The Lion King War of ideals

The Lion King War of ideals

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"The Legacy of brothers is over but the circle continues and a new conflict begins, a battle of faiths, a clash of belief's, a war of ideals. Witness the continuation of the Lion King saga in this shocking sequel to the Lion King Cycles End and begin to uncover the greatest mystery of the great circle how did it all begin why do the Lions rule and what other kingdoms lie beyond the Pride Lands enter a new world far larger than you ever imagined in the first installment of the next chapter in the circle of life, and and once you reach the final words nothing will be ever the same.

: The Lion King:

War of ideals part 1

Trials of chaos

: Prologue:


A thousand years ago, a kingdom was locked in war two different forces battled all across the land each one led by a lion one with white fur and a gold mane the other gold with a black mane. The two lions watched as their forces tore through each other throwing each other into the hard ground while smashing their paws into their opponent's jaws, they bit and clawed at one another before dragging each other down reaching their claws for their enemy's throat. The battle continued to intensify as the two armies continued to push each other back, the white lion watched as the opposing army continued trying to drive his forces back but they were too even, the battle was a stalemate.

The gold lion watched the battle from afar he could not get involved yet there was a more important battle and opponent he needed to fight and he was standing right below the giant rock he sought to claim. He wished he would just stand down as he had no desire to fight him but he knew the world around him needed to change their home had become nothing but a breeding ground for tyranny and oppression and now he would tear down the ones responsible and return his home to the people who rightfully deserved it and he wouldn't let anyone stand in his way. He rallied his forces and ordered them to charge the giant rock, a massive army filled with lions, hyenas, snakes, leopards, tigers, antelope and even elephants and wildebeest charged at their target completely overwhelming the army in their path.

The white lion could see the tides had clearly turned and he simply did not have enough forces to counter this attack maybe another day but not today, he ordered his forces to fall back leaving the rock behind as the opposing army claimed it. He felt regret at his loss but knew he could not give in to despair now he had lost the battle not the war. He would wait for now but then he would save his home save it from the chaos that threatened to consume it, This Usawa vowed.

The gold lion stood on top of the giant rock a massive ledge overlooking the entire kingdom he stared down at his army his followers he never could've done it without them.

"Thank you all of you for your bravery you all honor your very names!" he called down to them.

he then looked at the ledge he was on it was almost like a throne how revolting he was above no one, with that thought he jumped off and slid down to the ground using his claws.

"this place of beauty is not mine you earned it just as you have earned your freedom, now this place of tyranny will be a place of pride, Pride Rock and I deliver it to the people!" The lion declared.

the animals all rejoiced chanting their heroes name in unison. "Machafuko! Machafuko! Machafuko!" They all cheered his name the lion who freed them and they vowed for however long they and their descendents lived they would continue his dream of a free world, for on this day they were no longer individuals, they were the society of Machafuko.
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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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"Well that was a different opening originally I was going to show the presentation for Kiara and Kovu's son but changed my mind I wanted this story to open differently. Warning as it goes on War of Ideals builds on literally everything that's happened in my previous stories so if you have not read them it is recommended you do so or there is no way you will understand all the tie backs and character arcs that unravel in War of Ideals. This story will also be introducing many new characters two of which you will meet in this chapter, so sit back and enjoy yourself.

: Chapter 1:

The new world

"It was once said that we can never escape the past, I have never believed this our past may of helped forge our paths but they do not define us we can move beyond it and now seeing the world around me I realize I was right, my name is Kiara and over ten years ago I helped end a conflict that had defined my home for decades a war between two prides but more importantly two legacies, a legacy of brothers, Mufasa and Scar their feud had nearly driven us all to extinction but my father and myself along with a brave lion named Kovu ended it. Now we are at peace that brave lion is my mate and after bringing our two prides together we have discovered a world larger then we could ever imagine, a world we now seek to unite, I see now our mission has just begun."

Kiara was discussing the terms of an alliance between the king of a pride far into the outskirts of the out lands, much had changed since the end of the war of legacies the conflict between Mufasa and Scar after the war Simba and Kiara decided that no longer could the pride lands remain isolated from the outside world and set out to find other prides, they soon discovered they were countless dozens many with completely different ideologies to the pride lands, that didn't matter to Kiara everyone was free to believe what they wanted to believe still they should at least stand together united the accomplishments of a united world were to great to even think of, and Kiara would do everything in her power to make them a reality.

"I'm not sure you pride landers have had quite the violent history" The king told her.

"I understand your concerns but we also united two prides who had been at war for decades" Kiara reasoned.

"true, what do want from us?" The king asked.

"nothing the terms are simply we will remain in contact every now and your people will be welcomed in our home and ours yours" Kiara answered him.

"hm my people don't believe in the great circle the same way yours do" The king stated.

"That's fine, your believes will be accepted in the pride lands though you may face some ridicule from the animals" Kiara said honestly.

"why would you say that you pretty much had me" The king told her.

"I will not lie to you surely our people will face some ridicule here" Kiara stated.

The king was convinced, "all right we'll maintain a peaceful coexistence when can I meet king Simba?" The king said.

"He can meet you within the next three days" Kiara answered.

"thank you I look forward to our alliance" The king said shaking Kiara's paw.

Kiara was happy with this she hoped Kovu's treaty went as well, a few minutes after leaving the pride she saw Kovu running towards her, she smiled and embraced him. After the war their relationship only improved they were married only weeks after it a few months later they had a son Umoja, Kiara proved to be a great mother though she couldn't deny it was stressful she was eternally grateful for her mother who really helped her learn to be the best mother she could, which really didn't require much Kiara was already a loving mother and for the most part knew what she was doing, Kovu on the other hand was like a fish out of water he loved his son but for the longest of time he had no idea how to raise him what qualified for playing what was the right amount of food or kings sake what was a proper bed time story, after that particular one Kiara told all the bedtime stories there was a significantly less amount of blood, and decapitations can't forget those at least he didn't tell Umoja what decapitation meant, but he had improved significantly training Umoja how to hunt who was shaping up to be a good hunter he also was good at helping their son through issues he wasn't sure of, all and all it was a wonderful life, and Kiara always thought about how lucky she was, her life was perfect, though that certainly didn't mean everyone else's was.

Shauku rushed through the outlands being pursued by a violet mob, she didn't know why they felt the need to pursue her she wasn't a danger and neither was her daughter she just didn't understand the hatred toward her or her kind. Shauku was well aware of the conflict between lions and hyenas as well as the butcher of kingdoms Kecila everyone knew about her she was easily one of the most vicious murderers of all time, she led the hyenas during the later portions of the great hyena war and also led a second attack on pride rock about fifty years ago it was there she met her demise, though the damage was done by the time Kecila died the hyena reputation had been damaged beyond repair all people saw them as were murdering poachers and pretty much all of Africa believed the world would be better off if they were extinct.

Now ironically they very nearly were the entire hyena clan was wiped out by Zira in retaliation for their role in Scars demise or at least that's what her mother told her but during the assault Shauku and her mother managed to escape barely with their lifes, her mother didn't last long in the outlands and was dead within three years leaving Shauku alone for the next ten years she eventually stumbled upon a rogue hyena who she quickly seduced in order to get shelter it worked fairly well but had an unintended side effect, a side effect she was currently carrying in her mouth.

Shauku felt her daughter Uhuru struggling she didn't like being controlled or held like this but she couldn't run fast enough from their pursuers and there was no way Shauku as risking her daughter, though she was beginning to think she couldn't out run them either which meant perhaps Uhuru was safer away from her. Shauku took in her surroundings and saw a kingdom no more than ten minutes away the Pride Lands, not exactly welcoming to hyenas but at least they could hide here they were as good as dead.

"Mom we don't have anywhere to go" Uhuru cried out.

Shauku began running toward the pride lands hoping her pursuers would just abandon the chase no such luck they really wanted to ensure the hyenas were wiped out she just didn't understand. One of them jumped on her and sent her toppling to the ground Uhuru slipped from her mouth and tumbled as well she gestured her to run for the pride lands while their attackers focus wasn't on her, Uhuru looked at her mom desperately before turning away and bolting off towards the kingdom she had to this entire struggle for survival would be pointless if they both died.

Shauku threw her attacker off of her before kicking another one she was prepared to die for her daughter but that didn't mean she wanted to, she clawed at another's eyes they couldn't pursue her if they couldn't see, she gouged at the eyes of another attacker, the two she knocked away jumped on top of her pressing her down and extracting their claws. Well looked like it didn't matter if she wanted to die or not she was still going to, but she'd take as many with her as possible. Out of nowhere her attacker was hauled off of her and thrown aside another one was stabbed in the chest, she looked up to see a hyena knocking one of her assailants to the ground, another came at Shauku this one she caught.

"you think you can threaten my life, my daughters!" Shauku roared in rage, before biting down his neck and snapping it.

Shauku turned to see her rescuer struggling against the rest she wanted to help him but getting to her daughter was more important, she began running towards the pride lands when a leopard jumped on her and attempted to pull her down she threw it off but in doing so lost her balance falling into a nearby river she felt the current tugging at her before it pulled her under, it couldn't end like this who was her rescuer was her daughter alright she needed to know, it was her last thought before her world went black.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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"In this chapter we meet our next new character Umoja the son of Kovu and Kiara Umoja is a very different character who has a very different mentality about the great circle. This chapter will also begin setting up the foundations of what will eventually be Nala's character arc who will have a much larger role in War of Ideals than she did in Legacy of brothers.

: Chapter 2:


In the years since Rafiki's death Sarafina had taken over as the new medical expert she had also been studying many of his shaman ways, no one could truly ever take Rafiki's place and Sarafina certainly wasn't trying to but they needed someone with medical experience may as well be her. Sarafina was currently examining an injured antelope after the war Sarafina had decided she no longer wanted to be a part of violence in any way so turned to a life medical aid. "Just relax you have nothing to worry about" Sarafina reassured it.

"will I walk again" the antelope asked.

