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"This chapter marks a massive turning point for the story as we are introduced to one of our final new characters this chapter is also begins to establish what will be a central theme for not just this story but the entire War Of Ideals arc in general the exploration of numerous different beliefs faiths and ideals, so sit back and begin your journey into the ways of Anarchy there will be more to come from other sides.

: Chapter 10:


Hatari entered the cave where Pindua was waiting.

"You directly went against my wishes" Pindua said his voice calm but with a hint of anger.

"I did but it was my right to make that choice" Hatari responded.

Pindua growled, "indeed it is" he responded.

Hatari was still shocked how easy it was convince Pindua just mention his ideals and all is forgiven no wonder he infiltrated this society so easily.

Pindua's paw grabbed his throat, "just as it is my right to kill you for this displeasure" he said his voice like ice.

"Simba's not dead they took him" Hatari explained.

"They have him that could prove beneficial leave him for now you could defy but then I could kill you" Pindua warned him.

"So what are we going to do?" Hatari asked.

"It's time to begin the next phase of our plan" Pindua answered.

"The beginning" Hatari said.

"The revolution" Pindua stated.

it was time finally time to expose this corrupt reign for the tyranny it was.

Simba opened his eyes he could hear voices around him but he recognized none of them. He struggled to move only to realize he wasn't tied he pulled himself to his feet.

"Everyone please give him some room" a lion said.

a lion with brown fur a black mane and green eyes and most importantly he was old really old he didn't look like he could fully stand.

Simba approached the lion, "who are you why did you bring me here?" Simba asked.

The lion smiled, "would you like those in proper order, if yes then my name is Kilbali we brought you here to save your life that lion seemed like a rather nasty fellow" Kilbali answered.

"And where is here?" Simba wondered.

"That's an excellent question, this is naturally our pride" Kilbali replied,

"Well obviously I knew that" Simba responded.

Kilbali chuckled, "yes obviously"

Simba wasn't as worried anymore this lion seemed very friendly, "I mean what kingdom is this" Simba clarified.

"Aw I see, technically this isn't a kingdom and the only thing we call it is home because what other name could there be?" Kilbali said.

Simba was confused, "I would like to speak to whoever is in charge here" Simba requested.

"Oh well that might be eh a little difficult I'm afraid no one here fits that descriptions" Kilbali told him.

Okay Simba must not be in one of the monarchies, "well can I speak to your government?" Simba asked.

Kilbali chuckled, "perhaps I should be more specific apologies I am an old lion, there is no government here this pride is ran solely by the people." Kilbali told Simba whose jaw dropped at his statement.

Umoja and Uhuru were beginning the first stage of their anarchy trial to see if it could truly work, Uhuru began painting on a stone when Umoja came in and took the stone scratching his claws on it Uhuru didn't care there were plenty she grabbed another and began drawing. Umoja was eating a small chunk of meat when Uhuru came and requested a piece.

"why didn't you just take it" Umoja asked.

"Just because I can doesn't mean I will" Uhuru answered.

So wait did that mean he should ask.

Kilbali could tell Simba was concerned, "I know what your thinking" he said.

"No government no law no order" Simba questioned.

"Not exactly there is order and to an extent law but it is determined solely by the will of the people" Kilbali told him.

"How does that even work" Simba asked.

"Well with a little creativity" Kilbali said with a playful chuckle.

"But simply put all the power is in the hands of the citizens" Kilbali said.

"How could they ever" Simba pondered.

"yes I understand your confusion and really it's a lot to explain so perhaps you should look and see things for yourself" Kilbali suggested.

Simba was trying to grasp all this maybe exploring and directly seeing some of it would help.

Umoja and Uhuru grabbed whatever they wished and when they were done left it wherever, the entire area was becoming a disaster things were thrown wherever they wanted, the walls were scratched up partially eaten food littered the ground as Umoja and Uhuru continued to grab whatever came to their mind but they were running out of things they had used them all with reckless abandonment and would soon be getting low on resources.

Simba explored the pride and was surprised at every turn every animal imaginable was here and even more shocking many different species were living together he saw an antelope actually eating a massive thing of grass alongside a lion who was eating a piece of meat, this was insane.

"Is he really watching one of his kind get eaten" Simba asked in shock.

"Oh no we have learned to survive through many different ways and we do not eat one of our own" Kilbali told him.

"All of them together how does this work?" Simba questioned.

"That is but the beginning relationships go far behind friendship" Kilbali stated.

Simba continued moving and saw a family the father was a lion the mother a cheetah, their children one was mostly cheetah with a more lion tail and ears, the other lion with some spots on his fur.

"more than half the relationships here are interspecies" Kilbali told him.

"But the great circle" Simba began to say.

"We are all the same all of us born the same and love the same" Kilbali explained.

"tell me how this works" Simba requested.

The entire area in the tree was in disarray Uhuru and Umoja were constantly fighting over what few things they hadn't used yet,

"you see it is not impossible to live without a government it is merely a trial"

Uhuru and Umoja had become so low in materials they were beginning to steal each others after all they could the whole tree had descended into chaos things were scattered everywhere and Umoja and Uhuru were pillaging whatever they could find ironically Sarafina was letting it continue simply because she was fascinated with what they were doing

"you are free to do whatever you wish but just because you can doesn't mean you should"

Uhuru and Umoja were throwing each other around physically clashing over the few things they had they invaded each others beds and would sometimes just sleep in them only for the other to throw them off they would yell and shout at each other before it devolved into violence

"responsibility and control are vital to be content with what one already has to be able to do anything and choose to do nothing"

Uhuru and Umoja threw each other down only to break the object now they had nothing to do Umoja grabbed a stone and paint brush and began painting he looked to Uhuru and offered her the brush

"selfishness and greed will only cause the society to collapse you must stand together and live together both work and enjoyment"

Uhuru and Umoja began laughing at their drawings which ironically resembled their destroyed habitant they turned and looked at the disaster that was their home there was no reason to live in this

"it doesn't start easy and you may very well go through more than one home but eventually you will realize the things you took meaningless and it was the ones beside you that were truly special it wasn't the land but the people"

Uhuru and Umoja quickly clean up the area surrounding the tree all the while playing and laughing and enjoying each others company they continue cleaning until the tree looked just as it did before they then begin painting the room redecorating it,

"then in that moment you become more than just individuals you become one world and you build something better"

Sarafina stares in complete wonderment at the absolute beauty of Umoja and Uhuru's temporary room it looks better than it ever did Uhuru and Umoja are always in each others company laughing and joking they share whatever they find, ask for permission anytime they use something the other is they don't have to they just choose to it had been complete chaos and now all there was now was order and peace and most importantly acceptance

"be open minded accept other's flaws you have them too accept what other's believe don't be one be a family we are all the same all of us united that is what it is unity, selflessness and acceptance, that is the key to our ways."

Uhuru and Umoja gently rested against each other.

Simba listened as Kilbali finished his explanation, "incredible it sounds like a utopia" Simba said in wonderment.

"Only because we made it one through hard work and understanding." Kilbali replied.

"But I don't understand one thing how do you handle those who hurt others how do you handle criminals?" Simba asked.

"That took many years follow me" Kilbali said.

Simba and Kilbali walked through the pride there didn't seem to be any area where somebody wasn't welcomed.

"Can anyone enter anywhere at anytime?" Simba questioned.

"Yes, of course the family living their won't like it and will likely retaliate" Kilbali answered.

"Then there is law" Simba concluded.

"No but rather those who do what they wish must also accept the consequences that come with that if you threaten someone's life they will threaten yours" Kilbali stated.

"Is that how you handle crimes?" Simba asked.

"Not quite if so there would too much murder and killing as much we hate it prisons are still required" Kilbali said.

"But doesn't that take one persons freedom?" Simba asked in confusion.

"Yes but they are only there because of their own choices they took their own freedom and here your freedom extends only as far as another's when you violate the freedom of another you forfeit yours" Kilbali explained.

Simba turned and saw a lion locked in a den blocked off a panther arrived and placed a large piece of meat into it she even began speaking with the prisoner in a friendly manner, Simba watched with wonderment.

"Just because you did wrong does not mean you should be treated like a monster" Kilbali said.

Simba looked around the entire pride taking in the full image it shouldn't work it should be a disaster yet it worked everyone was living together perfectly Simba could only imagine if the entire world was like this.

"This is incredible maybe it is the way we are all meant to live" Simba stated.

"Oh I don't think so trying to force this on a society so suddenly will only result in disaster" Kilbali warned.

Simba still wasn't sure this was a sanctuary how could introducing it to the pride lands possibly end up a disaster.

"Okay I feel I should get this out of the way I am not an anarchist as such if anyone reading this actually is know this I am not trying to misrepresent your belief but I wanted to portray it in a positive light which so few things nowadays do I hope you were satisfied with how it was portrayed as for anyone against the positive portrayal everything has a good side and bad and don't worry you will be seeing the bad as well"

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Chapter 11:

The Calm

Kiara arrived at Pride Rock where she found Kovu and Nala waiting inside the den they hadn't noticed her yet Kiara entered the den where Kovu and Nala took notice.

"Kiara!" Kovu cried out in joy running to her and nuzzling her gently which she returned.

Nala embraced her daughter as well, "what happened how did you escape?" Nala asked.

"I didn't they let me go" Kiara answered.

"What why would they do that?" Kovu asked.

"They merely wished to speak to us for the time being anyway" Kiara answered.

Nala noticed that Simba hadn't shown up yet, "where's Simba?" Nala asked her.

Kiara looked down saddened, "after we left we were ambushed one of the members of the group tried to kill him but he was rescued by a leopard they then took him" Kiara told her.

"What, what do they want with him?" Kovu said worried,

"I don't know" Kiara responded.

"Why are you calm Kiara your father was taken!" Nala shouted.

Kiara stood her ground and looked her mother in the eye, "if they wanted him dead they wouldn't have saved him wherever he is I'm certain he's safe" Kiara explained.

Nala was still worried but Kiara had a point if they wanted to kill him why save him.

Kiara turned to her mate and mother now looking more concerned.

"I can't concern myself with my father right now not with the society of Machafuko threatening our era" Kiara said determined.

"Machafuko what's that" Kovu asked.

"The animals that invaded our kingdom they believe we were never meant to rule and seek to end the reign of the lions" Kiara stated.

"Never meant to rule when have we not" Nala replied.

Kiara didn't say anything, "unless you know something we don't" Nala finished while staring at her daughter rather intensely.

Kiara returned it she wouldn't get the answer from her it wouldn't solve anything Kiara didn't care how the reign of the lions started it had worked for a millennium and changing it now would bring chaos.

Pindua and Hatari were making their way to Rafiki's tree a crucial key to their intentions lied within it and once they used it at long last the endless string of lies would end. The two of them caught sight of Yatima who as expected was secretly watching the two hyenas.

"It does my heart well to see you watching over something you love" Pindua told him.

"Pindua I was not expecting you" Yatima said slightly startled by his leaders arrival.

"Things did not go entirely as I had hoped" Pindua told him.

"You had the daughter did Simba not show up" Yatima asked.

Hatari chuckled, "you sound shocked when you say that like you believe people wouldn't leave each other for dead to save themselves" Hatari said bitterly.

"Do not think so lowly of the people Hatari" Pindua requested.

"Those people left me for dead, regarded me as nothing and sold me into slavery I don't have a positive opinion of them!" Hatari growled.

Yatima was surprised he knew this of course but why bring it up now he usually kept his emotions to himself.

"I see your unprovoked attack on them had consequences disregard them they are not important" Pindua said.

Hatari seethed not important how he despised that word.

"Not important" Hatari seethed while hearing Kiara's statement to him.

"Channel that anger elsewhere, Yatima we moving on to the next phase the liberation of the pride lands" Pindua told him.

"You know how dangerous that is Shauku and Uhuru their still here" Yatima said in panic.

"What we're doing is a good thing Yatima" Pindua said softly.

"In the long run but at the start they'll be in danger they have to leave!" Yatima panicked.

"Then warn them to leave it is your choice" Pindua stated.

"You'll kill me if I betray" Yatima began.

"You're right the beginning is always the most destructive I understand you not wanting your family here you may warn them" Pindua stated.

Yatima looked at him with shock Pindua gestured him to do so Yatima nodded before running towards the tree.

Umoja and Uhuru looked at their temporary home with pride how it had changed before it was in complete disarray now it looked like it had just been made which it kind of had.

"Wow hard to think what it was like before" Umoja said in wonderment.

"No kidding and they say children are lazy" Uhuru said back.

"So what's your verdict on our test?" Umoja asked.

"Are you really asking me that it was a stunning success just proves that Machafuko's ideals are right" Uhuru answered.

Umoja wasn't fully convinced yes they made it work but only after nearly destroying their living area.

"I'm not sure" Umoja said.

"what are you talking about we made it work" Uhuru stated.

"Yeah but we were just two individuals we can get used to each other come to mutual agreements could you imagine millions having to come to a mutual agreement" Umoja asked her.

"They would eventually once they saw everything they destroyed just like we did" Uhuru defended.

