The Kopa audiobooks

The Kopa audiobooks

Postby AkaiLioness » January 4th, 2022, 5:21 pm

For those of you who don't know, there's 2 German audiobooks released after the first Lion King film - one of them is called [i]Freunde fürs Leben[/i] (Friends for Life) and the other is [i]Kampf um den Thron[/i] (Fight for the Throne). Both feature the character of Kopa from the Six New Adventures book series, and most importantly, they've been rather elusive. For years, and as far as I remember searching, the only thing available of those audiobooks on the Internet were both the transcripts of each as well as someone's fantranslation of them.

As for the audiobooks themselves, a couple years ago I found Youtuber user Odracir, who had uploaded them both to their channel.

Sadly, and as you could've been able to tell from clicking on each video, they've been permamently deleted. I don't know when they deleted the videos (and as far as I could tell, the channel is also gone, so contacting them is now impossible), but I really, REALLY regret not archiving them sooner, because now they're gone from the Internet forever again. I tried looking for them everywhere, even trying by typing everything in German, but I can't seem to find anything aside from out-of-stock Amazon links or Wiki articles (as well as other completely unrelated stuff).

Has anyone archived these on the web in audio format? If so, where are they? And if not, is there any way I could feasibly buy them myself? I really want them archived because I'm working on a long video about Kopa and for years I honestly thought the audiobooks weren't even real until I finally listened to them one day.

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Re: The Kopa audiobooks

Postby Stormy » January 5th, 2022, 2:26 am

Hmm... I'll try to throw this up on the r/lionking subreddit to see if anyone has it. The search begins!
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