Sarafina gave him a warm smile, "don't worry we'll have that thing fixed up in no time" Sarafina replied while looking at the paw.

"just a minor sprang give I'll you a little remedy and it should go down" Sarafina told him.

Sarafina grabbed a small fruit and cracked it open allowing the liquid to drip on the paw she then rubbed it all around.

"alright, you should be fine but we're going to keep you here for the night you can go home tomorrow" Sarafina told him.

she would also have to tell the hunting pack to avoid this particular herd the great circle could be confusing sometimes, she wasn't the only one who thought it another smaller individual was trying to understand it all.

Umoja hid under what could only be described as some sort of cabinet for medicine watching the medical procedure he was curious about the whole thing and even more so curious about how other animals interacted with lions he had never seen it before, he would almost expect them to be nervous but they seemed to get along and acknowledge the way things were, the way of the great circle.

Umoja was still trying to fully grasp it there were a lot of things about it that didn't make a lot of sense to him, never mind the whole royal heritage of the lions he wasn't against it but he still wondered how it came to be.

"It seems the prince has wandered off again" Sarafina said playfully while turning her attention to Umoja.

"Oh uh hi" Umoja said nervously.

"what brings you out here prince Umoja" Sarafina asked.

"please just Umoja" the prince replied.

"alright if that's how you prefer it, but why are you here?" Sarafina asked kindly.

"Just curious what was that you gave him?" Umoja asked.

"Just a healing remedy common in medical bays the shamans developed for the lions generations ago" Sarafina told him.

"how long have the shamans served us?" Umoja asked her.

"since the reign of the lions I believe" Sarafina answered.

but this only raised another question for the prince, "how long have the lions ruled how'd it start?" Umoja asked.

Sarafina smiled he was curious one unfortunately she didn't have the answers he sought, "I don't know Umoja no one does it was too long ago" Sarafina said.

Umoja was disappointed by her answer there were few things he was more curious about than the beginning of the lions rule but no one knew. It was then that Umoja and Sarafina heard a cry from outside the tree he recognized the voice his grandmother Nala.

"What is it Nala?" Sarafina asked.

Nala turned and saw Umoja well that answered one question, "hello Umoja" Nala said clearly annoyed he ran off.

"hi grandma" Umoja said nervously.

Nala gave him a bit of playful look before turning her attention to her mother, "we found someone near the river a hyena" Nala told her hesitating to continue waiting for her mothers response.

"yes bring her in immediately everyone is welcomed here" Sarafina said while Nala helped her lead the hyena inside.

"is there anything I can do to help" Nala asked.

"no but thank you Nala I'll handle this" Sarafina said.

she rushed to check her life signs, "vital signs seem alright" she said.

Suddenly the hyena sprung to life and grabbed her by the neck, "who are you where am I" the hyena said confused.

"easy you're safe now you're in the Pride Lands" Nala told her.

ever since Huzuni she had more of a soft spot for hyenas, the hyena looked around confused, "my daughter where's my daughter!" she cried out.

Umoja over heard the conversation a lone hyena girl was alone in the pride lands that didn't seem right maybe he could find her he had never met a hyena he wondered what they were like he listened in and heard that the most likely place to hide in the pride lands was a small field apparently his mother and father knew it well whatever that meant he immediately began heading toward it.

Nala met with the lionesses that had brought the hyena there.

"alright I'll check near the field you spread out and search the waterhole and especially the gorge" Nala told them.

after the war it was forbidden for anyone except a herd to go anywhere near the gorge unless accompanied by another it was also forbidden to enter it without informing all surrounding herds first, more than enough lions had lost their lives in it and Simba was determined to make sure it didn't happen again.

"your highness it has been a long time since you journeyed across the kingdom maybe we should search ourselves" a lioness suggested.

"I have to be a part of this" Nala said.

"no the king will return soon you should probably be return to pride rock you know how he worries" she told her.

Nala felt anger fill her yes she was getting a bit old and was simply not physically capable of leading the hunt anymore but she could handle this, "I can handle this" Nala reasoned.

"please your highness this task falls on us Vitani will no doubt be returning with our catch soon you should be there" The lioness told her again.

Nala knew she wasn't going to change her mind she could enforce her authority but Nala didn't like doing that and Simba would likely agree with them meaning she had to deal with even more issues, Nala relented and nodded her head.

The pride respectfully bowed to their queen before running off to find the hyena girl. Nala felt anger fill her she should've ordered them to allow her to lead the mission they needed her, did they that was a question Nala was asking herself a lot the pride no longer needed her aid Vitani had quickly mastered the hunt, and Nala simply wasn't relevant to the hunt anymore. Kiara had blossomed into a wonderful mother and would very soon be ready to be queen she no longer needed her. Simba no longer doubted himself the way he used to and no longer needed the wisdom she gave him, while the kingdom was at peace and had no need of a strong queen. No one needed her anymore and it tore her up soon Kiara would be queen but once that happened where would it leave her? Nala had spent so much of her life being queen and so much of her life before existed for the sole purpose of leading her there so it begged the question when Kiara took her place as queen who would she be, who was Nala beyond the queen of pride rock.

"Nala's arc is going to be rather unexpected and controversal there is naturally a reason behind it which I will explain when I actually reach it but the simple answer is Nala is very hard to write a character arc for she has already risen beyond whatever her character flaws were so you have to be quite creative. Well that's it for this chapter next chapter we are reintroduced to Simba.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Chapter 3:

A different kind of meeting

Simba had recently made his way back to the pride lands his mission hadn't gone as well as he'd like but it wasn't a complete failure either. Simba was still surprised how much the world around him had changed all these different prides with different believes and cultures and he didn't even know they existed for most of his life such a large world they had discovered. Simba would be lying if he said he wasn't certain about the mission they had taken on, uniting two prides was one thing but an entire world no easy task especially when most of the prides are ran completely differently how can governments so different possibly work together? Simba wasn't sure all this time he thought the lions ruled as royalty apparently not yes the lions were in charge and Simba couldn't find a pride that was an exception to the rule but some prides didn't even have royalty some were ran like a military or led by literally one individual with absolute power, one pride had literally everyone held to equal standards food, water, and even the homes they lived in, and one particular one was ran by a group of representatives elected by popular vote of the citizens. It was overwhelming and somehow someway Simba and Kiara were going to unite them all Simba wasn't sure that was possible when you mix people with different beliefs war is all but inevitable, but Kiara believed they could and she was right before so Simba would trust her now.

Simba was nearing pride rock when he saw Kovu and Kiara approaching, they seemed pleased apparently their mission went well.

"I'll take it our alliance has added some new members" Simba said.

"everything went great father" Kiara said happily.

"I suppose I have Kiara to thank for this" Simba said while pretending Kovu wasn't there.

"hey for the record I handled everything just fine" Kovu responded.

"darn, at this rate you will prove yourself a worthy king and foil my plans to keep the throne" Simba said jokingly.

"well duh someone has stop your diabolical schemes" Kovu replied.

"diabolical, come on Kovu" Kiara said amused.

"so how'd your meeting go father" Kiara asked.

"I wasn't able to meet him today" Simba answered.

"knew it you were late your age is catching up to you old man" Kovu joked.

"old man I can still change my mind about your exile even this late into the game" Simba threatened though he didn't mean it.

"Kurongu is difficult to meet with" Simba continued.

"oh I'm sorry you had to meet him" a voice replied from behind it was Vitani.

"what are you doing here you're supposed to be leading the pack" Simba said.

"already caught a meal could probably get three more before you get to pride rock at this rate" Vitani snarked.

"I forgot how amusing you can be, still why are you here?" Simba asked.

"Well Umoja ran off again I was sent to find him" Vitani answered.

"what Umoja's gone!" Kiara cried out Vitani seemed unconcerned.

"he's a cub why does everyone act surprised when they hear this?" Vitani asked.

"We have to find him!" Kovu said worried.

"alright don't get your tail in a bunch he probably went to find the hyena girl lost" Vitani replied.

"hyena girl" Simba said.

He still didn't really like hyenas despite accepting them.

"yeah the pride's looking for her, her mother was injured and is recovering in Rafiki's tree so when the pride finds the girl they'll likely find your son" Vitani concluded.

Kiara and Kovu didn't look nearly as worried now regardless they still needed to be certain everything was alright Kiara stepped forward.

"Kovu go back with Simba I will accompany Vitani" Kiara said though it sounded more like an order.

Kovu didn't argue when Kiara asked something in that tone you do it, "okay but if you're not back in an hour I'm coming after you" Kovu stated.

"okay I'll see you when we get back" Kiara told him with that the Kiara left with Vitani while Kovu followed Simba back to Pride Rock.

he didn't like doing this a real king wouldn't sit at home and wait he would go out there and find both of them himself, and Kovu knew he would be a real king he would have to be if he ever hoped to live up to his predecessors.

Umoja made his way to the field where he began investigating the grass he could smell something but he wasn't certain where, the tall grass didn't help matters she had to be here somewhere Umoja moved through the field sniffing in the direction of the tall grass that was odd there was a scent coming from it but now it was gone where did she go. Umoja found himself spun around and flipped on his back before feeling a paw pushing down on his neck, he looked up to see a young hyena girl staring down at him and looking quite angry too.

"Who are you?! How did you find me?! What are you doing here?!" the girl demanded while pressing her paw down on his neck.

Umoja struggled against her trying to push her off but she didn't give him the leverage to do so, "I'm Umoja I suspected you were here because it's one of the most secluded areas and I just want to help you." Umoja answered.

The hyena looked at him and released her paw though she seemed angered. "what makes you think I need your help lion" she said arrogantly.

"well I know my way around the kingdom being the prince and all" Umoja replied but was cut off.

"oh so you think just because you're royalty you can decide if I can handle myself or not" the girl said angrily.

"what I didn't say that it's just my home so I would know where to go" Umoja told her.

the hyena looked around the kingdom, "so this entire kingdom is yours" she said with disdain.

"actually that's what my family told me crazy right" Umoja replied.