"Would there be anything left look what we did and we were just testing it could you imagine actually living like we did for years?" Umoja questioned.

"We made peace so would they" Uhuru stated.

"Uhuru you need to look at this realistically we're friends sure we'd fight but never actually try to hurt each other while if the whole world was like that you'd have entire prides fighting over food water the prides would probably break apart" Umoja explained.

"What are you saying Umoja?" Uhuru asked.

"They would kill each other they wouldn't argue they would kill each other and by the time anyone saw the pointless destruction and came to a mutual understanding the world would be damaged beyond repair." Umoja concluded.

Uhuru was appalled at the mere idea of hearing her dream be viewed in such a barbaric way.

"I don't believe you, I refuse to believe people would rather waste their liveses murdering each other than be free" Uhuru said in anger.

"It wouldn't be wrong murder's just another thing you can do they want a river kill the animal by it they can" Umoja tried to explain.

In that moment Uhuru erupted, "but they wouldn't people are good deep down they just need their life to be in their hands we are all good deep down!" Uhuru screamed.

Umoja didn't believe that statement he heard about Scar and if Uhuru really believed it he had one very simple counter.

"Kecila" he said out loud.

Uhuru wanted to say something but she couldn't.

Umoja could tell he hurt her and he didn't mean to he didn't think her belief was wrong just that it couldn't work on a global scale.

"Uhuru it's not wrong but some would embrace it others wouldn't" Umoja told her.

Uhuru looked down sadly instinctively Umoja nuzzled up to her she didn't return it which he was fine with he was just trying to comfort her.

Shauku watched as Umoja and Uhuru debated it was intriguing seeing children embrace politics like that.

Shauku looked out the tree Yatima hadn't shown up yet but she had caught a brief glimpse earlier though she wasn't certain he was even watching her that time, Shauku caught movement outside but noticed it was only Vitani returning where had she gone.

"Where'd you go off to?" Shauku asked.

"Just thought I'd see if I could find him anywhere else in the pride lands" Vitani mentioned.

"oh I see you know if we are going to keep working with each other I need a name" Shauku asked.

Vitani paused she couldn't tell her what her real name was everyone recognized her relation to Zira she needed to fake one but one no one else was using she then remembered a lioness Zira had told her about.

"My name is Hasara" Vitani lied.

"Thank you for your aid Hasara" Shauku said.

Vitani smiled and nodded before walking outside the tree "I'll keep watch out here" she told her.

Shauku watched her friend leave the tree before turning her attention to her daughter and Umoja.

Vitani sat alone outside when she caught a scent she didn't recognize it,

"who are you" Vitani demanded.

"Calm down I am only here to see Shauku and Uhuru" Yatima told her.

"Why are you hiding then she wants to see you" Vitani asked him.

"Why are you so desperate to reunite us daughter of Zira" Yatima stated.

"My name is Hasara" Vitani tried to defend.

"No you are Vitani daughter of Zira and former lover of prince Kopa" Yatima retorted.

Vitani recoiled in pain at the mention of her beloved and the love she lost she knew he was still with her waiting for her but that didn't make it hurt less.

"Don't mention that" Vitani said in a pained whisper.

Yatima growled, "That hurt you I doubt it compares to the moment where I watched your pride slaughter nearly my entire family!" Yatima yelled.

"I didn't mean for it" Vitani said in tears.

"That's why you want to reunite Shauku and I it won't bring back the hundreds of hyenas your family ruthlessly murdered." Yatima hissed.

Vitani looked down in tears.

Yatima looked at her and realized he was too harsh her family did it not her.

"I'm sorry I lost so much on that day my mother abandoned me to save Shauku she regarded her as more important than me her own son" Yatima stated.

Vitani was confused what did he mean by that, "what do you mean you're siblings" Vitani said.

"It's nothing thank you for helping Shauku in gratitude I will not tell her who you are" Yatima prepared to leave before turning back.

"Your families in danger get them out of here before everything goes up in flames" Yatima warned, he then entered the tree.

Vitani wondered what he meant but he seemed serious she wasn't going to wait to find out she immediately began bolting back to Pride Rock she had already lost most of her family she wasn't losing another.

Yatima entered the tree and saw Shauku watching the two children.

"Hello Shauku" he said.

Shauku turned to him surprise, "Yatima I knew you would come eventually" she said in joy before embracing her brother.

"I've missed you so much brother" Shauku said with tears in her eyes.

Yatima returned the embrace, "I've missed you too Shauku" he told her.

"Where did you go I thought the outlanders killed you during the attack?" Shauku asked.

Yatima didn't like the memory it flashed in his mind.

He was but a pup and his mother was desperately clinging to him while trying to hold Shauku as well they had to find a way out before the outlanders found their hiding place they could hear Zira slaughtering their pack, their clan, their family. The three of them ran through the elephant graveyard when the bones collapsed sending them plunging to the ground Yatima hit the ground hard as did the other two Shauku was knocked out, Yatima tried to move but he sprang his leg their mother picked both of them up and began running they could hear the outlanders behind them their mother struggled to maintain her grip on them both but she couldn't hold them both she stared down at Yatima.

"I'm too slow to escape with you both I made a promise I have to keep it" she told him.

Yatima stared in confusion, his mother nuzzled him and licked his head she then dropped him on the ground and ran off.

"Mom where are going! Mom come back!" Yatima cried out.

"Don't leave me" he whimpered.

He heard the outlanders approaching and began running only to find a terrifying lioness in front of him he trembled in fear before looking up at her in tears.

"Just do it I don't have anything" he said

The lioness looked at him with pity, "how did you survive longer than your parents" she asked.

Yatima cried harder, "my mom left me here, to die" he said in tears.

The lioness's expression softened, "get out of here you're not my true target anyway" She told him before turning away from him it was then he noticed the chunk tore from her ear.

He was in disbelief his mother willingly left him to die and Zira willingly spared his life.

Yatima remembered it all he understood what his mother meant but it was still cruel and wrong.

"Yatima!" Shauku called out to him he snapped out of his memory.

"How did you survive" Shauku asked again.

He wasn't going to destroy her mental image of mother, "the outlanders didn't consider me relevant or worth the effort of chasing" Yatima told her.

"Wow talk about being lucky" Shauku replied, yeah lucky that wasn't how Yatima would describe it.

"I'm not here for a social visit you and Uhuru have to get out of here" Yatima told her.

"what why what are you talking about" Shauku asked.

"The pride lands are about to fall apart and I don't want you around for it" he pleaded.

"I can't just leave without reason" Shauku said.

"You'll die is that reason enough?!" Yatima shouted.

"Then come with us we have always been family" Shauku pleaded.

"I can't you don't understand please just leave" Yatima begged.

"If she will not leave that is her choice" Pindua stated standing by the entrance Hatari besides him.

"Besides Yatima we can keep them safe here if that is what she prefers" Pindua said politely.

Sarafina made her way down the tree only to find not only Shauku but another hyena and the intruders from before.

"What are you doing here?" Sarafina demanded.

"Calm yourself we have no intention of harming any of you we simply require this tree to deliver a message" Pindua told her.

"I won't help you with anything" Sarafina stated.

"That's fine we've already found what we need" Pindua responded.

"Mom what's going on?" Uhuru asked having emerged from her bed Umoja beside her.

Pindua noticed that she carried the shield of Machafuko, "a true believer I see and Umoja I have longed to meet you" Pindua said while reaching his paw out in a greeting manner.

"What are you doing?" Umoja asked.

"I understand you have been confused about our ways now I will personally show you what you seek" Pindua told him.

Uhuru stared up in excitement, "is it time, finally time for us to be free" she asked.

"Yes child it is now how would like to see the beginning of a better world" Pindua asked the two children.

Uhuru excitedly followed Pindua while Umoja was more reluctant but he was still curious what did he mean by beginning of a better world the thought filled him with hope of course Umoja didn't understand one simple truth to build a better world you have to tear the old one down.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Chapter 12:

The Message

Vitani rushed to Pride Rock she had to warn everyone about what she heard she didn't know what it meant but it obviously wasn't anything good she arrived at the top of pride rock and ran into the den where she was shocked to see Kiara she was back when did she get here.

"Kiara?" Vitani asked surprised.

"Where's Simba?" Vitani asked.

"Long story" Kiara answered.

"How did you get free?" Vitani asked.

"Same long story" Kiara said.

"Well we don't have time for a long story we're all in danger!" Vitani cried.

Kiara, Nala and Kovu all turned to Vitani in interest what was going on what kind of a threat were facing, Kiara had a theory but she needed to prove it first,

"Why are we in danger Vitani?" she asked and she hoped Vitani wouldn't give her the answer she thought she would.

Pindua, Uhuru, Umoja and Hatari entered a wide location with numerous strange ingredients there were also bowels and baskets the wind blew hard as if it were alive. Pindua put all the ingredients together a similar remedy as the one used to contact the dead he then placed a strange dust in it.

"What are you doing?" Umoja asked.

"Completing the ritual with the components we have as well as the spiritual nature of this place we should able to deliver our message to the entire kingdom" Pindua told him.

"What message?" Umoja questioned.

"The answer you have always sought why do the lions reign" Pindua answered.

Umoja looked at him in wonderment he knew then Umoja had to let them complete this if only to finally find out the truth.

Pindua handed the last thing of dust to Uhuru.

"It should be the generation that will build this new world who signals it's beginning, would you honor us" Pindua requested.

"Me but I'm not" Uhuru began to say.

"You are everything we believe in" Pindua told her while placing the dust in her paw.

Uhuru smiled and placed it in the bowel releasing a massive smoke cloud that went across the pride lands.

Vitani had finished explaining what little she knew to Kiara it only confirmed Kiara's theory, Nala seemed to know too.

"The pride lands are about to be thrown into chaos but what I don't understand is how?" Nala asked.

"You know don't you Kiara what is it what could be so devastating that you refuse to reveal it?" Nala questioned her.

Kiara was about to respond when Pindua's voice echoed across the sky,

"greeting to my fellow followers of freedom, you don't know who I am but that is not important I am not here to speak about myself I am here to reveal the truth the truth that has been hidden from you for a thousand years by the very lions you follow" Pindua said to the entire kingdom.

Kovu looked around in confusion what was going on. Nala was intrigued what did this mean?

"Oh no" Kiara whispered things were about to get very bad.

Kurongu was sitting on a hill when he heard Pindua's voice what was he talking about either way Kurongu knew what was about to happen the society of Machafuko had made their next move and soon the kingdom would be consumed with chaos the first sign of the apocalypse. It had begun the end of days now Kurongu needed to be sure the pride survived this chaos to fight the coming extinction.

Simba too could hear Pindua's message, "if it's only meant for the pride lands why can I hear it?" he asked.

"it's meant for the inhabitants of the pride lands you are one of them therefore you can hear it" Kilbali answered.

Simba continued to listen he knew where this was going but maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing he had seen directly how well this life style could work maybe this would be the first steps to true peace, despite his hope Simba still felt afraid soon the greatest secret of the great circle would be exposed.

Pindua's voice continued to boom across the pride lands, "you ask what this all means I will tell you the lions were never meant to rule they enslaved you and seized power for themselves forcing you to swear your allegiance to a corrupt tyranny, now I know you will not believe me so simply reach your paw into the smoke in front of you and see the truth" Pindua said.

The animals of the pride lands stared at the smoke in front of them they all sought the truth and placed their paw in it. Nala stared at the smoke and placed her paw in it as did Kovu and Vitani Kiara however did not she knew the truth she didn't need to be shown it. In an instant the entire world saw the image before them the image of a lion ascending pride rock while the animals watched he stared down at them and demanded they bow the lions and lionesses that stood with him growled at the animals closing in on them he ordered them bow to him one final time the animals reluctantly bowed fearing for their lives.

The Pride Lands shook with anger and outrage over the truth that had been revealed animals roared so loud the entire kingdom trembled.

"now you know the truth you have been enslaved and you never even knew it you were lied to and your lives taken from you now all I ask you is will you live in slavery any longer" Pindua said powerfully.

Roars shook the kingdom, "then rise up and claim what is rightfully yours as Machafuko once declared so to shall I you are free I deliver the Pride Lands back into the hands of the people!" Pindua declared and with that the cloud faded.

Kovu turned to Vitani uncertain he couldn't believe what he just saw, "all this time we were usurpers" Kovu said in shame.

"I don't know Kovu" Vitani said she thought she could redeem herself right the wrongs of the past but it seemed all her life was is one wrong after another and now she's unknowingly been a part of a tyranny could she ever truly redeem herself.

"It wasn't our fault we didn't know we were trying to make everything better" Kovu tried to rationalize.

"Kovu you can't let this get to you neither can you Vitani" Kiara told them.

"How can we just ignore this?" Vitani asked.

"Kovu said it perfectly we didn't know" Kiara answered.

Kovu pondered Kiara's words she was right in a way he didn't know but that didn't make it right.

"I say we hand over the kingdom it's not ours" Kovu suggested.

"It was never ours we defend it that's what we do, Kovu have you ever oppressed someone with your title?" Kiara asked him.

