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Matt Stone and Trey Parker really seem to love The Lion king

PostPosted: January 12th, 2017, 8:32 pm
by Elton John
Aka the people who created southpark.

Today I started listening to the original cast recording for Book of Mormon, in the second song one of the missionaries is tasked to be sent to 'Uganda'. He asks 'where is that' he is told 'africa' and he replies 'OMG JUST LIKE LION KING'.

There might be more tlk references in book of mormon, I just barely started listening to it.

Ok I Just got to the fourth song. It not only feels like a homage to hakuna matata it even blatantly references hakuna matata. Warning, it gets really really risque :lol:

They also did a 'circle of life' parody at one point in south park.

In the south park game 'stick of truth' rpg you can find an item called 'lion king dvd' which im pretty sure is a reference to an episode where they are watching the lion king...on dvd...

Southpark is currently the only show I can think of that references tlk2 simbas pride.

What else? I havent seen everything they've done yet.