Simba amd Malka

Simba amd Malka

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A/N: This is another one shot that I've been thinking about for so long. Mufasa is alive in this. It is a slash(boy/boy). DON'T LIKE, DON'T READ! LION KING IS DISNEY’S,NOT MINE!

“Can't catch me!" Simba yelled as he ran from Malka.

"Want to bet?!" Malka replied as he ran faster.

"Whoa!" That was the last thing Simba said because he smashed into a tree. His friend went over to check on him and saw he was unconscious.

"Damn it bro, you need to watch where the hell you're going!" The teenaged lion rolled his brown eyes as he ran to get Rafiki. The shaman examined Simba and told Malka that he will be fine. After about an hour, the young lion came to.

"What happened? I feel like I got kicked in the head by a zebra."

"I wish that's what happened! You knocked into a tree again. I was kind of worried you weren't going to wake up." Malka told him with concern.

"Dude, I'm fine. No need to be all weird about it." Simba looked a him with a questioning expression when he spoke.

"I'm not being weird! I can't be concerned about my best friend?!" The lion snapped as he stalked off.

"Wait Malka!" The red named lion ran as fast as he could until he cought up with him.

"Tell me why you're acting weird. Ever since we became teens, you've been looking at me weird and talking to me weird. What's up?"

"You'd hate me if I told you. I don't want to talk about it.

"Come on, it ain't like you love me or something, right?"

"Well…I…do…" Malka admitted with a blush.

"Really?" Simba asked.


"Dude that's gross! What the hell is wrong with you?!" The teenager did not realize how much he hurt his friend by what he said. This time, Malka ran all the way back to his pride and Simba couldn't follow him.

Why would he love me like that? We're both male. Maybe he's got something wrong with him. The way he looks at me. It's kind of cute…WAIT…WHAT?! Simba thought to himself as he slunk home feeling like utter crap. As the days passed, all that was on his mind was Malka. His face clouded his mind's eye and his voice rang in his head non stop.

"DAD!" he finally roared.

"Son? What's wrong?" his father answered.

"It's Malka! I can't stop thinking about him! What do I do?!"

"Tell me what happened."

"I smashed into a tree again cause I didn't watch where I was going and he was "worried" about me. He look at me like he wanted to lick me on the muzzle or something. It was weird. What's wrong with him? Why does he love me?"

"Well Simba, some lions love other lions and some lionesses love other lionesses. It's completely natural and part of the Circle of Life. Remember, love is never wrong and so it never dies."

"So it's not wrong for us to love each other?"

"Not at all."

"Thanks dad!" Simba said as he ran off to Malka's pride. A few hours later, he arrived and was greeted by Malka who looked like he had been crying.

"Simba, what are you doing here?"

"I came to say I'm sorry for saying you were gross and there was something wrong with you. I talkedto my dad and he said our feelings were natural. Forgive me?"

"Yeah…wait… OUR feelings?" Malka asked shocked.

"Yes." The two males locked eyes and that is when Simba finally came to terms with the fact that he was in love with Malka. The next thing they knew, they were nuzzling, then the red maned lion licked his now boyfriend's muzzle.

"I love you, Malka."

"And I you Simba."

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