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Postby Khanu » May 20th, 2012, 10:08 pm

Name: Nguvu

Meaning: Strength

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dark brown fur, fades to black towards paws. The mane is also black. Subpelt is a tan. Strong, a lot of muscle mass. (About the same as adult Simba)

Personality: Very distrustful of lions that he doesn't know, due to being "abandoned" in his eyes by his pride. Loves to fight, and pick fights with others. Likes to hunt. He wants to just live in peace, find a place to settle down and have a family but tries to hide it through his actions.

History: He got lost as a cub and was permanently seperated from his pride. Wondered around the savannah's until he came across a few rogues that he now lives with. Grew up with the rogues and adopted their attack first personality. Wants to find his original pride someday, but things often get in the way.

Relatives: None that he knows about, wants to figure out where he's from though.

Loves: None yet
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