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Why was Scar so quick to accept that Simba was Simba?

PostPosted: May 15th, 2018, 9:51 pm
by FriendlyHyena
Even if he believed Simba to be Simba, he was now in a very bad position. You see, he'd made out that Simba had died in the stampede and here Simba is showing up, to which both Scar and Sarabi acknowledge him as Simba.

That forced Scar to try and execute Simba for "causing Mufasa's death", which never really made much sense. Especially as Scar never says how Simba did it. (If you're going to accuse someone a crime that you actually committed, and they have the power to replace you on the throne, at least try and get the support of the public as to their guilt before trying to off them.)

Both Sarabi and Scar originally mistook Simba for Mufasa. However, being a Mufasa-look-alike doesn't mean that it's Simba at all. Nala might have recognized Simba since she and he were old friends and she was able to pin him (just like in the past) and it jarred her memory as to whom she had found.

By claiming that the Simba before them was an imposter and then trying to get rid of him for the act of challenging him, Scar might have reasonably expected far less resistance from the lionesses.

Re: Why was Scar so quick to accept that Simba was Simba?

PostPosted: May 16th, 2018, 5:12 am
by TLK_Kid
Scar was probably too shocked to think over any of that at the time. Plus, Sarabi did recognize Simba once he told her who he was, and it's likely that most of the other lionesses recognized him at this point too. Even if Scar had thought of accusing him of being an impostor, I doubt the majority of them would have gone along with it. And even if they did, Simba probably would have easily been able to prove his identity.

Re: Why was Scar so quick to accept that Simba was Simba?

PostPosted: May 28th, 2018, 6:16 am
by SimbasGuard
There is also the fact that Simba never announced who he was. When Sarabi mistook him for Mufasa, Simba only said:

Simba wrote: No, It's Me.

Sarabi then established Simba's identity. For Scar to try and denounce Simba as an impostor after Simba's own mother had vouched for him would have made for a very weak argument. Especially since Scar had also mistaken him for Mufasa.