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Re: Some other TLK fans hate Kion/The Lion Guard? WHY?

PostPosted: May 13th, 2016, 9:50 am
by Amur_Tiger
Given some of the chatter elsewhere that brought up the Hamlet origin of TLK itself I think it's worth pointing out that this is another vector for fans to divide themselves.

Not everybody loves Disney movies as a whole, I'd consider myself one of them to a degree though hatred doesn't really enter into the picture either. This doesn't mean that those people can't like TLK, Shakespearean tragedies have a time-tested appeal after all and usually there's not a lot of overlap between this and Disney, TLK being an exception. We shouldn't run from this reality or ignore it, TLK had such appeal exactly because it drew in people that wouldn't otherwise be interested, but this does mean that you're going to have a fanbase with a broader set of tastes and thus differences in taste.

Of course none of this excuses one side or another mocking folks for having a different taste in movies and stories, our gothprincess likes her medieval themed stories to involve princesses and the like, I like GoT, neither of our tastes are more or less valid then the other. Neither is there any 'standard' that one must meet to be a 'real' TLK fan, one can like and dislike any portion of it really and still consider themselves and be considered a fan. Just like as a Homeworld fan I can have serious issues with the mysticizing of the hyperspace cores.

Re: Some other TLK fans hate Kion/The Lion Guard? WHY?

PostPosted: May 15th, 2016, 3:58 pm
by PrincessKiara
I personally have not been around the fandom (that is, forums and such) enough to catch up on what people around the net post about TLG and Kion.

I will state that I personally enjoy the show a lot. When I first heard that it was going to be aimed at preschoolers, I was worried we would get something insultingly stupid - but I was pleasantly surprised. I`m past my twenties and find the show to be enjoyable for all age groups, and do in fact feel like TLG is aimed at kids 5/6 years and up rather than toddlers.
Not every episode hits a bull`s-eye and the songs can be a bit much, but I still find TLG a good addition to the TLK franchise and am very happy it exists. (Rather than TLK 1 1/2 which I try to forget about).

All that said, I can still understand that it`s not everyones cup of tea. I just hope the fans give it a proper chance before dismissing it. I can understand people being reserved about checking it out, as they fear how it will affect their view on TLK and SP (similarly to how one might be hesitant to give the new My Little Pony series or the Powerpuff Girls reboot a chance). I just hope people aren`t "scared away" from TLG, thinking it only for small children, as that is not the case how I see it. :smilekion:

Re: Some other TLK fans hate Kion/The Lion Guard? WHY?

PostPosted: May 15th, 2016, 4:37 pm
by Squeely
The hate this show got before it premiered was a big ol pile of bullpoo. Hundreds of comments on YouTube and Facebook whining about "muh childhood!" as if the existence of the show somehow invalidates the greatness of the original TLK or the fun anyone had as a child. Yeah, Disney shouldn't do anything new with one of its most popular franchises so that your precious childhood can stay intact :roll:

That said, it's also bullpoo to call someone a "true fan" based on whether they like TLG. If someone has given the show a chance and doesn't like it, that's fine. If someone loves the show, that's fine too. Though, I do think "hate" is too strong of a word, and if someone bashes fans of the show, that's not cool. But if someone simply doesn't like the show and doesn't get in the way of others enjoying it, I see no issue.

I personally love the show. I'm excited to get new TLK-related content after ten years of nothing, and excited to finally get a show that respects the TLK universe. I enjoy the characters and the songs, and especially the cute look a lot of the animals have. But I wouldn't blame others for not liking it. TLG has far more flaws than even SP, let alone TLK, and I can imagine that alone would be off-putting for some.

Re: Some other TLK fans hate Kion/The Lion Guard? WHY?

PostPosted: June 19th, 2016, 11:45 am
by Niall Hoenn
Here's my reasons why I don't like it.
1. Because TWO out of all the original cast members are in it.
2. It's songs don't have the feel that TLK, TLK 2 and TLK 1.5's songs have.
3. It seems a little off... I struggled through Return of The Roar.

Re: Some other TLK fans hate Kion/The Lion Guard? WHY?

PostPosted: June 28th, 2016, 10:04 am
by Squeely
1. It's been a looong time since the first film. The original cast are likely busy with other things, or perhaps even retired. To be fair, though, I don't know if they were contacted about it. I did hear that Broderick doesn't want to work with Disney again, so that explains his absence.
3. RotR is pretty weak. I'd suggest "Never Judge a Hyena by its Spots" if you feel like giving the show a second chance.