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My Lion King Forum • View topic - Your favourite character pairings?
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Re: Your favourite character pairings?

PostPosted: December 4th, 2012, 4:44 am
by ScarsLove
I support

Taka x Sarabi
Taka/Scar x Sarafina
Scar x Nala
Scar x Zira
Simba x Nala
Kopa x Vitani
Mufasa x Sarabi
My favorite crack pairings

Simba x Kiara ( not father and daughter )
Nala x Kiara ( not mother and daughter )
Vitani x Kiara

( I especially like Vitani x Kiara because I did a small series about them on YT and I began to like it more and more. )

Explanation time-

Scar x Sarafina/ Sarabi/ Nala/ Zira

I have a few different theories.

Sarafina - I think she had a crush on Taka as she was growing up but was to shy to admit it to him. I think that after Taka got Sarabi taken away from him by Mufasa, Sarafina moved in and lent Taka a shoulder to cry on. They formed a bond and it turned to romance. But the darkness in Takas heart began to show and she distanced herself from him until she finally did something. That not only built up Takas hate for her, but added to his darkness.
( Awhile later during Scar's reign. )
Sarafina took one for the team, so to say and concieved a cub with Scar, Mheetu.

Sarabi - I believe Taka and Sarabi always had a connection, even as young cubs. I believe Sarabi went against her vows she took as a cub ( when she was betrothed to Mufasa ) and went around behind Mufasa's back to see Taka. This went on for awhile until Mufasa finally began to catch on. He forbid them to see each other, but they still went against it and saw each other. Something drastic happened and they split up for good.

Nala - I really do love the scene "Madness of King Scar". I think it would be a very crazy relationship within the two, not tied by the bonds of love but duty to their pride ( atleast on Nala's part ). I think Scar would be reminded of Sarafina in a way and go for the daughter, or something along those lines.

Zira - This relationship I believe would be very one-sided. Scar would use Zira for his own personal goals while lying to her the whole time. Zira, whom is to much of an obsessed fan girl to realize this, follows along and falls in love with him. When she gave birth to Nuka, Scar quit using her shortly afterwards and moved onto another lioness ( Sarafina ).

Simba x Nala

Not much to say about these two except that I love them <3

Kopa x Vitani

Whether or not there's a huge age gap between these two, I will always love them.

Mufasa x Sarabi

I love to think this relationship was one-sided. I think Mufasa was 100% in love with Sarabi, but Sarabi wasn't in love with Mufasa. That's not to say that she didn't love him as a friend or respect him as her king, but there just wasn't any true love there. But I think she would play her part and be the queen he needed her to be.


I can't really explain the crack pairings. Just watch a couple of YT videos about them and decide for yourself. :P

Re: Your favourite character pairings?

PostPosted: December 4th, 2012, 5:09 pm
by Mozart
Am not a lot of couples, but the mine is the classical, the Simba x Nala. Obviously this couple would be for now the only that have in favourite.

Re: Your favourite character pairings?

PostPosted: December 6th, 2012, 7:45 pm
by MooLion
My favourite characters pairings are the canon ones!

Re: Your favourite character pairings?

PostPosted: December 9th, 2012, 12:58 am
by Amaranth
I always wished TLK 1 1/2 filled in more gaps relating to Scar's reign, or even gave us some more insight as to how the characters of the first and seccond film interacted with one another. >_> (Though I'll admit, I never even got half way through that film. After my VHS player murdered three rental tapes of that one film, I gave up and never got back to trying.) I wanted to see what was going on in Scar's reign a bit more, it would have been the perfect oppertunity to see how Scar and Zira interacted with one another.

Yep, I'm a huge fan of the relationship between Scar and Zira. I was always dissapointed that the two were never shown on screen togeather, but I guess that's what the fandom's for.

I also support Nuka and Simba. What? That's got to be an interesting one to put some thought into. :lol:

Re: Your favourite character pairings?

PostPosted: December 10th, 2012, 4:58 pm
by UncoordinatedPisces
I quite like the pairing of Tojo x Tama or Mheetu x Tama.

