The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Postby Hatari05 » July 25th, 2016, 6:07 pm

What, I'm not certain who you are referring to, I was talking about who the assassin was working for,I'm not sure why you are calling the mastermind a her, I wasn't talking about Vita.

So I'm a little confused on who you are talking about.

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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Postby Chavratheserval » July 26th, 2016, 6:47 am

:P Oh...I thought it was Vita who planned it,silly me. Then I have no clue what I'm talking about then. I think I just used the wrong words.
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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Postby Hatari05 » July 26th, 2016, 7:52 am

Wait you don't know strange it was revealed, oh well you'll know when I post the next chapters which is actually very soon, if you want to know the answer now it is at the end of chapter 12 the truth in front of our eyes.

How's the drawing going, I know and understand this will likely take bit.

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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Postby Chavratheserval » July 26th, 2016, 9:35 am

Ok so the probably don't know this but I lost my digital pen! I wouldn't be lying, just check out the pictures I've been posting. I can't draw digitally without it. So I'm stuck with traditional. And the lightning is pretty bad when I take a picture of it. It's been gone for weeks. I've got to find that pen..:( But on a brighter note, thanks for pointing that out for me! I can be a little forgetful and ditzy when it comes to reading stories. Looking forward to more! ;)
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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Postby Hatari05 » July 26th, 2016, 8:14 pm

No problem hope you find your digital pen soon.

You should probably go back and read the end of chapter 12 the reveal is very important many of Nala's actions relate to it and though I do explain it again it better increases the tension of the scene if you already know of course this is assuming you haven't done that already lol.

One final request you think you could maybe send me a PM after you finish each chapter giving me your thoughts from this point on each chapter has a lot to take in and if you give me your opinion after finishing all of them it's likely something will be lost in the shuffle there's just that much about to happen and I would rather get your thoughts shortly after you reach certain events. So would you be okay with sending me a PM after each chapter so nothing is lost in all the massive events happening?

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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

Postby Hatari05 » July 29th, 2016, 10:35 pm

: Chapter 14:
Carnage of war

Clouds gathered around the surrounding area a vicious and unforgiving wind blew across the land almost like a hurricane. There was a loud roaring of thunder all across the night sky as if the kings themselves were consumed by rage. The savage fury of the heavens itself gathered and descended upon the rebel headquarters. Muhimu stood right in front of it many holes and tunnels lied beneath him both infront of him and behind sat a rather massive army entirely comprised of rebel soldiers and individuals prepared to give their life for a world free. On the other side Kion stood witth Fuli and Bunga beside him neither was moving as they watched the entire army of the royal council close in on them. Kion paid the army no heed instead his gaze was on Kiara and even more so Simba, he would not acknowledge him as father anymore.

Nala remained behind the rebels and caught sight of the assassin with the royal forces what was Kovu planning? Simba walked alongside Koto which he felt a great disgust to while staring out at the gathered rebels they didn’t look like the kind of people to give up. Simba then turned his attention to Kion who stared at him with nothing but hatred and venom, this could only end bad neither side seemed prepared to give up, which meant this could only end one way with a lot of blood, blood that unfortunately Simba himself planned to shed.

Koto stood in front of the council’s army the other members didn’t seem too concerned with leading them they just wanted to crush the rebels and end this war, Koto would happily grant their wish he would then see them removed from this world as well and Simba with them. Koto smiled this was it his moment of triumphant.

“You fought well, though not good enough, the time has come to give up surrender and I will spare your lives” Koto told the rebels trying to sound polite and respectful it was one of the fakest things Simba had ever heard.

“In whatever chains you place us in?” Muhimu challenged.

Koto smirked arrogantly as if his victory was assured, “Better than a grave” He said smugly.

Muhimu considered his words they were outnumbered maybe they could, no if he did that it was all for nothing and Almasi died for nothing. Yet if they all die she died for nothing as well. Muhimu looked at the rebels they were prepared to die for this, was that a good thing, were they thinking of their loved ones, their families or was even that worth this? That’s what he was taught but he was tasked with protecting them keeping them alive. What would Almasi do? Muhimu thought about her desperately trying to focus on his leader and mentor and not the woman he loves. He remembered what she did, the choice she made. She wouldn’t give up. These people choice to give their lives so others could live, if they survived they would have to sacrifice again.

Muhimu shook his head no though something was wrong it wasn’t entirely out of defiance it almost seemed conflicted, Kion was confused what was Muhimu thinking?

“We will sooner die than fall under your rule again” Muhimu states though he is somewhat shaking, something was off about him.

“Death then” Koto states before turning to his army and smiling smugly he hoped they would fight now he can demostrate his might.

“Kill them all” Koto said uncaringly.

The Royal forces charge at the rebel forces who for the moment hold their ground allowing them to close in closer and closer. The rebels stand unmoving as the royals are about to descend upon them when the ground they are running on collapses in on itself. The soldiers fall into a tunnel dug trapping them there while others cling on and try to pull themselves up. The rebels roar in defiance and dive into the hole down at them grabbing onto them and gouging at their eyes causing them to lose their grip and fall into the hole. Other rebels fell from the sky and plowed into the soldiers knocking them into the pit. More rebels dived into the pit crashing into the soldiers desperately hanging on.

“If we must burn in the inferno you will burn with us!” A cheetah male screamed before dragging a lion down into the abyss.

Koto watched as his forces continued to be pulled into the darkness below this was unexpected and not at all how it was supposed to go he would not accept this.

“Tear down the logs and create a bridge get them!” Koto commanded.

The soldiers pushed a massive log down creating a pathway to the rebel forces and crossed it running towards them. The rebels roared in rage and charged towards them as well. The rebels tossed rocks and things of mud at the soldiers knocking them from the log into the pit while the much larger soldiers just plowed through many rebels sending them into the darkness below. Both sides continued to scream like warriors in a gladiator arena as they closed in on each other filling the gap neither stopped running they washed over each other like two opposing tidal waves their forces scattering all over the base and everything surrounding it.

Muhimu watched as the two forces battled and turned to Kion and the guard.

“Let them hold them while we get the remaining citizens out” Muhimu commanded.

“We can’t leave them they’ll die!” Kion stated.

“They knew about the plan now don’t make their sacrifice in vain!” Muhimu retaliated.

Kion turned and looked at the struggling rebel forces before he and the guard reluctantly followed Muhimu back into the stronghold for how much longer it would remain a strong hold was unknown.

Koto watched as Muhimu and the guard entered the base hiding already how pathetic it was time for the next phase of his plan. He turns to the council.

“If we claim their resources this war is over and we have an official edge in food and supplies for future problems.” Koto told them.

The Council turned to their forces and raced into the stronghold ordering their soldiers to pursue Kion, Muhimu and the guard, while they went to the supply area that much food could mean the ultimate leverage for whatever kingdom got it. Koto smiled as he watched them leave none of them would give up such leverage they would turn on each other and soon they would all be gone.

“The plan is in motion soon all obstacles will be eliminated” Koto told Simba.

Simba ignored Koto and raced into the stronghold he had to find Kion before his lionesses began the next part of his not Koto’s plan. As Simba left Kivuli watched the council enter the cave he quickly but mostly unnoticed followed them he had a mission his Mirithi tasked him with and he would complete it. Nala watched as the assassin entered the cave she also saw Kovu and Kiara entering the stronghold. Nala growls in anger and jumps into the battelfield knocking royals and rebels alike aside. Many of them stare at Nala in shock recognizing her, she backhands them aside before bullrushing through others Nala pays them no heed and enters the base Kovu was there and he was hers, and once she had him he was good as dead.

Muhimu raced through the base moving through out narrow and almost zig zagged caves. He could hear the soldiers pounding on the base tearing into it soon they would be in they were running out of time, soon all caves would have to be sealed. Muhimu was blown back into a wall as a large squad of lions smashed through a wall and while others like some horrific plague tore away the sealing. Muhimu grabs a rope and pulls on it causing a rock to be pulled out of a hole opening a small pathway and causing a massive boulder to roll down the gate and into the oncoming soldiers. Muhimu didn’t have time to catch his breath the soldiers were sliding down the walls with their claws. Muhimu charged at a large stone support and slammed into it he then grabbed a line attached to it and pulled it out causing the walls to cave in sending the soldiers plummeting to the ground. Muhimu turned to other citizens.

“Get out of here now!” Muhimu shouted.

The citizens fled into a narrow cave which Muhimu sealed he then turned and saw Kion and the guard grabbing more vines and pulling on them tearing part of the sealing away causing more soldiers to fall into the hard stone floor. Bunga began tunneling into the ground tearing away ground supports to collapse the ground the soldiers walked on. Muhimu turned to Fuli.

“Help get them out of here, and tell Bunga to tunnel an escape route!” Muhimu commanded.

Fuli didn’t hesitate she joined this rebellion to save innocents this is what she was hoping to do rather than kill. Muhimu watched as more soldiers poured in. This wasn’t working the forces up top couldn’t hold them. He knew what he needed to do but it could likely trap the guard and Kion. He considered his options and saw Fuli guiding people out while Kion began sealing the area. Fuli was guiding the others when she saw a soldier grab Kion without thinking she jumped at the soldier and tackled him to the ground others swarmed them, she made her choice now he needed to make his. He thought deeply about his choice then Almasi popped into his head again, he had to preserve the rebellion or he lost her and everything else for nothing.

“Seal the caves all entrances and guide the others “ Muhimu said.

“And of you” A rebel asked.

“I can’t leave yet” Muhimu said desperately he then raced back towards his private cave he wouldn’t leave without it, without either of them.

Kion kicks a soldier into a wall while Fuli throws a second to the ground Bunga collapses the ground of another. Fuli dodges an attack from another and knocks him down she then grabs another preparing to cut his throat, she hesitated. Why she was a killer or was she, she didn’t know anymore. Fuli threw the soldier and kicked him in the skull. Kion knocked another soldier to the ground while Bunga pulled a third into the hole. Were they killing them shouldn’t they be this was war after all and Fuli already took other lives why was she still hesitating?

They prepare to engage the next group when Kion sees Kiara and Kovu entering. Kion growls and without hesitation charges at her. Kiara hears a rageful growl and turns to see a truly enraged Kion charging right at her. Kion plows into Kiara and pushes her against a wall pinning her there.

“Where he is, where is Simba!?” Kion roars.

Kiara struggles against Kion and pushes him away before kicking him to the ground. Kion pulls himself up and grabs Kiara’s neck lifting her from the ground and slamming her onto it hard. He pushes down on her while Kiara struggles to hold back his paw. She kicks him in the chest sending him hurdling back sliding across the floor. Kion pulls himself up again glaring at her.

“Where is he Kiara, I won’t ask again.” Kion snarled.

“Where did this anger come from?” Kiara asked him.

“He betrayed me I’ll see him pay for it.” Kion said in rage.

“Betrayal you mean like you did.” Kiara said like ice.

Kion bares his teeth which Kiara returns she then comes at him full force Kion grabs her and spins her around slamming her into a wall. Kiara felt her spine crash against it before Kion struck her in the face he then did it a second time a third time and a fourth, Kiara caught the forth and kneed him before spin kicking him in the face. Kiara swings at his left cheek which Kion ducks under before stricking her chin he then swings at her again only for Kiara to catch it. Kiara holds him in place before headbutting him and kicking him away. Kion tumbled across the ground and slowly pulled himself up. Kion growled before coming at her and tackling her to the ground. Kion slammed his paw into her face he then tries again only for Kiara to knock it away. She grabbed Kion and the two of them rolled across the ground before throwing each other in opposite directions. Kion slammed into a wall while Kiara tumbled and skidded across the floor. They both pulled themselves up and prepared to charge again but before they could a mighty roar stopped them Simba.

“Kiara go I’ll handle this” Simba tells her.

“Father he’s” Kiara begins to say.

“I know, go” Simba said.

Kiara didn’t like the idea of leaving her father but he was certain about this and it was his place to decide it Kiara turned away but didn’t leave the cave completely instead she watched both of them.

Kion glared at Simba as they began circling. He felt disgust at being in his simple presence. It was sickening looking at this perversion of his once noble father he wouldn’t stand for it much longer.

“So you really did it you led them here.” Kion hissed.

“To save you and anyone else I can” Simba tried to reason.

Kion looked around at the cave he could only wonder how many rebels were dead all who would still be alive if not for Simba’s betrayal.

“Good job how many have died today because of what you did?” Kion asked harshly.

This wasn’t working Kion was enraged more so than Simba thought he wouldn’t listen to his reasons nor would he care about Simba’s concerns for him but maybe he would listen to the concerns of Bunga and the guard his hope to save them.

“Kion think of what your doing, think of Bunga and Fuli they’re in danger and they were always in danger long before this, this war threatens their lives but I can help them!” Simba said in desperation.

Kion heard him speak of Fuli the danger she was in where was she did the soldiers chase her away swarm over her? She was in danger, her life was in danger because of what Simba did! She could be dying right now for no reason. She could be lying in a pool of her own blood. Even as he stared his former father down Fuli could dead in a pool of her own blood, all because of Simba! She could be dead and it’s all because of Simba! Kion’s claws dug into the ground the moment Simba mentioned Fuli his claws sank in and his body trembled in that moment Simba knew he made a mistake he never should’ve brought Fuli up all it did was increase the overwhelming rage and hatred Kion already felt

“Save your pleas, I told you you’re dead to me” Kion said harshly.

Kion thought about the reality of it the true nature of Simba’s betrayal and more importantly how many lives it cost today. He thought about the rebels fighting Bunga dying and Fuli lying in a pool of blood a dead look in her eyes and in that moment his anger increased his rage and hatred consumed him, he would not allow this to go unpunished. His father would never do this he would never put the people he loved in such danger and he would never put Fuli in a situation that may of already killed her! He wouldn’t stand this shell any longer!

“And now I’m just going to make you dead period!” Kion roared in rage.

Simba had heard many shocking things in his life, when Scar told him the truth, when Scar said it was his fault, but none of those compared to this. His own son just screamed that he was going to murder him. Simba really couldn’t respond to Kion’s words at all nor could he really move, all he could bring himself to do was watch as Kion came at him a never ending rage in his eyes. Kion charged at a shocked Simba and collided into him pushing him back and slamming him into a wall. Simba hits the wall with crushing force and begins to fall but Kion won’t allow him he pins him against it and wraps his paw around his neck. Kion begins to close his paw like a vice around Simba’s throat cutting off his air. Simba struggles in his grip as Kion squeezes his throat tighter choking the life from him.

Kiara watched in horror as Kion strangled their father in murderous rage it was not at all like anything she would expect from him. This was horrific, barbaric and wrong, yet it was exactly the kind of rage Kiara had let control her up to this point. She could almost see herself in Kion, could almost see herself choking the life out of her brother brutally beating him within an inch of his life. Yet this was different it was so different when you see that anger right in front of you, this is what she was. Kiara stared at her brother and saw the murderous rage in his eyes. He wasn’t holding back he was going to do it just like she almost did. Kiara prepared to race to her father’s aid when the cave was shaken causing her to stumble and the entrance to be sealed.

