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TLK/SP song lyrics by Google Translate

PostPosted: July 29th, 2016, 11:50 pm
by PrincessKiara
You might have come across videos called Google Translate Sings - they inspired me to make my own versions of TLK/SP lyrics by translating them using Google Translate. I take the original English lyrics and translate them to a different language, change this new phrase into a different language and repeat this several times before translating back into English - often the results are quite amusing! So far I have only translated some of the SP songs, but feel free to play around with Google Translate yourself with any TLK song and post the results!
Below are my Google Translate songs, I posted the original lyrics in the spoiler tags for easy comparison.

We Are One

As you go through life
we are much
say three jars

The only we know
things always go
the way we designed.

And you can see, all the time
it will never beat away
when it all got dreams to fulfill, on the other
we stand by your side
full of hope and full of pride
In our more than we
We are one of

If I should be so
I can still
I liked how
I believe in my heart
Or am I separated
A few big plan

Even that was lost
We like to go with us
Begin net trip
The pain and tears of joy and tears
Nothing can destroy one thing
And our pride deep
We are one

We are one of you and I
We are one on the earth and in the heavens
One person under the sun

All the wisdom to lead
All you need
You will find when you see

My Lullaby

Hypnosis, my little Kovu
Make dreams come true wings
One day, big and strong

Good night

Good night, low key
The increase training tomorrow

I slavery, torture
Leave alone without protection
When I think that made Brutus
Zero Remix wiki

But it is such a wonderful dream
I`m so sorry to have
For internal heals my kitty
It helps me to relax a bit

Live voice Simba
Scream in the hands of daughter
Chelsea mourn crying
It`s my lullaby

But I tried to forget
My enemies I will not forgive
This problem has been known to be small
I hate living grams.

So find someone who can continue tree
War, blood, for me this work
Melody in lutsi
Wow twist with pain
Death of the agreement, seven!
When Lullaby

Emerge... there is still hatred
Young love
He knows the killer
Worse with passion!

Not shrink a little imagination!
Uh, I think it is a little expensive!

Once you`re big and strong
You gods!

Drums of War
Roar Kovu excited
The joy of revenge!


I heard the screams
Kovu kaj found!
Time Payback
And then our flag flying
Or is turned blood red
That attracts me!

Love Will Find A Way

In an ideal world
the one is that we have ignored
you never need to meet the world lonely

You are world
[We will] use ours
For the brave or strong pain
But the secrets of the heart

I know
Love will find a way
If I have thought
If my country
Like every day, dark power
Somehow we got to
Now, where I found you
Seeks love

I fear that many
Now I know
Love is never wrong
And so it means it not dies

The world
With thinking of eyes
And if you can sense it too
I feel happy

They know
Love find a way

Where you shall go

We are here together, if
As a dark day of the transformation
Our one or other way, will
Now that I found you
Love will find a way
I know how one finds love.

Re: TLK/SP song lyrics by Google Translate

PostPosted: September 22nd, 2016, 12:21 pm
by Sarger