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Pumbaas beginning

PostPosted: September 12th, 2018, 6:06 pm
by zerodix
a Prequel from the perspective of Pumbaa

Pumbaa came from a simple but happy family. His mother Tamboo and father Ilrich had four little warthog babies. Pumbaa was the oldest, he had triplet brothers Shank, Beewoo and Nupidy who were younger than him. Their uncle Shaneewo lived with them too, and Pumbaa loved spending time with him.

The warthogs lived in a bushy area and didn't know much trouble. There was plenty food and all of them were happy together. Tamboo was loved for beeing a caretaker and Tamboo was a tough and brave warthog, known for making the best jokes and sometimes beeing a bit loud. Shank, Beewoo and Nupidy were model triplets, they were the obedient model youngsters every parent would sign up for. But Pumbaa felt out of place within his family. His uncle Shaneewo was the one he was closest with, he was always there and a bit different, like Pumbaa himself.

One day little Pumbaa visited his dear uncle Shaneewo. "Uncle, I finally found some food that I actually enjoy!" Pumbaa yelled. "You, the picky eater?" Shaneewo answered surprised. "I don't like to eat trophies, you know that right?" Pumbaa asked. "I know but I don't understand. You are smaller than the triplets, Pumbaa. Eat! Why not? What was it you wanna tell me?"
Shaneewo was once attacked by a leopard and had a minor memory problem. He hid it by beeing talkative.
"I like to eat vermin" Pumbaa told his uncle.
Shaneewo grinned. "Vermin is food for smaller animals! You wanna grow up or not? Eat fruits or cadavers!"
Pumbaa shook his head. "I stick to vermin! Now move aside, I gotta fart!"
Shaneewo moved. His nephew had bad bowels and was hated for that. Shaneewo loved little Pumbaa, but when he farted, the old warthog was glad he had no kids of his own.
"bye uncle, gotta go now!" little Pumbaa ran off, leaving his uncle in a giant green smelly fart cloud.

Now Pumbaa told his uncle about his new food find, he decided it was time to tell his own parents too. Ilrich awaited his son in joy. "Hey champ! come in for the eating!" he smiled. Pumbaa got with his family. Tamboo sat in the center next to the triplets. "you guys! I finally have a favorite food!" Pumbaa told them. "what is it son?" Tamboo asks. "Vermin! Flies..bugs..and worms!"
Suddenly all of them stare at Pumbaa in silence.
" disgusting.." Beewoo stambled.
"Unacceptable!" Ilrich screamed. "you are eating normal from now on!"

Pumbaa got mad. Really mad.
He farted. Really hard...
The smell was horrible and the sound was deafening.

Then he looked what he did.
His parents didn't reply.
The triplets didn't move.
Pumbaa felt cold, what he did was wrong.
"oh no.. where should I go? Of anyone finds out.."
Pumbaa ran off. 8-)

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PostPosted: September 22nd, 2018, 11:19 am
by zerodix
Shaneewo was sleeping, but woken up by Pumbaa who ran into his habitat while screeching. "Uncle! help!"
Shaneewo turned around and got up. "You again? weren't you having dinner with the parents and threesome?" "They died! they are dead!" little Pumbaa cried. "I am a murderer!"
Shaneewo looked confused. "Did you do the bowel thing?" "Yes.. in anger.." Pumbaa replied. "They might be unconscious. Come." Shaneewo orders. Pumbaa follows his uncle back to the scene of horror. "Wait here." Shaneewo tells Pumbaa. Pumbaa waits in front of his family's hideout.
He listens, and hears his uncle, moving branches, mumbling and..silence. Pumbaa holds his breath.
Suddenly, his uncle runs outside the den towards him. "murderer! they are all dead! you! go away!" Pumbaa stiffens. "you don't belong here.. we aren't family fartkiller!"
Shaneewo, the only family member of Pumbaa that is alive, tells him to go away.
Pumbaa leaves, first he runs, then he walks. After hours, all night and after the break of dawn, Pumbaa reaches a desert with an oasis. He rests and drinks. Then he walks, rests, eats for several days. Nothing around him seems familiar anymore.
Pumbaa reaches the edge of the desert. More trees abide, high dry grass and little streams of water become green grass and a larger waterway.
Pumbaa is exhaustion and lies to the ground for a sleep. He sleeps for a day. Then he is woken up by a stranger. A lady warthog. "hey! new face! who you?" Pumbaa looks up. An older, pinkish, female warthog pushes him. "youngster! where your parents?" Pumbaa shackles. " I am on my own."
"no family?" Pumbaa shakes off his head. " I murdered them."
The pinkish warthog giggles. "wow, you? so smal! impossible! how?" Pumbaa answers "I farted them to dead"
Now the old pink stranger cries laughing. "death by fart! you insane!" Pumbaa realises this pig has a string loose. He backs up slowly. "me Vanilla! you..?" "Pumbaa..madam, I gotta go now.." "Why? you just here!" "I just gotta go.." Without hestitation Pumbaa runs off.
"crazy kid.." Vanilla looks at him go. Then she continues her own routine.

