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The rebirth of the Great War of fiction 6 new government

PostPosted: September 16th, 2014, 3:06 am
by SuperED
Hey everybody here's a new chapter and right after this I'll be working on my new story r. Also a new lantern team and new characters will be introduced can you guess who ? I own nothing enjoy !
The more important outlanders were at the flea bite cafe discussing a plan . They had been speaking to the other yellow lanterns via ring communicator . Their waiter Gorgonzola the rat walked by " hey guys your order will be ready in a few seconds " the free rat said glumly . " hey what's wrong Gorgonzola aren't you happy you quit being a candleholder apprentice and started being Schnitzel's apprentice you always hated being a candle holder " Scamp said confused " I did and I'm glad that I don't work for Stilton anymore it's just I'm jealous that Chowder gets to be the apprentice of a famous chef and I work for his employee !" He growls " now Gorgonzola you've got to stop being so jealous of Chowder he's your best friend !" Dixie told him sternly " Moung Daal was nice enough to let you and Panini quit your jobs and come live with him"she added ." Speaking of Chowder and Panini where are they ?" Dodger asks just then we see the two cat bear rabbit things holding hands " I love you num nums " she says sweetly kissing him Chowder screams " I'm not your boyfriend !!" He screeches " um yes you are Chowder we've been dating for over a month " she reminds him slightly annoyed ." Oh yeah I guess I just gotta get used to not saying that whenever I'm near you sorry " the fat boy says sheepishly . They walk over to the table " hey pudge " Gorgonzola says fist bumping with his best friend as Chowder laughs at the nickname . The green rat then turns his attention to the others "so when is the attack happening ?" Chowder asks excitedly " well I just received a message from Arkillio that he and the others would be here shortly he said he was bringing friends to come and help and help us " Angel saiid . Soon the other yellow lanterns arrived they brought new allies the orange lanterns of greed . " but Arkillio I thought you said that all the orange lanterns were imprisoned inside the ring of their leader due to his greed " Panini said confused ." They were young solider but we freed them and promised their leader and them power if they helped us " . The huge alien explained the outlanders and yellow lanterns now all received orange rings and visa versa . Now the plan began . First Vitani and the other lionesses who were loyal to Nuka and Kiara started a fire that caused Zira's lionesses to go to put it out while they were doing that Chowder had cooked some food and put rat poison in it . The first plan was for the lionesses loyal to Scar to die in the fire and for Scar to die of rat poison however Zira had sent one of her lionesses to check up on things while they were trying to put the fire out . When it was discovered that the food that Chowder tried to feed Scar was poison a huge battle began ! Nuka and Kiara had a advantage because they had more support from the lions as well as the support of the hyena army and the lanterns . ( who had kept themselves hidden with the ring's invisibility power ) Todd , Scamp , Dixie and Angel used their Vampire powers to kill many lions Bambi and Ronno unleashed an army of dogs and warrior cats on their enemies. Bolt used his powers , Cartman used his intelligence , Kenny used his rat army the lanterns used their rings Chowder ate many lions Blu and his gang pecked some of Scar's allies's eyes out Streaky used his superpowers , Schnitzel friend of Chowder and new mentor to Gorgonzola used his immense strength . To name a few strategies and while this was all happening the fire spread quickly around the lands. . Soon Scar and Nuka fought Nuka fought with all his might " when Kiara was exiled she looked to you as a father and all you did was hurt us and mother ! Your no father go and die !" He roared knocking his father off a cliff . From the bottom Scar laughed " even if you kill me I'll be back remember the villain rebirth cycle ?!" He laughs " that's just it dad I'm not just going to kill you your going to be my first orange ring avatar !'" Nuka laughs as his father is killed and is sucked into the ring to forever be a unliveing avatar . On the other side of the cliff Kiara and Zira fought and the former was winning. 'Kiara sadly looked at the lion she was about to defeat ever since her exile she thought of Zira as her real mother and didn't want to kill her ." Please mother you don't have to fight me ! Join us and help us rule I promise it'll be ok '!" She pleaded . The older lioness returned the same look of sadness and shook her head " I'm sorry Kiara I cannot I am ti loyal to Scar he is my mate I cannot betray him " she says as she she slowly dies . " So be it " Kiara says sadly sighing . She turns her adoptive mother into an orange lantern construct . After the victory they give a speech ." Hello fellow villain soldiers today we are free !" Nuka says proudly . The others cheer from below " and now I hereby once again crown myself and Kiara as king and queen of the outlands !" He says louder . More cheers " and now that we are free we will take the freedom of our enemies away for ever we will enslave the pride landers !" He shouts now everyone cheers and laughs evilly .
Hope you enjoyed and yes the newbies are Chowder , Panini and Gorgonzola from Chowder ( oh and shorts mentions of Schnitzel and Mung ) don't worry Chowder fans Truffles , Gespacho ( I'm a horrible speller lol ) will be appearing soon too oh and Cvechi bye