly be better and if Kilbali had his way so would all who followed him he would never allow such a heartless tyrant to ever rise to the throne ever again.

"As you will it you're highness" Kilbali said with a final bow.

"Get out of my sight you have served your purpose don't make me regret this" Mohatu warned.

Kilbali stood up and departed the cave on his way out he saw Asha who turned to him.

"I know how you feel about her you've been given a gift please treat her as one" Asha pleaded.

"I will I promise" Kilbali replied.

Asha nodded before giving a small smile she then turned away she was grateful for this at least her daughter would have a much happier life than she did.

Ahadi was running through the Pride in joy his heart felt like it was going to burst from his very chest as he was running he caught sight of Uru sitting by the waterhole he approached his friend.

"You seem even more happy than normal" Uru told him.

"It was more than great this was probably one of the single greatest days of my entire life." Ahadi said trying not to let his thoughts of her overwhelm him.

"Really that's great to hear" Uru replied, she knew things could work between them soon everything would be better and the thought made her feel truly at peace even if it did kind of mean sacrificing what she wanted not that she could have it anyway.

"I think I'm ready, ready to finally propose" Ahadi told her.

Uru smiled at his statement although there was a brief sting in her chest she ignored it this was the endgame she wanted now that endgame was finally nearing. Ahadi and Kecila would soon be together truly and hopefully the lions and hyenas would unite shortly after.

"Really that's great I'm very happy for you Ahadi" Uru said softly and she meant every word.

Ahadi smiled at his friend Uru had been quite helpful across the years helping him whenever his relationship with Kecila seemed to be struggling. Every time it seemed like it would fail Uru pushed him further. In truth Ahadi knew about her feelings for him and originally avoided going to her for advice specifically because of that but Uru wanted to help them and requested he let her if he needed so he did. He half expected Uru to try and get closer but she never did she was genuine and he was truly grateful for that.

"Thank you Uru you've helped a lot throughout the years and I'm sorry for hurting you every time I've asked." Ahadi stated.

"It's alright you know that already" Uru replied.

"You didn't have to help me and for that I will forever be grateful" Ahadi said quietly.

"You're happiness matters to me you know that" Uru said, "So I suppose you have come up with a good proposal plan?" she asked him.

"Yeah I have a few in mind though there not what you expect" Ahadi said.

"Not surprising Kecila is not a girl of romance" Uru replied.

Kilbali had overheard their conversation and deciding to intrude, "Whoa there my buddy is planning to propose and he didn't even wait for me to come back, you stab me deep Ahadi." Kilbali said while placing his paw on his chest acting as if he had been impaled.

"I was going to tell you don't worry about it, our anniversary is tomorrow that's when I'm going to ask her." Ahadi said.

"Well good luck pal you both got my blessing" Kilbali said.

"I don't think you are her father or at least I hope you aren't " Ahadi joked.

Uru chuckled at both of their comments.

"Hey Ahadi could I have a word with Uru I just found something out and I want to talk about it in private for now" Kilbali asked.

"Sure I got a proposal to plan anyway see ya pal." Ahadi said before leaving.

"So what's this about" Uru asked in soft and polite voice, Kilbali took a deep breath he hoped she would understand he didn't ask for this even though he did want it but not if it wasn't her choice he hoped she would understand and maybe not forgive him but at least not hate him.

Ahadi was rushing through the Pride Lands when a lion pounced on top of him pinning him down.

"What the heck is this about?" Ahadi asked angered.

"The king request to speak to you." The lion told him he could tell it wasn't a request.

Ahadi approached Pride Rock entering the cave where he knew Mohatu was waiting and sure enough there he was staring at the wall which seemed to have carvings on the wall they were new he must've put them there himself.

"Ahadi it is has been a while since the last time we spoke" Mohatu said.

"I know why you summoned me my answer has not changed." Ahadi stated firmly.

"Is that so you really believe the life you have now will be better you would pretty much be a king" Mohatu told him.

"I don't care what would I be king of?" Ahadi said.

"The divide of the kings soon I will claim it the hyenas fight to claim it for themselves but I will not surrender it least of all to them and in the end it could be your kingdom." Mohatu reasoned.