"so you have claim over all of this hardly seems fair, but I would expect such arrogance from lions" the hyena said.

Umoja was beginning to get annoyed he came out to make sure she was okay and she was treating him like an enemy.

"what's your problem with lions and me I came here to help you that's it!" Umoja yelled.

"You lions think yourself above the world and neglect the people" the hyena said.

"you don't even know who I am or my family you don't get to judge us!" Umoja shouted.

"except for the fact that you rule the lifes of others what gives you the right?" the hyena asked.

Umoja prepared to counter only to find out he couldn't why were the lions in charge why was he destined to be king there were probably better options out there. "I, I don't know" Umoja said.

the hyena turned to him surprised, "you're not going to tell me you were born to rule" she asked.

"I'm not sure maybe I was" Umoja said uncertain.

The hyena felt a little guilty she let her hatred of leaders get to her, "you don't know, I thought the prince would know his perceived place for sure, by the way why would you just openly tell me that?" she asked.

"I thought I would make you feel more comfortable if the prince was welcoming you" Umoja answered.

"oh sorry I just assumed you wanted me to bow to you" the hyena replied.

"I wouldn't have earned such a response respect has to be earned" he said.

"you're a different kind of royal and I don't completely hate you, names Uhuru" she said sounding much more laid back.

"I'm Umoja" Umoja said back.

"hm catchy, so why were you trying to find me?" Uhuru asked.

"We found your mother" Umoja answered.

"wait my mother's alive!" Uhuru cut him off.

"yeah she's back at our medical tree she's the one who asked us to find you" Umoja explained.

"so that's why a pride crossed this field a few moments before you arrived" Uhuru replied.

"how'd you avoid them?" Umoja asked.

"just moved to the nearest section of the outlands came back afterwards" Uhuru answered.

"can you take me to my mother" she asked him.

"no because he's going to be grounded" a kind but firm female voice said, "but we can" the voice finished.

Umoja and Uhuru turned to see Vitani and Kiara standing only a few feet away from them.

"oh uh hi mom" Umoja said nervously.

"Umoja thank you for helping to find her now go home" Kiara commanded her son.

Umoja looked down sadly before turning to leave, "drop by the tree any time I'd like to talk some more" Uhuru called back to him.

Umoja didn't respond but he knew he would have to take that offer.

"Vitani would you please return her to her mother" Kiara requested.

"sure but only if you hold off the scolding until I get back." Vitani responded.

Kiara nodded while smiling a bit amused, Vitani had over the years slowly began returning to her former self before Kopa's death it was a happy thought. Vitani led Uhuru back towards Rafiki's tree where her mother was waiting while Kiara took Umoja back to pride rock, hyenas were interesting this was all Umoja could think her believes must be completely different from his own and he really wondered what they were, how did someone live without a king or maybe the question was how it could live with one.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Chapter 4:

Who are we?

Vitani arrived at Rafiki's tree with Uhuru in her mouth she entered the tree and placed the hyena girl down in front of her mother.

"Oh god Uhuru are you alright?" Shauku asked while embracing her daughter.

"I'm fine mom I thought you were dead" Uhuru said while returning the hug.

"so did I but another one of our kind saved me and you" Shauku told her daughter.

This caught Vitani's interest, "another hyena I thought the pack was completely wiped out" Vitani said in shock.

"I don't know but one saved me thank you for retrieving my daughter what is your name" Shauku asked.

Vitani knew telling Shauku who she was would be a terrible idea at this point considering what her mother did to the pack.

"no one important" Vitani said.

"you're important to me" Shauku told her.

Vitani ignored her this time and began to depart, "thanks for saving my mother" Uhuru called out to her.

Vitani didn't reply save her yeah right Vitani could barely look them in the eye considering she was the daughter of the one who likely killed most of Shauku's friends and more importantly directly supported the decision for her to do so, after willingly agreeing to something like that there was simply no feasible way Vitani could associate with a hyena not for any actual length of time.

Kiara returned to Pride Rock with Umoja she placed him down and saw Kovu waiting for her.

"was everything alright" he asked.

"yes everything was fine actually" Kiara answered.

"good where is he?" Kovu asked.

Kiara gestured outside the den the two of them went out together to speak to their son.

Umoja was sitting alone when waiting for his parents when Simba approached him.

"getting into trouble, getting caught, getting lectured, a cub's life" he told him.

Umoja laughed at his remark, "you get into a lot of trouble" Umoja asked.

Simba chuckled, "I'm shocked I didn't spend half my cub hood grounded" Simba answered.

Kovu and Kiara emerged from the den staring down at their son.

"Umoja you have to stop running off" Kiara said.

"I just wanted to find her I thought the prince welcoming her would make her feel more comfortable here" Umoja replied his voice a little sad.

"it's not that you run off whenever given the chance" Kovu told him.

"you're fathers right what you did today was actually somewhat responsible but I have to look for you everyday" Kiara told him.

"I'm just curious trying to find it all out" Umoja said.

"Umoja you're not going to find your place or purpose while you're a cub and beside you shouldn't have to find those answers alone I know what's it's like to be confused" Kovu told him.

Umoja looked up at them confused, "no it's the great circle our place how did we get here" Umoja asked.

Simba looked at his grandson with shock he had dealt with this before, "no one has the answer to that Umoja" Simba told him.

"it's true we're just part of the great circle and we play our part in it" Kiara told him.

"no what I mean is how did we come to rule, why do we deserve that right" Umoja asked uncertain.

Kovu's jaw dropped, "what it's, It's just how it is" Kovu answered.

"we've done it as long as anyone can remember" Kiara told him.

"but how why, how was such a responsibility given to us how did we get this birthright" Umoja asked his voice sounding almost desperate.

all three lions pondered his question but none more so than Simba, in fact Simba was taking it into deep consideration, what made him so special why was only he fit to rule because he was Mufasa's son shouldn't leadership be chosen by more than just bloodline Simba could only wonder.

Kiara finally spoke, "I don't know, I don't know the answer to that Umoja but here we are if the animals didn't want us to rule don't you think they would've challenged us by now" Kiara told him.

Umoja considered his mom's words, "we've been accepted and that alone tells me that that this is how things are meant to be we are meant to lead" Kiara told him though she didn't believe in destiny they were leading now because they worked their way there.

"but I'm not, I'm not a leader why should I lead others when there are probably better options, I'm not above them" Umoja stated.

Kovu was beginning to understand but still didn't know what to say, "we're not above them we don't rule them we protect them, we're not rulers, we're guardians, they are above us they are the kingdom we just protect it" Kiara stated.

Umoja looked at his mom but still looked uncertain, "maybe I guess" he replied.

Kiara smiled and took her son into her paws, "as long you remember that the how and why doesn't matter, let's go it's time for bed now" Kiara said while gesturing Kovu to follow who just looked at Simba in wonderment that was the queen he had to be a worthy king to and the thought was overwhelming.

Simba watched Kiara enter the den with pride she had learned so much and taught him so much "how much longer before it's time for Kiara to take her place?" Nala asked.

"I don't know Kovu's still struggling" Simba told her.

"he'll learn" Nala said.

she felt concerned she always felt she was a good queen but never had she done something like what Kiara did back in that gorge all those years ago, nor had she ever said something so wise Nala never even thought of it that way Kiara was going to redefine the pride lands, she was proud of her but still felt inferior to her, Simba could tell something was bothering Nala.

"what's wrong?" he asked

"nothing Simba" Nala lied.

Simba saw right through it, "come on you can tell me" he told her.

"have you ever felt like you don't matter" Nala asked, Simba thought for a moment.

"I've felt weak, uncertain but never worthless why" Simba answered.

"Simba my whole life has been dedicated to being queen and every aspect of my life has been defined by it, now I can't hunt, Kiara doesn't need me, the kingdom doesn't need me, Simba when Kiara becomes queen what purpose do I serve?" Nala asked him.

Simba was dumbfounded, "what! Nala no of course you have a purpose, when Kiara becomes queen you'll still be my mate, you'll be Nala" Simba told her.

Nala turned and asked Simba the question that was beginning to haunt her, "and tell me Simba beneath it all who is Nala?" she asked him

"my mate, Kiara's mother, Sarafina's daughter" Simba tried to rationalize.

"no those are the people I know who am I Simba beyond a queen what purpose do I have" Nala asked again.

"I love you Nala and I wouldn't be here without you" Simba told her.

Nala smiled at Simba's comment before lowering her head, "you don't get it, I love you too but that's not who I am and I just don't know" Nala said sorrowfully before turning away to leave.

"Nala wait!" Simba called out to her but she was gone.

Simba couldn't believe the conversation he just had of course Nala had purpose and he knew who she was, but did he, now that Simba thought about it both he and Nala had been defined by their reign as king and queen, when that was over who would they become and Simba could still at least hunt Nala's age had caught her much harder everything she used to love to do she couldn't do anymore and had to rely on others to do it all the time. Simba couldn't imagine what that was like. He turned to the edge of pride rock and stared at the stars.

"father is Nala right is a king solely defined by their reign if so who are they beyond it, and why are we even king, why are we king" Simba asked, he felt a brisk wind and wondered if it was his father,

"father is it our right and if it isn't does that mean I have no purpose, who are we, why are we here if not to lead?" Simba asked

there was no response he didn't expect one his father made it clear Simba would have to manage without him. Simba turned away he saw Nala below Pride Rock and watched her he could only wonder how they came to be here, deep in thought Simba looked to the skies staring at the stars one which formed strange symbol a it looked like a lion but within it were the stars and what appeared to be snake wrapping itself around the lion, what on earth kind of star alignment was that even more shocking now it was gone, what was that and what did it mean.

The same Symbol seen in the stars now hung in a dark chamber in a cave where a massive tiger with brown eyes stared up at it beside him was a hyena and lion with tan fur and a brown mane his eyes blue, The tiger dropped what appeared to be some dust in the fire a massive burst coming from it,

"our moment is almost at hand, what did you discover" he asked his two partners his voice was calm calculating deep and board line monotone,

"Simba was meeting with the leader known as Kurongu" the lion answered,

"be certain you witness their meeting and do not strike until signaled to" the tiger said.