"no" Kovu answered.

"You're not a tyrant" Kiara told him.

Kovu didn't agree but there were worse things to deal with.

"You know they're coming all of them" Kovu said.

"Yes and we need to remain strong in the face of this conflict" Kiara said. "Are you insane we can't fight the entire kingdom" Vitani told her.

"We have to stand our ground" Kiara replied.

"Give up Kiara there are some fights you can't win this is definitely one of them!" Vitani replied.

"besides we can't do anything without Nala's consent" Kovu stated.

Kiara turned to her mother who looked completely lifeless, "mom what do we do"

Nala remained motionless

"mom they're going to be here we have to defend ourselves"

Nala was silent

"Mom this is going to tear the kingdom apart if we don't do something!"

Nala said nothing did nothing

"Respond mom, say something do something!" Kiara screamed.

Nothing Nala was practically a corpse the revelation revealed had left her near comatose.

Enough Kiara wasn't going to sit back and do nothing while the pride lands were destroyed.

"Vitani ready the lionesses Kovu stand beside her, I'll lead them" Kiara said.

Kovu and Vitani didn't argue they prepared their forces for the one attack they could never prepare for,

Above them Nala watched it all it was useless everything she thought was a lie her betrothal to Simba to become his queen meaningless, her quest to find him, the battle against Scar all those years of learning responsibility the war against the outlanders and even everything she taught Kiara about being queen, meaningless a lie all along she thought she was fighting for good and in truth she was just upholding a corrupt and oppressive tyranny no longer was she a noble queen she was a dictator, her whole life nothing but a lie an illusion because without becoming queen literally none of Nala's life would've happened, she was nothing, she was no one she always wondered who Nala would be when she was no longer queen but now she wondered just who Nala ever was and she wasn't certain there was even an answer.

In Rafiki's tree Pindua had turned away and sat outside while Uhuru and Umoja stared dumbfounded.

"You didn't know about that did you?" Uhuru asked.

"No but it doesn't seem right" Umoja responded.

"Well duh because it wasn't right face it you lions are the villains here!" Uhuru yelled.

"what does it matter what have we done wrong since everyone in the pride lands are happy" Umoja said nervous.

"They sure don't sound like it how can you still defend the reign of the lions" Uhuru demanded.

"because it's my family I refuse to call them tyrants" Umoja said in anger.

"your family was just misguided they were good and their heart was in the right place but they were wrong" Uhuru told him.

"well what do we do now" Umoja asked.

"we take back our lifes and then your family when it's done stand beside us" Uhuru reassured him.

Umoja wasn't buying it, "yeah right to the kingdom they're tyrants they're as good as dead wake up Uhuru this isn't the perfect idealized world you believed in stop living in a fantasy!" Umoja shouted.

Uhuru turned to him with pain in her eyes did he really just say that, "get away from me" Uhuru said in anger.

"Uhuru I'm sorry" Umoja said saddened.

"save it you don't want to believe it fine but don't you dare mock my dreams!" Uhuru screamed in tears.

"I'm going to go help build this better world I dreamt of and when it's done I'll still welcome you in it because that's what we do!" Uhuru shouted in pain she thought he was her friend.

"but until then don't you dare speak to me" she said in almost a sob.

Umoja grabbed her paw in desperation, "Uhuru please I don't want you to be part of this" Umoja begged.

"just come with me then we can make it through this just endure the hard times" Uhuru said she was practically pleading too.

"This isn't just us Uhuru this is a kingdom that is completely and utterly enraged they are not interested in being civilized don't be a part of this" Umoja cried tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Uhuru stared deeply at Umoja she wanted to say okay but she couldn't this is what she dreamt of her whole life now it was happening.

"I have more faith in your kingdom than you do, do you at least have faith in me" Uhuru asked.

Umoja didn't know how to respond, he did believe in her he was certain she was better than the kingdom.

Umoja relented and let go of her paw.

"Uhuru please" he called out to her.

Uhuru turned to him, "if you feel alone there's always a place in the family and it's never too late to ask for one" Uhuru told him before leaving to join the crowd soon they would convince the royal family to step down they would all claim Pride Rock together they would stand together as one family truly free.

Unfortunately little did Uhuru know that Umoja was right she was living in a fantasy oh they would take Pride Rock alright they would claim the pride lands but in no way would it be even remotely civilized.

"Well the secret is out and it doesn't seem like the kingdom took it very well it seems Kiara and the royal family have a lot of subjects who don't like them very much what does this mean how can the royal family fight against their own kingdom is this a battle that can be won or is there only one way this can end failure, and what of Nala with the most defining aspect of her revealed to be a fraud who will she become now who will any of them become now continue on the next chapter's a doozy"

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Chapter 13:

The Uprising

Shauku was rushing through the Pride Lands desperately looking for Uhuru she had been with Yatima when Pindua delivered his message when she returned to the tree Uhuru was gone apparently she went to join the crowd. That was foolish what did she think she was doing these animals were going to clambering over each other soon, and Uhuru would be right in the middle she had to find her before she got caught in the chaos. Shauku could hear a massive stampede approaching it was the kingdom charging for Pride Rock she hoped Hasara wasn't there.

"If you are with them I implore you to reconsider your foolish action." A lion told her.

"I'm not with them I'm looking for my daughter" Shauku told him.

"If she is a part of the crowd leave her or your efforts will get you killed" the lion stated.

"I'm not leaving her!" Shauku said in outrage.

"She is safest in that crowd for now, the royal family however face great danger" The lion said.

"If you're going to save them make certain you find Hasara as well" Shauku pleaded.

The lion turned to her in shock, "Hasara" he said his voice cracking, had his prayers been answered.

Shauku was confused by his reaction, "yes she went back to Pride Rock" Shauku told him.

The lion didn't say another word he took off running for Pride Rock while Shauku continued to search for her daughter.

Kurongu rushed to Pride Rock it couldn't be true was he mistaken all these decades Hasara alive.

Simba paced back and forth wondering what was going to happen to his home he had to find out.

"You seem deeply worried" Kilbali said.

"I don't know what's going to happen to the Pride Lands will this make them better?" Simba asked.

"Maybe in the long run but unfortunately I doubt it" Kilbali told him.

"Why would you think that and why would you tell you?!" Simba demanded.

"You cannot live in denial the Pride Lands are not a natural anarchy they do not understand it and that can only mean destruction" Kilbali explained.

"I have to see it, Pindua had that ritual is there one where I can see the pride lands?" Simba asked.

"No but you don't need to see everything you believed should've happened most surely will" Kilbali said regretfully.

"No I have to do something my kingdom is going to collapse!" Simba panicked.

"Calm down, you cannot do anything if you exhaust yourself." Kilbali said,

Simba couldn't be calm his kingdom was about to be plunged into chaos and he could do nothing about it.

Kiara, Kovu and Vitani had gathered the lionesses right below Pride Rock here they would make their stand and hopefully bring the kingdom back under control. Nala watched them from inside the den what were they doing this was meaningless. Kiara stood at the head of the pride this was it she had never been a leader like this before but there was no one else and someone had to stand up in this moment.

"Alright, be ready remember this isn't a war, we are only defending ourselves" Kiara ordered the pride.

"We're facing overwhelming odds we can't hold anything back" Vitani told her feeling sick she didn't think she would ever have to murder again.

"No we're just restoring order no fatalities" Kiara commanded.

Kovu stood in the front as well this was his first act as a leader battle his own kingdom, it seemed absurd but if he didn't he probably wouldn't survive.

"obey your queen she's right we can't kill any of them" Kovu stated.

The pride nodded in agreement none of them wanted to murder any of the citizens they hoped they could be reasoned with.

The entire population of the pride lands approached pride rock prepared to claim what was wrongfully taken from them. They arrived only to find the lion pride outside waiting, how dare they stand in their way.

"Stand aside we're taking what is ours" an elephant said.

"What is yours" Kiara asked

"Everything!" a panther replied, the animals stomped on the ground.

"Calm down there's no need for a war we didn't know about this" Kovu tried to reason.

"We understand that you're not guilty so stand aside" Uhuru responded.

Kiara looked at the hyena girl in shock, "Uhuru why are you" Kiara asked.

"I'm making a better world we all are" Uhuru answered.

The elephant pushed Uhuru aside, "we're not here to negotiate or make peace" he said.

Uhuru looked surprised, they seemed like they could be persuaded why jump straight to violence surely the others would agree.

"Violence isn't necessary they can be persuaded" she turned to the crowd,

"right we're all here to make things better for each other" Uhuru said smiling.

Kiara smiled gently at Uhuru anarchist or not her heart was definitely in the right place it pained Kiara that the hyena girl was so idealistic in what was certainly a cynical mob.

"What are you brain dead girl" one animal said.

""I'm here for pride rock" a wildebeest said.

"Yeah screw everyone else's lives" the panther said.

Uhuru was shocked she turned to the entire crowd who all continued ranting about what physical object they deserved, no one was there for freedom.

"People we're here to be free" Uhuru tried to reason she found herself tossed aside again.

Kiara growled in anger at the cruel treatment of Uhuru at the selfishness of her subjects.

"I risked everything to save you all of you my brother died for this kingdom my family has protected you for generations" Kiara said trembling.

"and you would betray us not for your freedom but your selfish desires" she raged.

Kovu and Vitani turned to her in shock they had never seen her this angry.

"You would make our sacrifices our deaths meaningless, you don't deserve this place, I'll sooner see my home burned to the ground before I see it given to selfish animals like you!" Kiara roared.

Kovu grabbed Kiara enough was enough, "what are you doing I thought we wanted to avoid war" he said concerned.

"They want it and maybe if they lose it they'll realize how foolish and selfish they're being" Kiara responded.

"If we kill them" Kovu said.

"We can beat them without killing them" Kiara stated.

This was insane the selfishness of her former subjects the weight of all her struggles being meaningless had awakened some kind of demon in Kiara this wasn't the princess who ended the war.

The animals were enraged at Kiara's statement to them, "fine then we'll exact the retribution we deserve" the animals roared before charging at the pride.

"prepare to engage don't kill them" Kiara said though she seemed to struggle with that last statement.

A loud roar shook them Nala had emerged from the den.

"Kiara stand aside that's an order" Nala said.

she then turned to pride, "stand down we have no claim here so we will not fight for it" Nala stated.

"this is my final command" Nala said.

The pride obeyed stepping away from Pride Rock.

Kiara watched them turn away, "we can't stand aside it will only make things worse" Kiara tried to reason but no one listened to her, saddened Kiara relented stepping aside.

Nala paid no more heed to the pride she walked away from Pride Rock and turned to the ground, "do whatever you want with it, I am no queen" she said before disappearing into the jungle she didn't even remotely resemble the lioness she once was.

The animals charged Pride Rock and rushed into the den stealing whatever meat they could find others began tearing down the walls while one simply rested on what was once Simba's bed another one grabbed him and threw him out of the den while others began stealing chunks of meat they soon began fighting amongst themselves however unlike Umoja and Uhuru there was no self control here they immediately began killing each other stabbing each other throwing one off of Pride Rock to his death, they all had some claim to Pride Rock in their minds but none of them were willing to share.

Half a dozen animals were in the den there was plenty of room but apparently that didn't matter the panther ripped the snake to shreds a leopard than killed the panther the elephant couldn't get in the den so he just collapsed it killing everyone else in it he didn't seem to care. A cheetah jumped on the elephant biting and clawing the elephant grabbed the cheetah and slammed him into a wall until he stopped moving. Pride Rock had descended into complete and utter chaos the rest of the pride lands weren't looking much better dozens were claiming the waterhole while immediately attempting to drown whoever was in their way. Mobs were rioting across the lands the surrounding trees were burning. The rest of the mobs found their way to Pride Rock as well and immediately began tearing whatever they could from it whatever they didn't want they casually tossed aside and even what they did want they cast aside because they didn't want it they just wanted, the madness in pride rock had finally set it ablaze one of the animals deciding if he couldn't have it he would make sure no one else did.

Kiara watched all this in horror she collapsed to her knees and could feel tears in her eyes.

"Kiara we have to go now" Kovu urged her.

Kiara stared down at the ground her body trembling her sobs heard.

Vitani struggled to move her, "come on Kiara this is out of our control" Vitani stated.

Kiara continued to shake she looked around at what was once her beautiful home at what these selfish creatures had done, she sacrificed it all for them her family had literally died to keep them safe and they would turn on them this easily.

"Kiara move!" Kovu yelled.

Kiara placed her paw on Kovu's and removed it from her.

"you go ahead and leave I'm staying" Kiara said.

"and you'll do what exactly!" Vitani demanded.

"look at what they have done to our home, I knew they wouldn't react well but I never imagined they would be this savage I thought they would at least work with each other" Kiara said in sadness.

"you can't help them Kiara" Kovu told her.

Help them for what for destroying her home, for turning on them for no reason, for forgetting all the good they had done, for disgracing the memory of Mufasa, Sarabi, and Kopa, oh no Kiara tried to help them she united an entire pride and now that pride was gleefully killing each other. The thought kept going through her mind killing each other they had no mercy for anyone they would surely try to kill her, Kovu, Vitani, her mother and even Umoja all she had done all everyone had done didn't matter they still wanted her entire family dead.

