Updated Universal Rules

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Updated Universal Rules

Postby Azdgari » June 11th, 2018, 1:08 am

Hi all. Over the course of MLK's life, the rules have grown somewhat complex and archaic to the point of being needlessly confusing. To remedy that, we'd like to move towards a simpler set of rules and guidelines that should help new members understand what MLK's about (and refresh the memory of older members). The goal of MLK's rules is to ensure that the website is welcoming to members of all ages and backgrounds.


Keep language clean.
- This helps keep our community welcoming to members of all ages. If you let slip a swear nobody's going to going to bite your head off, but staff will edit it out and perhaps tell you to clean it up.

No sexual images / sexual content.
- Pretty self explanatory. If a potential topic could have some sexual themes but you think you still want to discuss it, PM a staff member and we'll work it out.

No illegal content or anything that violates MLK's Terms of Service.
- Again, self explanatory. Distributing malware, viruses, etc.

No stalking or harassment.
- There is some degree of leniency in most of the rules, but not here. Stalking, posting personal information (real name, address, pictures, etc.) without peoples' express permission, sexual harassment, or anything of the sort is will be met with an immediate and permanent ban.


Have respect for others!
-This is a community, and there are people on the other side of the screen. So treat others the way you want to be treated! There's no reason we can't all get along. The staff may censor, and punish if necessary, members for speech that is racist, sexist, homophobic, otherwise hateful / discriminatory, or that constitutes bullying or abuse.

Try to keep spam in the Fun and Games forum!
- Topics can and will get derailed with off-topic comments--we're all friends, and it happens. But please try to stay on topic where possible and keep especially spammy spam where it belongs.

Have a reasonable signature!
- If your sig is twice as big as your post, it's probably a little too large. For now there aren't specific rules but if the staff thinks your sig is too big, you may be asked to trim it down a little. Not the end of the world.


At this time, MLK doesn't need to have a giant standardized punishment system because this isn't a courtroom. Breaking smaller rules will get you warnings, breaking bigger rules or repeatedly breaking smaller rules will get you suspended, and if you keep it up or do something really offensive we'll ban you. The staff is always going to try to give you the benefit of the doubt. We don't want any trouble, so unless you're looking for it we won't be handing out any bans.

For members under 13, please see the topic on COPPA.

Please feel free to post any questions on the rules or suggested changes!
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Re: Updated Universal Rules

Postby Regulus » June 11th, 2018, 3:56 am

Azdgari wrote:At this time, MLK doesn't need to have a giant standardized punishment system because this isn't a courtroom.

I would like to make a motion to request the creation of a courtroom subforum. Herein, I propose a user group titled "Grand Jury of MyLionKing" (GJOMLK) with the power to oversee the addition and subtraction of pride points from users. In the event a user has broken rules, their post will be moved to the courtroom and reviewed by the GJOMLK. The corresponding number of pride points lost in the defendant user's courtroom thread will determine the length of their ban.
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Re: Updated Universal Rules

Postby rachel » March 29th, 2019, 3:13 pm

What are pride points? and what are they used for?

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