The lion saluted not the tiger but the signal above him, before departing as he left a leopard was watching from the shadows and took that opportunity to report back to his pride.

he arrived at his pride which was mostly deserted at the time he walked up to a lion laying down in the middle of a circle his fur was brown his mane black his eyes green, he noticed the lion in front of him,

"it would appear the society lives on" the leopard said,

"not surprising, if so no doubt they'll be targeting the pride lands" the lion said,

"I believe we should keep monitoring the society as well as the pride lands it's possible they will target us as well" the leopard said,

"I agree good work" the lion said kindly, the leopard before leaving, he did not bow did not address him as he leader, nor did anyone else, nor was there even a ruler that wasn't how things worked in Kilbali's home.

"Well there's three more characters introduced all of which will have large roles to play. Kurongu will be introduced next chapter and bring some new themes to the story. Now about Nala's arc, Nala's arc originated while I was first writing this struggling to come up with something to give her I knew I wanted her to be a bigger character than my previous stories and the problem was that in all Lion King movies as well as all my previous stories Nala was used to support another character it was never her arc so i questioned who would Nala be on her own and I realized that was the story Nala is in a position where everything she used to do she can't anymore all the people she supported don''t really need her support anymore so when on her own who is she, Nala herself will try to unravel that answer. Just thought i'd justify it I like Nala as a character and just wanted to give her an arc that would really delve into her."

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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"First thing I want to say is to assure all christians that Kurongu is not meant to be a jab at your belief's I would never do that there is much more to his character and I really came to like him, but a reoccuring thing in the War Of Ideals is showing both the good and bad of different ideals and beliefs to present a more complex and uncertain picture I hope you can still enjoy."

: Chapter 5:

A different point of view

Simba, Nala and the rest of the pride had gathered outside of pride rock awaiting the arrival of a very powerful lion Kurongu, Simba had hoped to meet him two days ago but Kurongu refused to allow him in his kingdom or how he put it his church agreeing only to meet him in the pride lands.

"So this Kurongu does he really require this kind of welcoming" Nala asked.

"he's a king we treat him with proper respect" Kiara said.

"actually he's not a king" Simba stated.

"well what is he then" Kovu asked

"his followers describe him as a spiritual leader" Simba answered, Vitani shrugged at the response she had heard of Kurongu as well and from what she heard she had her own description.

"really from what I heard he's simply put a prick" Vitani said.

"so was I once let's give him a chance" Simba responded.

Umoja was intrigued by this Kurongu a leader who wasn't a king, "how does he lead" Umoja asked.

"well at least what I heard he leads with faith and spiritual beliefs he's not the leader the spirit itself is" Simba explained.

Umoja looked up what a fascinating concept, Nala and Kovu however looked in sheer confusion.

"what" Nala asked.

"I can't really explain Nala just one of the several different beliefs we've come across you think this is different I heard one pride doesn't have a government at all" Simba said.

"savages" Nala replied.

Umoja didn't get his grandmothers response, "but doesn't that mean the inhabitants are free to live their life however they choose what's so bad about it?" Umoja asked.

"people can't just do whatever they want no society could ever survive like that" Kovu told him.

"there are leaders for a reason Umoja" Kiara told him.

she saw Kurongu and his pride approaching, "Umoja you should go to Rafiki's tree I don't want you getting into trouble during this" Kiara told him.

"okay mom" Umoja replied he was ecstatic to go, finally he could speak to Uhuru again and maybe understand just how she lived.

Kurongu arrived outside of pride rock staring at it with what looked like almost contempt he turned his attention to Simba. Simba had to admit that his expression wasn't doing him any favors and Simba wasn't sure he actually wanted to talk to him, but he had to for the sake of the new growing world.

"Kurongu, I would like to welcome you to the pride lands it is an honor to have you here" Simba said while bowing respectfully.

"thank you for your hospitality, but let's get to business I do not wish to stay in this fortress of heretics for long" Kurongu said rudely.

"what those are my subjects you are insulting" Simba replied with a hint of anger.

"I speak only the truth, and merely wish to convince others of it" Kurongu replied bluntly.

"no matter as you are aware we have officially began an alliance of different lands all around the world" Simba explained.

"you seek to create a united world, admirable" Kurongu stated.

"yes and we would like you to be a part of it" Simba told him.

"what terms are there" Kurongu asked.

"none really simply put both prides are welcomed in either kingdom and when there can live as they choose" Simba told him.

"no, I do not want any of your people bringing your misguided ways into my sanctuary" Kurongu stated.

Simba struggled not to lose his temper at Kurongu's insults, "we believe what we believe" Simba said.

"and it won't save you from being condemned I am merely trying to save you all" Kurongu responded.

"well thank you but we're fine if you do not wish us to be there fine but your people will still be welcomed here" Simba said struggling not to beat Kurongu into the ground.

"we appreciate your generosity but I would like to see your hunting squad as well" Kurongu requested.

"of course" Simba said bracing himself for what was probably another insult.

"who is leader of this hunting pack?" Kurongu asked.

"well that would be the queen my mother Nala" Kiara responded.

"thank you but I was not speaking to you, as for Nala she is much too old to still to be leading the hunt much like myself" Kurongu stated.

Nala looked like she was about ready to throttle him how dare he think her weak.

"I fill in for Nala from time to time, my name is Vitani" Vitani told him.

"Zira's cub than you are most surely capable of catching a kill" Kurongu told her.

Vitani felt her blood boil, did he just call her a killer, "I'm well aware of your past and your skill sets are impressive even some of the more vicious ones but those are to be expected" Kurongu said.

Vitani burst she swore she was going to remove his ability to speak, "you want to see my skill sets, come get an up close look!" Vitani roared.

Kiara grabbed her, "apologies sir, but killing is a very sensitive topic to her." Kiara stated.

"I'm aware but those insecurities one must overcome, by the way I am most impressed with you Kiara you will be a great leader like none other" Kurongu said for the first time his admiration seemed genuine.

Nala looked down in shame once again Kiara had proven how little she needs her she was proud to be her mother but still why did he have put her down so harshly.

"well do you agree to the alliance" Simba asked wanting to wrap this up.

"yes I accept but my terms remain the same, and one more thing I would like to remain here for the time being to speak with Kovu I am guessing you will soon step down so I wish to establish a partnership of sorts with the future king" Kurongu explained.

Kovu stepped forward answering before Simba could, "of course I wish to help our alliance in any way I can" Kovu said.

"than may Mungu guide you" Kurongu said before departing for one of the hills above Kovu accompanied him curious what he wished to tell him about.

Simba, Nala, Kiara and Vitani all turned to each other happy it was over, "what an arrogant self righteous jerk" Simba said he couldn't believe how rude he was.

"I can't even think of the proper term" Nala said.

"no mom I think Vitani described him pretty accurately, he's simply put a prick" Kiara stated.

Sure he complemented her but he still insulted everyone else there not to mention the entire kingdom. Kurongu could hear their comments about him and didn't care he wasn't here for their alliance, they didn't summon him here a higher power brought them to him, the Mungu had told him about them, all of them they were oblivious so desperate to build a new world without seeing the most critical detail someday soon there simply wouldn't be a world, that's why he was there to insure they all survived, survived to battle and triumph against the coming apocalypse.

On a far hill the lion from the mysterious cave watched as Kurongu left Simba and his family they were alone perfect, the society had been watching Simba since the beginning they also watched his father Mufasa as well as Ahadi and Uru's father, this was of course long before the lions time but he was told it by their leader, Pindua, the society knew more about the world than anyone including the very answer Simba and Umoja sought, now it was time for them to find out the society would strike tonight the greatest deception would be exposed, tonight the world would know that at long last the society of Machafuko had returned.

Umoja made his way to Rafiki's tree when he was spotted by Sarafina "did you run off again prince Umoja?" Sarafina asked.

"no my mom gave me permission" Umoja answered.

"well alright but stay out of trouble" Sarafina asked him.

"I always at least try to" Umoja replied.

Sarafina couldn't argue with that at least he wasn't diving off of waterfalls he certainly wasn't the handful Simba was at least from what she heard.

"you're right compared to your grandpa Simba when he was a cub threw himself into trouble everyday" Sarafina told him.

"that must have been hectic" Umoja said laughing.

"it didn't help Sarabi's age" Sarafina said before giving Umoja the go ahead to go up.

Umoja made his way through the tree where he saw Uhuru on the floor drawing something, "you have an interest in art" Umoja asked.

Uhuru looked up and saw him, "hey how's it going, and no not really just a few things" Uhuru said.

"so you're the lion cub who found my daughter" Shauku said to him.

"well it was mostly the pride" Umoja replied.

"you're too generous" Shauku told him.

"I'm Umoja you" Umoja told her.

"my name is Shauku you already met Uhuru" Shauku responded.

Umoja bowed respectfully before approaching Uhuru, "what's that you're drawing" he asked her.

"it's not just a drawing it's an ideal" Uhuru told him.

"an ideal" Umoja said confused.

"yeah you know how you pride landers believe in the rule of pride rock this is mine" Uhuru answered.

Now Umoja was interested he wondered just what kind of ideals this hyena girl believed in especially if she's against leaders and rulers, "what is it?" he asked,

"the shield of Machafuko" Uhuru stated.

"Machafuko what does that mean?" Umoja questioned.

Uhuru pointed to the stars on her picture, "it means freedom, the right to determine your own destiny to be held back by no one to be commanded by no one" Uhuru explained.

Umoja was fascinated but confused people were free weren't they, "aren't people already free?" he pondered.

"no wherever you go you always have someone telling everyone what to do, could you imagine a world where you could live whatever life you chose it'd be a perfect world" Uhuru said smiling.

"I don't know yeah everyone can live how they choose but what's to stop people from just taking over entire kingdoms or killing prides" Umoja asked.

