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Re: Fiona's story

PostPosted: September 7th, 2015, 6:39 pm
by NightDaiana
Chapter 5: Heart of dead

Thunderice and Fiona goes to the old castle of love, Ginoide is dead and Fiona is the only cheetah that protect the castle and the magic of love

Fiona: thanks you so much thunderice
Thunderice: you're welcome, Fiona
Fiona: em... Thunderice
Thunderice: yes?
Fiona: can we go to hunt in this night?
Thunderice: yes, we can *Aruba arrived to the castle*
Aruba: Fiona I need that you see this
Fiona: what happened, Aruba? is it bad?
Aruba: is about your mother
Fiona: my mother?? :disgust4:
Aruba: yes, please fiona come with me
Fiona: thunderice, I'm scared
Thunderice: calm, Fiona. Aruba, where is she?
Aruba: come with me

Aruba giuded Fiona and thunderice to the clan, Fiona is scared, she feels that her mother is hurt. when they are in the clan, Avery, Noah and Crowface are sad.

Thunderice: What happened?
Avery: this need to see Fiona *Avery took Fiona's arm with her paw* when you go to see her please don go out crying, go out happy beacuse you mother was so happy with you
Fiona: but :cry: Avery what happened with my mother? :cry: is alive? :cry:
Avery: just go

Fiona go out to the medic stone, and she see the body of her mother in blood, she call her but she don't answer, Fiona is sad and crying, Her Mother is dead!!! she can not belive this, the only time that she see her mother is when she is dead, bellatrix and Blue flame hugs her

Blue Flame: we're so sorry Fiona, we can not save her, it's to late
Fiona: what happened??? she are alive, I feel inside me, she is not dead, SHE IS NOT DEADDD! *she is crying so much that her screams hear outside the medic stone*
Thunderice: Fiona...
*inside medic den*
Bellatrix: she is dead Fiona, it's to late
Fiona: no...noooooooooooo *she ran outside the medic stone to the Love castle*
Thunderice: Fiona, please wait *thunderice go with her*
Aruba: brother, wait!!!!!!!! *Aruba go with them*
Noah: she is a little girl
Crowface: yeah, this news hurts her heart
Avery: she need to be strong, as her mother do, Shila will be happy in the sky, protect her daughter here.
Crowface: but avery...
Avery: no buts, we need to says the clan this sad notice.

Fiona arrived in the castle and she go to her bedroom crying so much, her mother is dead, she is not with her. Thunderice and Aruba trying to open the door, when they are shout

Thunderice: Fiona please, let us in!
Aruba: Fiona please, We know the sadnees that you feel to lose your mother
Thunderice: what?
Aruba: this is the notice that make Fiona cry. the minery cheetahs found the body of her mother without life.
Thunderice: *open the door* come on we need to found her.

will countinue

Re: Fiona's story

PostPosted: September 7th, 2015, 7:02 pm
by NightDaiana
Chapter 6: Sisters

Thunderice and aruba arrived Fiona's bedroom, they hear she cry. thunderice knock the door and Fiona open the door and hug them.

Fiona: my friends and you are the only that I have.
Aruba: you mother will protect you in the heaven
Thunderice: yeah, we need to go the clan
Fiona: I don't go to the clan
Aruba: please fiona, come with us to says godbye

Fiona, Thunderice and Aruba go to the clan, Avery was in the rock with Noah and Crowface. Mila, Milo, Annabel, Vicotria, Black coal, Firecheetah, Xenia, Thunderice and Aruba hugs Fiona.

Avery: Today, we lost a one of our warriors. Two of us found the body of Shila, she is with blood, without life. Our minery cheetah, Shila, our powerful warrior of love is dead. she is with our leaders of the past.

All the clan is sad, Fiona is very so much Sad, but she feel something in her arm, she see bellatrix.

Bellatrix: Fiona, come here *they go in the Medic stone*
Blue Flame: Fiona see this, this go out of you mother tummy
Fiona: *she see one little minery cheetah as her mother but pink and blue fur* she is my...
Blue flame: yeah, she is your sister

Fiona see the cub and took her, she has the same mirage of her mother, her same hair. the minery cheeath of love with ice.

Bellatrix: we need to she stay here, we need to study her if she is hurt
Fiona: alright, but please protect her
Blue Flame: yeas Fiona, she will be happy here, after you can took her and protect her
Fiona: I don't know that I will strong to protect her, I feel inside me the fear that happened if she is hurt
Bellatrix: you will be strong, she too.
Fiona: *see her sister* Linda, please stay here. My little minery cheetah sister

will continue

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PostPosted: September 8th, 2015, 6:27 pm
by NightDaiana
Chapter 7: she is my sister

Fiona go with her firend to the waterhole, she is worried and sad this day. her little sister is in the medic stone with Bellatrix and blue flame, she thinks that everithing is alright. but she have a question in her mind: "who kill my mother? is it a lion or another minery cheetah?". Her friends try to make her happy.

Firecheetah: Fiona, left the past in the past, your mother don't like see you cry and sad
Thunderice: shout up fire!
Firecheetah: what happened brother 8-) are you in love? you like fiona?
Thunderice: and you like mila ;)
Aruba: you can shout up
Mila: *seeing Firecheetah with red and shy face* well, I like a bit Firecheetah
Black Coal: we can talk other theme, Fiona is...*See back her and Fiona is gone*
Mila: not here...with us
Thunderice: where is she go?
Firecheetah: awwww Thunder need his love to stay hahahhahah :lol:
Thunderice: alright, I'm angry NOWW *Thunderice and Firecheetah are fighting, Aruba and Mila try to sepataes them*
Aruba: ooouuuuuu you are to kids, Fiona is lost and the only thing you are doing is fight
Mila: yeah, please don't fight *Aruba see black coal run*
Aruba: Black coal, what are you doing?
Black coal: I know where is Fiona, come with me

Thunderice, Black Coal, Firecheetah, Aruba, Mila, are runing to the clan. but Black coal stop in the medic stone.

Thunderice: Black coal, why are we stop here?
Black Coal: I feel and think that Fiona is here
Mila: come on *all go in the medic stone and see Fiona*
Aruba: oh Fiona, you scared us
Fiona: I'm so sorry, that I'm so worried
Mila: why?
Fiona: come with me *Fiona guided they to the medic bed and here is Linda*
Thunderice: she...she...has
Mila: love powers!
Black Coal: how she can this powers? who is the mother?
Fiona: when Bellatrix was carrying the body, she feels that the body is still alive, she open the body and found a little girl with Love and Ice powers.
Firecheetah: wait Fiona, Are you saying us that this is cub is?
Fiona: she is my sister

Will coutinue...
sorry for short chapter