season 3 episode 5: Ghost of the Mountain (spoilers)

season 3 episode 5: Ghost of the Mountain (spoilers)

Postby zerodix » August 5th, 2019, 10:25 am

What. an. amazing. episode..
Red pandas and a Snow Leopard! Such fluff, such cute (even though the leopardess is evil) I love their designs, and this is my favorite episode so far! :D
I love this season for sure!
Only thing I cringe on is how reckless and stupid Bunga acts, he saves his friends a lot, but is the worst role model for younger fans.. If I had a kid that behaved like Bunga, he'd be in trouble a lot XD
Makini having a bigger role is nice, but her ears :?
For a Royal Madyusi (or how it is spelled) she isn't handling and thinking very accurately, I hope she developes during this season, Makini is a character with many possibilities in my opinion..

In the end of the episode, Makucha asks the snow leopardess to allie with him :D that means we will see more of them too, I like them both, it would be great to see them in action as villains together..
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