"what stops it anyway" Uhuru responded.

Umoja tried to think of a counter but found it difficult, "well the leaders" Umoja replied uncertain.

Uhuru smiled in amusement he was so naïve but interesting his different views on different beliefs were intriguing wrong but intriguing, "I like this debating back and forth between us" Uhuru told him.

Umoja smiled as well he loved seeing a different side to the world the different way things could be ran and he had to admit he did wonder if perhaps a world where people were free to determine their lives without leader and rulers would be better but could it actually work he needed to know more.

"show me more of this" Umoja requested, and Uhuru did, each one revealing more about this new ideal, an ideal Umoja wanted to learn more and more about.

Shauku watched as her daughter and the prince debated politics well the world was full of surprises her daughter had always been a rebellious free spirit even against her and she never would've imagined she would even remotely bond with the prince but the moment made her happy due to the hyenas being nearly extinct Uhuru didn't have any real friends and it was great to see her making one. Shauku turned away from them and gazed out the tree where she was startled by what she saw there he was the same hyena who saved them was watching them he wasn't far maybe she could catch him but he was already leaving.

"hey wait" Shauku called out, rushing out the tree and heading for the ledge he was on but he was no longer there, she then saw him running she bolted after him.

"wait come back who are you!?" Shauku called out but he was gone. Shauku didn't understand who was this hyena and how did he know them he had to know them why else would he save them and why else would he keep watch on them.

"So Umoja has began to delve into the ways of Anarchy where will this lead him, and who is this mysterious Hyena what apocalypse is Kurongu referring to what does the society have planned you'll just have to keep reading to find out.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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"Well here we are our first big action scene of the story this is definitely the turning point in Trials of Chaos as the story really begins to take shape from this point on hope you've enjoyed up to this point.

: Chapter 6:

The infiltration

The lion from the dark cave was watching from the shadows as Simba and his pride entered Pride Rock, he counted the number of lionesses close to three dozen and that probably wasn't all of them the rest were probably resting somewhere near Pride Rock. The society was tough but if they were going to succeed at their mission this would have to be a sneak attack. Where was his partner they would need to be ready soon.

"how's the situation?" he heard his partner call from behind, the hyena.

"nice of you to finally arrive Yatima" the lion said.

"the mission is still a few hours away" Yatima replied annoyed.

"still wasting your time with those hyenas I see" The lion stated.

"you still have time for your actual duties right" he asked.

"don't question my resolve, Hatari." Yatima said angered

Hatari grinned, "I don't care about your resolve but I can't handle this alone" Hatari stated.

"you're in a hurry why so anxious" Yatima asked.

"that's my business why the attachment for the hyena family" Hatari asked

"enough about our personal business contact Pindua we'll need his aid" Yatima said calmly.

Hatari grabbed a wooden bowl and lit a fire in it he then threw a strange dust into it and placed two things of fur in, the it released a smoke and created an image of a tiger, "so we are finally ready" Pindua said.

"everything is in place we'll require further aid though" Yatima said.

"I have already anticipated this and will arrive in the Pride Lands within the next few hours a group of followers will accompany me, remain hidden until then" Pindua said before ending the message.

Yatima and Hatari turned away each wanting to return their attention to what they were doing before. Hatari didn't care what Yatima focused his attention or any of the others for that matter Hatari had his own reasons for joining they all did.

The hours passed by and Yatima continued to watch Shauku and Uhuru he was well aware that Shauku caught a glimpse of him but couldn't allow her to catch him. Shauku seemed to be sleeping peacefully as was Uhuru he saw Prince Umoja beside her so he wasn't at Pride Rock that could make things simpler. For the time being he allowed his thoughts to forget the mission for now he would simply relish they were safe, she was safe.

Kovu sat on a hill far away from Pride Rock he had come here hoping Kurongu would speak to him regarding the future of both prides but instead he had stood there silently for most of the day Kovu had tried to leave but Kurongu would always ask he remain. Kovu didn't understand what Kurongu wanted.

"do not leave keep your attention to the border" Kurongu told him.

"I don't get it I've been standing here like a statue all day what am I doing?" Kovu asked.

"Just wait" Kurongu stated.

"for what there's nothing!" Kovu said in anger.

Kurongu caught a scent he knew they would arrive tonight, "there look far focus your vision" Kurongu commanded, Kovu focused his sight to the border and saw a tiger crossing and he wasn't alone close to half a dozen animals were behind him, a panther, a lioness, a cheetah, an antelope, and the last one a leopard.

"what the who are they!" Kovu shouted.

"They're here" Kurongu said ignoring his question.

"I needed you here because I couldn't watch all the borders alone I had no intention of discussing anything with you" he explained.

"you knew they were coming why didn't you say anything who are they?!" Kovu demanded.

"you wouldn't of believed me but it doesn't matter get to your pride and don't let them escape!" Kurongu commanded.

Kovu didn't know how Kurongu knew this but he had to warn his pride whatever they were here it wasn't good.

Yatima sat about a dozen yards away from Rafiki's tree when he caught Pindua's scent he was here it was time for the mission to begin. Shauku opened her eyes and watched the as the mysterious hyena disappeared again where was he going, Shauku made her way out of the tree as she followed him. Sarafina was resting when she felt something a disturbance of sort ever since taking on Rafiki's former role Sarafina had developed a bit of a spiritual side and that side was telling her something was wrong, she got up and went to the entrance of the tree where she saw Shauku running off following another hyena, something was wrong Sarafina could feel it in her gut her family was in danger, with that thought Sarafina rushed toward Pride Rock.

Yatima met up with Hatari as well as Pindua and his group, "there are dozens of lionesses in that den we must do this swiftly and quietly, you five remain hidden if a member of the pride awakens immobilize them, Yatima, Hatari and I will retrieve our target" Pindua said.

All of the members nodded in agreement acknowledging their roles. Pindua, Yatima and Hatari entered the den silently they moved their way to the center where the royal family slept, Hatari saw his target sleeping on the ground how he would love to take it now and he actually considered doing so extracting his claws.

"we need only one don't worry about the rest, Yatima be certain the exit is clear" Pindua stated. Hatari relented as he and Pindua extracted a small plant they cut it open and let a liquid drip on a leaf they moved toward the royal family time to take their target.

Kovu ran towards Pride Rock only to find himself tackled by a leopard she threw him down and placed her paw on his throat, Kovu struggled against her he had to do something quick the intruders were in the den. He grabbed her paw and forcibly removed it he then roared as loud as he could.

Simba was startled to hear a mighty roar why would Kovu do that at this time he opened his eyes to see a tiger and a lion dangerously close to him and his family, his instincts took over.

"Intruders!" Simba shouted his voice waking the entire pride Nala was first to take action.

"seize them!" Nala roared.

Pindua growled in frustration as the pride jumped at them, Pindua grabbed a lioness and threw her aside before backhanding another one out of the way another jumped on his back which he threw to the ground. Hatari found himself being practically dog piled by lioness who forcibly threw off him.

"well got a plan b" Hatari asked.

Pindua let out a savage roar signaling his troops seconds later his followers came charging into the den led by Yatima.

Shauku arrived at Pride Rock only to hear the sounds of battle coming from it.

"Shauku what's going on" Sarafina asked.

"I think Pride Rock is under attack" Shauku asked.

"I knew something was wrong" Sarafina said before paying Shauku no more attention.

Kovu fought his way into Pride Rock searching frantically for Kiara, "Kiara!" he called out to her.

"don't bother with her make sure the invaders don't escape!" Kurongu yelled while running to Pride Rock himself.

Simba and the pride found themselves closed in as the invaders maneuvered their way around them Simba threw his paw at one of them but they dodged it before throwing another lioness into his attack. Nala pinned another to the ground only for him to trip one of the lionesses causing her to fall on Nala.

"it's too crowded we can't fight in here." Simba said quietly.

"you can't but we can" Pindua said to him, before grabbing him and throwing him to the floor he jumped at Simba who rolled out of the way and kicked him in the chin Pindua hit the ground before rolling to the side.

Simba leaped at him swinging his paw downward Pindua ducked under the blow and struck him in the gut, "this was supposed to go much more smoothly" Pindua told him.

"you really thought I would let you hurt my family!" Simba roared.

"we had no desire to, we were here for one reason and it wasn't to bring harm I appall such desires" Pindua told him.

Simba wasn't buying any of it why sneak on them he grabbed Pindua and threw him across the den. Nala kicked a leopard in the face before tripping a panther she grabbed it and slammed its' head into the floor, finally after all this time she was finally doing something again if she couldn't hunt or teach Kiara at least she could still protect her pride. Nala jumped in the air and pushed the leopard down pressing her paw down on her neck the leopard responded by throwing her off with her leg causing her back to hit the wall, Nala pulled herself up only to feel an aching sensation in her bones.

"no!" Nala cried.

she forced herself to run at her opponent but her blows were becoming slower and her joints were stumbling she couldn't keep up with her opponent who casually backhanded her aside, Nala felt her body hit the ground and couldn't force it to get up she saw an enemy coming at her only for Kiara to intercept them, yet another thing Nala was incapable now she didn't protect her pride or her family they had to protect her, she was completely and utterly useless.

Kovu threw Yatima out of the den before knocking another invader aside finally the lionesses began forcing their opponents outside, "quick thinking Kovu" Vitani called out to him.

"where's Kiara?" Kovu asked.

"she went to help Simba" Vitani answered.

Kovu didn't say another word he immediately rushed in Simba's direction, Vitani looked around the battlefield and saw Shauku trying to get through the carnage what she was doing, she was going to get herself killed not if Vitani had anything to say about it Vitani rushed toward her.

Shauku maneuvered her way through the battle searching for the hyena she saw him battling against Kurongu she jumped in the air and tackled the hyena to the ground.

"what are you doing get off of me" Yatima demanded.

"who are you how do you know me" Shauku asked.

"it's not important now get out of here before you put yourself in danger!" Yatima demanded.