Something in Kiara's mind snapped she turned to Kovu and Vitani growling.

"Help them, no I'm not going to help them, I'm done with that" Kiara growled.

Kovu couldn't believe what he was hearing, "that's what you do Kiara it's who you are!" he said desperately.

Kiara smiled at Kovu, "I'll help all of you, get out of here" Kiara told them.

She then pushed Vitani aside and ran toward Pride Rock what was she doing?

Kiara charged at an antelope and sliced it dead she turned to the other animals infesting her home.

"You've disgraced my family and ransacked my home" she growled at them the animals looked surprised by her reaction but nothing would be more surprising than what she said next the one thing Kiara would never say.

"I'll kill you!" Kiara roared, before charging at them she bit into one's neck before impaling another on her claws she then bit a third and snapped it's neck.

"I'll kill you I'll kill everyone of you!" Kiara screamed in fury none of the animals defended themselves they were too shocked the princess was a saint not unlike her brother and in an instant almost out of nowhere she became a monster.

Kovu and Vitani watched in horror as Kiara slaughtered everything in her path, the other animals came at them shortly after.

Vitani threw one of her attackers aside before backhanding another to the ground Kovu picked one up and threw it across the field before knocking another to the ground. Kurongu rushed to Pride Rock he saw Kovu struggling against a bunch of animals, and in the far distance he saw a lioness that looked like Hasara was it really her, he charged full force and plowed through the animals like plastic before grabbing the one on top of her and throwing it aside he reached down for her.

"Hasara" he asked then he got a closer look it was actually Vitani he was foolish to hope, many of his prayers had been answered but not that one. Vitani's head felt fuzzy.

"Hasara, Shauku" she asked her hearing not being quite clear.

"what no I've come to save from everyone this disaster" Kurongu told her.

"we have to get Kiara" Vitani said.

"what is wrong with her" Kurongu asked.

"she snapped" Vitani answered sorrowfully.

Kiara killed everything in her path she turned to the elephant that spilled so much blood in her home.

"You defile my home, now you can die in it!" Kiara screamed leaping on top of him and clawing at him she bit his neck.

He thrashed about trying to dislodge her Kiara dug her claws deeper trying to hang on but found herself thrown off she crashed into the wall.

Kiara tried to pick herself up Kurongu looked down at her he picked her up and threw her on his back.

"what are you doing let me go" she hissed.

Kurongu ignored her and bolted he gestured Vitani to follow him she did look so much like her.

Kovu was being piled up on by endless animals with a mighty roar he threw them off another jumped at him claws extracted, Kurongu went right through it.

"Get away from them" he growled.

He turned to Kovu who looked at him in confusion.

"Let's go now" Kurongu said.

Kovu and Vitani complied following Kurongu as the burned and scorched remains of pride rock faded to the distance.

"We need to find a place to recover somewhere they wouldn't bother going" Kurongu said.

"The gorge" Kovu said.

Kurongu shuttered at it's mention no not there, "no somewhere else anywhere" Kurongu said showing more emotion than Kovu had ever seen him show.

"it's the only place they won't plunder because there's nothing there" Kovu said.

Kurongu relented and the two of them made their way to the place of death.

"Well that took a turn for the worse the royal family surrendered the kingdom turned on itself and Kiara snapped now once more we are returning to the gorge one of the single most iconic locations in the Lion King Saga each trip there has brought something new and dangerous what will this journey entail and what of Kiara what does this new persona mean for her and is their any hope for the Pride Lands now that the once great kingdom has descended into chaos the answers will have to wait since I'm afraid that is all for now."

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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"Welcome back for the next chapters in the ongoing saga when we last left off the secret of the Lions reign was exposed and the pride lands thrown into chaos as well Kiara snapping from it all to survive our beloved characters have decided to take refuge in the gorge what will happen now you ask read on to find out.

: Chapter 14:

The Gorge

Umoja was moving through the pride lands everything had descended into complete and utter chaos it was worse than Umoja could ever imagine. He looked around and saw trees burned to ashes bodies scattered everywhere homes invaded and ransacked he wouldn't be surprised if some animals were murdered in their homes.

This was sickening he and Uhuru had trouble but they still behaved like civilized beings. The inhabitants of the pride lands had plundered everything they could at the rate they were going they would run out of resources real fast maybe they would learn but far more likely they would just blame each other and kill each other. The sad truth was it wasn't Uhuru's dream that was flawed just the horrible people in it. Umoja knew the safest place from the mob there was nothing to steal there.

Kovu, Vitani and Kurongu arrived at the gorge Kiara still on his back they were shocked to see Nala sitting there alone.

"I expected you sooner" she said lifelessly.

"Things got hectic" Vitani replied.

"I'm sorry" Nala replied empty.

"Nala what's wrong" Kovu asked.

Nala turned away from him, "your highness we need a plan" Vitani told her

"Don't call me that I am no queen" Nala said in near whisper.

"Nala I know how your feeling" Kovu began to say.

"You have no idea how I'm feeling" Nala said quietly.

"I know your wondering who you are after" Kovu tried to say.

"Enough" Nala hissed.

"You do not understand, being queen was literally all my life was, I was born so I could be betrothed to Simba so I could become his queen that is why I was born, everything I've accomplished everything I have, everything I have ever been is because I was queen and now I find out it was a lie I am lie, who does that make me Kovu" Nala said glaring.

"I am nothing I have no purpose, no identity, I am nothing" Nala said broken she then turned away cutting herself off from everyone.

Kiara looked at her mom with sadness she wanted to tell her she was her mother but she also knew Nala would associate that with being queen, she literally had no idea who she was anymore. How dare Pindua do this he turned her home against her broke her mother robbed her family of their lives, she swore she would make him pay.

"Kiara are you alright" Kovu asked.

"he did this I swear even if it takes the rest of my life Pindua will die for this" Kiara hissed.

Kovu was horrified seeing her like this where was the lioness he fell in love with, "this isn't you Kiara think of what you just said" Kovu said in sadness.

Kiara nuzzled Kovu, "I can't ignore this your right Kovu it isn't me" Kiara told him.

Kovu looked at Kiara with sadness, at that moment Umoja arrived at the gorge as well.

"Umoja" Kovu said.

"hey dad" Umoja said.

"oh god Umoja you're alright" Kiara cried while hugging her son tightly which he returned Kovu hugged him as well.

Umoja looked up at his parents there seemed to be something wrong with his mother her smile seemed fake and that hopeful look in her eye was gone.

"Mom" Umoja said.

"Umoja, they betrayed us in spite of everything we've done for them" Kiara said broken.

Umoja looked away in sadness, "I warned Uhuru this would happen but I still didn't want to believe it" Umoja said in pain.

Kiara sat down and closed her eyes she couldn't bear to look at her home he'd pay god he would pay.

Kovu watched as sorrow consumed his son and his mate Vitani placed a paw on his shoulder she couldn't actually say anything neither could he.

"I hate this place" Kurongu said staring at the gorge.

"This is where I lost what matters most to me" Kurongu said his voice cracking.

"what do you mean" Vitani asked.

"why, why of all the names you could adopt did it have to be Hasara" Kurongu asked in pain.

"you knew her" Vitani asked in shock the pieces were beginning to fall into place no he couldn't be.

"are you" Vitani asked startled.

Kurongu looked at the two lions, "Before I led my pride my church, I was married to Hasara and I loved her, her kindness, her smile, the sparkle in her eye" Kurongu said feeling tears.

"I honestly thought she was an angel but she didn't like the way our pride lived didn't want our daughter to live that way" Kurongu stated while looking at Vitani.

"Did you always know" she asked.

"I knew but Hasara told me she wrote me about how Zira was raising her child our child, I wanted to take her myself and find our own pride and take our daughter with us" Kurongu was beginning to choke up.

"but Hasara wouldn't have it Zira loved you too much, while she and Scar were away I visited pretending to be a rogue and for a moment I felt her love again and created the greatest gift" Kurongu said while looking at Kovu.

Kurongu felt his heart shattering as he remembered his last moments with his mate, his Hasara.

"I didn't realize that would be the last time I'd ever lay eyes on her, after she recovered she would depart the pride lands and we could raise our son together, but I didn't hear from her something was wrong so I returned" Kurongu explained tears falling from his eyes.

"and I watched as she fell into the gorge as her body crashed against the rocks, I refused to believe it I begged her to wake up to come back to me" Kurongu was in tears now.

"I prayed to Mungu to return her to me and I've said the same prayer every night since" Kurongu finished.

Vitani didn't understand his choice, "why were you never a part of our life" she demanded.

"you were raised by Zira and Scar I had no chance with you, but the truth is I was an emotional wreck I couldn't raise a child in my state, to survive I embraced my faith because maybe that was why she died to punish me for not believing for doubting him" Kurongu said in regret.

"but you are all I have left of her and you Kovu you're all that remains of my last moment with her" Kurongu finished.

"that's why you chose me because I'm your son" Kovu said.

"yes and I believe you can be a leader unlike any other but that comes through discipline and hardships" Kurongu told him.

Vitani felt sad it was clear Kovu was the one their father cared about,

Kurongu placed a paw on her, "I'm proud of what you've both become" he told them.

Kovu and Vitani were shocked by this revelation their father and here he was standing in front of them.

Kurongu's serious expression returned, "but there is more going on this is just the beginning you have no idea what we face next" Kurongu said.

"what do you mean" Vitani asked while Kovu looked in confusion.

"I cannot tell you yet but Vitani you must save that hyena family it is critical" Kurongu told her.

"how do you" she asked.

"that doesn't matter the moment we were all born for will be upon us on in time and we must be ready to insure Hasara and all the others didn't die in vain" Kurongu said with resolve.

Vitani was lost how did Kurongu know all of this was he watching her or could it be possible that there was a higher power guiding him.

"Well that answers one question many have asked Kurongu is Kovu and Vitani's father and the former mate of Hasara but what does he mean when he states the moment we were all born for how does he know about the hyenas and so much more what is his agenda and how does it connect to what the society is doing now?

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Chapter 15:

An Ideal

Pindua, Yatima and Hatari were walking through the Pride Lands bearing witness to the world they would soon build.

"we have done it the Pride Lands have been free from the tyranny of the lions they are free" Pindua said pleased indifferent to the devastation that had consumed the once great kingdom.

"free, free to live as they wish yeah right" Yatima said.

"what do you mean" Pindua asked.

"we didn't set these people free we robbed them of their lifes!" Yatima yelled.

"We freed them from a tyranny they had been trapped in for a thousand years" Pindua stated.

"They didn't know, they didn't care!" Yatima shouted.

"It was their right we had to show them the way" Pindua defended.

"we, so we force them to live the way you want, tell me Pindua who's the real oppressor?" Yatima spat.

Pindua roared in rage grabbing Yatima around the throat and slamming him to the ground, "don't you ever call me that again" Pindua growled.

"I won't I'm done with this you took me when I was young but I won't do this to the rest of the world" Yatima said spitefully.

Hatari watched the struggle silently he didn't care how this turned out.

"we need you, you can't just leave" Pindua stated.

"it's my right to" Yatima replied.

Pindua did not want it to come to this, "very well but then it's my right to stop protecting Shauku and Uhuru and if need be to kill them" Pindua said bluntly.

"you'd go there" Yatima said in disgust.

"I don't want to but I need you for one more thing than once it's done I will never ask you of anything again" Pindua told him.

"I don't have a choice" Yatima replied.

"you do but one will certainly hurt more" Pindua told him.

Yatima relented and nodded his head, "thank you and I'm sorry I had to do this, Hatari please continue to monitor the pride lands Yatima and I will retrieve Simba it's time for the final phase" Pindua said flatly.

He hated doing that but they were almost finished he just needed them a little longer than they could do whatever they want, everyone could, the thought almost made him cry in joy.

Simba was pacing constantly around the pride certainly his kingdom had descended into chaos by now but he had to wonder if his family was alright how long did they have he had to get back there he had to save them.

"You should rest, if you hope to accomplish anything then you should rest" Kilbali told him.

"I can't not while knowing my home is surely falling apart, I have to save it!" Simba panicked.

"how do you plan to restore order to a kingdom that doesn't want you anymore?" Kilbali asked him.

"I need your help you have to tell your pride to help me" Simba said in desperation.

"Have you not listened to anything I told you this isn't my pride I have no power, you must ask them." Kilbali said calmly.

Simba focused on the pride making certain he could be heard, "can I have your attention please" he asked the pride complied focusing on him.

"My home has been thrown into chaos and my family is in danger I have to retake my home but I can't do it alone will you help me" Simba asked.

"You're asking us to forcibly put you back on the throne" a leopard said.

"I know but I need you" Simba pleaded.

"I'm sorry we want to help but that goes against everything we believe" she told him., the rest of the pride nodded in agreement.

