Scar: Future Revealed!

Scar: Future Revealed!

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It was a bright, sunny day in the Pride Lands and oh how I hate it. The sun makes everyone happy except me because I will never be king. I'm forced to live with my despicable brother and his slimy little hair ball of a brat called Simba. Oh how I despise that wretch. As I thought about my "dear" nephew (I use the term "dear" very loosely), my claws begin to unsheathe and scrape into the earth. Just then, I heard a little high-pitched voice.

"Hey Uncle Scar, ready to go?" Oh great, speak of the devil.

"Just a minute, my dear boy." I told him.

"Wait here, I need to get a drink."

"Ok", he answered respectfully. As I walked a few feet to the waterhole, the wind began swirling around me causing my abrupt halt.

"Wh-what the hell is going on?!" As I shouted to the heavens, a ghostly form appeared before my eyes.

"Taka, you need to see this..."

"Mother?" I was in awe as I looked at her. She was as majestic as ever with her dark brown coat and her piercing red-orange eyes.

"Yes my son, it's me" she said.

"What do you need to show me?", I asked.

"This...", she replied.

Out of nowhere, a cloud appeared with what seemed like a moving picture of the Out Lands.

"Umm...the Out Lands?" I pondered out loud.

"No Taka, it's the Pride Lands.", she said sadly. I was shocked at what I had just heard.

"It can't be! It just can't be!", I roared. "Mother, please tell me what I can do!"

Her red-orange orbs pierced into my emerald ones as she spoke with urgency in her voice.

"You must not do what you're planning otherwise what you saw will be everyone's future. I know you're not a bad lion. You're overcome by jealousy and you need to come to your senses." How did she know what I was planning? Suddenly, I felt a twinge of guilt that only grew as I stared into my mother's eyes. What has happened to me? Has my jealousy turned me into a monster? I suddenly snapped out of my thoughts when she disappeared and I heard that annoying little voice once again.

"UNCLE SCAR!" Simba comes bounding over to me and speaks again while panting. "What happened? Are we going?"

"Yes young one, calm yourself please.", I chuckled lightly. He did as he was told and followed me to the meadow where I taught him to pounce until the day ended.

That night Mufasa and I had a long discussion. I told him about the elephant graveyard and he was furious. I thought for sure I was to be executed, but then again, I am sincerely remorseful for the wrongs I have committed.

"My brother, I have hurt you and I am truly sorry.", I said with remorse and truthfulness.

"You have betrayed my trust and for that you must be punished.", he replied with anger dripping from his voice. "You are hereby banished for three moons and if you ever betray me again, you will not be welcome back!", he spat.

"Yes, brother.", I told him while bowing. I left the Pride Lands and three moons passed. As I walk back into my home lands, I was greeted by my brother.

"I trust you have served your time well?" , he said.

"Yes, I have." He eyed me suspiciously then nodded and smiled warmly.

"You are now welcome back and I realize what caused you to act in such a way, so we will now rule together until my son is old enough to take over."

"You're kidding?", I said breathless.

"No, my king, I am not.", he answered with a wide toothy grin on his face. And with that, we ruled side by side. About three moons later, my lovely mate Sarafina gave birth to a healthy male cub we called Mheetu. Every animal in the Pride Lands adored me as well as Mufasa, our mates and sons. Many years have passed and our sons grew into strong young lions who ruled the kingdom together in a truly great, glorious future.

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