"That's your problem you think power and a throne are all I need to be happy but I am happy." Ahadi countered.

"With love you really think that will last it will fade in the end then tell me would you be happy then, is it really wise to place all you're faith in the love of one individual?" Mohatu asked.

"I place my faith in what I love, I don't need what you are offering." Ahadi stated, "My answer is final we are done here." Ahadi concluded before turning away from the king.

Mohatu allowed him to leave for now but he would succumb to him that much was certain.

He turned to his Pride, "Remain here I have important business to take care of and a future to set in motion." Mohatu said before leaving Pride Rock.

Ahadi didn't get it he honestly thought he could just say no and walk away, no he was the king if he willed it then it would be done. The Shaman told him of the future and now that future was here and he was going to write it and Ahadi would join him he had no choice in the matter it wasn't in his hands it had already been written. If Ahadi believed his life to be perfect than he would simply take what mattered most forcing him to come crawling back to him. He had no choice Mohatu had already chosen his path and he would follow it rather he wanted to or not.

Uru listened to what Kilbali had to tell her she already knew it of course which she stated.

"You knew this the whole time" Kilbali asked her.

"Yes since shortly after we met actually" Uru answered.

"I'm sorry to know something has already been decided for you for so long, I could refuse." Kilbali told her.

"Do you want to." Uru asked him in response.

"I only want you to happy if you do not want this I will" Kilbali began to say.

"No stop thinking about me for a moment look into my eyes and tell me you don't want to marry me." Uru asked him gently.

Kilbali looked deep into her eyes trying desperately not to lose himself in them she was right he wanted to marry her he deeply wanted to be with her he could not say otherwise.

"I can't say that Uru" Kilbali told her.

"Then what point is there in telling my father no you know it will only anger him and then we will both pay, I accept this it's my duty as a princess and future queen." Uru told him.

"But it's not what you want" Kilbali told her in sadness.

"I can't have what I want anyway rather my father forced this or not" Uru explained.

Kilbali knew what Uru was talking about at least he had a theory but there was no need to bring it up right now, "It feels wrong that I am getting what I want at the price of you're happiness" Kilbali said sadly.

"I feel happiness over the prospect that I will at least be bringing joy to someone that is all I want is to give this kingdom and those who live in it a life worth having." Uru stated.

Kilbali felt like he was falling in love all over again what selflessness and compassion he did not deserve this angel from the kings but he would treasure her he would treat her like the gift she was. He would do everything in his power to give her a great life though he knew he couldn't give her a truly happy life and the idea of that just ate him up inside. Though he couldn't help but wonder one thing.

"Can I be a king?" Kilbali asked.

"Why do you ask?" Uru asked.

"I'm not sure if I believe in the idea of it" Kilbali stated.

Uru couldn't deny that was a good response and definitely a question worth asking true, power should always go to those who don't seek it but there was a difference in not wanting power and not believing in the very idea of it and Uru wasn't certain the latter was a proper candidate to run an entire kingdom how could someone who doesn't believe in power or authority ever possibly know how to use it.

The next day, Ahadi made his way to the tall grass where he and Kecila would usually meet though strangely enough she wasn't there odd where was she? She wouldn't miss their anniversary at least not without good cause. He decided she could be late so he decided to keep waiting the day drew to a close and still no sign of her. Ahadi tried not to think of it there was a war brewing maybe her clan was busy he can't just expect the world to stop whatever it was doing just for them. Ahadi went back home surely she would show up eventually.

Eight months had passed eight months and still nothing from her Ahadi felt like his heart had been torn in half no way she would disappear this long there was only one explanation she left him he had no idea why she left him but that had to be it. Of course there was another option as well there was a war coming maybe there had been attacks maybe she was one of the, no that couldn't be true she couldn't be dead but she wouldn't abandon him as painful as it was her being de dead made sense. Ahadi refused to believe it he raced back towards Pride Rock there had to be a reason and Mohatu was likely behind it.

Ahadi arrived at Pride Rock and raced into the cave confronting the king face to face.

"What did you do?!" Ahadi demanded.