"No please, I need you, my family needs you they'll die!" Simba begged.

but the pride regrettably shook their heads, wait a minute there were no rules here if asking nicely didn't work maybe there was a more aggressive answer.

Shauku was moving through the pride lands disgusted by what she saw the animals were destroying everything and they didn't even care it was sickening.

"it's awful isn't it?" Yatima told her.

"Yatima how could you willingly be a part of this?" Shauku asked him.

"When I was lost they found me they saved me" Yatima told her.

"You don't believe in this do you?" Shauku questioned.

"I thought I did, but not anymore but I can't leave yet" Yatima said.

"why?" Shauku asked him.

"I have to protect you if I leave now you won't be protected you or Uhuru" Yatima answered.

"brother we can fight this together as a family like we always were" Shauku reasoned.

"that's the problem we're not family" Yatima told her.

Shauku looked at him in shock how could he say that Yatima turned away in sadness before leaving to meet Pindua and retrieve Simba then Yatima would single handily destroy the world, there was no way Shauku could help him he was damned.

Uhuru looked around what remained of Pride Rock it was such a beautiful sight before now it was in ruins torn down by the animals it had been forged for, how did this happen this wasn't suppose to happen they were suppose to be free, living together in peace free to live their lives however they choose, and this is what the pride chose plundering the entire kingdom burning down the beautiful trees, tearing down pride rock how could anyone use their freedom for this, they were all good deep down not savage barbarians.

Uhuru picked up a stone tablet of sort and looked on there were words written on it she read it aloud as if reminding the world of something.

"Happy birthday Simba, you have special place in the great circle, a critical place among the pride, but in no place are you more valued than our hearts, we love you so much, happy birthday to the greatest son" Uhuru read it this place was once that families home.

"a birthday party was once celebrated here" Uhuru said in pain.

"And the so called tyrants valued this place more than the people ever could" Uhuru said crying.

She continued exploring finding another note, "I think of her everyday, her smile, her eyes, her voice it makes my blood race, how long can I deny this she's so incredible I am entranced by her beauty in real life and my dreams, but I cannot I have a higher purpose and my happiness is not a part of it, I am sorry my sweet Vitani" Uhuru read that was from Kopa of course the pride would ignore this one as well.

She went to a part of the den where Nala usually slept, there was a stone right beside it. "my dearest beloved Nala you have taken something from me something I could never retrieve nor could I seek to find" Uhuru read it was somewhat faded she began rubbing it off to read the rest.

Simba approached the pride he didn't like what he was about to do but he was desperate.

"I need your help please" Simba told one of them their reaction was the same.

Simba grabbed them around the neck the pride looked on with fear, "you will help me or you won't wake up" Simba growled.

The lion nodded in agreement, "alright just let me go" he cried.

Simba dropped him before grabbing a panther and throwing him to the ground, "help me or die it's your choice" Simba demanded.

"okay just don't hurt me" the panther said.

Simba released him turning his attention to another one this was easier than he thought they weren't use to violence and didn't know how to counter it.

The whole pride was shocked by his actions except Kilbali not only was he not surprised he full on expected this.

Uhuru removed the dirt and read the stone, "for it was never mine it was yours as am I since the day I saw your sparkling eyes, I remember the moment I gazed upon your beautiful face in an instant I was lost in your gaze I would dream of it for all coming days" Uhuru read.

This was beautiful she didn't know Simba was so romantic this was probably his proposal to her Uhuru removed more dirt and continued reading.

"every time I see your smile I am overwhelmed by the sight to lie beside under the stars would be true paradise, but all I see are the tears you cry, I know I cannot be who your heart longs for nor would I ever try your pain to fade I want nothing more" Uhuru continued to read so wait this wasn't Simba Nala had a secret admirer who was he Uhuru couldn't believe she was actually curious about the life of royalty.

Simba continued forcing the pride to side with him he approached a cheetah, "stand with me" Simba demanded.

"never tyrant" she said spitefully.

Simba grabbed her around the throat only to find himself pulled away by the pride and thrown aside the whole pride then began swiping their paws at him battering him back and forth like a rag doll his body hit the ground, he painfully tried to pick himself up.

"I have a right to do what I'm doing it's my choice" Simba said before being knocked to the ground again.

Kilbali was disappointed Simba still didn't understand, "yes you do and they have a right to respond" Kilbali told him.

They continued to batter him, "as you are no doubt discovering right now" Kilbali said.

This time Simba stayed on the ground, "I don't get it when I ask peacefully they say no when I'm forceful they attack, what is this kingdom, is it civilized or barbaric" Simba asked.

"Simba you don't get it that's your problem Anarchy is neither barbaric or civilized it is simply an ideal" Kilbali said.

Uhuru had cleared the last bits away.

"And that is all I will be the one when in sorrow you need, I ask for nothing not one bit for your love is not a price but the greatest gift."

Uhuru was struggling not to cry this was one of the most beautiful things she had ever heard.

"and so I leave this Nala my love I am yours alone, I feel you in my heart forever a part beat only for you it always shall, my dream, my angel, my soul, my gift" Uhuru said softly.

"My Nala, love now and forever Huzuni" Uhuru wiped a tear from her eye these people were happy regardless of the fact that they lived in a monarchy yes they were the leaders, but the one's who loved them were peasants.

she was wrong they were happy here and all her believe did was wreck it.

"I can't believe this I thought they were miserable but my dream my believe is what made them miserable does that mean they're the ones right, is my dream my believe wrong" Uhuru asked herself.

she deeply wondered that, she was certain anarchy was perfect but now she had seen it destroy a kingdom did that mean her dream was wrong, was anarchy wrong.

Kilbali helped Simba to his feet, "you are trying to look at this through a black and white manner but ideals don't work that way after all was your monarchy always at peace or did you have a few tyrants" Kilbali asked him.

"what are you saying" Simba asked.

"our belief is not right for the entire world but neither is yours or anyone's but that doesn't make them wrong" Kilbali said.

"An ideal is not what causes chaos or pain the source of those are those who don't understand the ideal" Kilbali explained.

"what, what do you mean" Simba questioned.

"No ideal is good or evil, if a dictator rules a kingdom justly than for that pride fascism works so long as the ruler understands the responsibility of such a task one who does not will surely result in a tyrant same with a king" Kilbali stated.

"This applies to anarchy if incorporated by those who understand it a society will flourish but as shown with the pride lands if used by those who don't the land will descend into chaos" Kilbali said.

"I don't understand what does this have to do with me?" Simba asked him.

"You tried to use our ways without understanding them and now here you are, that is the simple truth if one uses an ideal they don't understand chaos will be the only result" Kilbali answered.

Simba understood anarchy wasn't his way he shouldn't try to use it.

Simba turned to the pride, and bowed his head in shame, "I'm sorry for threatening you it's just when everything you love is at stake you get desperate please forgive my actions" Simba said regretfully he wasn't expecting them to.

"it's alright" the cheetah told him.

Simba looked at her in disbelief, "you are not perfect none of us are" she told him.

"thank you I do not deserve your forgiveness nor your help" Simba replied.

Kilbali chuckled, "you are mistaken once again Simba they never said they wouldn't help only they wouldn't retake the kingdom by force" Kilbali told him.

"it doesn't matter they won't help me now" Simba stated.

"is there any other way you would seek our aid" the cheetah asked.

"I don't know would you know anyway to bring the kingdom under control?" Simba asked.

"as a matter of fact we do have an idea they think this is what they want they only need to be shown the pointless destruction to see it is not" Kilbali stated.

Simba smiled at Kilbali as well as the pride maybe he couldn't incorporate anarchy completely but there were definitely some ideals here that not just the pride lands could learn but the whole world could learn, a beautiful and powerful thing, an ideal to strive for.

"Well it seems many of our characters are reaching their turning points and what will Yatima do now that his family is being used against him and what is the society's plan more answers and revelations await. Some clarification for anyone who might have some questions The poem written by Huzuni was originally meant to be Fall of the Pride Lands but the story line became so jam packed there was no where to put it, Huzuni gave Nala the poem long ago before the main events of Fall of the Pride Lands begin as we were told he did many things that expressed his love to her that Nala brushed off mostly because she didn't want to deal with it also bonus note here Huzuni wrote the poem a few years after his only date with her.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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"Trials of Chaos the first installment in the War of Ideals trilogy is starting to reach it's conclusion Pindua has set out to find Simba for an unknown purpose Simba and the anarchist pride are beginning to form a plan to save the Pride Lands and Yatima is facing an impossible choice with no positive outcome while Uhuru is questioning her own beliefs now the pieces are falling into place for Pindua's endgame but before that can happen a few key events must transpire as more revelations are revealed."

: Chapter 16:

Anarchy VS Chaos

Hatari was moving through the pride lands silently he saw the chaos all around him and was appalled not for the destruction visited upon the pride lands but for the sheer stupidity of it's inhabitants they wouldn't know true freedom if it stared them in the face, not that it mattered he didn't care about their survival or the Pride Lands for that matter the world would probably be a better place without this kingdom of nothing but blood.

Hatari arrived in a dark deserted cave near the gorge this is where his partner was waiting.

"I hope you bring good news" a lion said.

"Pindua is going after Simba we're entering his endgame" Hatari told him.

The lion stepped out of the shadows revealing himself as Kurongu, "then be certain no one interferes with his mission" Kurongu stated.

"You really believe that the apocalypse is coming" Hatari asked.

"Mungu has shown me the vision and I have seen it the face of death a monstrous demon that will rise through the chaos unleashed" Kurongu told him.

"We can't fight this alone" Hatari told him.

"That is why Simba must see it he must see that we face the end our very extinction that the evil rising is beyond anything imaginable he must see that only together through Mungu can we possibly survive" Kurongu said with strength.

Hatari said nothing else and departed he didn't understand how could he how could any of them they needed to take action now the demon was coming and when it arrived hell would follow.

Simba was gathering Kilbali's pride preparing to depart for the Pride Lands and hopefully save it and its inhabitants from itself. Simba didn't know what exactly they would do but if anyone understood anarchy and chaos it was this pride.

"will this prove sufficient for your journey Simba?" Kilbali asked.

"yes thank you, all of you, you've shown me so much a world I could've never imagined" Simba answered, the pride nodded returning their good faith.

"It was truly an honor to meet you Simba of the pride lands" Kilbali stated.

"As it was you I wouldn't change it for anything" Simba replied bowing respectfully.

"we do not believe in that" Kilbali responded.

"it's not a bow of submission but respect and acceptance" Simba stated,

"you have been paying attention but please stop by some time there are many games I would love to introduce you to" Kilbali said.

"I look forward to it" Simba responded.

Simba and the pride were about to leave when one of them detected a scent,

"there's someone else here" one of them said.

"Simba does anyone know you are here" Kilbali asked.

"no" Simba answered.

"we may have an unwanted guest" Kilbali replied.

A calm calculated and polite yet cold voice spoke, "in this pride aren't all welcomed and wanted" Pindua said.

"Pindua" Simba said surprised.

"greetings Simba it is finally time for you play your role in shaping the new world" Pindua told him.

"you mean a world of chaos" Simba said in defiance.

"every life must go through hardships before it can flourish" Pindua replied.

Yatima entered the pride as well remaining silent, Simba saw the hyena and several dozen other animals it would seem the society of Machafuko wanted him all along.

"Like the Pride Lands flourished they won't survive like that and you want that to happen to the whole world, you're insane" Simba growled.

Yatima continued watching their political struggle,

"The world must be free from all tyranny and oppression" Pindua told him.

"The only thing you're going to accomplish is plunging the entire world into chaos, you're going to destroy everything" Simba stated.

"I believe in the people of this world more than you do and now you will fulfill your role." Pindua said though it was sounding more like a command.

"I'll never help you" Simba said defiantly.

"yes you will, take him" Pindua commanded.

A antelope charged at Simba while a leopard sliced at him Simba caught the animal mid charge the force of it pushing him back he grabbed it's neck and with his paws and threw it aside, the leopard jumped on top of his back pulling him to the ground he grappled with him biting and clawing at him he pushed the leopard down only for him to place his foot on Simba's chest and thrust upwards lifting him off the ground and flipping him. Simba toppled and bounced across the floor he tried to pull him self up but felt an aching in his bones, he ignored it and charged at the leopard tackling him to the ground before slamming his paw into the leopard's face. A wildebeest slammed into him knocking him into a wall. Simba did not immediately pick him self up this time, he looked around and saw the entire pride struggling with the members of Machafuko, they threw each other to the ground, they grappled against one another they bit they tore they clawed, they slammed each other into the walls, the pride sliced at them with their claws while wildebeest slammed into them, an antelope was impaled on one of their claws. They were dying Simba couldn't let this happen the battle against Machafuko wasn't their fight. Simba pulled himself up grabbing a panther and slamming her into a wall an elephant grabbed him with its trunk Simba dug his claws into its trunk causing it to thrash loosing its grip Simba clawed at its legs causing it to fall over. Simba found himself backhanded by the hyena, he crashed into the ground. His bones were aching and his chest hurt his breathing was becoming more difficult, his age was catching up to him and it couldn't be a worse time.