“Nooooooo!” Kiara screamed while banging her paw against the sealed entrance.

“Kiara there’s no time we have to believe Kion is better than that.” Kovu told her.

Kiara stared at the wall and reluctantly turned away she couldn’t help here but maybe she could help elsewhere. Kiara followed Kovu not realizing she was being followed by someone, who much like Kion and herself had much anger driving her.

Muhimu arrived in his cave he could hear the whole base shaking it wouldn’t stand much longer but he wasn’t leaving without it. Muhimu moved to the furthest side and found a small flower he picked it up gently he wouldn’t let it get destroyed. Muhimu extracted his claws and stabbed into his shoulders digging deep, he then removed it and placed the flower into the wound pushing it deep to insure he wouldn’t lose it. It was quite painful but meaningless to him losing his reminder of her would be far worse. Muhimu turned to his sleeping area right on his wall a stone was placed. He slowly removed it and stared at it, two names were on it.

Muhimu and Almasi, met as student and pupil, lived as closest allies and friends, now here they are proclaimed for what remains of their lives and in the stars beyond as mates.

“To Muhimu I have treasured each and every moment beside you and you have made me truly proud to be your teacher but more than ever i treasure this chance to stand with you here, from this point on we will never be beyond each other’s reach, I promise.

Muhimu read it for a moment was it true she sure seemed beyond his reach or was that just his fault for not seeing her from beyond. Muhimu held the stone and kissed it gently brushing his paw on her name before placing it in his mouth and running out the cave he then sealed it forever.

Kovu and Kiara moved through the base knocking aside any rebel they cross but more and more cave entrances were being sealed what was going on?

“Something’s wrong we need to evacuate now I think we were lured down here” Kovu told her.

Kiara understood what he meant it really made sense actually the plan was always to get them down here and trap them but what do they do now?

“Kiara get away from him!” A voice called out to her, no it couldn’t be she was dead, how could she be here but Kiara knew that voice it was her mother, Kiara turned and found herself staring at her mother, she was alive.

“Mom, you’re alive, how?” Kiara said shocked.

“Kiara get away from Kovu he can’t be trusted!” Nala shouted.

Kovu looks at Nala confused, no not now not here, not in front of Kiara!

“What are you” Kiara begins to ask.

“Kovu was behind the attack the assassin belonged to Scar, his heir inherited him” Nala explained.

“Nala that’s crazy!” Kovu said sounding completely confused, he needed to get Kiara away Nala could know but not Kiara, not yet.

Nala growled at Kovu in anger, a part of her was screaming for her to tear him to shreds for his deception and she was seriously considering listening to it but for now she remained in control, she needed to prove it.

“Kiara you claim to know him then look into his eyes and ask him” Nala said firmly.

Kiara turned to Kovu and eyed him closely he looked at her confused, was it genuine? Kiara was struggling with this yet Kovu was trained by Zira to be a spy he never went through with it and Zira died before his mission could properly begin but it’s possible he did begin his mission after all that’s how a spy worked. Kiara looked Kovu in the eye, she then slowly approached him and placed her paw on his chest feeling his heartbeat. This was absurd, the idea of it was crazy in fact Kiara was using what Kovu taught her to get this nonsense belief over with. It was nonsense right, of course it was, it was?

“Kovu do you know anything about who attacked Pride Rock?” Kiara asked him.

“No Kiara, I don’t know anything.” Kovu answers.

Kiara felt his heart accelerate as he said those words a slight acceleration in nervousness. Kiara felt something punch her in the gut, this was too much to accept her mother was right. Kovu was involved, the lion she loved was involved with what happened at her home. It crushed her, Kiara sagged a little in sadness and looked at Kovu her eyes showing a deep sense of pain and betrayal.

“You’re lying” Kiara said in a near whisper.

The moment she said that Kovu sprung to life grabbing Nala and flipping her over his head onto the ground. Kiara charged at Kovu only for him to sidestep her. Nala swings at Kovu with her claws but he parried them away before kicking her in the face. Kiara extracts her claws and comes at Kovu with rage and pain in her eyes.

“You lied to me!” Kiara shouted in anger and betrayal.

“You weren’t supposed to know this” Kovu replied.

“Know what that you tried to kill my mom, my family!” Kiara roared with venomous rage.

“You have no idea what I’m doing or why.” Kovu tried to reason.

“I don’t care I trusted you, I loved you and you would betray me like this!” Kiara screams tears running down her cheeks.

“Kiara you don’t understand there’s so much i need to explain” Kovu tried to tell her, he didn’t want this and he didn’t like seeing those tears, that pain, it deeply hurt him.

Kiara was trembling her claws shaking all this time she tried to break the wrong person, all along he was right in front of her and that just made it hurt more.

“You betrayed me and you’ve already seen what happens when someone betrays me, you tried to murder my mother and now I’m going to return the favor!” Kiara roared with the fury of death itself.

Kiara then charges at Kovu he could stop her but right now he’s not properly focused her pain and sense of betrayal broke his focus. Kiara tackles Kovu and slams him to the ground while trying to force her claws into his throat venom and murder in her eyes.

Kion strangled Simba his paw tightening around his neck, Simba began to kick and squirm as he choked for air. Kion dug his claws into his neck cutting through the flesh causing it to bleed. Simba continued struggling against Kion’s grip he forced his body up and kicked him in the chest. The force of the blow caused Kion’s grip to weaken. Kion growled at Simba and extracted his claws on his other paw he then pulled them backwards and prepared to thrust them into Simba’s chest. Simba used his leg to push Kion away while prying his paw off his neck. Kion thrust his claws forward and Simba moved out of the way as Kion’s claws embedded themselves deep into the rocks Simba was pinned against seconds ago.

“That could’ve been me, he fully meant for it to be me, he’s actually trying to killing me!” Simba thought with horror.

Kion came at him again swinging for his cheek claws extracted, Simba ducks under the blow and pushes Kion away again.

“Please Kion don’t make me do this” Simba pleaded.

“What’s it matter if you kill me you’ve already done way worse” Kion said harshly before slicing his chest with his claws.

Simba recoiled in pain before dodging his next attack. Kion throws another at his jaw which Simba catches he then grabs Kion and throws him aside causing him to crash into the wall. Kion slowly rises snarling with hatred and venom he comes at Simba again grabbing him and beating ferorciously.

Simba tried to struggle but Kion slammed him down before slamming his head into a wall. Simba felt his vision blur and his head was spinning he was struggling to stay conscious. Kion threw him down and began beating on him endlessly brutally pounding his face into the ground while snarling and roaring.

“He’s serious he fully intends to kill me!” Simba thought with horror and heartbreak.

Simba feels his body shutting down but fights against it ignoring the darkness washing over him. Simba lifts his leg slightly and using whatever resolve he has he kicks Kion across the cave causing him to bounce and skid across the cave. Simba painfully pulls himself up and takes off running he has to get away. Kion pulled himself up ignoring the pain he was feeling only focusing on his anger and rage. Kion turned and saw Simba fleeing out of the cave.

“No, get back here!” Kion roared while racing after Simba.

Simba tries to accelerate his speed but the beating Kion gave him slowed him down too much he couldn’t get away from him. As Simba continued trying to escape he noticed all the entrances and exits to the caves being sealed. Kion speared Simba dragging him to the ground and holding him down his paw raised.

“Kion they’re sealing the cave I know what you think of me but unless you get Fuli and Bunga out they’re going to die!” Simba pleaded.

Kion felt his anger partially fade and instead it was replaced with horror. Kion then remembered that they were still alive the possibility of their deaths left him so consumed with rage he forgot for a moment that they were still alive she was still alive, for now. Shock and horror appeared on Kion’s face as he released Simba he turned and saw all the sealed entrances then his face contorted with fury.

“Muhimu” Kion hissed.

Kion then took off running he had to find Bunga and Fuli before it was too late, he wouldn’t lose them.

Simba watched as Kion left he knew his relationship with his son was dead now more dead than he ever imagined. Simba painfully pulled himself up though it paled in comparison to the pain in his heart. He tried to ignore it as made his way out of the cave.

Kiara held Kovu down while reaching her claws for his throat but she found herself hesitating, why he attacked her home it was all him he betrayed her why was she hesitating?

“You’re not a killer, you can’t do it” Kovu said quietly.

Kiara continued to struggle her paw trembling, why couldn’t she do this it made sense. Kill him and exact revenge for what he did. Kiara felt her resolve returning and prepared to force her claws into his neck however before she could she saw Kion strangling his own father in rage. She saw herself beating her brother within an inch of his life. She looked at Kovu and saw Kion beaten and bloodied then Simba desperately choking for air. She looked at her paw which looked just like Kion’s, she saw the rage in his eyes and her own. She looked at her paw, his paw, the paw of hatred and rage. No she saw where that rage led where it led Kion and her where it led Shetani and even Zira. She would not give into it, Kiara was done letting her rage control her.

“No, I’m not a killer and i will never be a killer” Kiara said pulling her claws away from Kovu’s neck.

Nala begins to approach Kiara when the cave shakes and the ground collapses under them Kiara slides off it trying to use her claws to support her but they tear free and she finds herself dangling from the edge. Kovu looks at her in horror while Nala cries out her name and races towards her however neither are fast enough as Kiara’s claws tear free and she is sent plummeting off the edge into the pit a massive dust cloud obscuring her.

“Kiara!” Nala cried out.

Kovu looked down in shock that was not meant to happen, Kiara he had to save her. Kovu then remembered his failsafe someone was already prepared to help Kiara, he let his feelings for her get the best of him. Still he felt himself compelled to help her maybe he could but before he had the chance he found himself grabbed by an absolutely enraged Nala.

“You are not going anywhere” Nala growled.

Kovu regained himself he was prepared for this setback, “I have no intention of it take me where you will” Kovu said.

“If Kiara is safe then guide us out of here now.” Nala demanded.

Kovu didn’t argue as Nala held him her claws to his neck they then began moving through the cave to find their way out.

Kiara felt the whole world spinning around her she couldn’t properly see, her vision was blurry and her body was aching. She opened her eyes to see the whole cave collapsing she looked around for any sign of Kovu or her mother they weren’t here where were they? Kiara pulled herself up only to see Nuka staring down at her what was he doing here?

“Come on I can show you the way out of here.” Nuka told her.

Kiara wasn’t certain Nuka was trustworthy then again after Kovu’s betrayal Kiara would probably never trust anyone ever again, then again if Nuka knew the way out it was best to just go along with him for now if she wanted to survive but what of her mother?

“I’m not leaving without my mother and father!” Kiara said.

“It’s already taken care of we have means to ensure both escape safe and sound and you have questions, questions I believe it’s time to answer.” Nuka responded.

Kiara reluctantly gave in and took Nuka’s paw, “Alright follow me let’s get out of here” Nuka said.

Nuka and Kiara moved through the area as the walls shook and the ceiling came tumbling down they avoided the falling debri as Nuka led Kiara to the exit.

The rebels storage area was now a graveyard numerous of the royal council’s bodies were on the floor the remaining ones were tearing into each other each determined to claim the spoils as this happened unbeknownst to them two beings watched. The first was Koto who smirked in satisfaction as they all killed each other, perfect soon it would be over and all of Africa would be Koto’s. He wasn’t certain what caused the council to turn on each other but there were countless possiblities only three of them remained which meant Koto could finish the last one and come away with the spoils for himself, however another figure was also watching and his intentions did not match Koto’s.

The second figure was the assassin known as Kivuli, once the royals arrived all he had to do was wait for his moment and kill one of them without being seen it didn’t matter which. Once even the possibility of betrayal revealed itselves the snakes revealed their true colors and began clamoring over each other for the supplies. They were perfectly prepared to eat each other alive for it. It in truth disgusted Kivuli no sense of honor at all no code just selfishness and treachery, with no sense of justification. Kivuli began moving in once he noticed Koto’s time to finish this he grabbed a miniture geyser like object, a bomb.

Koto impaled a royal from behind before turning to the last two one was frail and old and had no hope of taking him on the other was a lioness which made her even less of a threat.

“This treachery is you!” One yelled.

“We’re all traitors we’ve just been waiting for our moment guess I’ll be the one ontop.” Koto said closing in on them.

“So you arranged the first killing” the lioness said.

“Unfortunately no, I’m surprised a lioness survived this long” Koto said smugly.

The lioness looked at him with anger but had an uneasy feeling, it wasn’t him then who the council were snakes herself included but they were still calculating they wouldn’t just turn on each other without provoking someone else killed the first this slaughter was a set up and Koto didn’t know about it.

“You ignorant fool we’ve been set up!” The lioness cried.

Kivuli revealed himself and stabbed the old lion dead revealing his bomb, Koto recognized it since he kind of made contact with him to use it a month or so back. Koto immediately began running for the exit but Kivuli already began sealing it a massive stone column came crashing down near the exit Koto raced for it but he wouldn’t make it in time he grabbed a council members body only to notice he was still alive just wounded in fact on second glance about half the remaining council was still alive just badly wounded. Fine by him he grabbed the lion and chunked him under the falling column he desperately tried to catch it which he partially succeeded though not for long in seconds it would crush him that was all Koto needed. Koto jumped and slid under the column.

“Thank you for your aid” Koto smugly told him before racing away he heard his horrific final cry as the column crushed him.

Kivuli pulled a rock out of his bomb and let the pressure built up the wounded council members all raced to the column trying to lift it together they probably could in time but he wouldn’t give them that time. He threw his bomb and awaited the inevitable as the coucil panicked around him.

“For the Mirithi” Kivuli said before he was consumed by an intense heat and the force of an oncoming hurricane. Kivuli stared at the approaching fire and relished it he stared at it and saw the pure beauty of it he was then consumed by the fire of what looked like an exploding sun.

Koto raced through the cave when he heard a massive blast it blew apart the storage place and incinerated the column. Koto could feel a massive heat behind him and a powerful force which was blowing the walls apart. He couldn’t escape in time Koto raced to the obliterated walls and smashed into it’s remains forcing his way out of the cave as the rest came down showering him with a mountain of dust and debri but he was still alive, once again he survived. Koto pulled himself up and left the crumpled cave behind the rest wouldn’t be standing much longer either.

Fuli and Bunga raced through the cave which was literally falling apart all around them pieces of debri and rocks were falling from the ceiling and smashing into the ground the whole cave would be in pieces in probably a few minutes tops. Fuli saw a royal soldier trying to race to an exit that was about to cave in she sliced his legs and slid under the collapsing entrance Bunga behind her. She knew the soldier was gone and couldn’t help but wonder if she killed him after desperately trying to avoid killing she was doing it again. Enough it was clear that was all this war was going to lead her to and if so then Fuli was certain she was done with it, when she got out of this cave she was leaving this war behind for good, she would not become a killer.

Bunga jumped up and tore away a part of the ceiling causing a wall to give out. Fuli and him raced into it only to crash into Kion who fell to the ground.

“Kion” Fuli said helping him up.

“Fuli” Kion said before grabbing and embracing her.

“Save the reunion stuff we have to get out of here now” Bunga told them tearing a hole in the ceiling they crawled up it and raced towards the nearest exit they hoped it wasn’t sealed yet.

They raced for it and saw Muhimu at the exit however he was already sealing it did he see them? They had to call out to him but there was no time the entrance was already collapsing calling out to Muhimu would do nothing. They raced towards the entrance which was quickly beginning to close up they weren’t going to make it. Bunga threw himself at the opening and grabbed a large stick he then jammed it into the opening and held it in place.

“Go hurry!” Bunga shouted.

Kion and Fuli dived into the entrance and began crawling through it the ceiling was already coming down on them Bunga crawled behind them and began tunneling into the ground using the pieces he tore up to support the ceiling as best as it could. Kion and Fuli continued crawling they could see the entrance and the daylight ahead of it they were almost there but could they make it in time? Bunga dug up a huge part of the ground and forced it into the collapsing ceiling.

“You guys go first I’m right behind you” Bunga told them.

Kion and Fuli nodded before clawing their way to the entrance and pulling themselves to it, Kion gestured to Fuli to go first there was no time to argue. Fuli crawled through the narrow opening which is starting to come down Kion followed in after Bunga crawled in next. Fuli and Kion were nearing the light when the whole ceiling began to come down if that happened it would close the opening and trap them!” Without even thinking Bunga threw himself at it and pressed himself under the unstable ceiling catching it with his hands and supporting it with his own body, he struggled to hold it up as he watched Kion pull himself to the entrance. Kion felt the entrance closing in on him he caught part of it with his paw while pulling himself forward with his other one until he finally pulled himself out and onto the soft grass outside. Kion and Fuli turned to Bunga.

“Alright Bunga, now you!” Kion calls out to him.

“Thanks appreciate the offer but if i move an inch the cave was collapse.” Bunga said clearly straining from supporting the ceiling.

“What you said you were behind us!” Fuli cried.

“Uh yeah about that I lied, sorry about that.” Bunga told them.

Kion began to realize the reality of what was about to happen no they had to get him out somehow someway he had to save him. Kion had already failed so many others he couldn’t fail his closest friend, his friend who never failed him. Kion raced to the opening trying to get back in but Bunga loosened his grip closing the hole so Kion couldn’t fit anymore. No what was he doing, he couldn’t do this.

“Bunga, what are you doing, let me in there now that’s an order!” Kion said in tears while pounding on the wall.

“Never was one for following orders come on you already know that” Bunga told him giving him a playful smile.

Kion felt tears filling his eyes Fuli stared at Bunga in sadness letting tears stream down her cheeks.

“Hey it’s all cool, I got nothing to regret I lived a great life did unbelievable things and had great friends. Bunga says gently while gazing at both of them.

Kion can’t say anything all he can do is fall to his knees and continue looking at his friend.

“But there’s still so much left for you here” Fuli said in tears.

“There’s always more to do and now you can do them all, together” Bunga said tears streaming down his cheeks.

“You can’t do this, you can’t, Bunga” Kion said normally it would be in a frantic voice but the pain in his heart made it too painful to raise his voice.

Bunga looked at them he wasn’t afraid they made it and now he and Fuli could live the life they should, together, all of them. He didn’t regret anything and he would make the same choice all over again he didn’t want to mourn he wanted this moment with his friends.

“Hey come on say it with me” Bunga told them smiling.

“Life is exciting Life is fun” Bunga sung softly.

This only made Kion cry even harder but this is what Bunga wanted he wouldn’t deny him it.

“Life’s a party it’s filled with thrills” Kion sung in tears.

“Don’t worry about scraps and spills” Fuli sung her voice a sad melody.

“Pop up pop up” Bungu sung.

“Dive in dive in” Kion and Fuli sung.

“Go go go flying through the trees like a busy busy bee going” All three sung.

“Now you know my motto in life” Bunga said softly.

He gazed at them one final time which they returned he gave them a gentle smile before moving one arm and giving them a thumbs up.

“Zuka Zamma” Bunga said softly before letting the ceiling go allowing it all to collapse on top of him.

“Bunga!” Kion screamed.

“No no, no” Fuli sobs while turning to Kion.

Kion couldn’t accept this there had to be someway to save him still it wasn’t too late it wasn’t too late, Bunga wasn’t gone he couldn’t be. Kion ran up to the cave and began pounding his fist into it again and again.

“Bunga, Bunga!” Kion cried while pounding his fist against the cave again and again as if doing so would somehow restore it.

He kept pounding on it as Fuli watched tears streaming down her cheeks. Kion felt his legs give out and he fell to the ground on his knees his paw desperately reaching out for the cave. Kion let his tears stream down his cheeks he then let out an anguished and broken scream which echoed across the heavens. Kion continued screaming to the heavens while smashing paw into the ground again and again he continued to do so until his paw began to bleed. He then fell to the ground sobbing endlessly. Fuli approached him in tears herself and hugged him allowing her own tears to fall as well.

Kion cried and sobbed in Fuli’s arms this was wrong, Bunga was gone dead for him. It was Kion’s fault he led him here and now he was dead, Bunga was dead. It should’ve been him, he should’ve been the one who died. Why was everyone dying for him, why, why when all he wanted to do was help them did everyone keep dying for him?

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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

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: Chapter 15:
What we sacrificed for

Nala dragged through a small jungle and threw him to the ground he didn’t seem too scared Nala would soon rectify that.

“What are you planning you think i won’t get the answers from you” Nala said darkly.

Kovu was unmoving he spoke not a word enraged Nala grabbed him and slammed him down. He didn’t even blink this only made Nala even angrier she wanted him to suffer to feel the pain he made others. Nala grabbed him and began dragging him across the ground allowing him to crash into trees and rocks. She dragged him through a thing of mud and finally into a pond still no response.

“You will say something, even if it’s nothing but a scream of agony!” Nala roared.

She then began beating on Kovu smashing her paw into his face again and again. She smashed her paw into his left cheek causing him to spit out a thing of blood. Nala then smashed her paw into his left eye which began to swole up.

“Say something!” Nala demanded in rage.

She continued to beat on him endlessly his other was beginning to swell shut and his head was beginning to bleed. Nala knocked him to the ground. He pulled himself up unmoving. Nala growled and grabbed Kovu forcing his head underwater. She pulled him up before doing it again and again and again.

“Tell me, tell me!” Nala screamed in rage.

Kovu didn’t move, Nala was about to strike him again but hesitated this wasn’t working, he believed in his cause he wouldn’t turn on it from pain alone especially since Zira likely put him through a lot of it. Nala felt disappointed for not thinking this through earlier she wasted valuable time.

She threw Kovu down and sat on the grass, “You planned for me to live why, especially when I knew of your assassin?” Nala said.

“I don’t want you dead, or any of you for that matter” Kovu answered.

“Then why attack Pride Rock?” Nala demanded.

“It was necessary” Kovu answers.

“How?” Nala demands.

Kovu says nothing, Nala feels her anger returning again.

“You will tell me or I’ll throw you in a river of crocodiles” Nala threatened.

Kovu wasn’t concerned with her threat it was relatively empty at this moment one she needed him alive for information and two while Kiara was indeed enraged at him she would not forgive her mother if she killed him.

“Kiara still cares killing me would destroy your relationship with her” Kovu said bluntly.

“What’s that matter my daughter might be dead” Nala asked in rage.

“You are in error someone was in position to rescue her she’s fine.” Kovu answered.

Nala could guess who that was it was unlikely Kovu was working alone even less likely his older brother didn’t know about what he was doing likely played a part in it. His reveal wasn’t shocking but where did he take Kiara and why?”

“Where have you taken Kiara?” Nala demanded.

“She’s safe” Kovu said.

Nala considered attempting to drown him again but controlled her anger it was useless. She needed other information mainly regarding the assassin and what his mission was.

“Why have your assassin at the base what are you planning?” Nala demanded.

“You really think I’ll tell you anything i don’t want you to know?” Kovu asked her.

It was a good question he could take pain and if Kiara was safe Nala had no leverage over him, she had to find some way to get him to talk but forcing it wouldn’t work, especially with how clever and manipulative he had been maybe Nala could use that as well.

“I was surprised when i found out i never believed you capable of mass slaughter to near genocidal levels” Nala told him, he visibly reacted to that one.

Kovu tried to ignore her comment but couldn’t quite bring himself too, he wasn’t a mass murderer it wasn’t that simple and she didn’t understand what he was doing.

“I should’ve expected so after who your father was even though you aren’t blood you’re still his son you would do him proud” Nala said rather cruelly.

Kovu began to tremble in anger from her words he was nothing like Scar if Scar did this Nala would be dead so would Kiara and so many more Kovu wasn’t doing this for power or any reward, he didn’t seek blood, he was trying to prevent further bloodshed.

“I am nothing like him I don’t want to see anyone dead but if i didn’t act a lot more would’ve died.” Kovu stated.

Nala considered his words the look on his face was true disgust he really hated what he was doing almost too much actually. He didn’t actually seem like he would have the stomach to plan the Pride Rock bombing maybe be a part of it but actually plan it she wasn’t sure. Nala approached Kovu and grabbed him.

“Maybe what you say is true regarding Kiara or maybe not either way I have the prove i need to expose you, I don’t need you” Nala said like ice.

“Go ahead do it, maybe i deserve it” Kovu said sadly.

Nala smiled and dropped him to the ground, she always had a theory regarding this but his reaction confirmed no one who worked so hard to accomplish all this would just lie down and die when they were nearing the final stages.

“I knew it” Nala said.

“What?” Kovu says in confusion.

“You took your defiance too far, no one who went as far as you did would just lie down when they were nearing the final stages, they would’ve fought unless of course it wasn’t their plan” Nala explained.

Kovu looked at her in confusion, Nala grabbed Kovu and pushed him against a wall.

“If you value your feelings for Kiara you’ll talk or I’ll lock you in a pit where you’ll never even know if she’s alive” Nala said coldly.

Kovu said nothing but he had to admit that threat did shake him knowing that he would never know where she was or if she was safe and he would live with that for all his life. Nala grabbed Kovu and threw him into a cave she tied him to a wall and prepared to seal it.

“Get comfortable, I’ll be certain to keep you alive for decades to come, decades without even knowing if she’s alive, if she’s somewhere where she needs you, you’ll never know and it will eat you until you accept her death and live with it until your bones rot away” Nala said her voice like some kind of monster.

“You won’t let your daughter die” Kovu reasoned.

“No but maybe one day I’ll fail to save her it will haunt me but you you will never know, you will never if she is alive or not” Nala said cruelly.

“Wait alright, alright” Kovu said defeated.

Nala smiled in satisfaction she walked up to Kovu and grabbed him pinning him against a wall.

“Now what do you say we meet just who you’ve been covering for, lead the way” Nala said.

Kiara couldn’t believe what she was seeing it was completely unthinkable, a few moments ago she was looking at a lifeless wasteland she was well familiar with it as was everyone else it was the desolated wasteland known as the outlands. It was lifeless dead there was nothing here but then Nuka led her into a cave which led to a secret jungle, a beautiful jungle hidden in the middle of the outlands what was this she thought the outlands couldn’t support life.

“What is this?” Kiara asked.

“What we’re fighting for what Kovu sought, the future and the end of this war” Nuka answered.

Kiara couldn’t deny that was a pretty direct answer yet somehow still vague. How would this end the war what was this place and what did Kovu hope to achieve with it?

“What is this place?” Kiara asked.

“The new kingdom, a kingdom of the free” Nuka told her.

“In the middle of the outlands how the outlands are dead?” Kiara says in confusion.

“Kovu and myself have been re seeding them since before the Dark King even arrived, Kovu’s been leading the restoration of the entire outlands” Nuka said.

“So you’ve been involved since the beginning this whole time you were just manipulating us for Kovu!” Kiara said in anger.

I’m helping just in a different way.” Nuka stated.

Kiara found that difficult to believe considering what he did what happened to her home how he had an assassin blow it to pieces or was that Kovu, was Kovu behind all of this or just some?

“How does attacking my home help, how could Kovu even think that?” Kiara said seething.

“The bombing was planned partially by Koto we used it to turn Simba against the royal council so he could destroy them from the inside, which he’s done a pretty effective job so far” Nuka answered his tone became more witty during the last part.

Kiara began to wonder how much Kovu and Nuka were involved in how much they were behind, were they responsible for the entire war did they start it?

“You started this war.” Kiara said in outrage though it was partially fake she wasn’t certain about this yet.

“The uprising was already in motion before we started the rebellion had actually been building for years and years, though we did escalate it supply the rebels enough so they could go from a small resistance force to a full on army” Nuka explained.

“So you did start it” Kiara said her anger returning.

“Not entirely it was already in motion but we needed it now, if the outlands returned the kingdoms would have a power struggle for them the ensuing war could destroy everything Kovu and myself had built, the council had to fall before they returned, the rebellion was the key to doing that.” Nuka answered.

Kiara understood now, the uprising was apparently going on longer than expected probably since before Kito, it was just so small no one cared about it including the kingdoms. So the rebellion was made larger and more out of control to distract the kingdoms until while the outlands were restored, once the council was crippled well what then, that part she wasn’t certain.

“The rebellion has been dying for a false cause for years, the whole war is a sham!” Kiara said outraged.

“No, this is what they are fighting for, Muhimu knows of it once the council falls the rebels will forge their own kingdom here.” Nuka said.

“And what of the kingdoms what emerges after the royals fall?” Kiara demanded.

“Something better, the world has become corrupt this kingdom will mark a new beginning. A single kingdom acting as the center of the others each king a member of this new world someone who fought and sacrificed for it, forming a single united leadership for the people” Nuka explained.

Whoa that was one ambitious plan, it made the revolution seem small. Kovu planned all this she had no idea he was such a visionary. It was difficult to take it all in even more so it was difficult to determine just what she was going to do. She hated the idea of how this came to past but long term it sounded like a good idea.

“Kiara we need you now, I know you don’t like the idea of all this but it’s the best shot we have of ending this and making something out of it” Nuka told her.

Kiara couldn’t argue with him here, the idea was solid an entire kingdom the rebels would agree to that and it was definitely their best bet. What would her alternate self do, she seemed so wise and strong would she agree to this. Kiara pondered it considering it she then realized the truth her alternate counterpart valued life above all else if there was a chance to prevent further blood shed she would, so too would Kiara.

“I will never condone what you or he did but I want this to end and you are not my enemy right now, let us put an end to this.” Kiara stated with a sense of strength a strength she hadn’t shown since this conflict began, she was beginning to finally feel like herself again.

Kion and Fuli sat beside the collapsed cave their heads were bowed low in front of them was a large stick a single name carved on it, Bunga the bravest and the wisest. Kion and Fuli approached the grave placing a flower beside it while Fuli stood in front of it. She knew what she wanted to say in his memory, and she would leave nothing out, Bunga deserved that much.

“I was always at odds with you Bunga, mostly because of how reckless and careless you could be didn’t fit with my preferred way of handling things. At times I felt you were almost stupid however over time I saw the true hero you were.” Fuli said softly.

Kion listened to Fuli’s speech it wasn’t changing how he felt, it was still another person dead for him, nothing would change that.

“When you were proclaimed wise it almost seemed laughable, absurd really, can we settle for suicidal” Fuli said with a chuckle it was the kind of thing Bunga would do add a little levity.

Fuli began to cry but kept her composure, “yet there was a wisdom to him, he understood the purporse of life to live it to it’s fullest, to not allow your pain to comsume you, to simply live life and enjoy it” Fuli said letting a few tears fall from her eyes.

Fuli allowed herself to smile at the thought of her friend, this was the celebration of his life not death at least that’s how Bunga would see it.

“A simple thing, really and yet i cannot think of more meaningful words, thank you Bunga be at peace and find whatever adventures await you beyond, I salute you, Zuka Zamma my friend.” Fuli finished wiping away a tear while staring at Bunga’s grave, she forced a small smile in the memory of Bunga it’s the only way to end his eulogy.

Fuli turned to Kion who was just sitting there did he even hear what she said. He said nothing, he barely moved in fact all he did was stand by the cave that served as his friend’s grave. Fuli looked down at Kion as rain began to pour down on him it quickly escalated soaking them both still Kion was unmoving. Kion stared intensely Bunga’s memorial. He couldn’t bare seeing it but he couldn’t look away either. It was his fault Bunga died or was Muhimu’s or his father’s whose was it, who deserved to die or was it all of them? Kion felt the guilt eating away at him he led him here, Kion fought against his guilt he didn’t cause what happened he didn’t he didn’t seal the cave Muhimu did and he was certain it was deliberate. Muhimu had made it clear Kion needed to let go of those he loved he was clearly forcing the matter now. Kion didn’t bother to consider how irrational it sounded it was a lot easier than having Bunga’s death on his head.

Fuli continued to stare at Kion who wouldn’t look away from the memorial rain soaked his features some even dripping in his eyes and he didn’t react at all.

“Kion we need to go and find the others” She tells him.

Kion was silent as the grave, lifeless

“Kion” She said in concern.

Kion is motionless.

“Kion we have to go somewhere away from all this” Fuli told him.

Kion remained silent and unmoving.

“Kion say something, Kion, Kion!” Fuli screamed while slapping Kion trying to get some kind of response out of him.

“I’m going to kill him” Kion finally said his voice a near whisper.

What who?” Fuli asked fearing the answer.

“Muhimu, I’m going to slice him open and snap his neck with my bare paws” Kion said seething.

What how would that solve anything had Kion forgotten where Kiara’s rage got her or Vitani, or Zira or literally anyone. Giving into one’s anger never led anywhere good. Not to mention what did Muhimu do, he trapped them but was that deliberate, she didn’t think so and if it was it still wasn’t worth going after him, it wasn’t worth more death and killing.

“Forget about him we can’t go back to the rebellion let’s find your family, or go anywhere together like Bunga asked us, that’s what he wanted” Fuli tried to reason.

“No he would’ve wanted to live, to have a life, and Muhimu through his obsession with this war took that life from him, I won’t let it stand.” Kion said in a whisper of rage.

Fuli could see it the rage in his eyes, she was moments away from losing him and she couldn’t lose both of them in the same day.

“I’m not coming with you Kion, would you choose your revenge over us?” Fuli asked him firmly.

Kion turned to Fuli with rage she would use that now after all this after giving that eulogy she would just dismiss his memory and let him die for nothing like this.

“He was your friend I thought you would care, if you don’t care enough I do.” Kion growled at her he had never used that kind of voice with her before.

Fuli was shocked by what he heard how could he actually say that to her of course she cared but she was trying to honor his memory not desecrate it. Fuli struggled not to cry. She began to consider the most extreme act of desperation yet.

“Should I tell him now maybe that will convince him” Fuli thought before dismissing it she didn’t want such a thing founded on such an ultimatum she could convince him.

“I don’t want to kill anyone again, I don’t want to be a killer Kion and that’s all this war is doing to me!” Fuli said in tears.

Kion looked into her eyes normally this would’ve reached him but not today the betrayal of his father, the loss of his ideals with the rebellion, the death of Bunga and all the other lives lost that he blamed himself for, Kion felt broken like he had nothing even if it wasn’t true.

“If you leave i won’t be here when you come back” Fuli said her heart breaking.

Fuli turns away from him starting to walk away desperately hoping to hear him call out to her again.

“Tell him, tell him now” Fuli told herself, she rejected it again.

“Please come with me” Fuli begged him.

A part of Kion wanted to but the love he always felt in his heart he just didn’t feel it anymore. He fought as the Lion Guard for so long endured so many struggles and in the end he couldn’t save his home from the drought, he tried to help the rebels and couldn’t help them. He did so many things he never wanted to and none of it mattered. His sister hated him, his father betrayed him and Kion couldn’t feel anything but anger for him despite not wanting to. Bunga was dead. His mother was dead. All people he was supposed to protect he was supposed to inspire and give hope to and all he did was let them down. The Lion Guard was a lie, he wasn’t a hero Kiara was right, he was never a hero.

“Fuli normally I would, but I don’t want to be with you, because if I stay with you you’re the one i’ll fail next” Kion said broken.

Fuli felt her heart tear itself in half the moment he spoke great kings she had never heard him sound so broken, after all his trials this war completely broke him.

“You won’t fail me” Fuli tried to reason.

“I was right in front of Bunga when he died, he watched you kill Vita. Everything i’ve done and it means nothing, the Pride Lands will be dead soon, my family will be dead soon, the rebellion will be dead, all of them dead just like Bunga” Kion told her he had never sounded so defeated.

Fuli wanted to race up to him to hold him close and show him just what he means, but for whatever reason she didn’t.

“The Lion Guard was a lie, my destiny was a lie, my life was a lie” Kion said completely broken.

“Kion don’t, please come with me, stay with me” Fuli begged him.

Kion looked at the mark on his shoulder and using the small connection he still had he removed the mark a small gold light in his paw he then tossed it aside Fuli’s disappeared as well.

“It’s all an empty lie, I’m an empty lie” Kion told her in despair, he then turned away from her and walked in the opposite direction.

“Goodbye Kion” Fuli said in complete and utter heartbreak before turning away from Kion and walking away from the cave, the grave, the war and the one she loved more than anything.

Kion stood in silence for a moment he felt Fuli’s heavenly scent surround him. He let it linger for a moment taking it all it then a moment later it was gone and so was she, he was alone. At least now she wouldn’t end up dead now.

Kion turned to Bunga’s grave before running off looking for any sign of Muhimu, he would find him and avenge his fallen friend, he had to it was the only thing he could do now, all Kion could ever do was kill others or watch them die, he would rather the ones who die be the ones he killed than the ones he watched helplessly.

Muhimu moved slowly through the jungle area his paw tracing across the trees leaving his traces of his scent behind. It was a requirement Muhimu knew Kion was coming he saw the look on his face when Muhimu sealed the cave. He wasn’t pleased with that decision but like many others he made it was necessary for the rebellion. Yet another sacrifice, did they ever seem to end was there anything he wouldn’t have to sacrifice how much more could this war ask of him, hadn’t he done enough, when it would it be enough? Muhimu stopped for a moment and turned to the flower buried in the wound on his shoulder he then let the stone fall from his mouth and stared at it. He ran his paws across it gently. He tried to not look closer but he knew that was impossible. At the bottom there were two paw prints one was a bit larger, not surprising even female tigers were larger than leopards. Muhimu placed his paw into the smaller paw print, it still fit, he turned to the second one in sadness.

“It still feels fresh, I can still feel your paw touching mine did you do it on purporse, you always had a fun side to you.” Muhimu said gazing at the slightly larger paw print.

“I still remember that day perfectly, i could write it down word for word detail for detail, though describing you would take multiple scroll sections, even now I discover details of your natural beauty i knew nothing about, You were everything i hoped for, yet i wish i could almost forget it, to not know we were” Muhimu tried to say but choked on the words, remembering everything about her and when she told him of their fates.

Three years ago, Muhimu was in paradise he was among the stars the best and brightest of them, he was in a bliss beyond any of that. Almasi was resting herself on him gently her paw stroaking his cheek he didn’t do anything instead he simply held her closely gazing at her endlessly. Almasi smiled at him gently leaning forward and licking his muzzle gently. His taste buds were overwhelmed as her saliva entered his mouth. He began licking her in return which she didn’t seem nearly as overwhelmed if anything she almost took it as a challenge her licking became more aggressive and passionate, before Muhimu could even react her tongue wasn’t on his mouth anymore it was in it and her lick turned into a deep kiss.

Muhimu returned it allowing her tongue to explore every corner of his mouth it was a contrast to her movements a few seconds ago, before her licks were aggressive and firery while now her tongue moved around his with a slow and gentle stroak as if trying to let him savor the moment as long as possible. This is what she was always like everything she did had a gentle compassion to it. Her kiss was soft and sweet, the only desire being to give him a feeling of true love. Muhimu kissed her as well he tried to hold back his own fire not wanting to ruin Almasi’s soft and gentle gesture of romance. He tried but he just couldn’t mimic it to make someone feel so loved to give a feeling of such compassion and sweetness it was something only Almasi could do.

She pulled away slowly her gaze never leaving him, “Sorry if i caught you off card I often notice what you want before even you do” Almasi told him with such kindness.

“Don’t ever feel you need to apologize to me everything you do i treasure” Muhimu responded while gazing into her eyes, god how did he become so lucky.

“Guess we see it differently” Almasi said.

“Should we be getting back to the others” Muhimu said.

“That would be the responsible thing” Almasi told him however her paw took his cheek and pulled him in closer.

“How I want to wait longer but we can’t keep them waiting any longer” Muhimu told her.

Almasi smiled he was learning fast even now he was committed enough to the cause to give up a moment with her just to be on time for a meeting, indeed soon he would be ready. Almasi shuddered at the thought she wasn’t looking forward to this well that wasn’t entirely accurate she was deeply looking forward to much of it. After their night under the stars it became clear Muhimu was falling for her hard and she couldn’t deny the same was happening with her, as was expected of both of them. The last few months had been great it had only been six months but it was clear Muhimu longed to be with her and her him.

Understandably, they were officially dating about six months but in truth they had been together since not long after Muhimu joined. Almasi’s job as leader was clear feed Muhimu’s feelings for her and ultimately succumb to them herself. Both had succumbed to their feelings for each other, make no mistake Almasi’s loved him and literally everyone in the entire rebellion knew about Muhimu’s feelings for her, they were ready it was time to start the final trial.

Almasi let Muhimu go for a moment but then turned back to him, she didn’t want to ask this but at the same time she did it was necessary but more so she deeply wanted it, had wanted it since before they were officially dating. She stopped to consider her actions maybe the best thing was to let this go and let Muhimu escape what was to come but she couldn’t do that her duty was to the rebellion as was his, besides the final trial could be years away who knows maybe they win before he even has to do it. It was wishful thinking to be sure but Almasi really didn’t want to do the final trial and she certainly didn’t want to put Muhimu through it. Almasi ignored her regrets and focused on her feelings. She took him by the cheeks.

“Muhimu they know about us, i was hoping to stay with you longer” Almasi said hoping he would say what she wanted to hear.

“Sorry Almasi but we have a higher duty we have to follow” Muhimu told her.

He was ready not emotionally but he was ready to be leader very well it was time to report to the others where they would no doubt declare the start of the final trial. Almasi let him go and gestured him to lead the way Muhimu looked at her surprised before he began walking back to the rebellions chamber, he didn’t know what this meeting was but it was said to be important, indeed it was it would also be the start of the most agonizing thing Muhimu could ever imagine.

Muhimu and Almasi both entered the main chamber where the other rebels were waiting they all saluted Almasi who returned the gesture while looking to the remaining generals in truth they reported to her usually and also usually followed her orders but it was their decision to choose when the final trial began since Almasi was obviously too emotionally compromised to make that choice. The generals also saluted Almasi while bowing respectfully. Almasi gestured Muhimu to take his place among the others before taking her own at the head of the chamber. She turned to the generals.

“It was his choice for us to arrive despite my offering to give him much more, he has done this every time six different times, he values his time with me but not enough to ignore rebel calls” Almasi said quietly.

“What of missions how is he there?” A general lion said.

“He is willing to part ways for the mission if it is commanded he never strays from his mission even if it means ignoring me in danger.” Almasi answered.

“What is this meeting about I don’t like being personally requested unless it is important” Almasi said sounding much more like a war leader.

“Apologies, we have an issue, a very large one” A general cheetah answered.

Almasi didn’t like the sound of that, she waited to let them deliver the news it was not good at all.

The other rebels were all gathered in the chamber waiting for Almasi’s reaction to whatever news they had been summoned for. Almasi took the center of the room staring at her soldiers and supporters, this wasn’t what they wanted to hear but sugar coating it was pointless.

“You are wondering why i have gathered you here, i greatly appreciate the presence of all of you and only feel great sorrow that others are not here among us first let us honor the fallen of our brethen” Almasi said softly she then bowed her head low in respect the others joining her.

Muhimu bowed his head low waiting for Almasi to signal them to rise and no sooner he was not her lover at this point he was another follower and supporter and not honoring her wishes would result in the same punishment as any other. Almasi waited for a moment seeing her brothers and sisters all bowing their heads in sadness.

“On this day i regret to inform you we have lost more of our family, and now I will honor each of them. Sheku and Masi, I am sorry but Mia did not return I mourn the pain of your loss both as mate and daughter, You are dismissed from your normal duties for the remainder of the week to deal with this, my deepest apologies” Almasi told two panthers who immediately began to cry.

“Taru, Yuka passed on during a retrieval mission last night may her love remain with you” Almasi said sadly while Taru a leopard wiped a tear from his eye.

“Kiva, your son died saving many of our brothers I know this does nothing to dual the pain of a mother, but your son was brave and he made us all proud” Almasi told a lioness who merely nodded and bowed her head in her sons memory.

“Next we have Lux, Nakia, Haga, Ruku no blood family but they were family to us all and we will never forget any of them. Thank you my brothers and sisters, you are free” Almasi said.

“You are free” The rebels all said in unison.

Almasi signaled the rebels to raise their heads she then turned to Muhimu she knew what was necessary and it was very soon it was so difficult a sacrifice beyond anything but these people sacrificed too. They lost those they love every day and their leader must be willing to understand that pain and be there to help them move beyond it. Almasi finally remembered why the trial was so important it built empathy and an understanding to pain. The rebels needed the sacrifice required of her and Muhimu, and all these people were more important than her or Muhimu.

“Thank you for your respects but I’m afraid more will be lost to us soon the royals have tracked us and will arrive soon we must evacuate but for that to work some must stay behind, I will not ask of any of you those who stay must be of their own choice and I will not condemn those who do not” Almasi told them.

She then turned away and let the rebels decide which would remain while turning to Muhimu to follow her which he immediately did he would follow her anywhere anywhere she asked.

“Muhimu it’s time” Almasi told him her voice very seriously.

“You mean” Muhimu began saying.

“Yes, you are ready” Almasi told him.

“Wait, you’re staying aren’t you?” Muhimu said dread filling his voice.

“I must it’s my duty as leader” Almasi told him.

No that wasn’t an option there had to be another way let him stay she was a better leader than he would ever be so just forget about him. She couldn’t stay if she did she would die, and he couldn’t even bare the thought of that.

“No, let me stay with you!” Muhimu pleaded.

“If you stay all your training was worthless it’s time to embrace the cause beyond all else” Almasi told him.

“What of the final trial i can’t do it without you” Muhimu tried to reason.

“This is the trial, and now Muhimu in this moment not as your lover but as your leader i must ask you to do something, ask me what you’ve wanted to for months now” Almasi demanded.

Ask her what, what was she talking about there was much he wanted to say to her too much really what could she mean by all this. What did she want him to ask unless was she demanding him to, that made no sense she would be dead soon what purporse would there be in him asking her this now, he couldn’t ask that not knowing it would be over by tomorrow.

“Almasi are you asking me to, that doesn’t make sense it’ll be over by tomorrow” Muhimu said in tears.

Almasi saw his tears the woman in her wanted to hold him closely but she saw the heartbroken faces of all those familes hearing someone they loved died she never made that sacrifice anymore she needed to remain strong and Muhimu had to as well.

“I know it’s part of the trial the one i was told when you took you under my wing, the sacrifice of what we love for the cause” Almasi explained.

Muhimu was shocked how could she know he would lover her was the whole thing planned was his love just a game, a piece on a chess board she was using him, breeding him to love her and then strip it all away.

“That’s monstrous, did you ever love me?” Muhimu cried tears streaming down his cheeks.

Almasi felt her heart break at that one she did love him she was required to and she wanted to, but she had higher more important missions as did he.

“I do love you Muhimu, yes you were molded to love me i was selected to save you from that fall for that exact purporse but my feelings were real i do love you, this is my sacrifice too, think about those griefing families what they lost we must be willing to endure the same” Almasi told him while gently stroaking his cheek.

“But why this i want you to be my mate for my life not a day” Muhimu said in sorrow.

“It’s now or never Muhimu, I would rather be your mate for a short period of time than never be your mate at all” Almasi told him softly.

“Would you only marry me when the time for the trial came was that the only way you would become my mate?” Muhimu asked sadly.

“No, if there were more time I would’ve proposed to you myself within the month, you’re slow I honestly expected your proposal by now, I deeply wanted it” Almasi said her voice a sweet whisper.

Muhimu gazed at her taking in her beautiful smile and knew she wasn’t lying she did love him, she just loved the cause more as they all did. He was told he would have to embrace the cause now he knew how. She was right he couldn’t lose her not without knowing they were truly together in the end. Muhimu took Almasi’s paw and got down on one knee gazing into her beautiful eyes.

“Almasi I love you, you have been the being who set my soul free who showed me what true life is, what it means to live, to be happy, you are my happiness, the freedom of my heart, will you marry me” Muhimu asked her pretending the next day was just a fantasy and smiling at her in tears.

“Yes” Almasi told him softly, they then embraced wrapping their arms around each other holding each other close their muzzles edged closer their mouths then touched in a moment of sweet, romantic and loving bliss, her saliva filled his taste buds her sweet compassion surrounded his every,

NO! No he wouldn’t think of it he would not send himself back to that moment he couldn’t he couldn’t endure it again. He would not remember that feeling, the taste of her mouth gently caressing over his the warmth of her fur, brushing against him. Muhimu felt a sweet aroma surround him, he began to tremble he placed his nose to his fur it still smelled of almost roses, petals nature itself, it still smelled like her. Muhimu pulled away trying to cover his nose and ignore the scent, it wasn’t real anyway. She was dead, gone she wasn’t with him their life together lasted a few hours and then it was gone, she was gone, forever among the stars, he could not reach her, he would never reach her. Muhimu pulled the flower from his wound he barely felt it the memory of Almasi crippling his nervous system. He held the flower wanting to throw it down but he couldn’t, he couldn’t let her go. Muhimu sat down and rested himself on the ground in a puddle of water Kion would be here soon and then, well he didn’t know, he really didn’t know, for now he would just rest and allow himself to sleep, to dream of a life where he never lost her where they were free, happily raising their son or daughter, Muhimu preferred a daughter actually he preferred both, each with their mothers eyes.

“I can’t do this anymore, I can’t live with it Almasi, can i finally join you” Muhimu said in tears.

How much more must he do for a rebellion that didn’t seem to value their survival anymore. Why must he sacrifice the woman he loved for this. He was taught to love them unconditionally more than anything, but he couldn’t love them more than her. They didn’t make the pain go away. They didn’t fill the hole her death left in his soul. They were just strangers to him she was his world. What did he care if they won he had nothing for these last two years the only reason he even wanted to win was so he could finally join her. He wanted Kion to make the same sacrifices what was he thinking that was wrong, more wrong than anything he ever deemed imaginable, he couldn’t ask that of him he wouldn’t ask that of anyone, it killed him inside. Almasi was his world, his everything and he gave her up for this cause, and as much as he wanted to value her sacrifice it just, it just, it just wasn’t worth it. He would rather be in chains forever with her than live without her. This war wasn’t worth it, his freedom wasn’t worth it. A life of freedom wasn’t worth losing Almasi.

“I’m sorry i know we’re supposed to be willing to do anything for them without regret so long as they live, but i do regret it, I’m sorry my love but they weren’t worth it, this war isn’t worth it, it wasn’t worth losing you” Muhimu finally admitted in complete sorrow and despair. It was true he knew it with every fiber in his being he would give anything to have her back and if there was one choice he could change it would be that one. None of this was worth it in the end, his freedom wasn’t worth losing her.

It wasn’t worth it, the price of his freedom was too high.

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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

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: Chapter 16:

He couldn’t smell much of anything right now just a faint scent his nose was burning from all the dust that filled it his eyes were burning too and his body was aching. It was in truth a miracle he was still alive a miracle that blast didn’t kill him, that wasn’t how he intended things to go but it did still work in the night so that was enough. The council was dead and he was all that was left, so setbacks aside the plan still worked, Koto could work with that.

Koto limped his way across the Pride Lands slowly and painfully pulling himself along he looked around the decaying kingdom and saw no sign of anyone there good that would make this easier Simba was likely here and he was the last obstacle to Koto’s ascension. Koto pulled himself painfully toward Pride Rock almost falling over in the process. He grabbed a wall for support and slowly moved into the cave, he took in his surroundings there was nothing there he sniffed the area around the cave no scents there either his nose was still burning but he would detect a scent in the den, damaged nose or not. Still no need to take stupid risks.

“Hello is anyone there!?” Koto called out making certain he sounded even weaker than he looked.

“Can anyone hear me?” Koto choked out coughing painfully it echoed across the cave.

There’s no one here they are all gone, the results of your own actions in a way.” A voice called out to him he recognized it clearly.

Koto watched as Simba emerged from the shadows looking almost angry what had happened either way Koto was in no position for a fight he needed to play this cleverly.

“Good you made it so you successfully lured them all down to the storage cave, the plan worked perfectly.” Koto said pleased.

Simba’s stare intensified as he moved closer closing in on him rather menacely.

“You used me to satisfy your own ends, and it worked thanks to the bombing.” Simba growled.

Wait a minute was he catching onto the truth impossible Koto left no traces of his involvement or his knowledge how could Simba possibly know, he needed to turn this around fast if Simba discovered the truth Koto was a dead man.

“What are you talking about, we were partners before hand the bombing showed us the true level of the threat this rebellion posed how far they would go.” Koto said sounding appalled by the nature of the crime.

Simba moved closer to him this time baring his teeth, “Yeah quite the fortunate how well that benefited you in the end unless it wasn’t the attack happens the same day you arrive to meet with me, I don’t believe in coincedences anymore, you knew and you let it happen” Simba said in anger.

Koto began backing away in fear slowly pushing himself towards a wall, “Simba please you have to understand my actions for the good of the kingdoms and even your home, I never intended Nala to die just to lure the assassin here and stop him” Koto said in panic.

Simba felt his anger growing his cowardish demeanor, his pathetic attempt to get away, he reminded him of Scar, everything he did reminded Simba of Scar. It only increased the rage and hatred Simba felt for him but for now he needed a confession and Koto wouldn’t confess unless he thought he won. Simba approached him slowly closing in on his cornered form.

“You knew what we were you couldn’t handle this without me the council would’ve already killed you you know this and I know this! You owe me, your fathers code demands you repay our debt!” Koto said in desperation.

Simba felt his anger increase now he would bring up his father he readied his claws prepared to bring them down and remove his cowardly head from his shoulders, but stopped no not yet he needed the truth stick to the plan. Simba’s expression softened and a look of defeat appeared on his face. He then reluctantly reached his paw out to him. This was it Simba dropped his guard if he could just greatly wound him he could kill him, what a fool, what a naive fool. Koto smiled and accepted Simba’s paw allowing him to pull him up he then stabbed Simba in the rib with his claws. Simba’s eyes went wide and he dropped to his knees, perfect this was his moment now he won! Koto was so pleased he didn’t even notice that Simba directed his blow to his ribs in secret.

“You were a good puppet but I’ll take it all, another unfortunate victim of the rebels killed by Kion himself, you’ll be my martyn” Koto said smugly so smugly one would almost forget he was begging for his life seconds ago.

“It was a set up you did know of the attack did you plan it?” Simba asked in pain.

Koto smiled in satisfaction oh he had to revel in this moment let Simba know how much he played into his paws, let Simba know he was nothing but his pawn, he had to revel in his victory he had waited so long for it he would not be denied his personal satisfaction.

“You have no idea what’s going on none at all, That assassin was hired by me supplied to me by an unknown i’ll be certain to remove them wouldn’t want that getting out right” Koto said mockingly.

“You planned Nala’s death how did you know it would go that way?” Simba demanded.

“Nala is assertive driven by a need to prove she is useful, she failed that the moment she was born a lioness, but her pathetic need to matter served me well, I knew she investigate the threat never knew a lioness’s place.” Koto said cruelly.

Simba tried to reach up and grab him but Koto pushed him down placing his claws to his neck he then raked his other claws across his back before slicing his chest, this was perfect everything he hoped for he just needed a little more.

“As for you well it was obvious Simba the king who blames himself for his fathers death, it was only natural you would blame yourself for Nala’s from there manipulating you was a simple task, this was too easy Simba, you’re pathetic and now you’re going to put me at the top of the world thank you, goodbye Simba” Koto said he then thrust his claws forward only for Simba to catch them.

“You’re right about me, about everything” Simba said then a satisfied smile appeared on his face.

“But how are you going to explain it to them?” Simba asked smugly.

“Them” Koto said with a hint of fear.

“Let me show you” Simba said smirking he then pushed Koto to the ground who looked up and noticed he was surrounded by lionesses.

No this wasn’t possible they weren’t here a moment ago did they hear everything, they couldn’t of Simba was helpless how was he fighting back now. Koto had him, he had him this was wrong all wrong, this couldn’t be happening, this wasn’t happening!

“They weren’t here they were scattered around the area your damaged senses wouldn’t detect them” Simba explained.

“Wait you knew i would enter that cave that trap it was your plan, you traitor!” Koto said in disgust and fear.

“You don’t like playing the game when you’re losing” Simba said darkly.

“Simba wait, wait we can help each other, you know you still need me we can make this work” Koto tried to plead.

“He murdered your queen give him your thoughts about that” Simba said like ice.

The lionesses surrounded Koto before jumping on him and mauling him they bit into his arms while others attacked his joints twisting them viciously. Others sliced his body with their claws while others bit into his shoulders. Koto desperately pleaded to Simba who ignored his cries watching as his Pride tore Koto to shreds, before they could finish him Simba signaled them to stop, they did for a moment. Simba approached Koto who he could tell was moments from death, Simba wasn’t done he killed his mate Simba would see him suffer, he would see him squirm.

“It hurts doesn’t it knowing you were beaten, i wasn’t the puppet you were” Simba said harshly.

Koto couldn’t speak at all all he could do was look up at Simba his expression a truly pathetic one.

“It was me, since we met i was planning your end, I broke you, I wanted you to know this that i played you that i destroyed you.” Simba said cruelly.

Simba grabs Koto’s neck and lifts him up staring into his petrified eyes good he deserved worse and Simba looked forward to sending him to the hell that would give him worse but first he would know his face and his name and he would never forget it.

“Look at me Koto, see my face and never forget it even from the hell that awaits you” Simba growled before throwing him back down he turned back to the lionesses.

“He thinks you’re worthless, show him your hunting prowess” Simba said his voice a dark angry growl.

The lionessess swarmed over Koto and tore into him again he couldn’t let out any cries of agony since his throat was already damaged, it didn’t matter Simba was satisfied, he knew he lost and when his death came it was at the claws of teeth of lionesses, the only fate befitting of him. Simba turned away from Koto’s bloody demise and instead turned toward the outside of the cave. This was the line and he definitely crossed it there was no going back now he was just another killer, Kion was right he lost everything he stood for would he sacrifice even more. Simba thought about Kion he remembered the hatred in his eyes and he knew it wasn’t going anywhere Kion would come for him and maybe that was for the best.

“You’re coming for me soon, i know it and maybe after this death is what i deserve.” Simba said in self loathing.

He knew the end was nearing Kion would come one way or another and Simba couldn’t help but wonder what he would do when that time came Kion wouldn’t give up, he wasn’t certain he could save him anymore, so what now if Simba couldn’t save Kion than what purpurse did any of this serve, maybe this war was the wrong path either way it was too late Kion was coming for him and when he did Simba honestly didn’t know what he would do.
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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

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: Chapter 17:
Price of freedom

Muhimu was sitting alone in a puddle of water there was a trail of blood behind him it would be all Kion would need to track him there and then well he didn’t know what would happen next. Muhimu looked to the stars one seemed to shine brightly as if looking down on him with love. Muhimu reached for it but once again he couldn’t reach it, he couldn’t reach her, he could never reach her. Muhimu wondered if soon he would finally see her again it had been so long and all he wanted was to be beside her again, to relive that one moment when they were one.

Muhimu stood in the center of a beautiful grass field Almasi was standing right beside him, he tried to smile at her but couldn’t fully bring himself to, knowing what was coming. Almasi however did smile at him a sweet and compassion gesture much like everything she did. She gently placed his paw into hers which he began to grasp. Almasi’s fur had a glow to it he didn’t know if it was his perception or if it was actually something she used. An intoxicating phermone emitted off her filling his nostrils her eyes sparkled under the moon and stars, she always wanted to married during a beautiful night under the stars.