"What do you mean street rat?" Mohatu asked.

"What did you do to her where is she?!" Ahadi screamed.

"You're hyena lover, hmm" Mohatu said with a sigh, "I tried to stop them but they attacked." Mohatu said in sorrow.

"What are you saying?" Ahadi said his voice filled with dread.

"She's dead, my, my former general killed her" Mohatu explained.

"Why would I believe this?" Ahadi said quietly.

"Think boy she would never abandon you the only logical explanation is her death" Mohatu said saddened.

Asha then emerged with tears in her eyes, "I'm sorry boy but my mate speaks the truth." She said with sorrow.

Ahadi couldn't believe it Mohatu could be lying but not Asha "No, no how, how could you let this happen you wanted it to happen didn't you?!" Ahadi roared.

"Why if I was the one responsible for her death I would be risking everything on blind chance." Mohatu.

"Then whose fault is it?!" Ahadi demanded.

"I don't know I tried to control my general but he wouldn't listen I have been having problems with him but I never thought it would get this bad" Mohatu said.

It was his fault if he were in charge Kecila wouldn't of died no this had to be some kind of a trick.

"Bring forth the prisoner" Mohatu asked.

The lionesses brought out a massive lion the same one who took Ahadi to Mohatu twice.

"Why am I being punished we are fighting a war there are always causalities" He said.

Ahadi looked at him and grabbed him, "Did you kill a hyena well built blue eyes?" he asked.

The lion thought about it, "It does sound familiar I remember seeing one like that yes" he said.

"Did you kill her" Mohatu asked calmly.

"I don't recall any survivors from the attack and I recall seeing a hyena like that fall." He said.

Ahadi was dumbfounded he did kill her no this had to be a ruse but he could tell this lion wasn't lying she really was dead and it was his fault for refusing Mohatu.

"Kill him Ahadi" Mohatu demanded.

"What, I have served you all my life" the lion said.

"He killed the woman you love do it" Mohatu commanded.

Ahadi stared deeply at the lion and then he thought of Kecila rage filled his eyes and he extracted his claws bringing them down in a swift motion and ended the lion's life allowing his body to fall.

"Well done Ahadi" Mohatu said pleased.

"This is my fault she's dead because of me, if I had joined you I could've stopped all this, I killed her it's my fault." Ahadi said tears streaming down his cheeks.

Mohatu was pleased he could see the tears the agony the agony of a lion transforming Ahadi was fading away and now in his place would stand the soldier and general Mohatu sought.

"You can prevent this from ever happening again" he said in compassion.

"I will follow you I will become your general I pledge myself to you" Ahadi said bowing.

"Then prepare yourself the hyenas seek to claim the divide of the kings but that kingdom will be ours you will claim it for me and forge a new kingdom for us, you're kingdom and once it's yours no one you care about will ever be hurt again." Mohatu said.

"I understand" Ahadi said lifelessly.

"Then rise and lead your army claim this land for us and claim what will become the salvation of all you still hold dear."

Ahadi nodded before leaving to join his new army he stared at them before moving to the front they all stood in motion Ahadi then roared the army roared with him they then charged out of the den and towards the divide.

Mohatu smiled in satisfaction he warned Ahadi that the choice was not his he always got what he wanted in the end. Asha was sickened by what she saw how could her husband be so cruel.

"How could you let that poor boy think he is responsible for his love death!" She demanded.

Mohatu grabbed her by the neck and threw her across the den, "Because that pain brought him to me" he answered.

"You heartless" Asha began to scream only for Mohatu to grab her and slam her into the wall, "Be silent" he demanded.

"No I don't care how much you hurt me beat me, strike me, I won't let you do this anymore!" Asha told him.

"Very well then if you're pain won't put in line perhaps Uru's would" Mohatu told her.

"What?" Asha asked horrified.

"You will bow and beg my forgiveness or I will see Uru suffer pain beyond imagining." Mohatu declared.

"No leave her alone!" Asha begged.

"Then beg for forgiveness" Mohatu said his voice like ice.

"Please your majesty I was out of line please forgive my insolence!" Asha pleaded.

