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Postby wolfishgirl » March 8th, 2012, 5:49 pm

Name: Harbuu

Meaning: warrior


Age: almost 2 years old

Personality: Harbuu is a rambunctious cub who hates authority. She loves getting in trouble, and doesn't think about consequences. She is lonely since she is the youngest in the Jabari pride, and has no one that can reason with her. She is fierce, and will fight anything she believes offended her.

History: Harbuu doesn't know who her parents are, she wasn't born in the pride, but they took her in when she was barely old enough to go out on her own. She's lived with them her whole life and has a deep loyalty towards them.

Description: She is a dark brown cub with a white mask on her face, her underbelly is a caramel color, her tail tuft and feet are white.

Role plays: Kongoresi, Twin Catastrophe
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