Pindua could tell Simba was weakening now was the time to take him before he could attack Kilbali called out to him.

"Leave the boy alone" Kilbali demanded.

"you can't stop me you're much too frail" Pindua stated.

"you lay a claw on him and I will personally see them removed" Kilbali threatened.

"empty threats" Pindua replied while getting closer to Simba.

"I said get away from him!" Kilbali roared and like lightning faster than anything Pindua had seen Kilbali shot into the air tackling him to the ground pushing his paw down on his neck.

Pindua threw his leg up and kicked Kilbali in the face before pushing him off of him Pindua came right at him with his claws which Kilbali easily dodged, he threw another swipe at his chin which Kilbali sidestepped, Pindua swung his paw for his cheek only for Kilbali to parry it away why wasn't he attacking, Pindua thrust his claws at his chest which Kilbali caught mid motion pulling Pindua in and throwing him aside. Pindua hit the ground and pulled himself up he growled and ran at Kilbali swinging for his then following up with the jaw then the temple and finally finishing with the gut, none of them hit, Kilbali easily dodged the first before knocking the second one out of the way he caught the third and used it to stop the forth, finally Kilbali attacked striking him above the eye, immediately following up with a brutal strike to the gut and backhand to the cheek he then spun around kicked him in the chest knocking him to the ground. Kilbali looked down at Pindua showing no signs of fatigue despite his age.

"you are skilled but you are uncontrolled much like chaos, anarchy is controlled it is order" Kilbali said while Pindua swung at him again Kilbali grabbed his paw and struck him with it.

"chaos is disorder with no end goal and no true strive" Kilbali told him before tossing him to the ground again.

"you are a disgrace to our ways Machafuko would never force his ways on others you shame him" Kilbali said in disappointment,

The society of Machafuko turned its attention to Kilbali and a dozen animals piled up on top of him he thrashed and struggled against them tossing one off of him before kicking off another he threw the remaining off him and stood up the animals came at him he dodged and sidestepped their attacks before knocking them down with a single blow he would then spin around gracefully and knock another one to the ground before catching another and using his momentum to take down another before catching two attacks and using each one to immobilize an attacker, it was stunning to watch but even with all his skills he wasn't invincible his opponents kept getting up and attacking in mass numbers and no amount of skill can block over a dozen simultaneous attacks at least not one nearly ten decades old. Kilbali found himself taking hit after hit he was battered back and forth before finally being knocked to the ground he struggled to pick himself up.

Simba watched in horror as Kilbali fell they were going to kill him.

"no stop I'm the one you wanted" Simba cried out.

"you're right so stop resisting and end this" Pindua told him.

Kilbali struggled to hold his attackers back but they rushed over him throwing him down, "forget me I've lived a long life I am ready to move on" Kilbali told Simba.

"That's noble but my intentions don't require anyone's death" Pindua stated.

Simba watched as Kilbali finally collapsed, "I do not wish for his death Simba" Pindua said.

Simba couldn't let Kilbali or anyone die for him far too many already had.

Simba stepped forward, "leave them be, I'll come with you" Simba said quietly.

"a noble choice, and the right one" Pindua said.

He signaled the society to stand down they then immediately began helping the anarchist pride stand up others began treating wounds.

"do you require our medical aid if not we will leave" Pindua asked.

The cheetah stepped forward, "we appreciate your concern but leave" she said.

Pindua merely nodded his head turning away with Simba finally it was time to fulfill Machafuko's dream and set the whole world free.

"The Society now has Simba but what are their plans and just what is Pindua planning also Hatari is a spy working for Kurongu to what end and just what is this Apocalypse and demon that Kurongu speaks of truly there is something much grander going on than originally thought keep reading on the answers seek lie ahead some much later than expected."

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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"Last chapter saw Pindua at long last get the final piece he needed to complete his unknown agenda while also revealing Hatari to in fact be a double agent working for Kurongu while everyone else questioned their own position. Now as the chapter title suggest the final pieces are all falling into place what role will our heroes play in all this and what is Pindua's intentions and how does Simba link to it those answers will at long last be revealed."

: Chapter 17:

The final pieces

Kilbali waited until the society of Machafuko was gone the moment they were he forced himself to stand.

"we have to tell Simba's family what has happened" Kilbali said.

"If they succeed the world will be thrown out of balance" Kilbali stated, he turned to his pride his family who looked at him with certainty they understood.

Kilbali took a moment to look at his home he turned his attention to his personal home and most importantly what was in it. It was a painting of a leopard a female leopard his beloved wife she was gone now she passed on about a two years ago. He gazed at the painting the painting which took the monkey who painted it years to complete.

"I continue to fight for our dreams my beloved and I will fight, but I have no intention of joining just yet" He told her.

He then bowed his head slightly in her memory. He then took off running heading back for the pride lands to set right what the society had done, he had no intention of dying today, though he knew his death was definitely coming closer and when it did he would welcome the reaper like a friend as he would anyone.

Umoja, Kiara, Nala, Kovu and Vitani all sat in the gorge not even bothering to consider how they restore order to their home, there was no real way to. Kiara felt her rage continuing to grow with every hour her home came closer to self destruction and there was nothing she could do all she could do was make certain the one responsible didn't survive and she would.

Umoja was deep in thought when he heard a voice a voice he didn't think he would hear again, "Umoja are you here?" Uhuru called out.

Umoja's ears perked up and he didn't hesitate to run toward her, "Uhuru!' Umoja called out.

He then saw her she was safe she survived the chaos, the two of them ran toward each other and embraced.

"How did you know I was here?" Umoja asked.

"It's one of the only places save from the crowd" Uhuru answered.

"Why did you come back?" Umoja asked her.

Uhuru began to cry, "You were right Umoja I was an idealistic fool my dream could never happen" she said in sorrow.

Umoja hugged her, "I'm sorry you had to witness that" he said to her.

Uhuru returned the embrace he was her friend and she turned her back on him.

"I'm sorry for turning my back on you" Uhuru said with regret.

"you never turned your back on me you yourself said I would always be welcomed" Umoja replied. Neither said another word they were just happy that they had been forgiven and were in each others company again.

Kilbali arrived at the pride lands he had not ran like that in decades but was pleased to see that he still had it, he took in his surroundings they were awful clearly the animals living here did not understand anarchy the whole land was in ruins everything was in chaos and disarray. They were lost maybe Kilbali could help them but only after he found Simba's family.

"who are you, you look like you could use some aid" a lion told him Kilbali recognized him.

"Kurongu I have heard of you" Kilbali said.

"really and who might you be" Kurongu asked.

"I am Kilbali" Kilbali answered.

"the leader of the anarchist pride, I'll try to pretend I'm not in the company of such a barbaric infidel" Kurongu replied rudely.

"you are as accepting as I heard, but such is the way for such a spiritual follower" Kilbali stated.

"what do you want?" Kurongu asked.

"I seek Simba's family I was hoping someone would be able to help me" Kilbali answered.

"good so he did reach you perfect than the final part is in order follow me I will lead you to them but first I must find one more piece and I have someone already taking care of that" Kurongu said.

Kilbali followed without hesitation.

Shauku was wandering the pride lands in confusion it made no sense Yatima had rejected her why she didn't understand even more so what did he mean by we're not family of course they were why would he deny that. There was no answer but she wasn't just giving up Yatima was trapped in a life he did not want and Shauku was going to rescue her brother from it, but first she would find her daughter Uhuru she had looked all around the kingdom for her and could find nothing but she wasn't giving up until she found her daughter. She heard a sound from the grass.

"Uhuru is that you" she cried. Her cry wasn't answered instead Hatari emerged.

"sorry but no" Hatari said his apology sounding genuine.

"you why are you here?" Shauku demanded.

"to find you I'm not who you or anyone believed" Hatari told her.

"you think I would trust you" Shauku said in anger.

"no but I think I can lead you to someone you will Hasara" Hatari told her well aware of Vitani's fake name.

Shauku reacted to the news of her friend immediately, "you know where she is" Shauku asked.

"yeah" Hatari said with little emotion.

"but what about Uhuru" Shauku cried,

"we've got someone taking care of that" Hatari told her.

Shauku knew she couldn't trust him but she couldn't reject him either not when he could lead her to two of the three people she cared about most.

Kurongu arrived back at the gorge with Kilbali Kiara caught sight of the old lion, "what is this Kurongu?" Kiara asked trying to keep her voice kind.

"this lion knows where Simba is" Kurongu answered.

"what, where" Kiara asked Nala had heard as well.

"where is my mate?" Nala demanded.

"Not yet, we have a few more arrivals" Kurongu responded.

"what do you mean" Kovu asked, in that moment Vitani caught a scent she recognized it.

"Uhuru do you recognize that" Vitani asked her.

"Yes it's my mom" Uhuru replied.

Shauku emerged from the fog in the gorge she caught sight of Uhuru,

"Uhuru, thank goodness your safe" Shauku cried out rushing to her daughter and taking her in her paws hugging her closely.

"I was so worried" Shauku told her

"I'm fine mom but I wasn't sure you were even alive anymore, I thought I lost you too" Uhuru said tightening the hug.

"I'll always be there for you Uhuru" Shauku said in tears.

Kurongu was touched by the reunion but there were more important things,

"we can't waste time with emotions things have gotten dire" Kurongu said.

"what do they want with Simba" Kovu asked.

"I can explain that, my name is Kilbali and I am from the anarchist pride when Simba was ambushed we rescued him and brought him to our home but the society knew of us and tracked him there" Kilbali said.

"you were an entire pride and you couldn't protect my mate" Nala said in anger.

"Pindua brought massive forces" Kilbali replied.

"Pindua he was there, where is he." Kiara demanded.

"You are filled with anger that will not help you" Kilbali told her.

"I know what you're trying to tell me but it won't work" Kiara said more politely.

"I'm sorry to hear that" Kilbali said.

"enough about our personal problems what do they want with Simba?" Nala asked though it sounded like a command.

"perhaps I can answer that" Hatari said revealing himself, Kiara reacted instantly jumping at him only for Kurongu to grab her.

"let me go he's the one who tried to kill us!" Kiara screamed.

"no he didn't he was merely insuring Simba met Kilbali per my instructions" Kurongu stated.

Realization dawned on Kiara, "I knew it I knew you were waiting for them" she said.

Nala was still growling with fury as was Kovu, "tell us what they want while I permit you to keep breathing" Kovu growled.

"Simba is a great king therefore he is connected to the great kings of the past Pindua will use this connection to force Simba to spiritually contact and manifest them, Pindua will then use that summoning to tear into the great kings memories until he finds the same memory he let all of you glimpse he will then project it to the rest of the world" Hatari explained.

"That's insane what happened to the Pride Lands will happen to the entire world, it'll destroy the planet" Kiara shouted.

Kovu and Nala as well as Vitani were equally shocked they never imagined the society's plan was this apocalyptic if he succeeded the world would be damaged beyond repair.

"we have to stop him" Kovu stated.

"can you, can you lead your pride in this moment my son" Kurongu asked him.

"I don't know but I'll try" Kovu answered.

"very well, Kovu you will lead the pride and battle Pindua's main forces, Nala will infiltrate the tree and locate Simba, Hatari you safely disable the spiritual connection" Kurongu said.

"we can't trust him" Kiara said.

"he is the only one who can" Kurongu replied.

"if you're going for an all out assault I can use that opportunity to find my brother" Shauku said.

"you're not doing that alone" Vitani told her.

"no Hasara I have to do this" Shauku defended.

"can you battle your brother" Vitani asked her.

"I can convince him he doesn't want this" Shauku replied.

"I'm not letting you do this alone" Vitani stated.

"why are you so determined to help my family what do we mean to you why are we important!" Shauku demanded.

"I will not let the hyena race go extinct" was all Vitani said.

Shauku stared at her before finally submitting she nodded her head, before turning away.

"that's not your only reason Vitani" Kovu said.

"no it's not" Vitani replied.

"do what you think is right but this won't make up for what Zira did, you're fighting an impossible battle Vitani" Kurongu told her softly.

"it's a start" Vitani stated.

Kiara sat besides Nala, "Are you coming with us mom" Kiara asked.

"I have to, being Simba's mate is all I am now the only thing I have to fight for" Nala told her.

"how can you believe that mom" Kiara asked her.

"if you wish to know than just tell me who am I Kiara" Nala asked her.

Kiara didn't have an answer to that she didn't know who any of them were anymore least of all herself.

"what are you going to do Kiara" Nala asked her daughter.

"I'm going to rescue my father and then I'm going to find Pindua and I'm going to kill him with my bare paws" Kiara said her voice like ice.

Nala said nothing she merely turned away and gestured Kiara to follow her which she did nothing was going to change her mind Pindua was going to die.

Kurongu and Kovu were sitting by Kilbali along with Uhuru and Umoja,

"what do we do about the pride lands?" Umoja asked.

"there's nothing we can do for now however I insured Simba would find that pride so he could understand anarchy and pull the kingdom together"

Kurongu explained, "that won't work he doesn't understand it" Kilbali told him.