"You are forgiven for now remember that know your place, under my heel." Mohatu demanded for good measures he struck her again.

He then went to the back of the den where he saw Kecila waiting.

"Good job my dear" Mohatu told her.

"I'm weak" Kecila said quietly.

"Yes you did as I asked feel free to leave." Mohatu told her.

"I will never be weak again that I promise" Kecila vowed before leaving.

Perfect the war had truly begun and now he had his general soon the divide would be his and his name would be marked in history forever. This day was his tomorrow was his. The Pride Lands were his. Today Ahadi tomorrow the divide it would all be his.

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Re: The Lion King First Sunrise

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: Chapter 9:

It always comes back

Kecila returned to her home silent. Kamara could tell there was something wrong her daughter was never silent not that she could ever remember anyway. She approached her slowly.

"Kecila are you alright?" Kamara asked her daughter.

Kecila glared in anger how did she let this happen how could've she allowed herself to be so weak, "No I'm not" Kecila answered her voice was almost a growl.

This was different Kecila was many things but never emotional it gave Kamara hope to see her like this she was beginning to wonder of her daughter was capable of emotion she was pleased to see she was.

"Then tell me what's wrong" Kamara asked her daughter softly.

"I am weak" Kecila hissed.

"what do you mean Kecila" Kamara asked while trying to embrace her daughter which Kecila rejected.

"I have allowed myself to be controlled and that is unacceptable." Kecila declared.

"Controlled what do you mean?" Kamara asked.

"my emotions, Someone has turned my emotions against me. Caused them to become the weapon that can most damage me" Kecila explained.

Kamara understood now how dare he who else would use someone's emotions against them, "Mohatu" Kamara said trying to hide her rage.

Kecila did not respond but her silence was telling, "How dare he!" Kamara roared.

"How dare he use my daughter as a weapon! I promise Kecila this will not stand and I will see him pay for it, that I swear!" Kamara screamed with venom.

"Then let me join the war let me truly become a warrior." Kecila asked her.

"What do you truly want Kecila?" Kamara asked.

"I want to become strong I want to become so strong that my emotions can never be turned on me again." Kecila told her.

"Very well there is no choice the war only grows so you must become a part of it, I will make you a true warrior daughter and you will never be weak to anyone ever again." Kamara told her.

"That's all I want mother to bury my weakness forever" Kecila told her.

"Then let us begin Kecila" Kamara stated.

This was it finally her weakness would be washed away and she would never be vulnerable or weak to anyone ever again, finally a warrior would rise.

Ahadi tore his way through the hyena forces on the battlefield. He grabbed one around the neck and slammed it to the ground he then caught another one in mid air and chucked it off a cliff. Two more came at him he smashed his paw onto one their skulls before slicing the other causing both of them to fall. Ahadi let out a mighty roar and charged at half a dozen more he met them head on.

The sound of claws clanging into each other echoed all across the cave walls as Kecila sliced endlessly at her mother who deflected each of her blows. Kecila swung for her head which Kamara deflected away before striking Kecila in the chest. Kecila at her charging with minimum effort Kamara redirected her momentum sending her into the wall. Kecila came at her again slicing for above her which Kamara caught with her claws Kecila then sliced for her chest only narrowly missing. Kamara struck her right in the solar plexus knocking the wind out of her. Kecila collapsed to the ground Kamara struck her skull knocking her unconscious.

Ahadi met the hyenas head on kicking one in the face while tossing a second one into a third he then slammed the forth's head into the ground. The other two then piled up on him biting and clawing at his chest. Ahadi struggled against them kicking one off of it and pinning the other to the ground he pushed down on their necks before snapping it with a jerk. The last came at him tackling him to the ground and snarled and snapped it's jaws at him while trying to reach his throat. Ahadi flipped it throwing it into a rock he then came at and battered it into unconscious with his paw. When it was unconscious he threw it off the cliff before letting out a savage and feral roar.