"no you know me and I think I know you" Shauku said.

"no, no you don't leave" Yatima pleaded.

Shauku pushed him down harder staring at him gazing at his green eyes wait a minute it couldn't be she thought he was dead, "Yatima" Shauku said in shock.

"no you can't know me for both your sake and my niece!" Yatima stated before pushing her off he then threw a thing of sand at her temporarily blinding her before disappearing.

"Yatima!" Shauku called out to him but she couldn't see him anywhere this was impossible her brother was alive.

She continued searching despite not being able to fully see she found herself stumbling and nearly falling off a ledge only for a paw to grab her.

"hang on" Vitani called to her before pulling her up, Shauku looked at her in disbelief why did this lion save her why had either of these lionesses saved her she thought everyone wanted hyenas dead.

Simba grappled with Pindua only for Hatari to grab him and throw him aside.

"all that talk of greatness and still you were saved by another" Hatari mocked him.

Simba swiped at his jaw Hatari took the blow and grabbed Simba around the neck.

"you think you're strong but you've lived in privilege you know nothing of true hardships" Hatari growled before lifting him up and slamming him on the ground.

"get away from my father!" Kiara roared jumping on Hatari's back clawing at it.

Hatari growled and grabbed Kiara throwing her to the ground before kicking her in the ribs he then grabbed her head and slammed it into the ground.

"Hatari that is enough" Pindua said calmly but firmly.

Hatari relented and stared down at both Kiara and Simba, "I have been waiting for you longer than you can ever imagine" he told one of them though which one wasn't certain.

The entire pride were about to descend on them their forces had been pushed back, "grab the girl we'll have to change our tactics" Pindua said not sounding worried at all.

Hatari grabbed Kiara and before anyone could react Pindua threw a thing of dust and fire on the floor creating a smoke cloud the pride was already surrounding the king but had no hope of finding where the intruders went.

Simba opened his eyes to see his pride staring down at him, "what happened where are the intruders?" Simba asked.

"They escaped and they took Kiara" Sarafina told him.

"what! Where did they go?!" Simba demanded.

"We don't know, Vitani disappeared during the battle as well, Nala was injured too" Sarafina said worried.

"no" was all Simba could say.

Kovu entered the den and noticed Kiara wasn't there, "what's going on where is Kiara I tried to reach her during the battle but couldn't" Kovu stated.

"I'm afraid they took Kiara and we don't know where" Sarafina told him sorrowfully.

"no I was suppose to protect her, she's my mate how could I let them take her!" Kovu roared.

"I should've fought harder I should've warned everyone sooner, I should've been better!" Kovu screamed his paws trembling in fury.

"no Kiara" he said in near whisper.

"Kiarrraaa!" Kovu screamed to the heavens, he had failed his mate how could he possibly protect a kingdom when he couldn't even protect his mate.

"I'm afraid that might be all for now so what's your opinion of the story so far do you like it. It certainly raises a few questions just who are these people and what is it they want with Kiara, what are their intentions? Those answers will certainly come in time and likely fairly soon. I hope you have enjoyed the story up to this point.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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"Well it's been a couple of weeks but I'm back with the next chapter and plenty more to follow our last chapter saw Kiara abducted by the mysterious society of Machafuko who infiltrated Pride Rock for an unknown purpose why you ask what is their motivation how do these events impact our beloved characters well sit back and find out."

: Chapter 7:

Our failures

Shauku was beginning to gain her vision back and got a good look at the lioness that saved her it was the one who brought her daughter to her.

"This is the second time you've helped me why" Shauku asked

"I just want to help people" Vitani said

she wasn't sure why she was so focused on protecting this hyena family like it would really matter in the end.

"so you don't know either" Shauku replied.

"I guess with hyenas being so scarce I want to keep the last few safe" Vitani answered

it wasn't a lie her mother wiped them out the least she could do is protect the last few. Shauku could see the uncertainty on the lioness' face she was obviously hiding something else.

"yeah we are but I thought that was supposed to be a good thing" Shauku said in contempt.

Vitani felt like she had been punched in the gut she once thought that exact thing but now seeing one of the few survivors all it brought her was guilt.

"you know there was once a time where I thought that too" Vitani said.

Shauku growled "I don't get it what did we do to be so hated did we do any worse than some of the things you lions did, did we deliberately commit genocide" Shauku yelled.

"Kecila did all that and more" Vitani told her.

"she's just one hyena we spent decades trying to atone for what she did why do we think we never declared war on you because we felt we had caused enough bloodshed" Shauku said on the verge of tears.

"I was born and I was hated by every living kingdom and I didn't even know why!" Shauku cried.

Vitani felt her heart breaking she was right the entire hyena species was condemned for the crimes of one.

"You're right it's not fair believe it or not I understand" Vitani told her,

"How could you?" Shauku asked.

"I was exiled from my home for the crimes of my parents it was only because of a dear friend that I was ever able to return" Vitani explained.

"you want to kill us don't you" Vitani asked.

"a group of animals tried to murder me and my daughter just because we were hyenas yes if I could I'd kill you all" Shauku seethed.

Vitani understood this rage, "you would condemn us for the crimes of a few how are you better" Vitani asked knowing the cub she loved would have likely spoken those exact words,."

it doesn't matter I'm just another hyena all that matters is that I find him" Shauku said.

"who, please I want to help you" Vitani pleaded.

Shauku relented, "that other hyena he's my brother" Shauku said.

"I'll help you find him" Vitani said.

Shauku expression softened and she merely nodded her head yes. What was Vitani doing she all but asked Zira to wipe the hyenas out and now did she really think helping one hyena family reunite would make up for that Vitani and her family had committed many crimes most they could atone for but not this one.

Simba and Kovu sat inside of pride rock silently with shame besides lied Nala who felt nothing but disgust for herself Kiara saved her and she couldn't even save Kiara at least Kovu and Simba fought on Nala collapsed like a weakling, where was the strong lioness she used to be had age withered her that much, she refused to believe that. Kovu was enraged, enraged at the ones who took Kiara and enraged at himself for not stopping it what was he supposed to tell Umoja he knew he had to.

"Kovu you did everything you could" Simba reassured him.

"I should've been prepared for this" Simba finished.

"no you said it yourself your time is almost done I must be capable to lead now and I'm not" Kovu said shamefully.

"enough we all know the truth we failed we are supposed to be protectors and yet we didn't even notice over half a dozen intruders" Nala said bluntly.

"we'll find her" Simba said, and then something occurred to him maybe they wouldn't have to.

"I think they came for me" Simba said.

"how do you know" Nala asked, "they said they were changing their tactics

I think they were after me" Simba explained, Kovu began to understand,

"they took her as leverage meaning they're going come back but we can't wait that long we have to strike now!" Kovu roared.

"no we don't know what we're up against if we charge in blindly we could get everyone killed I don't like it either Kovu but we have to wait for now let them come to us" Simba said.

"I agree Simba but I do not like it" Nala stated.

Kovu knew they were right but it still felt like it was a mistake but there was something worse Kovu needed to do now he made his way to Rafiki's tree to see his son.

Umoja was resting peacefully Uhuru had also fallen asleep right next to him they were practically nuzzled up to each other neither realized it of course. Umoja opened his eyes and saw Uhuru close to him too close in his opinion he gently moved away from her. He was still taking in the events of last night and the ideal he had learned so much about though ironically it seemed Uhuru didn't know everything about it either but regardless it was still fascinating.

"Umoja" Kovu whispered.

Umoja's ears perked up and he turned to see his father, "dad" he said cheerfully.

"Umoja there's something I need to tell you" Kovu said regretfully.

Umoja was confused what was wrong, "dad what's going on" he asked worried.

"last night pride rock was attacked by an unknown group" Kovu explained,

"what is everyone alright!" Umoja panicked.

"no one that we know of died, but they took your mother" Kovu told him.

Umoja looked at his father in shock, "there's an entire pride how do they just take her" Umoja asked in disbelief.

"We weren't prepared for it" Kovu answered.

"you weren't prepared for it how what do they even want with her!" Umoja screamed.

"we are the royal family of the kingdom" Kovu stated.

"yeah and a lot of good it did us!" Umoja shouted.

"They took her because she was royalty that's it if there wasn't a king or queen or princess my mother wouldn't be kings knows where!" Umoja screamed so loud it echoed across the tree.

"Umoja" Kovu tried to say.

"What are you doing here go find my mother!" Umoja demanded.

Kovu couldn't think of a counter for that he was right he needed to find Kiara and he might have an idea on how.

"Umoja I'm going to make this right" Kovu told him, his son completely ignored him, Kovu turned away and made his to Sarafina.

Umoja still couldn't believe it an entire pride and they were all helpless how could the entire pride not stop that.

"wow I didn't know you could get that angry" Uhuru said having woke up.

"my mother was taken and our kingdoms so called leaders couldn't do anything about it" Umoja growled."

they never can they just stand around and twiddle their paws" Uhuru said spitefully.

"and what would your ideal pride be doing?" Umoja asked.

"we would find your mom, because that is what keeps the pride running no rules no curfews, no requirements, all that matters is your life and without anyone being held back by a bunch of oppressive laws and everyone already having what they want they would be no more selfishness we'd all help each other as a family" Uhuru told him.

Umoja was moved by the ideal of such pride it seemed perfect but would that really happen Umoja wasn't certain about what ideal to believe in he wasn't so sure he believed in the pride lands anymore but he also wasn't sure he could completely embrace Uhuru's.

Kiara opened her eyes only to find herself in a dark cave there was a symbol hanging above the wall she moved ever slightly to see if she was bound and noticed she wasn't why would they leave her free.

"I see you have awakened" Pindua said.

"what's going on why am I not tied I could walk right out of here" Kiara said.

"and that would be your right just as it would be ours to bring you back" Pindua responded

"I don't understand what do you mean" Kiara asked.

"we will not force you to remain in this cave you are free to attempt to leave however many times you wish because that choice is your right and we cannot take that choice from you" Pindua explained.