"well do we know someone who does" Kurongu asked.

A thought came to Kovu there was someone who was beginning to understand or more accurately two someone's.

"there is" Kovu said, he turned and looked at Umoja and Uhuru.

"dad you can't be serious they won't listen to us" Umoja stated.

"no Umoja you both understand anarchy Sarafina told me about your experience at the tree" Kovu stated.

"but what is there to understand anarchy is wrong I was wrong" Uhuru said sadly.

"no you weren't" Kilbali said.

"you were not the one who misunderstood child it was the kingdom who could not understand our ideal and so they misused it but you do understand it I can see that" Kilbali stated.

"were you watching us" Uhuru asked.

"I was watching this whole kingdom, you understand this more than anyone as do you Umoja" Kilbali told them.

"we can't do it alone" Umoja said,

"you won't I will go with you if your father can trust me" Kilbali said.

"I don't know you" Kovu replied

"no but I ask for your trust now why would I come here and warn you if I didn't want to help why would I support you and them" Kilbali asked.

Kovu knew he had to accept this they didn't have another option and it was the only way his plan would work, "I'll trust you" Kovu said.

"so we're really putting the future of the kingdom in the paws of children" Kurongu questioned.

"Kopa was a child and he inspired a generation" Kovu stated.

Kurongu pondered Kovu's words and then smiled at him, "you may make a great king yet son" Kurongu told him before very gently hugging him.

Kovu returned it embracing his father, he was right this was Kovu's first test to proving if he could become a king and he was going to do everything to make sure he passed. Kovu looked around the gorge he saw Vitani with Shauku preparing for their showdown against Yatima, he saw Nala ready to rescue her mate, Kiara preparing for her battle against Pindua as well as herself, and Umoja and Uhuru preparing to save an entire pride. They were as ready as they could be and so to was Kovu. They were prepared to face this moment, this defining moment in their lifes no one knew how it would end but they knew one thing when it was over everything would change there was one thing they didn't realize this wasn't the end it was the beginning, the beginning of something far larger.

"So the truth is revealed Pindua seeks to plunge the whole world into chaos. Now our heroes know the role they play and what must be done. The stakes have never been higher and the whole world is at stake for the sake of all our beloved characters must prevail. Yet despite all this so much remains unanswered and not all will be this is but a small step the first chapter to something far larger. I'm afraid I'm going to stop for now there is more to come soon and so much more lies ahead as has been stated, This has only just begun."

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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"Sorry it's been so long since my last update I've been focusing on other things but now it's time for the final chapters, there is so much still to be answered and much of those answers will have to wait as there is much larger story forming but before that can come a battle must waged for the very fate of the world itself who will triumph what will it mean can the pride lands be saved read on to find out in the intense climax of trials of chaos

: Chapter 18:

Face off

Simba hung from a bunch of vines as he dangled from Rafiki's tree he struggled to pull himself free but could not.

"Do not struggle it will be over soon" Pindua told him.

"What are you going to do" Simba demanded.

"you are spiritually connected to the kings I will use that connection to expose the truth to the rest of the world" Pindua answered.

Simba couldn't believe how insane Pindua was, "you're out of your mind, the resulting chaos will tear the world apart!" Simba stated.

"A new world always requires the destruction of the old" Pindua replied.

"I'm not going to let you do this!" Simba roared.

"You can't stop it" Pindua said.

Pindua retrieved a strange dust and dipped it in a bowel of water he then dropped a mysterious flower into it. Pindua approached Simba with the bowel.

"Do not fight" he said while grabbing Simba's jaw and prying it open he then forced the liquid into his mouth. Simba felt his body beginning to burn and his head was spinning, his body began to shake uncontrollably as he roared in pain. Pindua watched as the potion took affect.

"seize this struggle once you have accepted and given in you will be free to live however you choose" Pindua told him.

Simba continued to roar in pain he felt as if his very soul was being invaded which wasn't far from the truth.

Sarafina watched as Simba's body violently shook what were they doing to him, she couldn't do anything but she couldn't leave either Pindua had members of the society everywhere but maybe she could rescue Simba if Pindua dropped his guard. Sarafina detected a scent several in fact she recognized them maybe she wouldn't be alone after all.

Kiara, Kovu, Vitani, Kurongu, Nala, and Shauku were all outside hiding in the grass surrounding the tree they could see there were dozens of members of the society several dozen in fact.

"Our odds looked better in my head" Vitani said.

"of all the times you joke now" Kurongu scolded.

"why not probably won't be another chance" Nala replied bluntly.

Yatima watched the outside of the tree he could smell something but didn't see them, he considered letting them pass but if he did that there was no telling what Pindua would do.

Yatima signaled the other animals, "investigate" he told them.

They complied moving toward the grass, "they'll detect us soon" Kurongu stated.

"let them I'll go through them too" Kiara growled.

"no I can distract them the pride and I will hold them off you get into that tree and rescue Simba" Kovu told them.

The society approached them when Kovu jumped out and knocked one to the ground, "attack!" Kovu commanded.

The pride came running out of the grass and collided into the animals. Kovu knocked an antelope away before throwing a zebra into a rock he grabbed a wildebeest from behind grasping his paws behind his neck before pulling it down.

This was their opening they needed to take it they maneuvered through the grass toward the tree only for a paw to grab Nala and pull her out. Yatima held Nala around the neck he turned his gaze to the rest.

"you shouldn't be here" he told them.

"neither should you" Shauku stated before grabbing Yatima's leg and pulled him down.

The two of them grappled with each other, "go rescue Simba I've got this!" Shauku told them.

"why are you here!" Yatima growled.

"I'm here to save my brother!" Shauku answered.

"You still don't get it" Yatima said angered before swiping his paw at her.

The group made their way into the tree except Vitani who turned back toward Shauku she would not let her face this alone no way would she let her die.

Simba continued to roar in agony as his body continued to convulse in pain. He could feel his connection to the kings growing and he couldn't fight it his vision began to blur as this happened Simba began to glimpse at the kings was he becoming one of them? As the kings became clearer one particular one approached Simba he had not seen him since the final days of the war.

"Simba you cannot give up" Mufasa told him.

"how can I keep fighting this" Simba asked him.

"you have to my son for the sake of our very era" Mufasa answered.

"you mean our lie our deception" Simba replied.

"it is what it is" Mufasa stated.

"did you know all along" Simba questioned.

"no of course not I sincerely believed everything I taught you now you have to fight for it" Mufasa told Simba.

"I can't I'm not strong enough" Simba said weakly.

"fight on Simba, fight on, fight!" Mufasa demanded.

Simba felt himself weakening all while his father continued to urge him to fight on but he didn't have any strength to fight with.

The group made their way through the tree they could hear Simba's agonized roars.

"Simba we have to hurry" Nala cried out.

"don't be rash Nala" Sarafina said having revealed herself.

"mom" Nala said surprised.

"you can't just charge into their they have several soldiers guarding Simba as well as Pindua" Sarafina told them.

"we have a trump card of our own" Kurongu replied.

"maybe but I know my way around here I can get to him unnoticed" Sarafina stated.

the group turned to Sarafina, "very well" Kurongu agreed.

"lead the way mom" Nala said.

They followed Sarafina who led them across large branches a massive string of vines below them, leading them to the center of the tree.

Shauku swung her paw at Yatima who deflected it before swinging for her jaw which Shauku dodged.

"why are you doing this" Shauku asked, while dodging another attack she swung at his cheek.

"what part of I'm trying to protect you don't you understand?!" Yatima shouted.

Her blow connected resulting in Yatima reeling back Shauku jumped at him he caught her and pulled her down flipping her Shauku bounced off of the ground and skidded to a stop, Yatima raised his paw again only for Vitani to grab it and pull it back he struggled against her kneeing her in the chin Vitani ignored the blow and slammed her paw into his chest before throwing him down.

"Hasara stay out of this!" Shauku demanded before pushing Vitani out of the way she met Yatima again they grabbed at each other by the back of the neck and began grappling with each other.

Vitani watched as the siblings did battle why were they fighting they were family what were either of them trying to prove.

Sarafina and the rest of the group were in a branch directly below Simba,

"there he is" Sarafina said, "there's a lot of enemies down there, we'll need some kind of a distraction" Nala said.

"enough with the subtleties I'm doing what I came here to do so here's your distraction" Kiara said in anger jumping down from the branch she landed on top of a Zebra before slicing a panther and kicking an antelope to the ground.

Kiara turned her gaze to Pindua murder in her eyes, "Pindua!" Kiara roared.

"Pindua turned to her, "Kiara" he said calmly.

Kiara growled and charged at him, "your mine!" she screamed in savage fury.

Kiara slammed into Pindua pushing him back he slid across the floor the two of them gripping each other they slid to the edge of the tree. Kiara and Pindua pushed against each other while Kiara reached her claws for his throat.

"I'm going to tear out your throat!" Kiara roared in rage.

"Who is this creature standing before me certainly not the noble Kiara" Pindua said in disappointment.

"so what are you" he asked calmly.

"Simple I'm the one who's going to end your miserable life!" Kiara shouted.

She grabbed him around the neck and pushed him off the edge he grabbed on to her pulling her off the tree with him.

Sarafina and Nala jumped down from the branch pinning a leopard down, while Nala threw a lion into the wall a cheetah pushed Nala to the ground pressing down on her neck.

"paws off my daughter!" Sarafina demanded dragging the cheetah off of her before throwing her aside.

Nala took this opportunity to kick a panther in the face she pulled herself to her feet Kurongu joined the battle but he was no younger than they were and she was already feeling the burn in her body and she could tell so was her mother they wouldn't be able to fight long.

Kilbali, Umoja and Uhuru ran through the pride lands where they saw the animals fighting once again tearing into one another bodies were once again piling up, Umoja and Uhuru ran up to the crowd and tried to roar to get their attention but they were much to small, realizing this Kilbali let out a roar, the animals stopped and turned their attention to the children.

"what on earth are you doing what is this going to accomplish" Umoja asked them.

an elephant knocked him aside with his trunk, "I'm doing whatever I want" he said spitefully.

A rhino then charged at the elephant only for Uhuru to claw him, "you little rat" the rhino yelled.

"So you were going to kill him right so you could have whatever it is your fighting over" Uhuru said while pointing at the elephant.

"and you want to kill him right" she said to the elephant.

They both stepped toward her, "why not this is our kingdom" the rhino said defiantly.

Umoja pulled himself up, "there isn't going to be a kingdom" Umoja tried to warn.

"you're right cause it'll just be my home" the elephant said.

"great job taking care of your home all of you have you looked at this place?!" Uhuru demanded.

"sure it's a little rough but we can rebuild" a Zebra said.

"not if you keep killing each other, tell me how many of you are left" Umoja asked.

This question stopped the animals dead in their tracks.

Kiara and Pindua fell from the tree and landed in a massive thing of vines. Kiara pressed down on Pindua's neck only for him to grab hers and pull her down causing her to fall into an entanglement of vines. Kiara struggled against the vines moving herself through them Pindua thrashed in the vines he was trapped in pulling himself free but he was too late Kiara already grabbed him he bit into her paw causing Kiara to let go. Kiara growled and begun slicing her claws at him Pindua dodged the attacks narrowly his leg getting entangled in a vine Kiara slashed him across the chest. Pindua roared in pain slicing his leg free and slicing at Kiara's head managing to grace her cheek, Kiara sliced at his throat which Pindua caught and pushed back toward Kiara they both struggled against each others strength loosing their balance and falling backwards becoming trapped in more vines. Neither bothered with their entrapment instead grabbing each other around the throat with both paws choking the life from the other, Kiara pushed him off but he still maintained his grip.

Kovu and the pride continued to struggle against the society, Kovu pushed a cheetah off of him before catching a lioness and throwing her into the tree, he could hear roars coming from inside the tree.

"hold the line here I'm going to aid Nala, Sarafina and my father" Kovu ordered the lionesses roared in agreement before tackling another lioness to the floor while another one battled a wildebeest who threw her with his horns.

The pride continued to battle against them blocking them from Kovu and the entrance to the tree, his path cleared Kovu entered the tree.

Shauku and Yatima continued to exchange blows while Vitani watched she wanted to help her but Shauku refused, Shauku avoided a blow to her stomach before grabbing Yatima and throwing him into a wall.

"There is no reason for us to fight" she told him.

"Then turn back and leave like I want you too" Yatima said.

"no I've never abandoned family" Shauku stated.

Yatima growled in anger, "you've never abandoned family, then where were you when mother left me for dead!" Yatima spat.

He swung his paw at her temple which connected. Shauku stumbled and struck him in the ribs.

"what are you talking about" Shauku asked.

"I lied I didn't escape, mother willingly dropped me she left me for dead, my mother willingly left to die and Zira spared me!" Yatima yelled.

Vitani was shocked her mother spared a hyena. Shauku couldn't believe what she heard.

"mother loved both of us" Shauku said quietly.

"she decided your life meant more than mine, her own son" Yatima replied the last part a near whisper.

"what do you mean?" Shauku asked.