Kamara watched as Kecila fought her way through the battle field a full grown lion knocked her to the ground. Kamara did not aid her she wished to be strong that required scars. Kecila struggled against the lion smiling as he beat into her skull she grinned up at him causing him to freeze in fear for a moment without hesitation she impaled him on her claws. She rose from the battle looking at the blood on her claws and smiled in satisfaction this was the best part. Kamara watched her victory pleased with her skills but concerned with the satisfaction she was taking in it, death should not be enjoyable.

Ahadi bowed to Mohatu who smiled in satisfaction as he presented a hyena leader before him. Mohatu stared at the leader a grin appeared on his face he then signaled Ahadi to proceed. Ahadi nodded to his men who executed the hyena. Mohatu placed his paw on Ahadi's shoulder and smiled with pride, Ahadi did not return it he didn't feel alive or even human for that matter.

Kecila was battered back and forth by a small squad of hyenas while Kamara watched. Kecila charged at them only to be backhanded to the ground another one kicked her in the ribs while she was on the ground. Another picked her up and slammed her into the wall. They then took turns beating her body into the wall. Kecila grinned like a maniac and spit up a thing of blood smiling in joy she then grabbed one of her opponents and smashed him into the wall. The others came at her but they were too exhausted from the prolong beating they were giving her while Kecila didn't seem to notice it she kicked one in the face and caught another taking him to the ground she redirected another's attack to his partner. She then sliced each one sending them to the ground. Kecila smiled in satisfaction at her victory. Kamara was impressed too but her daughter was beginning to scare her.

Ahadi charged with his army onto the battlefield tearing apart every hyena in his path. He dodged multiple attacks before front kicking one to the ground. He jumped on it and placed his paw around it's neck before striking it's ribs he then stabbed his claws deep into his chest he then paid it no heed and moved to the next horrific thing he would have to do.

Kecila spun around all across the battlefield leaping from lion to lion she was an instrument of death anything she touched died shortly after. She grabbed a lion and slit it's throat reveling in the moment she then licked her claws clean smirking in satisfaction she then dived at a dozen more a psychotic glee reflecting in her eyes. Kamara watched as Kecila slaughtered all of them laughing in glee the whole time she later began to revel in the blood all around almost bathing in it, her daughter was becoming a monster.

Ahadi returned with his forces he gestured them to await further commands he then entered the chamber and bowed to Mohatu.

Kecila grabbed Kamara and nearly threw her to the floor Kamara barely managed to grab her paw before sweep kicking her and knocking her down.

"You have done well Ahadi we have claimed yet another part of the divide and continue to drive the hyenas out." Mohatu said.

"We will have our victory soon" Ahadi declared.

Kamara approached Kecila, "You're skills have improved beyond imagining I can see that your training is nearly complete." Kamara told her.

"I have followed the path of a warrior now it is time to seize my new life." Kecila stated.

Mohatu was pleased to hear this indeed they would the hyenas could not hold out for long this war had gone on for too long.

"Good their squadrons are still too even to ours if we are to win we must strike a devastating blow, we must remove the head." Mohatu said.

Kamara wasn't sure Kecila seemed incredibly violent in truth Kamara was almost tempted to stop her training but she couldn't afford it at the time.

"Indeed but we are not ready for a new life yet Mohatu and his forces still continue to oppose us after all these years we must drive them away and claim the divide for the sake of all hyenas." Kamara stated.

Ahadi listened to Mohatu what were his plans for victory.

"How do we do that?" Ahadi asked.

"What is our next move then?" Kecila asked.

We eliminate their strongest team their general he has been the biggest threat to our forces we eliminate him and Mohatu loses his greatest strength." Kamara explained.

Mohatu turned to Ahadi, "We finish off Kamara she is their leader and their main strategist we eliminate her the rest will fall." Mohatu answered.

"Then I will lead the attack and end this war for you." Ahadi answered.

"The I shall find this general and remove his head" Kecila stated.

Mohatu was pleased he gestured Ahadi to leave there was nothing more to say.

Kamara was a little concerned by her daughters eagerness to kill but for now they needed it to end this, she hoped she wouldn't regret this.

Both sides departed making their way back to the divide of the kings the Pride they had been fighting to obtain for endless years now after many years the main players would finally meet again and then the history would be changed.

Uru and Kilbali were sitting inside Pride Rock trying to deal with the endless number of wounded.

