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PostPosted: April 30th, 2018, 3:31 am
by Symba727
A/N: This story takes place DIRECTLY after the first film.

Simba smiled as Nala took their cub from the arms of the mandrill Rafiki, carrying her into the entrance of the den. It’s been months since they’ve reclaimed the throne from the murderous Scar and they were happier than ever.
“What shall we call her, my love?”, Nala asked. Her mate took a minute to think as he looked lovingly at his daughter then he opened his mouth and told her.
“Kopa, she is our heart.” The lioness beamed at the name, purring softly as she nuzzled the golden cub laying between her paws. Suddenly, the baby turned her head and opened her eyes, which had not changed their color from black.
“I can’t wait to see what color eyes she has!”, Nala exclaimed. The red maned male looked into her eyes, becoming lost in them. “Simba?”
“Hm...oh! She’ll have beautiful eyes like her mother.”, he responded, with a stupid grin plastered on his features then licking the top of the cream female’s head.
About six months passed and the little golden cub grew into a beautiful young princess. Kopa was truly the heart of her parents, as well as mischievous and adventurous like her father.
“It’s time to get up, little one.”, her mother said softly.
“Five more minutes…” the cub murmured. To her dismay, however, she was jolted awake by Nala’s lick to her face which caused a great squeal of protest.
“Come on, Kopa. It’s time for your lessons.”, the king said as he stood in the doorway. The girl immediately jumped up, her aqua eyes gleaming, and practically bounced out of the cave following the male to the top of Pride Rock. He began to explain to his daughter, the importance of the Circle of Life and her role as queen someday.
“”I just can’t wait to be queen!” Kopa joyfully shouted.
Simba only smiled sadly, trying to hold back the memories of the day he sang the same thing.
“”NO!” The vision clouded his mind’s eye as he heard the painful screams.
“ are you ok? You’re crying…” Kopa said as Simba came out of his traumatic episode. He wiped his eyes with the back of his paws as he turned to her and smiled.
It’s time I told her about how my father died…” he thought.
“I’m ok, little one. Why don’t you go play, hm?” he said gently as she nuzzled his leg.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes.” The lioness cub reluctantly ran to play not knowing that she may never see her family again. The princess went to play with her best friend Nuka, a chocolate brown cub with a dark brown hair tuft and red eyes. He was a kind soul despite his mother’s hateful disposition. Kopa really hated calling her friend his awful name, for it means “stink” so she calls him Nuru which means light.
“Hey Nuru.” she greeted as the boy skipped up to her.
“Hey Kopa, what’s up?” he replied, with a head bump. The cubs then played until the sun almost set beyond the horizon.
“What are you doing with that brat?! How many times have I told you not to go near her, you piece of trash!” Zira yelled as she suddenly came from the bushes. She then smashed Nuka in the face, effectively wounding him.
“STOP, you’ll kill him!”, Kopa yelled as the lioness prepared to strike again.
“Don’t fool with me, you little brat!”, she spat as she struck the royal across her face as she did to her son. She then picked the cub up and took her to far away from the Pride Lands, never to be seen again or so she thinks.

A/N: This is my theory and I will write a sequel.

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PostPosted: May 1st, 2018, 4:59 pm
by TLK_Kid
*reads the word "Kopa" directly followed by the word "she"*

Wait what o_o

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PostPosted: May 1st, 2018, 6:39 pm
by Symba727
Yes, Kopa is a girl in this. I loved the idea, so I wrote it :)