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Re: Kicked in the Pride (Julie Skywalker & Malenga)

PostPosted: December 28th, 2013, 6:00 pm
by Carl
Sethunya remained silent and patient as he finished his explanation to her. It was somewhat understandable, and once again the work of a brutish male, what that went wrong in the world of lions couldn't be blamed on some stupid overpowered jerk with a mane? Hell, she figured the rogues that hounded herself and her mate wouldn't be as much of a problem if other males wouldn't kick them out of their prides when they reached adolescence.

"Well," she said as Zaige finished speaking, "I can see why he acts that way then. Sorta. But maybe we should let him know he comes on too strong... he needs to practice or we'll never have a proper pride. Most rogue females are gonna be wary of a male talking like that to them. After all, that's how those.. ehrrm bad ones act, you know. But with a lot more hitting."

She looked back at the other two, saw that Sakina was getting more comfortable around him, and knew just because she knew her mate so well, that he couldn't be that bad. If Sakina was this much less nervous than usual around a lion she just met, then he was earning it over there. Sethunya sighed.

"I admit I was too harsh... it's clear your brother's not as bad as he sounds... but he needs to work on that if he doesn't want more females to react the same way I did, even without having had a loved one violated. He's gotta be less arrogant or it's gonna happen this way a lot."


Sakina listened to everything Blyds said, her ears twitching occasionally as he spoke. She blinked a few times in confusion at the "Your sister seems to want me gone" comment. Then, when he finished, she tried a little smile before she responded to him.

"Thank you... I'm sure you'll be a good big brother to them. But..." she trailed off for a moment before figuring out how to say this part, "I don't have a sister." She laughed a bit, mostly nervously, and then looked at him more seriously again. "Seth's not related to me at all. I mean it would be weird if she was, you know?" she added, "I mean unless you use familial terms loosely... you and Zaige don't really look alike after all and you called him your brother."

"But I wonder what's taking them so long," she added quickly, standing up and starting to walk in the direction of the other two. Despite the fact that she was getting more comfortable around Blyds, she still felt anxious being too far from Sethunya when others were around. It just wasn't comfortable to be closer to someone else than to her mate.

Re: Kicked in the Pride (Julie Skywalker & Malenga)

PostPosted: April 25th, 2014, 8:04 pm
by Malenga
[-Comes in slowly.- Heeeeeyyyy... sorry about not being around much... kinda sorta have a million and a half things going on right now, BUT I'mma do my best to reply as quick as I can from now on. c: ]

Nodding, Zaige agreed with her silently before he spoke. "I agree, he's quite... brash, when it comes to meeting new females," he said to Sethunya, looking back at his brother. "You can't tell him I told you this, but I think he just comes off that way because he doesn't know any other way to make him seem more 'attractive' or 'eye grabbing' to anyone." Nevertheless, Zaige knew that wasn't an excuse and he wouldn't try to use it as such; he was just trying to soothe things over with the new members of the pride as much as possible. At least before they got down to the nitty gritty of the pride life.

Soon seeing Sakina and Blyds join them, his expression was regained and composed. Looking casual, as though he didn't just give away information on his older brother, Zaige nodded to the two of them. "Everything okay with you two?" asked Zaige.

Blyds nodded, seating himself beside the other male and looking over to Sethunya.