"There seems to be no end to the number of people who are hurt by this conflict." Kilbali said saddened while trying to help seal up a lions wounds.

"They were the lucky ones they came back" Uru said sadly.

"Are they actually lucky though those who didn't come back are free of all this those who did just have to look forward to another battle and more killing." Kilbali said with sorrow.

Uru had to admit that was a difficult statement to argue with the way things were going, "Perhaps I'm not even sure what the purpose behind all this is" Uru replied.

"Land you're father wants the divide, the hyenas want it as well, neither will move" Kilbali stated.

"So it's worth killing over" Uru said disgusted.

"I don't know this is the legacy we inherited Uru" Kilbali asked her while staring at all the wounded.

"Maybe we can improve it" Uru tried to say though she didn't sound like she believed it.

"I'm still trying to see what the purpose of this royalty and leadership is and all I'm seeing is death." Kilbali stated his voice was filled with regret.

"It wasn't always like this Kilbali" Uru tried to explain though she wasn't sure that was true sure things certainly weren't this bad but did they ever solve anything could they?

"How am I supposed to make this any better Uru?" he asked her.

"You can you're the king this kingdom needs" Uru told him.

Kilbali wasn't so sure about that in fact he wasn't certain of this kingdom needed a king at all, "Am I, I'm not so sure about that Uru, I'm not so sure about that" Kilbali stated quietly while gazing out at the Pride Lands and all the blood that was being spilled surely there was another path to follow something Kilbali could truly believe in.

"Have you seen him yet?" Uru asked.

"No" was all Kilbali could say.

"I miss him I long to see him" Uru said trying desperately to hide her true emotions it didn't really work.

"So do I" Kilbali replied he knew what Uru meant but no need in mentioning it right now.

"Ahadi please come home we need you, we all need you, please Ahadi, I miss you" Uru said softly her voice was almost a whisper when she said the last part but it was true Uru had always felt something for him but him being gone really did drive the message home for her it was a pretty horrible realization. She was in love with Ahadi and there wasn't anything she could do about it.

The lions and hyenas gathered in the middle of the divide each prepared to claim it for their own there was just one problem the other side and they were about to rectify that problem.

"Mohatu so you've finally decided to show your face good now I can remove it!" Kamara seethed.

"I have no need dirtying my paws on you or any of your kind but be assured, this is you're end." Mohatu stated.

"Attack" Kamara demanded.

"Finish them" Mohatu commanded.

The two forces charged at each other full force they collided into one another and washed over each other like two opposing tidal waves. They clawed at each other slamming their paws into each others faces while others took each other down to the ground. A lion smashed their paw into a hyenas jaw while a hyena bit a lioness on the shoulder. A lioness clawed a hyena on the chest before tackling it to the ground. A group of hyenas piled up on a lone lion he threw them off of him but more came dragging him down biting and clawing at him he struggled against them but ultimately they brought him down before biting his neck ending his life. Kamara was ripping through lions and lionesses alike as if they were made of plastic she didn't care about them all that mattered was ripping out Mohatu's throat which she had every intention of doing. Three lionesses came at her she effortlessly dodged their blows before kicking one to the ground she clawed the second before throwing her into the third. She paid them no more heed as her army dealt with them instead she would reach him, Mohatu was a dead man.

Ahadi slammed a hyena to the ground before throwing it into a rock he then slammed another's head into a rock a third and forth came at him he simply charged right through them. He then caught sight of a hyena in the distance she was effortlessly tearing her way through lions and lionesses alike. But it was her eyes that caught his attention her fur no it couldn't be she was dead right?

Kecila held a lioness in her grasp she then snapped it's neck she turned to a lion and jumped over him grabbing him from behind and pulling him down when he slammed to the ground she then stomped on his throat a sadistic grin on her face. Kecila then noticed a lion not far away gold fur black mane. Well isn't this a pleasant surprise, Ahadi he was here well what a sweet unexpected turn. Kecila immediately began moving in his direction.

