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Re: At The Moment...

PostPosted: July 27th, 2017, 12:03 pm
by NaiaRulez
Wearing: Levi's shorts, black Bershka top.
Hair: In a ponytail, I'm too lazy xD
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Nothing
Thinking: I wanna have fun today x3
Feeling: Great!
Talking to: Nobody
Listening to: Nothing
Watching: This little white box xD
Loving: My life <3
Hating: Nothing x3
Wanting: See my boyfriend, it's been a while I don't see him
Waiting for: My best friend text me if we finally hang out today xD
Weather: Sunny, I luv it :D
Time: 1:03 PM
Hoping: Have a great day
Situation: I need music in my life *opens Spotify*

Re: At The Moment...

PostPosted: August 10th, 2017, 11:43 pm
by it means no worries
Wearing: Hiking boots and sailing trousers
Hair: Long
Eating: Some kinda generic-cheapo tinned "food"
Drinking: Water
Thinking: This scenery is stunning
Feeling: Relaxed
Talking to: No one
Listening to: Nothing in particular
Watching: The scenery
Loving: The peace and quiet
Hating: Back to UK/school in a few weeks
Wanting: To come up with a plan B just in case things don't play out as I'd like
Waiting for: Education to be over and done with
Weather: Sun, clear skies and pleasantly warm
Time: 14:45
Hoping: See "Wanting"
Situation: "Waiting for" and "Wanting"

Re: At The Moment...

PostPosted: December 23rd, 2017, 5:11 am
by Gemini
Feel like updating.

Wearing: UC Davis sweatpants, judo sweatshirt over top that one shirt I got from that livestock show freshman year
Hair: Clean, needs a cut. Covered w beanie
Eating: Nothing, had tuna and oatmeal already so that's probably mostly my dinner. Need to get more peanut butter though dammit, I go through a jar like every 1-2 days ffs
Drinking: Water
Thinking: It's so weird looking back through this thread and seeing how my life has changed over the past two years. Honestly feels like ages ago by this point. Things are OK now, just - a lot different than they were.
Feeling: Cold right now and a bit achey, but content I guess.
Talking to: Nobody at the moment, just friends on TG earlier and Samantha
Listening to: Nothing, maybe I'll cue up some music
Watching: There's no TV here lol - didn't make it through the housemate drama last year where I had to get rid of like all the furniture I own for basically peanuts and donate a bunch of my other things hahaha :chuckle: :chuckle: :chuckle: not salty
Loving: That my dream of owning a horse finally came to pass six months ago and that it's been great so far. As a rider I've progressed from barely trotting to jumping about 2'6" in lessons in less than two years (and have toned arms and legs to show for it). Extremely proud of that.
Hating: That I feel cold a lot for some reason this year even though I live in fcking CA lol //embarrassing
Wanting: To keep progressing with my horse, I feel like things are going a lot better with him
Waiting for: Not much as I'm just enjoying my break but pretty jazzed about this internship I got at the school horse facility and the opportunity I'll have to work with foals and yearlings

Also my grades since I don't think my stats prof has finished em yet xD
Weather: Cloudy and chilly today. Dark now
Time: 20:06 PST
Hoping: I learn a lot and get a lot of experience with this internship and also that I don't die next quarter from volunteering, having a job, doing a 20 hr/wk internship and being in full time status with classes lol
Situation: Relaxed at the moment - but overall very active and productive this year, which I hope will stay. My living situation is about 932858320580328x better than last year and even though I'm broke I feel like school is going much better as a result since I can actually properly focus on things and not be distracted by random-ass menial bullsh*t finally, thank God.

Re: At The Moment...

PostPosted: December 25th, 2017, 9:25 pm
by it means no worries
Wearing: Alaska "Last Frontier" Tshirt
Hair: Very short
Eating: Toast
Drinking: Coke
Thinking: AoE 3 is so much more simplistic than 2
Feeling: Great
Talking to: Various people on TG and Skype
Listening to: Nothing
Watching: Youtube videos of World of Tanks
Loving: Nearly done with school
Hating: Not done with school
Wanting: To get school over and done with
Waiting for: To head off to dad's in two days
Weather: Cold and dark
Time: 20:26
Hoping: Things go to plan over the spring and summer
Situation: Ready and waiting

Re: At The Moment...

PostPosted: December 26th, 2017, 3:17 am
by Gaze
Wearing: black adidas long sleeve & black sweats
Hair: washed, surprisingly
Eating: just ate leftover chicken & mashed potatoes - soon moving on to coffee & cookies or a donut
Drinking: nothing, yet
Thinking: about posting on online forums
Feeling: the residual anxiety of spending time around family
Talking to: no one rn )~:
Listening to: the crackling of the discounted vanilla sugar candle I got at goodwill
Watching: the words being typed onto the screen
Loving: my gf, the gifts I got this year
Hating: the residual anxiety of spending time around family, inconsiderate messy roommates
Wanting: a nice clean house w/ a good kitchen, my fursuit to be done, more money
Waiting for: short term: my gf to get home. long-ish term: convention in a couple weeks!
Weather: cold and cloudy. snow outside but it's getting melty )~:
Time: 6:16 PM
Hoping: I can get everything ready in time for the con, and I can afford to get all my friends late xmas gifts asap
Situation: sittin in bed

Re: At The Moment...