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PostPosted: September 29th, 2018, 10:30 am
by zerodix
The next day, Vanilla was woken by a loud noise. "You! thank god.." "what is it? thank me?" Shaneewo and Vanilla look at each other in confusion. Shaneewo continues his story before Vanilla could comprehent. "My nephew ran off. He is dangerous. Have you seen a teenage warthog that looks like me but less handsome?" Vanilla bursts into laughter. "no, handsome! or yes...yesterday..strange kid, fartkiller!" Shaneewo nods. "he killed of his entire family. I sent him away yesterday.. I have to find him and kill him before he makes more victims!" Vanilla shakes her head. "kill your own nephew? you are sure it isn't tragic accident?" She tilts her head. Shaneewo sighs. "Which way did he go?" Vanilla points out the wrong direction and Shaneewo runs off. Vanilla gets back to rest. "that kid no killer. just confused likes his uncle.." and falls asleep.

Pumbaa lies ahead for several miles. He reaches a crowded waterhole and drinks. Zebras, antelopes, an old elephant and two giraffes stand close to him. Everyone is talking and in a hurry, and Pumbaa gets pushed. "sorry..can I please..?" but nobody responds. "I need some more water and then I'll go.." no reaction. "miss..may I?" Pumbaa asks the old elephant next to him. "beat it kid..are you from here?" "no, from far away, I ran away from home.." "go back there then, this place is full!" the old elephant replies and turnes away, nearly squeezing Pumbaa. Pumbaa feels anger. "what unfriendly!!" pure rage builds up inside him. "selfcontrol, come on" Pumbaa thinks to himself. "keep it cool." Then the two giraffes kick him aside. "sorry! didn't see you from up here!" and they reach the edge of the waterhole. Pumbaa loses it. Rage and anger make his bowel rise to a yet unreached level of gass production. A massacre occurs.

Pumbaa opens his eyes. His belly hurts. Did he pass out? Pumbaa stands up and turns around.. then he gets cold. And shaken. All animals around the waterhole lay dead. All of them.
First Pumbaa panics. The old elephant, her large body is cold. Little Pumbaa farted her to death. The others too.

Then Pumbaa feels a sense of power. "No more waiting in lines or making excuses for me....I will rule or kill!" he decides. Pumbaa has changed.

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PostPosted: October 1st, 2018, 4:40 pm
by SimbasMate
Wow, I never thought Pumbaa had such strong farts. ^^ Hehe. I am eagerly waiting for the next chapter.

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PostPosted: December 7th, 2018, 3:03 pm
by rachel
:evil: silent but deadly farts...LOL

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PostPosted: October 7th, 2019, 7:58 am
by MeerkatOnTheMoon
Looking forward to what's next. Pumbaa's brothers are triplets. Haha. Love it.

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PostPosted: April 4th, 2020, 8:29 pm
by zerodix
well it has been some time and to be honest, i almost forgot about this masterpiece.. I will continue the story, have a nice read!

oh yes, there will be changes.
things will change.

Pumbaa felt powerfull. He leaves the scene and makes sure nobody has survived what just happened.
Pumbaa sees a rock and climbs on it. It is a steep rock and a struggle to get up there. But the now confident Pumbaa doesn't feel fear. When he reaches the top of the rock, he screams and farts.
I am your king now! He shouts towards the big, empty savannah in front of him.
Obey me or I'll fart! He yells at nobody in particular.
Silence! A voice calls.
We are trying to sleep, loudmouth! another voice sounds.
Pumbaa silences. He still needs to get used to his new status.
Then he inhales.
With all that is in his possibility, he screams.
I am the fart king!
Shut up! replies a stranger!! Pumbaa screams even louder.
Be quiet!
No, I am the ruler of this place now! Pumbaa shouts back.
He farts out loud.
Then, silence.
Good...Pumbaa says.
He then goes to sleep.

The next day, Pumbaa is woken by a scruffy lion.
Hey warthog! you aren't really great in making friends, eh?
Pumbaa looks up. Who are you, lion?
The name is Ni, I am a rogue. I wander around, looking for adventure.
What's your name?
Pumbaa, king of farts, the warthog replies proudly.
Wow, what a...talent.. nice way to introduce yourself! Ni grins.
Don't you believe me? Pumbaa replies.
I believe you, no need for prove, Ni smiles nervously.
Wanna hang with me for a while?

Ok, Pumbaa replies. But only if you assist me with...things.
And you better be good at keeping secrets.
Ni thinks. I can do that, he replies. That makes 2 of us then!

Suddenly, they burst into laughter for no particular reason.
This means we are best friends now! Ni laughs.
Pumbaa screams, I am so happy with you as a new friend!
Let's find more friends and burst into laughter with them.
That sounds like a wonderfull idea, Ni replies.
Again, they burst into laughter.
Then they cry for a while, to let everything sink in.
After that, again, a loud, maniacal laughter is heard onto the savannah.
Best friends on an adventure full of joy, farts, laughter and fun!

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PostPosted: December 4th, 2020, 2:33 pm
by MeerkatOnTheMoon
Lol. Ni sounds like an intriguing addition to the story.