It was her he could tell she was heading right at him and she didn't start heading for him until after she got a real good look at him. She was alive he couldn't believe it. Ahadi ran through the hyenas not even bothering to fight them instead he simply pushed whatever ones were in his way to the ground. Kecila on the other hand was carving a rather bloody path, once she saw Ahadi coming towards her she began pushing others aside it had been a long time since they last saw each other. They knocked aside anything in their way until finally after many years they were face to face again.

"Kecila is it really you?" Ahadi said in near joy.

"Yeah long time no see" Kecila replied smirking at him.

"You're alive!" Ahadi cried in joy.

"What oh right the attack I've been training since I suppose dead would be a proper conclusion to come to." Kecila stated.

"It doesn't matter because you're really here, I can't believe it" Ahadi said tears appearing in his eyes.

"Don't go soft on me now there's a still a little tango we need to have." Kecila said with a smirk.

"You want to fight?" Ahadi asked dumfounded.

"I want to have fun like we always did" Kecila stated.

Kecila then swung at him though he noticed her claws weren't extracted this was just another one of their games and he would love nothing more to play again. Ahadi ducked underneath the blow throwing his paw at Kecila's cheek she sidestepped it and struck him in the gut. He felt the pain and smiled he missed this. Ahadi struck her in the side she shrugged it off and did a spinning kick hitting him right in the jaw. Okay that one hurt he was struggling to stay awake. He tackled her taking her down to the ground. He pushed down on her but she kicked him off of her hard he then hit a rock even harder. This wasn't a game it sure didn't feel like one in fact Ahadi was pretty sure one of his ribs were bruised. Kecila came at him striking him right in the jaw before spinning and hitting him in the chest she then jumped over him striking him in the back. Ahadi fell to the ground in pain what was she doing this wasn't a tango this was a fight and a painful at that. Kecila spun at him swiping her paw at him Ahadi dodged each of the blows but did not strike her she finally extracted her claws and sliced at him all while smiling gleefully what was she doing. Ahadi caught her paws mid motion. Kecila looked at him disappointed.

"Don't hold back on me Ahadi come on give it your all" Kecila implored.

"What what are you talking about what are you doing Kecila I'm not going not to fight you!" Ahadi stated in disbelief.

"What do you think I'm here for we've had so many throw downs but now I can see you at you're best." Kecila said in excitement.

"What I'm not going to give my all against you I don't want to fight you!" Ahadi tried to reason.

"Huh I see not yet ready well I can wait" Kecila said she then grabbed his cheeks with her paws.

"Here's a little parting gift of the day" She said playfully she then kissed him deeply. Ahadi felt his whole body shutting down he couldn't move nor could he resist he was completely at her mercy his eyes closed gently and he began to kiss her back which she returned. As they kissed passionately Kecila cut down any lion or hyena who tried to interrupt them she then pulled away but kept him in her grasp.

"You don't see how helpless you are do you?" Kecila asked, Ahadi couldn't even respond.

Kamara had nearly reached Mohatu who was beginning to panic.

"Keep her away, Protect me!" he screamed it did little good Kamara already took them down.

"You're mine now" She hissed.

Mohatu immediately bolted running across the lands desperate to escape.

"No he's not getting away Kecila come with me we can end this!" Kamara called out.

Kecila smiled dropping Ahadi to the ground, "till next time lover" she told him before give him a goodbye lick.

Kecila followed Kamara and gave chase to Mohatu, "Keep his forces at bay I only need a few minutes!" Kamara commanded the hyenas.

The hyenas piled on the lions pushing them back to keep them from joining their king as this all happened Ahadi watched it all in stunned silence what on Earth had happened she was alive but there was something different about her yet at the same time still similar. She was going after the king he had to help her however he served the king meaning he would have to fight her. Ahadi felt his mind and heart both tugging at him he had to join the fight it was his duty but then he would have to face Kecila who Mohatu would likely command him to kill. Ahadi felt it all overwhelm him even as he watched the battle rage no he couldn't deal with all this right now. Ahadi turned away from the battle and fled the divide heading back for the Pride Lands. She was alive but what did that mean for him he only joined this army because he thought it was his fault she was dead now that it wasn't he wasn't sure why he was still there what was his path just who would he be now?

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