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What if Simba realized that Scar did it?

PostPosted: September 27th, 2019, 2:29 am
by FriendlyHyena
Suppose that at some point BEFORE Nala arrived, that Simba had been alone and trying to find some way to convince himself that it WASN'T his fault that Mufasa died. Presumably he'd be closer to an adult by this point just for argument's sake.

Suppose he recalled that Scar had, while he was in the canyon, suggested that he practiced the roar, and that Scar had also been the one that had brought up the Elephant Graveyard that had led to a near-fatal encounter and at least had enough doubt to think that Scar had, if not outright killed Mufasa, then at least guilt tripped Simba for taking his advice as an excuse to get him out of the Pridelands (I don't know if Simba would know enough to be able to tie Scar directly to the hyenas.) so that he could take over?

(Granted, I don't think Simba would have much evidence to prove that Scar PLANNED to kill Mufasa, but he might, if he thought on it long enough, have come to believe that Scar had PLANNED to get him killed.)

Do you think that Simba would have gone back to try and find out the truth or stayed behind in fear?

(This isn't that clear cut. Even after learning that Scar had let the hyenas lay waste to the Pridelands, Simba needed a bunch of persuading before he went back.)

Re: What if Simba realized that Scar did it?

PostPosted: September 30th, 2019, 1:28 pm
by Loki_adores_Scar
I‘d say it‘s not impossible. Well as a cub he was too young to understand, if he later found time to think back of his childhood (If it‘s still well present in his mind, since he rather wanted to forget it)