"okay why am I here" Kiara questioned.

"not yet, when Simba arrives I will answer all of your questions" Pindua told her

"however I can explain this we were originally going to take your father but after being discovered I decided to go for a more peaceful approach" Pindua stated.

"and when you have what you want" Kiara said

"you will both be free to do as you wish, I don't expect to understand just wait Kiara your answers will come soon" Pindua said

Kiara was curious just what did he mean what secrets did he hold the truth was Kiara didn't want to escape at least not until she knew the secrets he held.

Kovu was meeting with Sarafina about finding a way to track Kiara's spirit but Sarafina wasn't certain about this idea

"I don't know Kovu I haven't managed to fully master the spiritual ways like Rafiki did" Sarafina told him.

"well try anyway!" Kovu demanded.

"No you are not thinking clearly and what you are asking of me could be dangerous" Sarafina responded.

"I'm giving you an order!" Kovu roared, Sarafina remained unmoved.

"keep your emotions in check boy" Kurongu scolded, having arrived at the tree.

"my mate has been taken" Kovu growled.

"and your acting like an immature child rather than a king" Kurongu said harshly.

"it's my fault she's gone" Kovu said with regret

"yes I told you not to focus on her and insure the attackers didn't escape but you let your emotions cloud your mind, perhaps I should've asked one of the others to accompany me" Kurongu said coldly

"you could've told them you could've prevented this!" Kovu roared "blaming me how did Simba ever see you as a worthy successor" Kurongu said.

Sarafina was surprised by Kurongu's bluntness, Kovu could not find a proper response Kurongu turned away from him not bothering to pay him heed anymore.

Kovu turned to Sarafina looking more desperate, "please I have to make up for this" Kovu pleaded.

"I understand your pain Kovu but Kurongu is right this is reckless you have to start acting like a king" Sarafina said softly but firmly.

Kovu understood he was acting like a child Simba's plan was the plan they needed to follow he had to be patient. Kovu turned away and made his way back to Pride Rock.

Sarafina watched him leave he really did remind her of Taka she hoped he controlled his personal feelings better than her beloved did.

"so that's the king that will lead a united world he still has much to learn" Kurongu stated.

"you didn't need to be so harsh" Sarafina told him

"pain is a strong motivator I know from experience it led me to the path of Mungu" Kurongu told her

"the faith of Mungu I have heard of it and truly it can lead you far" Sarafina responded

"you have no idea you have all strayed from the path so I have been sent to help save you" Kurongu stated.

"where is the hyena mother?" he asked

"I don't know" Sarafina answered,

"then you need to find her as well as Vitani they are pieces to the whole" Kurongu said.

"the whole of what" Sarafina asked

"of the future the future Mungu has set" Kurongu said.

"careful Kurongu the moment someone believes themselves a savior believes themselves pure is the moment their soul blackens" Sarafina warned him before turning away.

Kurongu felt shaken by her words but shrugged off he knew this was the right path because it wasn't his they simply could not be trusted to follow their own.

Simba waited by pride rock for any sign of the intruders return he caught sight of Kovu who approached Pride Rock.

"anything" he asked.

"no how'd Umoja take it" Simba asked his voice very quiet

"not well he was furious at me, at you, at everyone" Kovu said equally quiet.

"he's not wrong" Nala said.

"we have to make this right that's our purpose why we're here to protect the great circle" Nala stated

"we will" Simba said.

Kovu than saw Hatari approaching them "Simba he's here" Kovu called out.

Simba turned his attention to Hatari who stopped in front of them.

"where is my daughter!" Simba demanded.

"Tell me where you have her before I end your existence!" Nala spat

"don't make me laugh, if you were going to kill me you would have done it already." Hatari said without a trace of fear

"if you've done anything to her" Kovu seethed.

"enough it's obvious you were expecting me you knew we would be back just like you knew if Kiara were dead I wouldn't be here" Hatari stated.

Simba, Nala and Kovu allowed themselves to calm, "very well what are your demands?" Simba asked.

"nothing just for you to accompany me to a meeting with Pindua" Hatari answered.

"Pindua" Simba asked confused.

"the tiger you fought we don't want war he just wishes to speak to you when that is done your daughter will be free he gives his word" Hatari explained.

Simba wasn't sure this definitely sounded like it could be a trap and he couldn't just blindly walk into it, "I'll go but a group of lioness will accompany me" Simba stated, "that's acceptable heck most your pride can come if you want" Hatari responded.

Simba was surprised he was certain he would have to fight to maintain those terms but now he wasn't certain this was a trap allowing the whole pride to come was board line suicide.

"give us a moment" Simba requested.

Hatari merely shrugged, Simba Nala and Kovu began to discuss the message given to them, "It seems genuine I'll go" Simba said.

"don't you think I'm not going with you Simba" Nala responded.

"No the kingdom needs it's queen maybe this will show you that" Simba told her.

"she's my mate I have to" Kovu began to say, "No, you're not thinking clearly, and you need help Nala keep the kingdom together and Umoja needs his father" Simba stated.

Nala and Kovu both looked like they were ready to debate further, "my decision is final" Simba concluded.

it was done and Nala couldn't believe it Simba had actually asserted his authority over her he had never done that before.

Simba turned to Hatari gesturing a dozen lionesses to follow him, "so have you decided?" Hatari asked.

"Yes take me to them" Simba commanded.

Simba, Hatari and the lionesses departed Pride Rock and shortly after the pride lands themselves Simba wondered what Pindua wanted from him and if he could possibly guess what was come next, the answer to that question was a definitive no, Simba could never even comprehend what was coming next many of his questions were about to be answered and his whole world was about to be turned upside down.

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Chapter 8:

Secrets of Machafuko

Simba walked alongside Hatari who led him towards a cave they had been walking for the last three hours finally they had found their location.

"Pindua is waiting go inside" Hatari told him.

Simba ignored the lion turning to the lionesses he brought with him, "keep an eye on him and anyone else you see" Simba commanded.

Simba entered the cave it was a lit with torches as if guiding him he continued to walk noticing a symbol on the wall it was the same symbol he saw in the stars two nights ago, what did it mean? Simba entered a dark chamber and saw a massive version of the symbol in the middle of the room as well as Kiara. This surprised him he'd expected Kiara would be tied down instead she was standing freely in the middle of the cave.

"Kiara why are you still here if you been free this whole time?" Simba asked.

"I couldn't leave there's a secret they know and I need to find out it is" Kiara answered.

"and you will wait no longer" Pindua called out, entering the chamber.

Simba growled at Pindua in anger while Kiara stared intensely, "I would expect such reactions from you feel free to sit if you wish" Pindua said politely.

"what do you want with me Pindua" Simba demanded.

"a little of your time for now" Pindua answered.

"Alright let's talk" Simba replied.

Pindua, Simba and Kiara were now all sitting around the symbol hanging from the wall, "I suppose since you are the one with questions you should start" Pindua said.

"who are you people" Kiara asked.

"we are part of a society that has existed for a thousands years since the beginning of the era of the lion, we are the society of Machafuko" Pindua answered.

"since the beginning of the lions you know how it begun" Simba asked in shock.

"yes, and it is because it begun that we seek to fulfill our mission" Pindua stated.

"what mission?" Kiara asked.

"To restore balance to this world by ending the reign of the lions" Pindua told her.

"that would topple the entire great circle it was our right to lead!" Simba roared.

"Are you sure do you know how you came into power?" Pindua asked, "Does it matter" Kiara said quietly something told her it mattered and she probably didn't want to know.

Simba is equally uncertain the truth of the great circle something no one should know but he had to.

"you know don't you" Simba said

"yes and now so will you. You see a thousands years ago the prides were on the verge of collapse the governments had failed and the kingdoms had spiraled into revolution it was true chaos until two great lions Usawa and Machafuko emerged bringing the prides under their guidance however the corrupt governments sought to reclaim the kingdoms they failed to control the result was tyranny and oppression and Usawa was tasked with maintaining the balance he agreed believing the tyranny was better than the chaos before Machafuko did not he rebelled and rallied the citizens to his side claiming the kingdom in the name people the kingdom would become known as the Pride Lands he named Pride Rock himself." Pindua explained.

Simba and Kiara listened to Pindua's story where was this going was Machafuko the original, "Machafuko was the first king of Pride Rock" Simba said.

Pindua growled at the comment, "Machafuko was no tyrant he would never name himself a king" Pindua said with a hint of anger.

"then what happened?" Kiara asked.

"very well, eventually Usawa rose up against the oppressive government and took control himself while Usawa was a noble lion his need for order blinded him he saw Machafuko as a threat to the kingdom he sought to establish but Machafuko wouldn't turn away the pride lands belonged solely to the people, and so Machafuko challenged Usawa and was unable to defeat him, Usawa then took the pride lands by force forcing the inhabitants to swear their loyalty to him and his reign he then crowned himself the first lion king" Pindua continued.

Simba couldn't believe what he heard it had to be a lie, "the lions came into power by enslaving the kingdom" Simba said in disbelief.

"that seems too convenient for yours cause sugar coated if you will" Kiara stated.

"I don't expect you to believe Usawa was not a bad person and while he forced his reign he was a mostly just king the problem there never should've been a king to begin you and your ancestors are all unwillingly continuing an oppressive tyranny" Pindua stated.

"but we've led fairly" Kiara countered.

Simba was too shocked to say anything, "the truth is you, your father and your grandfather and even his father have all done well with your power but you never should've had it that power belongs to the people" Pindua responded.

Simba tried to think of something but he couldn't Nala was right they were nothing how could he tell her this he couldn't she would lose all sense of her identity.

"so who we always thought we were is a lie" Simba said visibly shaken,

"it's not your fault but now it's time to correct this mistake time to tear down the tyranny and oppression and let the people find their way" Pindua told them.

"but that will throw the world into chaos" Kiara said.

"trust the people Kiara they will find their way and build something far better than anything we could, change is always difficult" Pindua said.

