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Re: Share your TLK Collection!

PostPosted: February 26th, 2017, 5:48 am
by Gaze
thanks to those who complimented my collection last time I posted! I just assembled this little collage the other day for a different forum - might as well post it here. not a whole lot has changed, but I did move into a new house.


Rolox, I'm eternally jealous of your collection :P LOVE it

Re: Share your TLK Collection!

PostPosted: June 27th, 2017, 12:01 am
by KiovuLove
Just reorganized actually ^^ And thanks to that, I have the bug again to buy more so there's more on the way, but here's what it is currently >.<

Sorry for the large photos. I couldnt figure out how to make them smaller :/ I just have so much i kinda needed to show multiple pics :kionoops:


Re: Share your TLK Collection!

PostPosted: April 25th, 2018, 9:57 pm
by mamaprince
I hardly have anything in my collection nowadays but am looking to reaquire some more things in my collection. :D Here with me at the moment, I have:

~ 1998 Mattel purring Kiara plush. (She doesn't purr anymore sadly.)
~ Red Lion King Cast T-shirt (Found it at Walmart a few years ago.)
~ Blue Lion King Hakuna Matata T-shirt (Found at Five below a few years ago.)
~ Disney Store Sarabi plush with Baby Simba (Regetting from a friend of mine.)
~ Disney Store floppy Nala plush (Getting from a friend of mine. She has teeth showing and is so adorable!)
~ Disney Store 2008 Simba plush (Getting from a friend of mine.)
~ Disney Store 2008 Nala plush (Getting from a friend of mine.)

Re: Share your TLK Collection!

PostPosted: January 24th, 2019, 11:58 am
by Bunga1973
I used have things like a Simba mirror, TLK TDK cassettes and on ages ago.

Re: Share your TLK Collection!

PostPosted: January 31st, 2019, 5:33 pm
by LittleRolox3
its been a long time since i posted, probably nearly 2 years ago? im not actively collecting lion king as much im slowly getting back into it but. i wanted to share i got my biggest grail before the new year!


i sold a lot of my old stuff and lived poor that month but it was so worth it, im so glad to finally have him in my life :D

Re: Share your TLK Collection!

PostPosted: July 12th, 2019, 1:47 am
by mamaprince
Wow it has been a while since I have posted on here. O.o My collection is kinda starting back up since I stupidly started selling a whole bunch of my collection back in 2012. >.> I'm honestly shocked at how expensive and rare things are getting nowadays. The live action TLK kinda sparked back up my interest in collecting. Lol Here is what I have now: (Some of it is at my dad's so my memory is kinda foggy.)

~ "Remember who you are" Simba PJ top (bought at Walmart.)
~ "Problem Free Philosophy" Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba PJ bottoms (Bought at Walmart.)
~ Kiara Squeeze light keychain (Ebay)
~ Mattel Kiara figure (Ebay) Ps. I have had a total of 3 of these in my lifetime lmao.
~ Adult Simba TLK blind bag (Walmart)
~ Cub Simba TLK blind bag (Walmart) x2
~ TLK blindbag pride rock (Walmart) ×3
~ Disney Store medium Kovu plush (Ebay)
~ Disney Store medium Kiara plush (Gift)
~ Disney Store 2019 Mufasa plush (Disney Store)
~ WDW Adult Nala plush (Ebay)
~ UK Simba's Pride comic book (Ebay)
~ Blue Hakuna Matata t shirt (Five Below)
~ Pink Lion King sweatshirt (Khols)
~ Red Lion King cast T shirt (Walmart)
~ Yellow Simba socks (Five Below)
~ Simba socks (Five Below)
~ Simba and Nala socks (Five Below)
~ Live Action TLK rafiki tattoo (Got from Cereal box)
~ Live Action Jumbo Nala plush by Just Play (Walmart)
~ Mattel Nuka beanie (Ebay)
~ Lion King Adult Simba and Nala t shirt (Walmart)
~ Lion King soundtrack series I just can't wait to be king book (Walmart)
~ New Lion King coloring book (Micheals)
~ 1995 Masterpiece collection TLK VHS (Thrift Store)
~ Nala funko pop (Ebay)
~ Mattel Kovu figure (facebook)
~ 2019 Just Play Jumbo Simba plush (Facebook)
~ 2019 Just Play Jumbo Nala plush (Facebook)
~ 2019 Just play Nala plush (facebook)
~ Mufasa funko pop (Facebook)
~ 2018 Disney Store Nala plush (Facebook)
~ Disney Land Paris cub simba plush (Facebook)
~ Just play TLG Kion figure (facebook)
~ Just Play TLG Fuli figure (facebook)
~ Mattel fighting action Scar figure (facebook)
~ Mattel action adult Simba figure (facebook)
~ Mattel Rafiki and Baby Simba figure (facebook)
~ Burger King Nala figure (facebook)
~ Mattel Adult Simba figure (facebook)
~ Mattel Cub Simba figure (facebook)
~ Burger King Mufasa figure (facebook)
~ Mattel cub Nala figure (facebook)
~ TLG Fuli blind bag figure (facebook)

