Is the RotPL part of the canon?

Is the RotPL part of the canon?

Postby DGFone » May 10th, 2012, 11:38 pm

On my Q&A thread, I was asked a very interesting question: Is the Rhythm of the Pride Lands CD canon with the rest of The Lion King universe, and further more, is the CD its own separate entity in the TLK universe?

So what do you guys think?

Here is my answer:
Not exactly. I consider Rhythm of the Pride Lands as part of the canon, but not as a separate entity. What I really consider the CD as is a part of the original movie. This is why I never rate He Lives in You as my favorite song in Simba's Pride - because it was made for the RotPL, and therefore belongs to The Lion King and not SP.

Many of the songs in the CD are already in The Lion King in one form or another, Hakuna Matata and The Lion Sleeps Tonight being the most obvious. But the other songs, such as Lala (when Simba misses Mufasa), Lea Halalela (Nala's escape form the Pride Lands), Warthog Rhapsody (another Hakuna Matata version), Busa (Simba's ascension to the throne, and for that matter, his theme) - all these songs have a place in the movie.

Some of the other songs don't have an obvious location for where they belong, but can still fit. Kube can be also connected to the Hakuna Matata lifestyle (if only by its upbeat nature). It's Time, Noyana, and One by One can be songs that are simply sung throught the African lands by the animals living there. And Noyana is already a traditional African song...

So yes, all of the songs have a place in The Lion King, and are therefore canon, at least in my opinion.

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Here is the original question: viewtopic.php?f=152&t=22535&start=180#p677514
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Re: Is the RotPL part of the canon?

Postby TheLionPrince » May 14th, 2012, 6:26 pm

Interesting question, DGFone. Even though the label of the CD says it is "music inspired by The Lion King", I am inclined to believe Rhythm of the Pride Lands is a spin-off soundtrack. A spin-off, according to Merriam-Webster, is "something that is imitative or derivative of an earlier work, product, or establishment". Clearly, Rhythm of the Pride Lands derives from The Lion King movie and soundtrack so it can be considered a spin-off. But, one question is: Is TLK spin-off media considered canon? I would like to say no because The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa is also a spin-off, but its Ren and Stimpy-inspired comedic tone separates itself from the movies, which are more serious in tone.

So, in terms of the CD being a spin-off, it would say no.

However, in terms of it being of it being a CD sequel, it can be considered canon. Wikipedia (if you consider it reliable), The Lion King Wiki (if you consider it reliable), and a bonus feature from the 2003 DVD claim it is an "audio sequel". So, I am inclined to believe that is a sequel to TLK soundtrack, and it is followed by TLK on Broadway soundtrack and Return to Pride Rock, which received its music and songs from it. Much like a movie sequel receives its inspiration by picking off where the first movie started. So, it can be considered canon in the CD universe of the franchise.
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