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The Lion King is among top 20 entertainment franchises

PostPosted: December 1st, 2020, 4:16 am
by Elton John

they polled 350,000 people since early 2019. This list skews towards more recent things for the most part.

Marvel and Disney ruled the list.

How they got these results might seem a bit.. strange... but it tells me one important thing.

TLK as a brand is still very relevant.

Sure, Iron Man has been a comic character since the 60's but only became an A list superhero because of the first movie in 2008.

And The Avengers were Marvels B string superhero team (The X-men and Fantastic Four were always more popular comic wise). The biggest trick Marvel Studios pulled was making the general public think The Avengers were always a big popular comic series. looool.

and the guardians of the galaxy? Z listers until the 2014 movie, which wasn't even the original team!

and my point? tlk has been consistently popular and relevant since 1994.