Edit: Wanted to update this topic since I got some new things recently. I do hope that this topic will be revived someday lol. A friend of mine decided to give me her TLK stuff which included a lot of the old things from my old collection. Also paid $150 for her Douglas cub simba plush. :lol:

New additions:
- TLK 2019 movie ticket (Kept my movie ticket.)
- 1994 Douglas cub Simba plush
- 1994 Disney Store Sarabi plush
- 1994 Plastic face Adult Simba plush puppet
- TLK live action McDonald's Young Simba figure
- Disney Store Young floppy Nala plush (90's I'm guessing?)
- Simba Bubble stamper figure
- Simba's Pride Kovu and Kiara pillow
- TLK 2003 Special Edition DVD gift set.
- TLK Simba and Rafiki lithograph, framed.
- Lion King 1994 matching game
- Lion King Circle Of Life card game
- Lion King Simba and Mufasa photo frame
- 1994 Lion King soundtrack cassette tape
- 2011 Lion King Pumbaa PEZ
- Timon Squeeze light, Impact???
- Burger King Scar figure
- 1994 Mattel Zazu action figure
- Burger King Ed figure
- McDonald's Zira plush
- 1994 Mattel Zazu figure
- SEALED Burger King Pumbaa and Timon figure with booklet
- 1998 Mattel Pumbaa figure (From SP)
- Ed Burger King puppet figure (I do believe it was Ed.)
- Burger King Mufasa figure puppet
- 1998 Mattel Simba and Nala hugging figure (From SP)
- Simba Koosh Ball
- 1994 Action Adult Simba figure
- 1998 Mattel action fighting Simba figure (From SP)
- 1994 Jungle Babies Mattel Baby Simba figure
- Burger King Pumbaa finger puppet figure
- 1994 Mattel Mufasa and Simba sleeping figure
- 1996 McDonald's Adult Simba figure
- Young Simba playdoh figure topper
- Young Simba squeeze light, enigezer
- 1994 Big Disney Store Simba and Nala pin
- Burger King Nala figure
- Burger King Simba figure
- McDonald's 1997 Young Simba figure
- Just Play 2019 Young Nala blindbag
- Just Play 2019 Young Simba blindbag
- 1998 Adult Simba "Family Pride" plush
- 1998 Adult Nala "Family Pride" plush
- 1990's Applause Simba pulling figure
- 1994 Applause Adult Simba standing figure
- 1994 Applause Scar figure
- 1994 Applause Pumbaa and Timon figure
- 1994 Applause Rafiki Figure
- 1994 Disney Store Simba and Mufasa figure
- 1994 Disney Store Adult Simba and Nala figure
- 1994 Disney Store Young Simba, Young Nala, and Zazu figure
- 1994 Mattel Rafiki and Baby Simba figure
- 1994 Mattel Adult Simba figure
- 1994 Mattel Simba and Mufasa sleeping figure
- 1994 Mattel Young Simba figure
- 1994 Mattel Young Nala figure

Yes, I have some duplicates lol. :)

That is all for now, my memory is kinda hazy. If I remember anything, I shall add it here.

Re: Add your TLK Collection to the Gallery!

PostPosted: September 2nd, 2019, 7:51 pm
by maxxxed18
:D I want those plushes!
I love these plushies, they're so old lol

Re: Share your TLK Collection!

PostPosted: September 3rd, 2019, 7:04 pm
by mamaprince
I really need to do another updated collection list lol. But I am still waiting for some things to get here XD

Re: Share your TLK Collection!

PostPosted: September 13th, 2019, 1:44 pm
by Loki_adores_Scar
Not from the official franchise so I hope I'm at the right place for sharing this.. But today I received this Scarbucks mug. I had seen it on the Internet earlier and now bought it. The shipping cost were more expensive than the mug itselfs..

But I do want to go use it because what else is better drinking your coffee from than a Scar mug, if you are writing Scar fanfiction?

Placed him besides the funko's first but moved him besides my other mugs..

"I‘m going to get me a Scarbucks coffee!"

"Don‘t you mean Starbucks?"

"Don‘t tell that to the owner of Scarbucks. Oh and if your name is Mufasa, you better give up another name.."

Scar: "So prepare for the cup of the century.. Be prepared!"

Re: Share your TLK Collection!

PostPosted: October 17th, 2019, 2:34 pm
by Loki_adores_Scar
I had hoped to be able to post a picture of my Scar plush by now, but it seems like the mail has lost the package.. (I assume someone stole him) I had found him in my own country. I give it a few more extra days before I should perhaps order him from the Disney shop (only than he must be coming from America..) :ugh: