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Re: Happy (Late) 1st Anniversary

PostPosted: July 23rd, 2020, 9:31 pm
by Elton John
they arent really making any movies at the moment i think. at best pre production and stuff like negotiating contracts.

and by making movies i mean anything where you would need people together in close proximity for extended periods of time.

scott derrickson got cut off from doctor strange 2, we don’t know the real reason. Some think creative differences, he says scheduling conflicts, some say he’s just being polite not to burn bridges with disney or marvel but i’m going to take his word at face value.

rumor is that sam raimi is his replacement which is a huge upgrade.

Re: Happy (Late) 1st Anniversary

PostPosted: July 23rd, 2020, 9:41 pm
by Stormy
i don’t think they are either, however there has been one movie i heard started up again which was mission impossible. originally they were supposed to start again in september but earlier this month they had already flown down to the UK and were allowed to skip the quarantine after sorting things out with the government. I THINK this was true, but i might be wrong on some details.

here’s just one of the sources I had for that:

anyways yeah, besides that, I’m pretty sure only animated movies (some, not all obviously) have continued on during this time.

Re: Happy (Late) 1st Anniversary

PostPosted: August 28th, 2020, 6:27 am
by Elton John
i am relistening to the soundtrack for the first time in many months. honestly its not bad at all. it has a few weak links (john oliver and seth rogan can’t sing and should have gotten replacements, busa theme shoulda replaced spirit... and spirit by beyonce shoulda been an actual musical number.)

but the instrumentation has a lot of ‘punch’ to it. jd mcrary is a far better singer than actor. the new be prepared fits the plot more than the old one.

Lindwe Mkhize is not bad. after seeing lebo m sing live in 2017 i can believe that is a new recording of him... he hasn’t lost a single beat.

i like how young nala plays a bigger role in ijcwtbk

Eltons new song is ok. His new song in Rocketman was far better.

i’d probably give it a 7.5-8/10. Gets far too much hate. Original is still the best.

Re: Happy (Late) 1st Anniversary

PostPosted: August 28th, 2020, 6:13 pm
by TheLionPrince
Continuing on EltonJohn's post, the remake soundtrack is relatively good and I stand by that it's one of the few redeeming qualities of the remake.

"Circle of Life" sounds about the same, although there were changes made.

J.D. McCrary was awesome in his rendition of "I Just Can't Wait to be King".

"Be Prepared (2019)" isn't too bad on its own when you just listen to the audio, but when it used in the movie, it is inferior to the original version because Scar jumping from height from height is not exciting to see. Here, Scar sounds more militaristic like he is giving a Nazi speech.

"Stampede" sounds even more intense than the original version.

"Hakuna Matata" isn't too bad. Billy Eichner was rather good as Timon, but Seth Rogen is not a good singer. I was rather amused that they let Pumbaa finish his line by saying "farted".

The music editors clearly mishandled "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" on the soundtrack. Beyoncé flexes her singing voice too much in which she drowns out Donald Glover in a way that it doesn't make the song work as a duet. The opening flute notes were nice, to be honest. It's better constructed in the film when their voices are more balanced.

I don't care much for "Spirit", and it was an egregious decision to have it replace "Busa" when Simba runs back home. I should also mention that Beyonce's voice is already being used in the film as Nala so it doesn't work when you use her voice as an outside character singing over the action unless you directly imply it's her singing as Nala.

Elton's new song "Never Too Late" is okay, but he won the Oscar for the better song that year for "(I'm Gonna) Love Me Again" from Rocketman.

The rest of Hans Zimmer's score music is awesome as always, and I do love the new version of "Battle for Pride Rock" especially the fight music between Simba and Scar.

Re: Happy (Late) 1st Anniversary

PostPosted: August 28th, 2020, 8:09 pm
by Elton John
i don’t plan on rewatching the remake until i get my ps5. i already got my 4K tv, my 4K blu ray, now all I need is a 4K blu ray player but ... I am buying a ps5 anyway so a standalone 4k player would be redundant.

if sony does something stupid and doesnt let you play 4k blu ray movies on the ps5 i am buying an xbox one s as it has a 4k movie drive (it was stupid on sonys part not to include on the ps4 pro.)

i mean the xbox one s is the cheap low end xbox one. it plays 4K blu rays. i had people try to argue with me (people who had no idea what they were talking about) that because the system could stream 4K which isn’t native 4K and that it could play some games in 4K that it did so with 4K blu rays.

no. just no.

edit - nintendo wii had dvd drive but could not play dvd movies same for wii u and blu ray movies. i know sony isn’t nintendo but it would still be boneheaded...

Re: Happy (Late) 1st Anniversary

PostPosted: September 2nd, 2020, 3:18 am
by SimbasGuard
@TheLionPrince: I did enjoy Spirit quite a lot, but you make an excellent point about a Beyonce song being in a Movie where Beyonce is voicing a character. I was rather shocked that Nala wasn't given an actual song in the movie.

I agree with You as much as I love the idea of Simba And Nala running back to The Pride Lands together replacing Busa was just wrong.