Muhimu stood in front of her and gazed into her eyes he knew what he wanted to say and now he would.

All my life I have felt like i was falling a feeling constantly washing over me a feeling that i can’t control but I am not afraid i am not afraid of the fall because I know you will be there as you always are, you’ve always been there whenever i fall. When I fall you pick me up, when i fall you remind me I can still rise, you remind me that there is meaning to my descent and you join me within it. When I fall you’re smile lifts me from the darkness, you’re laugh makes me feel as if i could soar, the sparkle in your eyes shows me the light i struggle to find, when I fell you caught me you always do no matter what, when I fall you catch me and remind me i am never fallen.” Muhimu told her gently, she smiled warmly at him.

Almasi held his paw and felt sad she couldn’t top the vows Muhimu just said or even match them she wasn’t a romantic speaker all she could do was say the truth.

“I’m sorry but I cannot equal what you said how I wish i could all i can tell you Muhimu is that I am grateful for the moment you arrived when i caught you i did see something special and you have been everything i hoped you could be and more you have made me proud. But these are the words of a mentor a teacher not a lover. I suppose you reminded i was more than a leader showed me that there was still a living being beneath all this reminded me that there is always something worth living for you gave my life a meaning again a meaning i had sought all my life.” Almasi said.

“I don’t know what else to say except I have treasured each and every moment beside you, and there is nothing that has filled me with such joy more to be with you in this moment, we are united and from this point on we will never be beyond each others reach, I promise” Almasi told him before nuzzling him gently.

Muhimu and Almasi both became lost in the others gaze for a moment they both forgot what was to come and just embraced the moment they were finally here. They turned to the animals watching them it was time they heard the question they asked them though not really the world had disappeared all that they could see was each other nothing else was there it was just them and the stars and moon there world was only each other. They did not see or hear anything else but they knew what to say, it was all they could say.

“I do” Muhimu said softly.

“I do” Almasi replied her voice like a sweet melody.

Muhimu and Almasi then embraced each other wrapping their arms around the other before their muzzles met in a passionate and romantic kiss.

Muhimu tried to force the memory out of his head but he couldn’t the truth was he didn’t want to it was the last happy memory he had all he could ever dream of. His mind desperately tried to forget it all but it couldn’t he couldn’t. She was a part of him would alway be a part of him, he could feel her within him both physically and spiritually. Muhimu moved through the water puddles his paws trudging through them as he did so she continued to assault his mind, he could never forget it the moment when she was his and he was hers.

Muhimu could not feel or see anything he couldn’t smell or taste anything, except for her. In this moment Almasi was his very existence, and he was hers. They could feel the intense heat and warmth of the other brushing against them. They held each other within their arms and their allowed their hearts and souls to truly meet. Almasi licked his muzzle with a fire and passion he had never seen from her a fire he returned in full. The warmth of her form brushed against his own. Moments later Muhimu was breathing hard his body would be exhausted but at that moment he couldn’t feel it. All he could feel was Almasi. He felt her fur against his so warm, her heavenly scent surrounding him filling his nostrils and filling him with a feeling of true bliss and happiness. Her voice echoed in his mind like a melody, her words soothing him filling him with words and thoughts of love words he knew were true, words she didn’t even speak no he could hear her voice solely through the sparkle in her eyes, the love that emitted from them that spoke to him through their compassion, sweetness and unconditional love, she need not speak a word her every action, her very gaze spoke more than any word could. She seemed to glow almost like a angel the true glamorous beauty of her form overwhelming his sight.

Muhimu could taste her kiss and so much more he had never known this before as she welcomed him to her very being and very soul. One kiss turning to several and then going beyond. Eventually Muhimu didn’t even taste it anymore or smell it those were prospects of lust and desire and Muhimu was far beyond those emotions now far beyond any physical feeling. All he could feel now was the purity the happiness the feeling of truly being whole. This was freedom this was true freedom, freedom of his pain, freedom of his doubts, freedom of his burden, She was his freedom her love set him free. Muhimu succumbed to her and let her wash away his pain and fear, he became one with the eternal love and purity that was Almasi’s soul.

Tears fell from Muhimu’s eyes as he moved through the water her gorgeous smile flashed in his mind, a smile he lost. Muhimu began running through the water his paws splashing into each puddle the impact created a ripple a ripple that he could’ve sworn he saw a reflection in.

Muhimu watches in sadness as Almasi prepares to leave with the other volunteers. He desperately wants to rush to her to beg her not to go but instead he stands his ground. Almasi turns to him.

“We will hold them off, you have to break the dam once the soldiers all in the surrounding area” Almasi said with regret.

Muhimu feels like his heart stopped he didn’t just have to let her walk away he had to be the one who pulled the trigger, he had to be the one who essentially killed her, no he couldn’t do it that was too much how could anyone ask that of anyone, it was wrong.

“Almasi i can let you walk away but to do that your death would be on my head, I can’t be the one who actually kills you!” Muhimu cried in anguish.

Almasi places her paw on him, “This is my choice you are not killing any of us you are saving the rest, i can’t be the one who does it my soldiers need me beside them.” She said gently.

“I can’t, that’s too much to ask of me, I love you I can’t kill you!” Muhimu screamed in tears.

Almasi sat next to him, “You said you wanted to be free of your chains i am your chains, I do not give you freedom i enslave you, we all joined this to set those who believe in us free, you believed in it think about everyone they’ve lost it’s our duty to make sure they don’t lose anyone else even at the price of our own heart” Almasi stated tears in her eyes.

Muhimu felt something inside him die before finally nodding in defeat.

Almasi joined her rebels both wanted to call back to the other but they knew if they did they wouldn’t be able to go through with it. Almasi turned away and felt her belly it hadn’t even developed yet but she knew in a few months she would be pregnant, another thing they were giving up a potential future with a potential family, the price of freedom was high.

Muhimu raced through the puddles which surrounded the area not even paying attention to anything else he felt his paw slip and he stumbled forward but he picked himself up. He began to move more slowly knowing where he was going and exactly why.

Muhimu watched as the two forces fought he couldn’t really see the battle all that much just enough to know when everyone was in position. Muhimu watched as the other soldiers entered the area Almasi and the others directed them toward the dam, it was time. Muhimu turned to the dam and readied his claws his mind was racing a part of him telling him to forget it to forget the rebellion and go save her of course it was too late he couldn’t save her in time meaning she was dead either way all refusing to do this now would mean is that she died for nothing.

Muhimu placed his claws at the dam. He remembered watching her leave he knew the truth they held nothing back she was pregnant with his child or at least would be, he was giving up everything for the rebellion literally everything and now he had no choice, or she dies for nothing. Muhimu felt his tears fall from his eyes as an overwhelming agony filled him. He felt something stab deep into his chest through his heart it then slowly twisted it yanking and tugging slowly tearing it in two, Muhimu felt the pain in his heart grow as he tore down the supports of the dam and sent the water rushing down as he did this he felt his soul being shredded.

Muhimu continued moving through the water stumbling through it his paws soaked he finally fell over into the water slowly picking himself up. He began moving through it more slowly tears falling from his eyes into the water puddles he moved through.

Muhimu raced through the flooded area desperately looking for any sign of Almasi maybe she escaped the flood if she was capable of it there would be no reason not to there was hope there had to be. Muhimu continued running frantically he saw the bodies of the drowned soldiers and even some of the drowned rebels.

Muhimu slowly moved through the water he could almost see the drowned bodies of both sides he moved slowly to the center a dark feeling filling him one he already knew.

Muhimu raced frantically through the water before falling over he pulled himself up slowly and noticed the water was deeper here but still shallow enough to move. He began moving more slowly making certain he didn’t lose his balance there was an eerie darkness hanging over everything and nothing could stop him from following it even though his heart was telling him not to. Muhimu moved slowly ignoring the other drowned animals as he made his way to the center, he turned to jumped down a small ledge to the center and his hopes and dreams died, so did everything else inside him.

Muhimu made his way to a small ledge and jumped down it arriving in the center there was nothing there but he knew the exact place, the exact place he found her.

Muhimu fell to his knees in sorrow as he stared down at the last body, it was her lying in a shallow pool of water her form was unmoving her eyes were open staring sightlessly seeing her eyes so lifeless was just wrong, it was a terrible sight that almost perverted her. Muhimu crawled on his knees reaching out for her tears streaming down his cheeks as he fell in front of her dead form, he couldn’t stand the sight of her dead eyes, he placed his paw over them and closed them. He then took her lifeless form and cradled her in his arms.

Muhimu stared at the area where he held the dead body of the woman he loved, whom he killed. Muhimu pulled the flower from his shoulder and dug a small hole he then placed the flower in it before sealing it up the last reminder of her would never die. Muhimu then pulled out his wedding stone staring at it not even bothering to hide his tears anymore.

Muhimu cradled Almasi’s body in his arms sobbing and wheeping he let out a broken and anguished scream that echoed across the night a scream that slowly became less understandable until all that could be heard was sobs and whimpers barely capable of even saying her name.

Muhimu felt his tears fall to the ground and into the water this was where she died and it was where he wanted to be not to relive it though in truth he deserved to he made the wrong choice, he should’ve ran to her begged her to stay instead he let her go and let her die, it was sickening and he could not continue the rebellions ways no one should make a sacrifice like that. Muhimu stared at his wedding stone, the few hours of happiness it meant would he undo it no, not for the world, but it was gone now he wouldn’t cling to his memory of it, it wasn’t her, it would never be her. With that thought Muhimu dropped the stone into the water and waited in silence.

“Come Kion, I know what you seek so come and finally set me free” Muhimu said his voice was certain and unafraid.

Kion followed Muhimu’s scent moving through the surrounding jungle area until he arrived at an abandoned Pride the sight of a flood not long ago Muhimu was here why unless this was the flood he caused. So Muhimu wished to die where his family did very well Kion would grant his request. He moved slowly through the kingdom following Muhimu’s scent it was very clear on the trees in the water everywhere he clearly wanted him to find him. Kion moved through a small pool of water arriving at a small ledge and stepped down from it. Muhimu was standing at the center his back to him, his body motionless.

“It was here where I watched my world die some would call this irony but is it irony when it’s what you seek?” Muhimu asked turning to face Kion.

Kion felt his anger growing he embraced it it was the only thing that hadn’t got innocent people killed so far.

“You caused the death of my friend, your actions killed Bunga” Kion said in an icy tone.

“I’ve killed a lot of people my people to protect others and I’ve had to live with it” Muhimu said in regret.

“Not for long” Kion stated.

Muhimu saw the anger in Kion’s eyes the sheer murder his intention was obvious, fine by him but where was his cheetah lover, Fuli, why wasn’t she here?

“Where is your lover, Fuli” Muhimu asked.

Kion recoiled at the sound of her name he didn’t say anything but his response told Muhimu enough, she wasn’t dead Kion would definitely mention that, but she was gone, he left her.

“You left her, you chose your revenge over her!” Muhimu said in outrage.

“Don’t act like you know me, you don’t!” Kion said in anger.

Muhimu felt a true rage grip him Kion left her, he loved her and he left her for the sake of his revenge. Muhimu thought he did know Kion but now it seems he didn’t and it sickened him, he gave up Almasi but he would never abandon her especially for something as petty as revenge.

“I thought i did, i thought i understood the love you feel, the regret, but it seems i never understood you at all, that love wasn’t real” Muhimu said in disappointment.

How dare he question Kion’s love for Fuli, he left her to keep her alive to insure she doesn’t end up dead like everyone else he failed. He left Fuli because he loved her because his love for her was the only thing in his soul that was real.

“Don’t question my love for her, I left her because everyone who stands by me dies, I won’t watch her die as well, don’t question my love you could never understand it!” Kion growled.

“I do, i never said i sacrificed my parents, I said my family, my mate and what would’ve been my child had it not been conceived a few hours ago” Muhimu said in pain.

Kion felt like he was punched in the gut Muhimu sacrificed the woman he loved and his potential child, what was wrong with him how on Earth did he ever rationalize that as the right choice.

“What is wrong with you, I know you believe in freedom but there is a point when the price is too high, that is too high, you have nothing” Kion said his voice was laced with pity he tried to fight it his pity was useless that’s how innocents die.

Muhimu heard Kion’s words and he believed them but it was too late to matter now he wondered if Kion believed it.

“So you would sacrifice countless for those you love” Muhimu asked.

“I I don’t know” Kion said in uncertainty.

That was wrong, the answer was obivious it wasn’t worth it Kion should know this not only did he not value his lover he didn’t value his family he was lost in his ideals which he barely believed as well, it wasn’t worth it, Kion had to know this.

“No, you still have learned nothing, you don’t understand, I’ll make you understand” Muhimu said in anger.

“So be it ready to join your lover.” Kion asked him

“I’ve been ready since that day” Muhimu answered.

Kion and Muhimu stared at each other intensely before charging at each other they jumped into the air and collided into each other dragging each other to the ground. Muhimu threw Kion down pushing down on his neck while Kion held his paw back he then kicked Muhimu off of him knocking him into the water. Kion charged at Muhimu smashing into him and taking him to the ground. Kion slammed Muhimu’s head into the ground before dunking it under the water holding it there. Muhimu barely squirmed under it almost welcoming it he then pushed his legs against Kion’s chest and pushed up knocking Kion down. Kion splashed into the water, rolling around in it when Muhimu shot up and kicked him in the face causing him to stumble backwards. Kion grabbed Muhimu and pushed him against a wall smashing his paw into his face with savage ferocity, despite this Muhimu didn’t seem to really feel them. Muhimu slashed Kion around the chest before striking him in the left cheek.

Kion shrugged off his blows and came at him full force which Muhimu returned this time they met head on. Kion swung his paw at Muhimu’s jaw which connected Muhimu then swiped at Kion’s right cheek which he parried away Kion then swiped at Muhimu’s upper eye which he ducked under. Muhimu kneed Kion in the rib causing him to double over. Kion grabbed Muhimu and smashed his paw into his rib he then shot his elbow upwards striking him in the chin. Kion swung for his left cheek which Muhimu sidestepped before swinging for Kion’s upper left eye, Kion ducked under the blow and swung for his temple which Muhimu blocked before kicking Kion in the face. Kion felt his vison blurr from the attack but remained focused striking Muhimu in the temple which he once again barely registered to. Muhimu caught Kion’s next blow and smashed his elbow into his head. Kion felt his legs giving out for a moment but fought against it tackling Muhimu to the ground and beating his head back and forth. Muhimu ignored the damage and grabbed Kion’s head pulling him down and throwing him to the side he continued to hold him in place before kneeing him in the spine. Kion let out a cry of pain as he felt Muhimu’s knee slam into his spine again and again. Muhimu prepared to knee him again only for Kion to throw himself backwards pushing him into a wall and slicing his leg with his claws.

