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[help] Looking for an old fanfiction!

PostPosted: May 30th, 2017, 11:50 am
by NotPatrick
I remember I saw it quite a few years ago on some dedicated TLK fansite but I have no idea what it was called (basically, it had fanart, fanfics etc.), it was something about an alternate timeline where Simba was raised by Scar and grew up to be evil or something, you get the idea. The fanfic also had a cover image and it's actually what I'm most interested in. It showed an adult male lion sitting alone at night (in a sphinx like pose) on a pretty featureless ground, the image looked kind of unusual, like it was colored on a computer but without a tablet, the lion looked more like a marble statue and the background pretty much consisted of two areas: the lower half was the ground the lion was sitting on and the upper half was the night sky. I included an attachment that more or less shows what it all looked like. I also remember it had a kind of dramatic title. I know it was long ago but maybe someone just happens to remember it. Thank you for any help.