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The great war of fiction part 4 the bloody secret

PostPosted: September 21st, 2014, 9:07 am
by SuperED
Hey everyone superEd here I know you're all confused on parts 1 and 2 so here are the basic plots . Part 1 we meet the outlanders and part 2 we see their first mission capturing Darla Dimple and you saw part 3 let's begin !
In the days following the party Todd , Copper,Scamp Dixie and Angel look nervous like they have a secret or a plan or both . Kenny along with the other 4 main south park kids decide to find out. " Hey Todd what's up you seem more nervous then usual you've seemed a little odd ever since we met you " Kenny says " yeah like when ever we have a target to kill you always go for the neck that's odd why do you do that ?" he asked. Todd sighed " ok the truth is I along with Copper , Scamp , Angel and Dixie need blood to live " .He confessed " so your vampires" Stan said understanding . Todd nodded " well tell us your backstory " Cartman urged " I was born in a forest in Ohio the first time I saw my mom she was dying. I was born on halloween the night where all evil runs wild a demon was on the hunt it killed her and cursed me with vampirism for wittnessing it . I was found by an old women and raised by her and her dog for a chunk of my childhood . Until we managed to find my real dad hed been in a depression after my mom's death but shaped up after finding me . We moved back to the
forest and he got a new mate he didn't know my Secret and to cover it up I created an
imaginary friend called Charlie whenever I did something bad I blamed it on him . Soon
animals and people started to dissapear from the forest and the town surrounding it . That
was around the Same time Copper moved in to the town he's actually Copper jr we became
friends after I saved him from some bullies . He knew I had a secret but didn't know what . I
told him and turned him to protect him what I didn't tell him was I didn't like how harsh his
father was on him so I killed his dad . After his dad's death I began to get a sadistic joy from
killing my prey . I didn't like my father's new mate much she was nice but I just didn't care
for her this dislike turned to hate abd hunger . One night she asked me if I wanted to play a
game I said " I'm already playing one " and I killed her then I buried the body far away .
After my stepmother's death my father began to worry he invited one of his friends from the
town Tramp to visit he brought his son Scamp who was my friend and fellow vampire which
his father didn't know he was bitten at birth my a infected rat . Tramp went to check on us
and saw we were drawing on a tree with our claws " hey what are you guys drawing " he
asked us ."You dying " I said . That disturbed hin so that night he , my dad and Copper's
godfather Cheif watched on one of their owner!s security cameras . They watched us along
with Angel who was bitten by a vampire flea from a rat chase down a deer fawn and kill it
sucking it's blood . They hid I got wind of their spying and when we got there we killed my
dad and tried to kil Tramp and Chief but they got away . After that day we left the area we
grew I met a girl fox named Vixey and we mated . Sadly the next year she dumped me
. Copper who was now a stray found out and went after her but she gor away . Scamp who
was also a stray confessed his feelings for Angel . I stayed away from love until I remembered
someone from my past . When I was younger Copper and I went to a canival there we saw
this band called the the singing strays their leader Cash thought Copper was a great singer
fired the lead singer and hired hin I was left alone and I was pissed of ! Dixie who had
recently been fired noticed this and we came up with a revenge plan to get my best friend
back and her job back it worked . But I secretly missed her . One day we bumped into each
other and caught up as we spent more and more time together we confessed our feelings
she had gotten in a fight with a vampire dog over food after the band went bankrupt and she
became a stray . We became mates and shared the same love of killing . One day we got our
letter from the intergalactic villiian committee and here we are . Throughout my life I've
learned that sometimes the world dosn't need another stupid hero it needs a monster and I
don't care I want order and I want all to fear the outlanders and someday I hope to stand
beside you my friends and make that happen . " Todd explained his five friends stayed silent
until Cartman spoke up" dude you are totally awesome !" he shouted ." I have to agree it
takes big balls to do the stuff you did " Kenny agrees " gee I wish I had the guts you did Todd "
Butters said wringing his arms and looking at Todd like you would your childhood hero . " As.
Wrong as it seems I do give you props and havering power wouldn't be bad " Stan said " but it's
wrong he's a murderer and-" Kyle began but was cut off " come on Kyle think of the power ,
the money people doing what you want nor having to take orders from that horrible mom of
yours .."Todd said " hey my mom is not horrible ! " Kyle snapped then he thought for a bit "
actually yeah she sucks and that power and money dosn't sound bad either ... Ok I'll do it
!"Kyle told Todd . Todd smirked " alright ! Great but where to start ?..." He thought " oh I
have a great idea ! We could create a system where everyone takes a test of danger to see what job they'll be assigned and put in teams eneyone caught breaking the system will be put in labor camps we arrest inpure bloodlins and those who fight back into death camps . There is extreme pride in the state and it is considered the most important priority and people must be willing to do anything to protect the empire but all non criminal citizens can vote for certain things " Cartman said explaining his idea ." Did you just combine Divergent with the systems of nazi Germany , fascist Italy and the empire of Japan with elements of American voting ?"Kyle asks Cartman nods Kenny and butters fist bump with there fat best friend . " Alright Cartman but you have to promise there will be no killing of Jewish people unless the rule breaker happends to be Jewish " Kyle growls at his fat racist friend . Cartman smirks and nods . Then they present the idea to Nuka and Kiara " well this'll be a fun couple of nights boys " Todd laughs . The next few months are spent developing the system and invading the pride lands . For the people of the invaded land it was horrible death , destruction brainwashing all the while the outlanders were living the good life many innocent people were killed or imprisoned until the day Nala started n army to free them from the oppressive dictators and she now also knew Todd's weakness sunlight .
Hey guys that was just a fill in on chapter 4 before Scar!s second rise to power hope you enjoyed bye .