Re: Your favourite character pairings?

PostPosted: December 11th, 2012, 6:21 am
by Timon the great
Assuming this topic isn't only for romantic pairings, just as it shows in my avatar and signature image below, yep:

Timon & Ma

Based on the content this Topic is about, Timon's mother was his closest (and apparently only) companion when he was growing up. Ma really loves her son, Timon, so much that she always stands by and wants to see him succeed. The mother/son (and in general) relationship between them is much more meaningful to me, than Timon's friendship with Pumbaa. When people think about "Timon & Pumbaa", many just think laughter, jokes, and that sort. But with "Timon & Ma", I think many will see that as a whole new ballgame. Here, people would not only be thinking about laughter or humor (which is definitely still there of course), but also family, love, and deepness mixed in.

I'm not afraid to say this and criticize because it is the truth, that Disney has made too much of "Timon & Pumbaa". But like I've already said before on this forum, I don't despise Timon's relationship with the warthog. Yet, Timon really has A Lot of potential to stand out completely on his own. And this would be the thing I prefer to see the most out of all.
But on topic, Ma has been around Timon since he was born and wayyy longer in his whole life than Pumbaa. So they should at least bring some kind continuation to "Timon & Ma", outside of TLK 3 media.

In short, he may not always like it that his mom messes with his hair (which I actually find very amusing) Image. But in truth, Timon does love his mother Always, with depth. And it brings out a new part of him that I never would've expected to see in TLK 3. That entire part of the movie with him and Ma right before leaving his meerkat colony, is just amazing and beautiful.

Re: Your favourite character pairings?

PostPosted: December 24th, 2012, 10:15 pm
by nalasimba2223467
Chumvi and Tama.
Idk, they just look like they could make a good pair.

Re: Your favourite character pairings?

PostPosted: January 15th, 2013, 11:39 pm
by PrincessKiara
Sarafina x Scar

.. because I like to think that the four of them (Sarabi, Sarafina, Scar and Mufasa) were all close as cubs, and that the friendship between Sarafina and Scar deepend as they grew older. My personal theory is that as Scar got into his teens, he changed more and more, the dark side of him became more dominant, at which point Sarafina thought he had changed too much from who he had used to be, so she broke off contact with him. She was however pregnant with Nala at this point. Yes, I stand firm by my belief that Scar is Nalas father.

Shenzi x Banzai

.. because it makes sense. It is never mentioned in the movie wether the Hyenas (the trio) are related, but in the Norwegian book/audio tape of the story, the word "partner" is used to describe Shenzi and Banzais relationship. The particular word is usually used to describe a partner in the professional sense, though. Like a police investigator and his partner. So while I don`t think anything romantic is suggested between them, I think they would make a cute couple.

Of course I love Sarabi x Mufasa, Nala x Simba and Kiara x Kovu. Who doesn`t? :D

I am not a big fan of the Zira x Scar pairing, because my theory is that they were never in love, Zira was just a crazy, obsessed follower, not Scars mate/queen.

Also, I do not support the Vitani x Kopa pairing, because I see the books and movies as two separate universes, kinda like the books are AU, while the movies are canon. In any case, I dont see the two of them hitting it off as friends, much less mates.

Re: Your favourite character pairings?

PostPosted: January 24th, 2013, 2:41 am
by ScarZirarfan
ScarxZira! Because they both have the same want for power. And they do look very similar don't they? :furious: :furious3: :evil: :evilzira: :evilplan: :ziragrin: Same I like the theory that Scar met Zira when Mufasa was king. Zira and her pride were looking for a place to stay and perhaps call home and Scar feeling a little pleased how they thought of him as king and accepts them without telling Mufasa who is a little concerned and displeased that Scar didn't ask for permission. :D

Re: Your favourite character pairings?

PostPosted: September 22nd, 2013, 6:13 pm
by Laim
I think cub Simba and Nala!
And Kopa with Vitani! :-D