Muhimu ignored the blood dripping from his wound. Kion jumped on Muhimu reaching his claws for his throat. The two of them rolled around on the ground before tumbling into the water. Kion lifted Muhimu up and slammed him to the ground before throwing him aside. Muhimu slid across the water catching himself and using it to propel himself forward towards Kion. Kion growled and extracted his claws slicing at Muhimu’s right eye which he knocked away, Kion then sliced his left cheek Muhimu responded by clawing his right rib. Kion ignored the pain and grabbed Muhimu’s neck tightening his grip around his throat with every intention of crushing it. Muhimu tried to pry Kion’s paws of his neck but Kion’s grip was to tight he began kneeing him in the side and smashing his elbow into his shoulder. Kion felt his arm give out as it released Muhimu, Kion grabbed his shoulder and used it to flip himself over him and slice open his back.

Muhimu barely reacted to the blow, what was going on it was almost as if Muhimu was immune to pain itself he wasn’t reacting to anything no matter how severe, if he couldn’t feel Kion’s blows or could ignore them how could Kion beat him especially with his right arm already damaged? Muhimu turned around and grabbed Kion throwing him into a wall and hammering on his skull. Kion caught his paws and head butted him before slamming his face into the wall. Muhimu barely stumbled from it before kicking Kion in the chest. Kion stumbled back but kept himself standing. Muhimu swung at his head while Kion did the same this time they caught each others blows, they swung again intercepting these blows as well, they then began to push against each other.

“Do you even know what you’re fighting for?” Muhimu asked him.

“To avenge my friend!” Kion answered.

“You mean disgrace his memory, Bunga wasn’t vengeful!” Muhimu retaliated.

“Don’t talk like you know him!” Kion said in rage as he began trying to push against him.

“You’re a blind fool you have no idea why you’re actually here do you, so tell me why are you here!” Muhimu demanded.

Kion felt Muhimu pushing against him he was shockingly strong for a leopard Kion felt his muscles beginning to give out. He heard Muhimu’s words and in truth he didn’t have much of an answer he was here because it was the only place he wouldn’t lose anyone he cared about, the only place he wouldn’t get an innocent person killed.

“I’m here because it’s the only place I can be!” Kion answered sounding quite broken.

Muhimu growled in anger he seriously chose to leave everything behind and for no reason he was a blind fool. Muhimu pushed Kion to his knees and smashed his paw into his face.

“You ignorant fool, you blind idiot, how can you not know!” Muhimu shouted in rage.

Muhimu then smashed his paw into Kion’s temple, he then struck him in the rib, before kicking him in the stomach. Muhimu slashed Kion across the chest and slammed his spine into a rock. He then grabbed him and smashed his head into a wall before hitting him with a massive haymaker in the chin. Kion’s body began to fall but Muhimu caught it. He then began beating on his body savagely.

“Stupid child! You do all this and never even consider why, you protect her and leave her yet you question the price, you seriously cannot see you seriously do not know. Stupid, ignorant, ungrateful” Muhimu screamed in fury as he pounded on Kion’s body with a rage he hadn’t felt in ages.

Kion felt his body being beaten back and forth like a rag doll his eye was swelling shut and his body was becoming numb.

“I sacrificed everything for this cause and then I watch it all be for nothing and then I watch you who i believed in give into his sorrow, let go, give up!” Muhimu shouted while beating Kion’s face back and forth.

“Do you even know who you are anymore!” Muhimu demanded while slamming Kion’s head into a rock repeatedly.

“Tell me Kion, tell me!” Muhimu screamed striking Kion in the face repeatedly before throwing him to the ground.

Kion couldn’t even find the strength to move yet alone stand, his body was trashed and he didn’t have any strength left really yet he could hear Muhimu’s words why was he so enraged was he that desperate to get him to embrace his way. Kion fought the pain and using whatever resolve he had which wasn’t a lot pulled himself up slowly and spit up a thing of blood.

“Why can’t you feel anything i do?” Kion finally asked.

“I don’t feel anything anymore, why are you here, what are you fighting for?” Muhimu asked again trembling.

“I don’t know” Kion said in a lost whisper.

Muhimu looked at Kion in disappointment before extracting his claws and coming at Kion, Kion moves to the side and catches Muhimu’s arm wrenching it back he then begins to twist it. Muhimu struggles to pull free gritting his teeth but before he can Kion throws himself to the ground and pulls Muhimu down with him tweaking his arm further and breaking it. Muhimu finally let out a scream of pain. Muhimu continues crying in pain thrashing his claws slice all over Kion’s body causing him to let go. Muhimu rolls away while Kion pulls himself up blood dripping on the ground. They stare at each other intensely.

“You don’t see it do you?” Muhimu asked him.

“There’s nothing to see” Kion said.

“So be it” Muhimu said this would be the end one way or another.

They charged at each other full force a savage feral fury in both eyes, Muhimu thrust his claws at Kion’s chest but unlike Muhimu Kion had two paws, he knocked his blow away before using his other to impale him right in the chest.

“It’s over” Kion said.

“Yes you threw away everything, for what?” Muhimu asked him his voice showed a great deal of pity.

“To keep them alive, to ensure she doesn’t die.” Kion answered.

“What do you have now?” Muhimu asked him.

KIon considered his question before realizing the answer, it’s all gone he let it all go for this.

“You see it now don’t you, you have nothing just like me, you gave up everything” Muhimu tells him his voice is filled with sorrow.

Kion turns away from Muhimu it couldn’t be true, his family he abandoned them and his home, Bunga was dead, he left Fuli out of his own weakness. He did have nothing, he said he was a lie he was nothing and now that Muhimu was finished he literally had nothing.

Muhimu felt the life leave him and looked up to the stars before turning to Kion, it wasn’t worth it this war and yet it was the only cause Kion had left. Muhimu didn’t want to do this to him yet this was a final trial for Kion one Muhimu caused he taught Kion and led him here and now Kion was ready to lead. He didn’t want to do this but it was done, all Kion had was his ideals and they would lead him back to the rebellion. Muhimu failed, the final trial was complete.

“All I have left is this war, When i chose this i never considered the price i would pay, the price of freedom. I destroyed it all but unlike you i did it myself” Kion said in despair.

Muhimu wanted to tell him to stop to tell him to forget this and find forgiveness in his family to find Fuli to do anything but give everything up he was too weak to say anything all he could do was watch Kion take the final steps.

“All I have left is to finish what i started what i gave all this up for in the first place” Kion said his resolve settling in.

Muhimu could almost hear his own words coming out of him it was over Kion’s trial was complete and now he would continue on this bloody path all he could hope is that Kion would be the last who would have to give up what they love.

Muhimu forced himself to speak even though it hurt, “No, it’s too high” He choked out.

Kion ignored his words and turned away from him grabbing him and moving him through the water until they were at a deeper point he then allowed his body to begin to sink.

Muhimu let the darkness claim him and looked to the stars he reached out for them.

“Will I finally be able to reach you” Muhimu said.

His eyes then closed and the his body went still his reaching arm fell into the water and the life left him, his body sunk into the water below. Muhimu the leader of the rebellion and at a time mate of Almasi was dead he lived a life of sacrifice and sorrow, sacrifice that in his mind was in vain.

Kion watched Muhimu sink into the water, and gave a bow of respect he remembered his last words he spoke to him. Maybe it was too high but now there was little choice, Kion gave up everything for this and if he just turned away it would all be for nothing, his sacrifice, Bunga’s sacrifice, Muhimu’s everything. He just couldn’t accept that. Kion moved through the outlands barely feeling much of anything his drive being the only thing he felt at all. He moved towards the new rebel stronghold he was told of. Kion stops in front of it for a moment and stares at it hesitating for a but moment however his resolve returns and he enters it. The rebellion turn and are completely shocked to see Kion they all appear around him some surround him. Kion ignores their presence and cheers he then stands in front of them.

“Muhimu is gone, but he showed me the way, I understand now what i must do no matter what, I will not leave you again, you’re victory and happiness is all i live for now” Kion told them with certainty.

The rebels all looked at Kion a look of sadness appeared on their face upon hearing of Muhimu’s death, the others looked at Kion and could see it Muhimu passed the mantle onto Kion, Kion was leader now. They all saluted him accepting their new commander. Kion paid no heed to their gestures he had one mission now and he would fulfil it. He sacrificed everything for this rebellion he had to make it worth something, he had to insure they survived, in the end it had to be worth it.
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Re: The Lion Guard Reflections of the soul

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: Chapter 18:
Our last moment together

Kion watched as all the rebels cheered his name, he found their praise empty meaningless he hadn’t done anything for them yet. The war was escalating even more soon it would reach a point where they couldn’t stop it if that point wasn’t already there. Maybe there was a way to end this the council was decimated meaning maybe they could end this peacefully but then again he didn’t see either side being all that interesting in peace. Kion turned to the rebels he could hear many shouting in protest and anger over Muhimu’s death they wanted retribution well how do they plan to actually deal with that retribution.

“Muhimu is dead because of the royals because of them another of our brethren is dead, this cannot go unpunished!” A panther shouted.

“Yes, we should march to Pride Rock and overthrow Simba personally!” An antelope declared.

That sounded absurdly suicidal the kind of attack that would kill every one of them the fact that the rebels were cheering for it only showed how foolish they were did they not realize such an act would be a very effective way to commit suicide?

Kion stepped in front of them his posture powerful and quite commanding, it didn’t match his thoughts at all.

“Such an act would cost countless lives are any of you prepared to die for this?” Kion asked them.

“We have lived solely for the day when our children can life truly free, so we can be free.” A cheetah answered, Kion ignored this fact about her he also ignored the fact of her gender as well.

“If we attack there is a good chance we will all die” Kion reasoned.

“No price is too high if we are free.” The cheetah replied.

This was insane, there’s a difference between being free and being dead they were heading for the latteral and didn’t seem to care had they even considered their actions will get their children killed, were they even considering the fact that they were marching their families to their death!?

“You won’t be free you’ll be dead!” Kion shouts.

“Then we will die with our lives in our paws” A young cub said.

Kion felt like he was going to throw up no this couldn’t be, Muhimu was right even more so Kiara was right. Kiara was right they wanted to die for their cause, they didn’t want to win they wanted to die to spite the council. She tried to tell him to warn him but he wouldn’t listen he wouldn’t believe it, he refused to believe these peoples didn’t value their lives. No he couldn’t let them die if he did everything he lost would be in vain. Kion backed away from the child in horror shaking his head slowly he then bolted out of the cave.

Kion raced across the areas moving past the trees and not even noticing the stars he finally stopped at a pond. Kion turned to it and looked down at his reflection. Kion felt disgust at it all the lion staring at him had done was fail people again and again, it never ended and now here he was about to fail yet again. Was there anyway for him to save them, for him to save anyone?

“I can’t be responsible for this I can’t let these people willingly march to their deaths, there has to be a better end than this, why must so many die!” Kion howl to the heavens.

“You were always there before help me now Grandfather, Mufassssaaaa!” Kion shouted to the stars.

Kion leaned down before he felt a shift in the wind he then looked up to the stars and watched Mufasa appear in the sky.

“Kion” Mufasa said.

Grandfather, You see what’s happening I don’t know what to do, I can’t let these people walk into a slaughter but I joined this to preserve freedom if i force them to stay how am i any better? Kion asked in confusion.

“There is no easy answer here Kion, it’s gone too far the only way this ends is in a river of blood” Mufasa said in regret.

What no that wasn’t acceptable how could he say that he was Mufasa the one of the wisest kings to ever live, how could that be his answer was this some kind of test, that couldn’t be the truth,he had to know, he was Mufasa!

“No that can’t be the only end, you are one of the wisest beings ever, tell what i do, what do i do, tell meeeee!” Kion said screaming the last part.

Mufasa’s words would freeze him cold.

“I, I, I don’t know, I don’t know what to do.” Mufasa said in a voice of complete defeat never in Kion or Simba’s life had Mufasa spoken in that tone.

That was not what Kion expected to hear, it was impossible he didn’t know, he’s Mufasa he always knew what the right thing was, always there was no exception.

“You don’t know, you always know, you’re a great king, you’re Mufasa!” Kion shouted in disbelief.

Mufasa growled at that statement no he didn’t always know if he was all knowing he wouldn’t of been murdered by his own brother, his son wouldn’t of lived his life in exile thinking it was his fault, his kingdom wouldn’t of almost died in a drought because the current king didn’t know what to do. He wasn’t all knowing, no where near.

“I’m not a god Kion! If i were my own brother wouldn’t of killed me, I don’t know what to do, I’m as powerless as you are!” Mufasa said in anger.

“Then intervene end this directly” Kion pleaded.

“Then what we would just be another tyranny” Mufasa argued.

“Everyone is going to die!” Kion shouted in desperation.

Mufasa sighed in sadness and defeat, he wasn’t certain if what he was saying was right but it was all he could really do he didn’t believe in them intervening.

“Then that’s their choice, just as this was your choice, you knew there would be consequences and acted regardless you all did, now you must decide if what you sacrificed is worth the choice you made, and you must do it alone” Mufasa stated solemnly his spirit then faded from the sky.

“No wait, I can’t make this choice, I can’t do this!” Kion cries out to him but it’s too late Mufasa is gone.

Kion looked at the stars and knew he was alone there was no way to end this without bloodshed what could he do? Kion wondered if his father was facing a similar conflict. Kion pondered his choice he thought about what Muhimu would do, before stopping himself Muhimu didn’t believe anymore and apparently with good reason though Kion couldn’t turn away anymore though a part of him was wishing he had. Kion collapsed to the ground in defeat, the choices he had to make whatever they may be eating away at his soul.

Nuka and Kiara wandered around the soon to be new kingdom examining the growing grass and trees as well as the river which was already fully formed the sun shined down on them giving the plants room to grow further, the kingdom would be completely ready in a few months and it was livable now with a little hard work. Nuka called Kiara forward he had recently received new information and now it was best to tell her it since it could very well be the final endgame.

“The royal council has been wiped out and the rebels are considering an all out assault on Pride Rock” Kiara said concerned.

“It would be a slaugher, these aren’t soldiers they’re citizens fighting an entire military the rebels will be completely wiped out” Nuka stated.

Kiara was shocked by this news, she had no idea the situation had turned so dire, it was literally do or die now, they needed to take action immediately or there wouldn’t be anyone left to save.

“We need to take action now while we still can!” Kiara said frantically.

“No not yet everything’s not ready yet if we move now everything will fall apart.” Nuka said his voice filled with gravity.

Kiara didn’t buy it, it sure sounded like things were falling apart and if they did nothing the new kingdom would be little more than a massive graveyard.

“Everything is falling apart and everyone is going to die!” Kiara shouted.

“If we move too soon they will, this requires perfect timing Kiara, if we’re too late they all slaugher each other but if we’re too early we’ll just start another war.” Nuka reasoned.

“If we’re planning a new world what role do i play in it, what’s our endgame?” Kiara asked.

“You’re not officially a part of all this so I can’t trust you with that, soon Kiara we just require a few more individuals.” Nuka said.

Kiara was intrigued what was Nuka talking about obviously they needed Kovu but who else, Kiara considered her options before remembering her mother, she knew the truth of the attack which meant she was very important and needed to know what was going on.

“My mother” Kiara said.

“Patience Kiara all will be revealed soon” Nuka told her.

Kiara eyed Nuka carefully could he be trusted could Kovu they did attack Pride Rock just what was their plan and would her mother even go along with it, if she didn’t what would Kiara do?

Nala arrived outside of Pride Rock Kovu was behind her whom she watched with intense drive. She looked around and noticed no one. She had heard of the death of the council and the assassin died in the attack on the rebel stronghold, perhaps now she could reveal herself. Nala hesitated it was still risky she unraveled a massive conspiracy that most likely wanted to keep hidden she was still a target and anyone she told would be as well, but now Nala had an idea and she had the means to prove it to do that she needed help and she needed to have Simba stall the war so she could finally expose this conspiracy, there was no choice she needed to reveal herself.

“What are we doing here, i thought you wanted me to take you to Kiara” Kovu asked her.

Nala growled in anger at his voice he was lucky she hadn’t removed his head from his shoulders yet.

“Not yet, first I need to take care of something, wait here try to escape and I will hunt you down and leave you tied in a cave to rot” Nala warned.

“I’m not going anywhere” Kovu said, it was true they needed Nala she was very important and could destroy everything they were building, he needed to keep her in his sights, he also wouldn’t leave for fear of never seeing Kiara again. He wondered if she hated him, the thought caused him great pain.

Nala entered Pride Rock and saw Simba sitting alone there was no one else here it was just them. Nala felt her drive weaken and instead felt a deep need to be near Simba to embrace him to love him. She missed him and he likely believed she was dead, it would seem their roles had reversed. Nala had business to complete but she could make the most of this moment she slowly approached Simba.

Simba was sitting alone in Pride Rock still reeling from the events of the last few days, betraying Kion, the attack, the hatred in his sons eyes, the murder of the council and Koto’s death. It was all too much he felt lifeless he did everything to save Kion and now he felt as if he didn’t even know himself anymore. Kion was completely right he lost everything he valued and was supposed to be from the choice he made. Yet he still questioned if it was the wrong one?

Simba was about to drift into a dark and likely nightmare plagued sleep when an intoxicating scent surrounded him. Impossible did all this finally break him. Simba stood up and stood his ground for a moment the scent surrounding him he turned around slowly and saw Nala standing on the other side. This was impossible she was dead but there she was standing right in front of him, right there, it was a miracle.

“Nala” It was all he could really say.

“Yes Simba it’s me I’m alright” Nala replied softly.

Without hesitation Simba raced towards her and she did the same they embraced and nuzzled each other, savoring the feeling of the other’s fur.

“I thought you were dead” Simba said in disbelief but with a hint of joy.

“Well guess that makes us even now” Nala said softly.

“You can’t imagine what this means to me” Simba said in near tears.

“Yes i can i know exactly this feeling” Nala told him before licking his cheek.

Simba felt her tongue against his cheek and reveled in it he felt her saliva on his cheek it was a truly comforting feeling, a feeling of peace he had not felt since this war began, a feeling he deeply missed. Simba felt Nala pull away and noticed a seriousl expression on her face.

“Nala what’s wrong” Simba asked her.

“Sorry to cut our reunion short but there’s no time into the cave i have to tell you something” Nala commanded.

Simba listened to Nala’s story it was insane, and very scary someone caused all this, even more so someone was likely behind the entire war. They were all nothing but puppets this whole time and they didn’t even know it. But that paled in comparison to who the mastermind behind the attack was. Kovu it was almost impossible to believe how could he possibly plan all this and then the big one came his reason and motive, that was impossible. The outlands were dead beyond salvation how could’ve anyone reseeded them. It was almost too much to take in was all this really true?

“Are you certain about this?” Simba asked.

“Yes, someone planned all this” Nala answered.

Simba still was trying to come to terms with the truth, Kovu betrayed them made them all pawns after how long he had been living with them after how many times he helped and fed them, he was playing them, the feeling hurt more than Simba imagined.

“Kovu planned all this” Simba said in disbelief.

He was part of it but I’m not certain it was just him or if he was even the mastermind” Nala answered.

“You have any leads” Simba said.

“Maybe, but first I need to see these new outlands, what the rebels likely wanted to begin with” Nala stated.

“Whoever it is they’re likely expecting you, no way they don’t know if they planned all this” Simba stated.

“If i can catch the one behind this we can end this war without further bloodshed” Nala told him.

That was a truly hopeful thought in truth the only glimmer of hope Simba had seen since Vita walked into the Pride Lands, it seemed so long ago yet it wasn’t even three months. three months, it felt like an eternity.

“What do you need me to do?” Simba said he was prepared to do anything necessary to finally end this bloodshed.

“Remain here the rebels will likely come, you have to stop your soldiers from slaughtering them” Nala ordered.

“They don’t obey me if the rebels come they’ll fight to live i can’t stop them from killing them” Simba said in dread.

“Then you need to tell Kion to delay the attack as long as possible” Nala stated.

Simba felt a stab at Kion’s mention no way that was happening Kion tried to kill him last time they met, his son hated him now with every fiber in his being. How could he persuade him, how could he even get close enough to talk to him, Kion would likely let the rebels kill him assuming he didn’t decide to do it himself. Simba felt his heart break his son wanted to kill him how had he come to this point?

“Kion hates me Nala, he might very well kill me if i approach him.”

Nala felt a deep sense of shock and sorrow fill her, Kion wanted to kill Simba what happened, what did Simba do? A part of her wanted to ask him but there was no time for a story she needed to leave soon, she needed to stay focused so did Simba.

“You have to convince him, you have to try Simba, you have to, too much is at stake” Nala said.

Simba knew she was right and he couldn’t let her down, he wouldn’t.

“I won’t fail you, i promise.” Simba said.

“I know you never have” Nala told him gently.

Nala prepared to turn away from Simba but hesitated she then turned back to him, she grabbed his cheeks with her paws and kissed him deeply. Simba was caught off guard by Nala’s passionate act but quickly returned it this could very well be the last day they were alive and they would make certain to savor every last bit of it, it was their final moment together and they would make it everything they could. Nala and Simba kept their muzzles locked neither went much deeper they didn’t want feelings of lust or desire to cloud this moment all they wanted to express was how much they loved each other, that was all that mattered. Nala reluctantly pulled away there was so much more she wanted to do but she didn’t have the time they didn’t have the time, they needed to take action immediately before it was too late. Nala gazed at Simba one final time before turning away from him and making her way back towards Kovu.

“Now if you’re partner wishes to see me so much, I believe we should honor his wishes” Nala told Kovu firmly making it very clear she wasn’t asking.

Kion was wandering the Pride Lands almost aimlessly he took in his surroundings and felt disgusted at it, things had not gotten better at all, did the Royal council even help or was it even worse the royal council did help but it didn’t make a difference, was their home lost, was it just impossible to save. Kion looked around seeing the last of the trees had finally withered and died. The water was practically gone, a dark gloom hung over the kingdom like a calling of death. The water hole normally a place of romance (which Kion would know since he and Fuli had some really all out and just all around hot make out sessions there) now it was almost completely devoid of water and the only unity there was death, the entire area was overflooded with graves. Kion tried to ignore it but couldn’t he was powerless, powerless to save his home, his family, his relationship, the rebellion, his morals, his friends maybe his soul. He couldn’t save anything.

Kion turned towards Pride Rock he wasn’t certain why he was here or more accurately what he even remotely hoped to achieve but he had to return home. He had no idea what to do anymore it all seemed hopeless really, more hopeless than Kion ever thought possible. He looked at Pride Rock and saw his father sitting there he looked like he was deep in thought. Should he confront him, after what happened last time, Kion tried to kill him. Last time Simba saw his son Kion tried to straight up murder him, what use was there in talking with him, he probably never wanted to see him ever again. Despite this obvious truth Kion still approached his father, he watched him enter the den and followed him in.

Simba was sitting alone in the den wondering how on Earth he was supposed to approach Kion about what he learned it seemed impossible Kion hated his guts and would sooner watch him die then listen to anything he had to say. Simba noticed a scent in the den one that had not been there since this began, Kion was here, he had come to finish this directly. Simba knew he was coming now he had to convince him not to. Simba could almost feel his son behind him he was standing there in silence waiting he didn’t move neither did Kion, they didn’t know what exactly to say considering what happened last time they saw each other. Simba kept his back turned not knowing what to do last time he saw his son he betrayed him.

Kion turned away for a second before hesitating he couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“Dad” Kion said quietly.

Simba didn’t move his back still facing Kion but tears did fall from his eyes.

“Dad I can’t imagine what you feel for me, the things i said what i tried to do, what i wanted to do. I don’t know what to say, I don’t know why i came here you probably were hoping i never made it out of that cave, it was what i deserved” Kion said his voice choking up as he said it, he then prepared to leave.

“What kind of father am i when my own son actually believes that?” Simba said with sadness he then turned to Kion and hugged him tightly.

“I was never angry with you, i betrayed you and I am shocked you can stomach being around me” Simba told him in regret.

Kion was shocked he expected many things but he did not expect forgiveness, yet here it was how did he ever convince himself to hate his father, he didn’t deserve him.

“I didn’t think i could but i can’t hate you even if what you did cost Bunga his life” Kion stated trying to catch himself after saying it he didn’t want his father to know that, he would only blame himself.

“Bunga’s dead, I was trying to keep you safe but all i did was kill one of the very people i was trying to save” Simba said in shame.

“No I know why you did it, and i’ve made plenty of mistakes i question almost every choice i made, i don’t know if any of them were right.” Kion replied.

“So have I i have more blood on my paws than i ever wanted.” Simba said in disgust.

Kion understood that feeling, Kion felt as if he was soaked in blood almost drowning in it and soon he may well very be.

“How much more will pay the rebels want to launch an all out attack on Pride Rock and they don’t care if they die” Kion said with a hint of horror.

“The armies want blood Kion and I’m not sure i can control them” Simba said with fear.

Then we’re destined to lead them to a bloodbath” Kion said in defeat.

Simba heard the defeat in his son’s voice and normally would share that defeat but Nala gave him hope there was still a chance to end this without anyone else having to die.

“Maybe not, your mother is alive” Simba stated.

Kion was shocked he did not expect to hear that, she was alive how when did his father discover this how long had he known and why didn’t she tell Kion about her survival why just his father?

“Mom’s alive she’s alive” Kion said in disbelief.

“Yes, she’s uncovered something, someone started all this, you’re mother is very close to unraveling who it is” Simba explained.

“Dad it doesn’t matter they want blood and they want it tonight” Kion said.

“Your mother is close Kion just give her a little time and we can end this.” Simba stated.

“Dad we don’t have time unless we something in a few hours there will be a bloodbath!” Kion said rather frantic.

That was true Nala was close she could probably unravel it by tomorrow maybe sunset tomorrow but they didn’t even have that much time, what could they do, there just wasn’t enough time for Nala to unravel this.

“What can we do, Kion?” Simba asked.

Kion considered their options they were limited he tried to think of something. Neither side would surrender without a fight, and a battle would be a slaughter on the rebels side. They couldn’t negotiate peace at this point they hated each other way too much for that, not without a scapegoat of some kind. There was no real solution in a few hours thousands would likely die, death was inevitable, it was but maybe they could decrease the amount. An idea came to Kion but it had a great personal price that both he and his father would have to pay but it was the only way to save both sides, Kion thought about Muhimu the sacrifice he made for others, at first he condemned it but now he understood it, sometimes there was no easy solution and no way to end something without great pain and personal sacrifice.

“A personal duel, a trial by combat by each respective sides leader, by a code of honor the losing side must surrender.” Kion explained though his voice became quiet as he said it, a clear hint of a dread at just what this would mean and what it would require.

Simba understood what Kion was suggesting and he also understood the price he or Kion would pay either way both would pay a devastating price as would Nala and Kiara.

“Kion such a duel will be to the death, with such stakes it has to be!” Simba declares.

“Exactly we support our side to the end, we die to preserve peace one or both, neither leader surrenders but in death our dying wish is peace, being a martyr that wish will be accepted, to prevent the war from restarting later down the line.” Kion explained solemnly.

That was a lot to ask of him way too much he sacrificed nearly everything in this war just to keep Kion alive, to kill him directly would make all those sacrifices in vain he couldn’t do it, it was too much to ask of him.

“You’re suggesting one of us kills the other, you’re asking me to be willing to kill my own son!” Simba roared in tears.

I don’t like it either dad but we have to have a peace plan incase mom fails, it’s one of us or everyone else, dad we have to put our personal feelings aside and do what’s best for everyone, I’m sorry.” Kion told him sadly.

“I know I have to but I can’t, who makes these kind of sacrifices?” Simba asked in tears.

“The rebels, almost all of them, that’s why we have to do this to show that we both care and value their lives above not just our own but our own personal needs as well, that’s how we forge peace between them” Kion explained there were tears in his eyes.

Simba felt his heart shatter Kion was right, this was the morally right thing to do but it didn’t feel like it, yet he he knew it unlike when this all Simba knew Kion was right this time, he was right and it hurt to even come to terms with the idea that something so horrible was the best course of action.

“You’re right, and if it comes to it, we’ll finish this” Simba said defeated.

Simba and Kion stared at each other both wanted to stay with each other to enjoy this last day they had but they couldn’t even do that Kion had to go back to the rebels to delay them and even more so show his support if the rebels didn’t think Kion cared then they wouldn’t even accept the duel. His son was probably going to die and he couldn’t even spend his last day with him.

Simba and Kion embraced hugging each other tightly, as they did so Simba thought about everything that had happened. He could see Kion’s birth staring down at his son, he could see when Kion discovered the roar and was told of the guard. When Kion and the guard achieved their first victory. So many more followed. He remembered watching Kion and the guard chase Nuka, Vitani and a group of outsiders away, when Zira nearly killed him and threw him off that cliff. When he rescued Kion from the collapsed cave, watchin Kion turn the entire outsiders against Zira with a simple statement. Watching with Pride as Kion walked away from Zira who could only scream and rant with venomous rage while Kion paid her no heed, he knew she was beaten, knew she would never pose a threat again, and she never did.

Simba could see Kion standing on Pride Rock as he and the guard were honored for their service, he watched Kion slide down Pride Rock down to the kingdom. He saw Kion be grabbed by Kito who ripped his energy link out of him tearing away the roar. It seemed like a permanent defeat but Kion prevailed. He remembered him fighting all those puppet hyenas, attacking Kito, standing side by side with Kopa as they lowered to the ground. Kion his son, his legendary son. Simba felt a great sense of pride fill him he couldn’t be more proud of Kion than he already was.

“I love you Kion, I’ll always love you and i am so proud of you” Simba told him tears streaming down his cheeks.

“I love you dad, and i always will” Kion told him gently.

They then broke the hug and turned away before walking in opposite directions. With each step they took they glanced back whenever they could, they had to this would their final moment together the last one they would have because next time they saw each other, one of them would have to kill the other.
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