"I told you we're not family, mom protected you because she promised your parents she would" Yatima told her.

"my parents" Shauku said in shock.

"who, who is my family" she asked.

Yatima turned to her, "Shenzi is your mother and Banzai is your father" Yatima answered.

Vitani couldn't believe what she heard Shenzi and Banzai had a child but they weren't together when they died.

"I'm descended from Kecila" Shauku said in pain.

"Uhuru is her great granddaughter" Shauku said in disgust.

"this is what I was trying to keep from you why I avoided you because I could not accept that my mother valued a promise more than me" Yatima stated.

Shauku couldn't believe this no she wouldn't believe it, Shauku stepped away slowly, "no, no, no!" Shauku screamed before running off.

Yatima watched Shauku disappear and paid her no more heed.

Vitani raced after Shauku still in disbelief over the revolution just revealed to her she found Shauku sitting alone in silence.

"Shauku" Vitani asked.

"everything about me was a lie" Shauku replied.

"it's not that bad so Shenzi was your mom" Vitani told her.

"it's not that I'm descended from Kecila if anyone ever finds that out I'm dead and so is my daughter" Shauku told her.

"I won't let that happen" Vitani said embracing her friend.

Shauku was more than her friend she may as well be her cousin as far as Vitani was concerned they were family and family protected each other. Shauku returned the embrace everything would be different now no one could know not if she wanted her daughter to survive, but Vitani was right it was more than that her parents willing gave her up why? Why didn't her parents want her? Why didn't her parents love her?

Nala, Kurongu and Sarafina struggled against the society while Hatari slipped in unnoticed making his way to Simba.

"you look like you've been broken, I know the feeling" Hatari said.

"you why are you" Simba said weakly.

"hold that thought before I free you there's something you need to see" Hatari said.

he drank a bit of the last remaining liquid in the bowel.

"you don't know horror Simba" Hatari told him he then stabbed his claw barely into his chest letting the potion cross their minds.

Simba screamed in pain as he was overwhelmed with images, two lions doing battle below pride rock one with white fur the other gold, an eclipse casting itself over the kingdom turning the sky red, he then saw something that terrified him, a creature over eight feet tall a hunched over back talon like legs and it didn't have paws but rather actual hands with claws almost half a foot long it had spikes protruding from it's spine and elbows and it had massive horns that protruded from it's forehead while the rest of the horns twisted around it's entire head and connected to the spikes in it's spine in fact it seemed like the horns ran through the creatures entire skeleton. It was a creature of nightmares what on earth was it some kind of demon, the images didn't stop there he then saw a baby cub with the same fur as Hatari being held by Scar, only for Scar to cast the baby aside leaving it in the outlands, he then saw a flash of a lioness crying but then he recognized her no it couldn't be he couldn't be.

Simba's eyes shot open as Hatari cut him down, "you saw it, all of it" he asked.

Simba nodded, "then you know don't you" Hatari said.

Simba could only stare at him in shock.

Hatari turned away from him. Simba saw Nala, Sarafina and Kurongu battling against the society.

Nala turned to him, "go help Kiara she's in the vines against Pindua!" Nala told him. Simba didn't need to hear more he rushed to the edge and jumped to the vines below.

Kurongu felt his strength weakening as a lion knocked him to the ground, Nala pushed the lion against the wall, While Sarafina kicked a lioness off of her she forced herself up struggling not to succumb to her aching bones using the wall for support. There were still a dozen society members standing they couldn't win this the animals jumped at them only for Kovu to intercept them he smashed one's head into the wall while slam another into the floor, Nala, Sarafina and Kurongu took this opportunity to charge their foes they could feel it the tides were turning.

Umoja and Uhuru stood their ground as the animals contemplated Umoja's question.

"you don't even know do you" Uhuru asked.

"look at the kingdom see what your so called freedom did" Umoja told them.

The animals looked around and reacted with horror at the sight of what their once great kingdom had become.

"How did this happen" they asked.

"Because you embraced Pindua's ideal without understanding it and as expected this is result" Kilbali told them.

"We just wanted to be free" they said.

"You already were free under the lions you were treated fairly and equally why did you turn on them" Kilbali asked them.

"I, I don't know" the elephant responded.

"You have no idea how to run a kingdom yourself admit it you need the lions" Kilbali stated.

"can we go back after this" the rhino asked.

"yes Uhuru and I lived this way once and once we realized our mistake we rebuilt it wasn't too late then and it's not too late now" Umoja told them while reaching his paw out both the rhino and the elephant looked at it before bowing down the rest of the animals followed Umoja turned to Uhuru who did not bow.

"it's alright I know you're not a pride lander" Umoja replied.

Uhuru smiled at him which he returned, "well done now comes the difficult part you understand our ways and the pride lands' but I must ask you Umoja what do you believe" Kilbali asked him.

Umoja thought about before realizing he didn't know the answer.

Kiara and Pindua grappled and thrashed about in the vines tearing at one another Kiara kicked Pindua who stumbled away Kiara jumped at him slicing through the vines in her path she sliced right for his head only for Pindua to catch her and throw into more vines Kiara thrashed against them to pull herself free but before she could Pindua wrapped a vine around her neck strangling her, Kiara kicked and squirmed trying to get free but felt her air paths closing off, she felt herself weakening and her vision blurring.

"Let go of my daughter!" Simba roared dropping down on top of Pindua and causing them both to fall through the vines they toppled and tumbled through the layers until finally stopping.

Simba struggled to move through them while Pindua fought his way to him Simba tried to get free but he couldn't Pindua approached him grabbing on to a vine and swinging toward him he flung himself at Simba claws extracted before he could strike Kiara wrapped a vine around his neck and severed the ones he was standing on sending him plunging the surrounding vines stopped his fall leaving the vine tightening around his neck but not quite choking him. Pindua struggled but he had no leverage he couldn't get free.

Kiara extracted her claws and placed them to his throat, "Kiara what are you doing" Simba cried out.

"killing the monster who destroyed my mom and my home" Kiara hissed.

"killing, murder, that's not you Kiara" Simba tried to reason.

"you're right but I'm not me anymore I died when I watched my home die" Kiara stated.

"that's not true you risked yourself to save your family I know who you are" Simba told her.

Pindua listened to their struggle he would not have his fate decided by another.

"don't you dare, my fate will be own" Pindua growled.

He then severed all the vines around him allowing himself to drop nearly thirty feet the vine stopped with a jerk and a snap and Pindua was still he died as he wished of his own will.

Simba and Kiara looked down and saw Pindua's body hanging, Simba looked at Kiara he wondered if Pindua hadn't done it if Kiara really would've killed him?

"there's no point staying here let's help the others" Kiara said.

Simba followed her as they headed back up the tree, Simba wanted to believe he knew Kiara but now he would never know if she had the capability to murder.

Kovu slammed a panther into the wall while Nala flipped one onto the floor all the while Sarafina smashed her paw into a Zebra's temple while Kurongu grabbed a lion and slammed it into the ground as hard as he could. They looked around and noticed all the society members were incapacitated.

"That wasn't so bad" Kovu said.

Nala, Sarafina and Kurongu looked at him as if he were nuts, all four lions were breathing hard their bodies were beaten and battered they looked like they had fought a war.

"You guys alright?" Simba asked them.

"we're fine Sim b a" Nala replied before collapsing from exhaustion Sarafina soon followed.

Simba ran over and helped Nala to her feet while Kovu helped Sarafina he turned to Kiara who embraced him.

"I may not be who I was but I still love you" Kiara told him.

Kovu returned it they then made their way out of the tree it was over they had done it, of course Simba didn't believe this at all anymore the things he saw the things he discovered Simba knew there was much more to come this most definitely wasn't over.

"The society has been defeated the world saved all is well ends well right, but what of Kiara would she truly be capable of murder and what if those visions Simba received what do they mean the answers await in the final chapter of the first installment of the war of Ideals trilogy."

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

Postby Hatari05 » May 17th, 2018, 7:31 am

"Well this is it the final chapter of Trials of Chaos some answers await but far more questions lie ahead this is but the beginning the prologue to a larger tale and as promised once you read the final words nothing will ever be the same."

: Chapter 19:

Has just begun

The family made their way back toward the heavily damaged pride rock where they met up with Umoja, Uhuru and Kilbali standing alongside the animals they must of done it as well.

Simba approached them, "forgive us your majesty the revelation we learned we just didn't know how to" they tried to explain.

"it's alright I didn't know what to do either but you were willing to listen in the end" Simba told them.

"we know nothing can make up for what we did but this kingdom we can't maintain it by ourselves would you" the animals said in regret.

"you don't even need to ask we are not your superiors we are guardians, protectors" Simba stated.

The animals bowed to the royal family with respect, "you have learned much Simba" Kilbali said.

"thank you Kilbali I would be honored if your pride would join the united world" Simba asked him.

"no Simba it would be my honor" Kilbali replied.

Kurongu could see some sense of order was returning much like Mungu predicted, "well done all of you, you don't realize it but we have taken a major step toward our salvation" Kurongu said.

"no this is nothing I now know what you speak" Simba told him.

"yes it is coming Simba but through unity and faith we can triumph" Kurongu stated before departing.

Simba was concerned he still couldn't forget the horror he saw and it was coming and Kurongu knew how to fight it that meant Simba would have to stand by him for now no matter what he did because Simba was pretty sure that demon sought to kill them all.

"Your majesty take your place" the animals asked they then turned to Kiara,

"princess we are sorry please lead us" they asked.

Kiara stared at them, she stepped forward, "everyone has said I haven't been myself that this wasn't the princess who united the pride landers and outlanders the one who would forgive and you know they were right but I want you to know I am me I want you to know that" Kiara said softly.

She then reached for the elephant she grabbed it's trunk and begun to squeeze it tightly.

"You tried to kill me my mother, my mate and my son, and now you want me to lead you because you realize you were bunch of selfish worms where was this before you wrecked my home" Kiara growled.

"you need us, that's the only reason you didn't kill Umoja where he stands and you were originally going to weren't you?" Kiara asked digging her claws in.

The elephant cried out in pain while the kingdom watched in shock.

"you would kill my son and my family without even considering our pleas" Kiara hissed, she dug her claws in deeper.

"you really think I would forgive that the only forgiveness you'll find from me is that I let you live!" Kiara roared finally releasing the trunk.

Simba couldn't believe what he just saw in that moment he knew Kiara would've murdered Pindua.

Kiara turned to Simba, "you want a kingdom of traitors fine but I won't be part of it" Kiara said before turning away from all of them.

"mom what about everything you taught me" Umoja asked her.

"why protect someone who would kill you if they didn't need you" Kiara told them.

"protect the one's you love as well as your ideals, forget the rest" Kiara spat she prepared to leave before facing her son again.

"I love you Umoja and I'll always be their for you as I will you Kovu and you mom, dad" Kiara said softly for a moment she was her old self again.

"but only you" Kiara finished before finally departing.

Simba couldn't believe this he turned to Nala who was also shocked they walked up Pride Rock which while damaged was still intact. Simba and Nala sat at the edge of pride rock watching the kingdom below.

"we still have a role to fulfill" Simba said.

"really because I almost feel Kiara was right what happens when they don't need us" Nala asked.

"it won't come to that" Simba answered.

"so this is all we are king and queen and even that isn't true this won't last Simba things can't go back to the way they were" Nala told him.

"no but maybe this can I give us a new life a chance to discover who we are beyond what we thought" Simba told her.

"no you lead them I'll help you but I'm done pretending to be something I'm not" Nala stated.

Simba wanted to say something but he didn't know what, "then who will you be?" Simba asked.

"That's the problem Simba I don't know" Nala answered.

Kurongu made his way back to his pride his church, he entered his private cave and bowed before a statue.

"The society has been stopped, and Simba knows the true threat" Kurongu said.

The statue glowed and a lion spirit manifested in the shadows, his voice was deep low and booming.

"Then everything is in position for our next move" The Mungu said.

"yes the prides are uniting soon the world will stand together and we will triumph in this apocalypse" Kurongu stated.

"do not assume victory so easily only through my will can you succeed" The Mungu stated.

"of course my father, but I am worried about Hatari he seemed hesitate to save Simba" Kurongu said.

The Mungu chuckled, "oh I imagine he would considering what Simba represents" The Mungu told him.

"and what is that my lord" Kurongu asked.

Hatari sat on a hill overlooking Pride Rock watching the inhabitants on it well one in particular Simba. He stared up at him seeing the life he had the legend he would be while Hatari would be forgotten his face contorted into rage and hatred.

"who he is, the forgotten prince and the second son of Mufasa and Sarabi." The Mungu stated.

To Be Continued in the Lion King War of Ideals Part 2 Clash of Faiths

"Well quite the shocker huh Simba has a brother how? When? where has he been all this time? How did Simba not know of him? What is this Demon and the Apocalypse Kurongu has warned Simba of what is happening the answers you seek lie ahead in the next installment of the War Of Ideals trilogy. There will be a sneak peak of Clash Of Faiths coming soon."

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Nickname(s): you can just call me Hatari for short
Gender: Male
Pride Points: 26


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