Safiyah (sa-FEE-ah)

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Safiyah (sa-FEE-ah)

Postby LionPrincess » June 9th, 2012, 11:02 am

Name: Safiyah (sa-FEE-ah)

Age: Young Adult

Pride: Pridelands

Description: Safiyah is a beautiful young lioness, she has a cream pelt with a lighter cream underbelly,inside ears, tail tuft and female hair tuft that falls down slightly over her right eye, her eyes are a stunning shade of emerald green and she has a small scar under her right eye, she is a slim lioness and therefore is rather fast, she is a very pretty young lioness, not the prettiest but still rather pretty.

Personality: Safiyah is a loving young lioness, she cares about how others are feeling and would happily give away her last scrap of meat even if she was starving, she doesnt have a bad bone in her body and is always nice to everyone she meets, she is sometimes too nice though which annoys some of the pride members as they think shes just being a suck up.

History: Safiyah is slightly younger than Kovu and Kiara, she was born shortly after the two of them met as cubs, the was only a young teen when the battle took place between the outlanders and the pridelanders but she still fought to defend her home and pride members, she has lived a rather sheltered life apart from that and she would be lost without her pride.

Mate/Crush: none yet

Cubs: none yet

Rps: none yet
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