"you would know this how much have you changed this world the truth is you embody everything we believe in Kiara, we would be honored if you would stand alongside us and build the world Machafuko dreamed of" Pindua asked while reaching a paw out to her.

Kiara didn't consider it for even a minute, "no I want to change the world but what you want is too extreme" Kiara stated.

"unfortunate, but that is your choice I will honor it" Pindua said.

"now what where do you we figure into everything now" Simba asked,

"there is one more thing I will need you for in time but I believe you will come willingly give it time, go now you are both free to leave" Pindua said while gesturing to the exit.

"that's it" Simba asked

"you gave me what I wanted now I keep my promise you are free" Pindua said again.

Simba and Kiara exited the cave signaling the lionesses to follow them.

Hatari couldn't belief this after all the trouble of getting them here and Pindua was just letting them go, no he had spent too long trying to find them it was time to take matters into his own paws. Simba and Kiara were on their way back to the pride lands still taking in the enormity of what they just heard if such a truth was exposed the kingdoms would descend into chaos

"what are we going to tell the others" Simba asked his voice nearly broken,

"we can't tell them can you imagine what that would do to the pride" Kiara told him.

"we can't keep ruling it's not our place" Simba replied in regret

"as opposed to who if we try to abolish this now the kingdoms will tear themselves apart" Kiara reasoned.

Simba knew she was right but maybe there was another way to lead. Simba caught a scent and he immediately recognized it Hatari what was he doing here.

"what do you want" Simba asked he would never another command.

"leave us be Pindua said we were free" Kiara stated

Hatari revealed himself growling he didn't care what Pindua said that wasn't who he was truly working with.

"I'm not Pindua and I'm not concerned about his revolution" Hatari said in a near hiss

"what are you after then" Kiara asked.

"I have my own mission" Hatari said before grabbing Kiara around the neck Kiara kicked and struggled grabbing on to his ear and yanking it Hatari roared in anger throwing her aside the lionesses were all turning their attention to him before he could react Simba flew at him swinging wildly Hatari caught his paw and threw him to the ground putting his claws to his throat.

"back off I'm well aware your king is much too important to let die" Hatari roared.

He hated that word important it was the one thing he was not but he was going to rectify that.

"let my father go!" Kiara commanded

"I don't think anyone will notice when my pride tears apart" Kiara seethed, in an instant Hatari exploded.

"you don't think I matter my life has no relevance his life means more yours all of you!" Hatari roared.

"Release the king" a lioness demanded,

Hatari growled, "no one will notice I think they'll notice when I tear your king's throat out!" He screamed.

Kiara was confused her comment really hurt him she needed to calm and act the way she did during the war.

"what's wrong why would you think you have no relevance" Kiara asked him, Hatari heard her words they didn't matter to him but he was letting his anger jeopardize his mission,

"don't play your compassion games with me" Hatari said, what was taking that animal so long surely they had been watching Simba as much as the society why wasn't the animal here yet,

"we can deal with this" Kiara told him, this wasn't working he needed to force the situation he began pressing his claws down.

"no dad!" Kiara cried.

A leopard dived from the grass backhanding Hatari to the ground the leopard pick up Simba and began moving him another member a large lion appeared throwing Simba on his back before beginning to run. Kiara attempted to intercept the animals taking her father when Hatari pounced her to the ground now the pride would have to decide the animals clearly saved Simba, Kiara was the one in danger.

The lionesses came at him he immediately threw Kiara aside and bolted running away as he fled Kiara could've sworn she heard him say "took the blasted leopard long enough"

was he waiting for them but why for what purpose because while he knew them they didn't seem to know him, and who were they why would they save her father and where were they taking him.

"The truth is revealed but can that really be can that possibly be the truth Ahadi, Simba and Mufasa all the inheritors of a tyranny it's impossible this must be some lie and who took Simba and why what was Hatari waiting for an why, and now that these events have happened what will the society of Machafuko do next, read on to find out."

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Re: The Lion King War of ideals

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: Chapter 9:

What we regret

Shauku had arrived back at Rafiki's tree where she found Uhuru and Umoja resting together they seemed to enjoy each others company,

"a hyena and a lion getting along haven't seen that in ages" Vitani commented.

"it's not important I just wanted to make sure my daughter was alright" Shauku replied.

"I don't see you with her much are you two distant" Vitani asked.

"no but she loves her freedom so I let her live how she wants only interfering when I have to" Shauku answered.

"not your usual mothering method" Vitani said.

"is that an insult" Shauku asked angered.

"no, so why are we back here I thought you wanted to find your brother" Vitani asked.

"there's no need to he's been watching us he'll be back in time" Shauku answered.

"thank you for helping me I was certain Uhuru and I were alone I am happy to see I was wrong" Shauku said softly.

"no problem" Vitani said with a smile she was insane if she thought this would change anything.

"why are you helping me?" Shauku asked.

"I already told you I want to help the last few hyenas" Vitani replied doing everything possible to avoid looking at her.

"I know but why" Shauku pushed further.

"I did some bad things and I guess I just want to make up for them" Vitani told her.

Shauku looked at Vitani with curiosity, "well I hope you can find peace" Shauku told her before heading for the entrance she knew Yatima would be back soon.

Vitani looked down at Uhuru who was sleeping gently next to Umoja she stared at the hyena girl how much pain did she indirectly cause her she probably got most of her relatives killed, in truth Vitani was pretty sure she ruined that girls life.

"I'm sorry" Vitani said tears in her eyes, she then turned and ran out of the tree until she was out of sight and certain Shauku wasn't nearby.

"mother, don't do it that's what I should've said not kill them all, I'm sorry, god I'm so sorry" Vitani wept she finally collapsed on her knees burying her face in her paws crying and sobbing.

Kovu was waiting for Kiara and Simba to return he should've went with them but Simba had denied it what was he supposed to do.

"waiting by the entrance doesn't make them return faster it just make's the wait more agonizing" Nala told him.

Kovu didn't respond, "have you seen Umoja recently?" Nala asked.

"I refuse to till I have his mother back safe" Kovu answered in a near whisper.

"you can't just ignore your son because you feel you failed him" Nala told him.

"he doesn't want to see me" Kovu responded.

"You can't let your son say what's best, he's not the father you are" Nala stated.

Nala smiled gently, "besides he's your son he will forgive you" Nala assured him.

Kovu smiled back at the queen, "thank you" he said.

"It's why I'm here Kovu" Nala responded though there was a hint of pain in her voice.

"It's the only reason I'm here" Nala whispered bitterly.

There was nothing since Simba left Nala had spent all her time sitting around instead of rescuing her daughter Simba had forbidden her from accompany him it was the first time Simba had ever not wanted Nala beside him, no doubt because she was injured during the previous attacks.

"Are you alright Nala" Kovu asked.

"Simba forbade me from accompany him" Nala said.

"Yeah me too" Kovu responded.

"He has never rejected my aid" Nala continued.

"I'm sure he has his reasons" Kovu told her.

"I know what they are he saw what happened to me at the battle he doesn't think I can handle myself anymore" Nala concluded.

"He's just protecting his mate" Kovu said.

"That's the problem I never needed his protection, I've weakened I'm not the mighty hunter I was anymore" Nala said in regret.

"I regret what I've become" Nala stated.

Kovu didn't know what to say, "maybe not but there are other things you are needed for like just now" Kovu comforted her.

"Don't be ridiculous if Kiara were here would you have needed my help or could Kiara have handled it" Nala asked.

Kovu remained silent he didn't have a counter for that one just like Nala knew he wouldn't.

Umoja was looking at the shield of Machafuko studying it intensely he thought back to the ideal Uhuru had explained him and how it would be ran, he still wasn't sure it sounded too good to be true, a fantasy.

"You alright you haven't said anything since you heard about well" Uhuru asked concerned.

"My mom how everything I believed and had faith in failed to protect her." Umoja seethed.

"I know you're angry understandably" Uhuru began to say.

"I'm uncertain you say under the Machafuko way this wouldn't have happened but if anyone can do whatever they want what if they say no" Umoja asked.

"Some will but not everyone someone will agree to help you" Uhuru told him.

"So I'd be banking my mom's survival on the hopefully kind nature of strangers" Umoja said doubtfully.

"I'd help you I was a stranger and so would my mom" Uhuru told him.

"What about the selfish ones" Umoja asked.

"People are free why would they be selfish?" Uhuru asked back.

Umoja laughed at her question, "you're serious you really think just because people can do what they want they won't be selfish if anything that would make it worse" Umoja stated.

"You've learned a lot Umoja" Kiara called out to him.

Umoja's eyes went wide he turned to see his mom outside the tree, "mom" he said softly.

Kiara smiled, "mom your back!" Umoja cried in joy before running to his mother and leaping into her paws Kiara caught him and hugged him.

"Everything's alright Umoja" Kiara said.

She then placed him back down, "how did you get back" Umoja asked her,

"They let me go they just wished to speak to me about certain things" Kiara answered.

"About what?" Umoja asked confused.

"I'll tell you another time right now I need you to remain here while I discuss some things with your grandmother at pride rock" Kiara told him softly.

"You'll be back right" Umoja asked while looking up his eyes pleading.

"Of course Umoja" Kiara told him.

She hugged him one more time before turning away she couldn't tell him the truth she discovered not yet.

Umoja watched his mom depart again it seemed way too soon but why would her captors let her go.

"That's a weird outcome" Uhuru stated.

"Yeah, anyway I stand by what I said about selfishness" Umoja said not wanting to think about what possibly happened to his mother.

"I have a proposition" Uhuru said.

"What?" Umoja asked.

"Let's test it right in this tree you and I do whatever we want whenever we want and see how it effects us" Uhuru suggested.

Umoja's ears perked up this sounded intriguing what better way to understand something than to test it out.

"yeah midnight tonight this place becomes anarchy" Umoja stated.

This was going to be interesting and probably a little fun, time too see if order could continue without law, Umoja wasn't the only lion about to delve deep into the roots of anarchy.

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