PostPosted: February 24th, 2018, 9:20 am
by NaiaRulez
Wearing: My winter pajama xD
Hair: In a braid, I'm gonna straighten it later.
Eating: Nothing yet.
Drinking: I just drank a cup of milk ^^
Thinking: It's been a long while since I don't get into MLK xD
Feeling: Good!
Talking to: Nobody.
Listening to: My spotify's song list.
Watching: The screen maybe? x3
Loving: That February is almost gone! xD
Hating: Wait till my birthday to buy a new phone 'cause someone stealed the one I had -_-
Wanting: Go with my mother to Barcelona's centre to take photos :3
Waiting for: Having my iPhone back! <3
Weather: Sunny but cold.
Time: 9:20 AM
Hoping: Get a very good mark in my next week's spanish literature and history exams! ^^'
Situation: I should be studying, but instead I'm writing this :D

Re: At The Moment...

PostPosted: June 11th, 2018, 7:37 am
by Gemini
Time for my biannual update, lol.

Wearing: Meh
Hair: Clean, cut recently (last month?), naturally-colored.
Eating: Nothing, I kinda just had peanuts and took some of those blondies that girl brought and that was dinner for me.
Drinking: I drink water often and unironically.
Thinking: Things have just changed so much that it's hard to keep up sometimes.
Feeling: Collected. A bit stolid.
Talking to: Nobody right now, pretty sure everybody's in bed. Damn timezones, y'know.
Listening to: "Supercharger" by Sybrid Music... I found it today and it's fairly intense-sounding, which I like.
Watching: This screen. Otherwise it's dark and empty in here.
Loving: This year went great. It was the mental break I needed after a period of intense stress and readjustment. It allowed me to properly focus and center myself and it gave me some semblance of direction and application. I'm back to my usual self.
Hating: I'm tired of being poor and strung out all the time, but then again, who isn't?
Wanting: Things to look up and be OK. To be able to ride again often.
Waiting for: All these changes happening soon. I want my finals to finish so I can properly engage and focus on all this.

Also the year anniversary of buying Ronin on Tuesday.
Weather: Weirdly mild for June.
Time: 23:28 PM PST
Hoping: This residency is everything I hoped it would be, and that it will help me become a little more secure.
Situation: About to change again, but I'm doing the best that I can.

Re: At The Moment...

PostPosted: June 11th, 2018, 10:49 pm
by Regulus
Wearing: T-shirt and cargo shorts. Yes, I'm very classy, I know.

Hair: Recently cut, so I don't have much of it.

Eating: Nothing. Contemplating whether or not to make tacos tonight, or if I should save that for tomorrow.

Drinking: Refrigerated tea.

Thinking: I probably made an idiot of myself an hour ago.

Feeling: You know that feeling you get when you find some trail mix that has some kind of candy in it mixed up with assorted nuts? And you know how you eat everything--even when it isn't very good--just to get one or two chocolate pieces? That's what I feel like right now.

Talking to: No one, at the moment.

Listening to: Rain.

Watching: Nothing.

Loving: The few people and things keeping my sanity in check right now.

Hating: So many things, all of which involve the economy and the hiring processes at most companies.

Wanting: A career, so that I can be independent and afford a vacation.

Waiting for: To meet with Navy and Air Force recruiters later this week. Also waiting on laundry to be finished washing.

Weather: Thunderstorms.

Time: 5:30 pm

Hoping: Time goes by quickly.

Situation: The days are long, but the weeks are short. I may be wrong, but mylionking needs a court.

Re: At The Moment...

PostPosted: June 11th, 2018, 11:34 pm
by SimbasMate
Wearing: A maroon t-shirt with Scar, and tan shorts.

Hair: Right now I have it down. I usually have it in a pony tail, though. Just not right now.

Eating: I'm not eating anything right now. But the last thing I did eat were blueberry Pop-Tarts.

Drinking: Water.

Thinking: I'm thinking about how ridiculous my teacher for abnormal psychology is. She gives us four chapters to read and then a quiz on all chapters. Not read a chapter, take a quiz like any other normal teacher who knew what they were doing would do. :headache:

Feeling: Hungry.

Talking to: Two people on Discord.

Listening to: The air conditioner.

Watching: Nothing.

Loving: Right now I am loving that I will be getting to play a new Elder Scrolls game in the future! :)

Hating: The amount of homework I have and that I can't get to the store when I want.

Wanting: To go by some groceries for myself.

Waiting for: Nothing, right now.

Weather: It was in the low 60's today and was also sunny.

Time: 6:33 PM

Hoping: I hope that I will get to see my bf soon.

Situation: I don't know. Fine, I guess?

Re: At The Moment...

PostPosted: December 11th, 2018, 10:13 am
by epxriri
Wearing: My old blue jeans and the sweater my mother made for me
Hair: Curly ponytail (I love making curly locks, my favorite hairstyle)
Eating: Burger
Drinking: Orange juice
Thinking: Nothing
Feeling: Just a little sad because of the sad movie
Talking to: Noone
Listening to: Nothing
Watching: Sven Pounds with Will Smith
Loving: My family
Hating: I don't think I hate someone
Wanting: To buy a new computer
Waiting for: Christmas! And the new Lion King movie, of course (:
Weather: It's getting colder and colder here...
Hoping: For a better future
Situation: Pretty good, I think